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Lainey is the Other Woman Ch. 02

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Lainey sat down on the bed trying to figure out how she let this happen. She enjoyed herself but she knew she shouldn’t have had fun with a married man. She bent over with her elbows on her knees and held her head in her hands and felt something drying on her face. She pulled her hand away to discover the last speck of Jeff’s cum. “I really am a little slut.”

Mark, the owner of the house and host of the barbecue, was very irritated and very horny. He was short at 5’5″ with a bald head and an average build. Mark had been surrounded all night by cute little things with their tits out and his wife was refusing to sneak away with him for a few minutes to have some naughty fun. He wasn’t much in the looks department but he had a thick dick and just needed to give it tug and then get back to the party.

Mark walked into his bedroom to find Lainey sitting there with the sides of her breasts exposed by her shirt and a white flaky smudge on her cheek where Jeff’s cum had started to dry. Mark knew right away that he was seeing some lucky man’s leftover conquest.

“Uhh, sorry,” Lainey said. “I’ll go.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. It’s no problem. Are you okay?” Mark thought he should at least check on the girl before you made plans to take whatever she had left to offer.

“Yea, I’m good. Just resting, “Lainey told him. Lainey’s pussy was still wet and she really wished that Jeff would’ve slept with her but she figured it was probably for the best with him being married.

“I’m Mark,” he introduced himself.

“Oh, hey! I’m Lainey. I just started with the company a few weeks ago when the school semester ended,” she informed him. “Well, I’m actually going to get another drink and walk around.”

“I’ll get it. Relax. We can stay in here and talk and drink. Just get to know each other,” Mark said. He went out to the kitchen and made a pitcher of the spiked punch they were serving. He didn’t want her Urfa Escort to have to go anywhere. He decided he’d get some relief whether it was from his wife or someone else. When he got back to the room, he locked the door behind him as well as the one to the bathroom. Lainey was laying on her back on the bed with her tits almost completely out of her shirt with her eyes closed. Mark poured their drinks and sat down next to her saying nothing but staring at her big tits. He could see part of one of her areolas and the view was turning him on.

“I brought back drinks as promised,” he said. Lainey sat up and smiled and took the drink from him.

“Thanks, I needed this,” she said. Lainey and Mark chatted about work and personal lives and Mark brought up his wife. So, Lainey was again aware that she was entertaining a married man. At one point, Mark told a joke and Lainey started laughing really hard. She leaned her head back and laughed causing her breasts to shake and jiggle. While she was laughing and not paying attention, Mark took the opportunity to shift closer to her on the bed. She kept laughing and leaned forward so that her free breasts were swaying over Mark’s lap.

“Haha, I didn’t know I was that funny,” Mark commented as he began to rub Lainey’s back through her laughing fit. Her laughter quieted down with just a giggle or two here and there, Lainey sat up straight. She was smiling and made eye contact with Mark.

“You’re very pretty, Lainey,” Mark said. “You have a great smile,” he said as he gazed down at her breasts. He could see that her nipples were hard. Lainey thanked him and wondered if she was making another mistake. “Lainey, can I ask you a question,” Mark looked at her with curious eyes. She nodded her head and Mark continued. “Why aren’t you wearing a bra?”

The question caught her off guard and she told him the truth. “Well, I sort of was. I mean it was a bikini top Urfa Escort Bayan but this guy I met broke the strap,” she told him.

Mark was lightly rubbing her back with his fingertips. “Ohhh, okay. I was just wondering. Your breasts seem kind of big to not wear a bra,” he said. “How big are they?”

“Uhhh, a C cup,” Lainey told him. She thought it was strange for him to just ask like that but she knew she should’ve been wearing something to contain them and they’d been drinking so she let it go.

There was awkward silence and Mark started poking her in the side. She would jerk and laugh. He’d do it again and she’d jerk and laugh. Mark was loving watching her fat titties bounce all over her chest as she tried to avoid getting tickled. He was getting harder and harder and was dying to see those tits. Mark noticed that she was still holding her drink. He grabbed her with both arms, tickling her and tackling her back onto the bed. The drink spilled all over her tits just as he had planned for it to.

“Uh oh, that shirt has to come off,” he told her. Mark grabbed the shirt and began tugging it over her head before she could say anything. He sat on top of her, straddling her belly and began to fondle her jiggling tits and squeeze and pinch her nipples.

“Oh, my god. Wait,” Lainey objected. “You’re married.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Mark said focused on her tits. He grabbed each one from the sides and slapped them together. Then he scooted further down Lainey’s body so that he could bury his face in her breasts and lick her nipples as he collided them together.

“Mmmm, but she’s out there, right,” Lainey asked. She loved the feeling of a tongue on her nipples and didn’t want it to stop but she didn’t want to make another mistake.

“Does it feel good,” Mark asked her. Lainey sighed and nodded her head a little. Mark decided this wasn’t ending until he got the Escort Urfa relief he needed. He lightly bit one of her nipples and stroked it with his tongue.

Lainey arched her back, “yes, please.”

Mark scooted back up Lainey’s body, opened his pants and began to titty fuck Lainey. He held her by the nipples and worked his thick cock back and forth between them.

“Look at you, you little slut,” he said gazing down on her. Lainey looked up at him through her lashes enjoying the bolts send to her pussy from having her nipples squeezed. “I come in my room to find you with dried cum on your face and your tits hanging out, like a ripe little slut,” Mark crowed. “This is what you want, isn’t it? You want me to cum all over these big titties, huh?”

Mark began to fuck her tits harder while he held her by the throat choking her a little. He pinched a nipple even harder and Lainey wailed, “Ahhh!”

“Shut up and hold your tits together,” he said while he used a hand to cover Lainey’s mouth. “You hold those tits together and take whatever I give you!”

Mark began to grunt and pulled his dick from between Lainey’s tits to shoot all over the tops of them. He shot thick creamy cum all over Lainey’s breasts as she continued to hold them together and then he used his dick to spread it around each of her nipples.

“Aww, fuck yea, sweetie,” he said. “That was great. Now open that mouth.” Mark slid his thick dick into Lainey’s mouth and laid into it so that it was forced into her throat. Lainey was trying to scream and push him up but it didn’t work. Mark lifted himself up pulling his dick from her mouth and stroking the last few strands of cum onto her nose and mouth. “Oh, wow! You’re fucking amazing, doll!”

“I gotta go, but you stay as long as you want okay,” he told her. Mark straightened his clothes and left the room.

Lainey decided that she needed to go home and figure out how she ended up wearing two different married men’s cum on her face in the same night and clear her head so she’d be ready to go out with her friends tomorrow night. She left in such as hurry that she didn’t even clean her face of Mark’s cum before she left the bedroom…

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