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Female Ejaculation



Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

Copyright 2013-2021.  Robert Armstrong.  This complete work of literary art is protected by US, Australian and International copyright law. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced in any form whether in whole or in part without the prior express written consent of the author.  
License is granted to Nifty Archive Alliance, Inc. for electronic publication on the Nifty website. All rights reserved.

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 71:

Marty and Sean assist in getting Melinda, or Robert, out of the door. Followed by the bridesmaids.

When Chad attempts to leave, the door slams shut in front of him.

“My guess,” Davo says, “Is that the house appears to permit nothing from the library to be taken out through the door.”

Chad returns the paper to Davo. Mr Grant touches the door and it opens. Chad shakes his head as he walks out and follows the others down towards the ambulance.

“I”d hate to be her, or him, when she wakes up!” Mr Grant comments.

“IF she ever wakes up!” Davo adds.



Chapter 72 � Now That Was Unexpected!

I”m glad that Dad and Helen weren”t here to see all of that unpleasantness! I”ll bet that I know what Mr Grant, William, Karl, Andy and I will be talking about tonight!

Right now, I think that I should work out who has already left and who is still here.

Most of the guests drove off soon after Dad and Helen did.

The two bridesmaids left straight after Chad and Sean took Melinda away in the ambulance.

Marty”s mum went with Anna, Marty”s sister, and her new boyfriend.

Ron and Jacko went with the Smiths back to the pub and to give them a hand with everything, then to stay the night.

Jake and Jane are downstairs with the horse trailer and their parents, waiting for Will and the horses to bring the landau back.

`Mr Davo” is still here. He and Mr Grant have just headed back into the library with the story that Melinda tried to steal.

So, apart from Andy, Karl and me, Marty is still here, commenting on how well our trousers `fit”. Karl and I look at each other. We don”t disagree!

Suddenly, Jake comes bolting up the front stairs and in through the door.

“What was all that about?” he asks. “I missed it. I heard all of the noise and shouting and then saw Sean and Chad putting a woman into the back of the ambulance and racing off.”

Karl, always quick with explanations, tells him, “Well, the friend of one of the bridesmaids was caught trying to steal a valuable story from Mr Grant”s library. And the door kept slamming shut so that she couldn”t escape. And she said that she saw an aboriginal ghost in the `Ladies” toilet, and that he pointed a bone at her and put a curse on her. And when she fell over and Mr Davo found the papers that fell out of her purse, Chad arrested her and she collapsed. I thought that she was dead but Sean said that she was still breathing and Chad and Sean took her away in Sean”s ambulance.”

Karl has an amazing ability to say so much in a single breath!

“So, let me get this straight,” Jake says. “That woman stole a book out of the library?”

`It was a story written on sheets of paper, actually,” Karl replies.

“And she couldn”t take it out of the house because the door kept locking her in?”


“And she saw a ghost who cursed her?”


“And he pointed a bone at her?”

“Yes. She said that he took the bone out of his own body then put it back in again.”

“And when Chad arrested her, she pretended to be dead?”

“I don”t think that she was pretending, Jake,” I tell him. “We really did think that she was dead. Even `Mr Davo” said that is what happens when an aboriginal points a bone at someone. And Sean had to check that she wasn”t dead. He said that she was still breathing.”

Jake answers, “So, were izmit escort they taking her to the hospital or locked up at the police station?”

“Hospital!” Karl and I answer together.

Jake pauses as though he is thinking. Then, he says, “Bullshit! Who ever heard of a freaking aboriginal ghost? You two just made all of this up!”

Andy cuts in, “Sorry, Jake. I was here. So was Marty. We saw everything. And it”s exactly like they said. And you should be careful with what you say about a ghost in this house!”

“All true!” Marty tells him. “And, yes, you”d better watch your mouth. You know about the curse that caused thirteen people to die over the years when they saw this place. I wouldn”t disbelieve anything weird about this house. The door slammed shut every time the woman tried to leave. It even happened when Chad wanted to take the story with him as evidence. The house wouldn”t let him take it out either. Even though none of us saw the bone pointing, I don”t think she”s smart enough to have made that up!”

“She was probably drunk!” Jake replies. “People see lots of strange things when they”re drunk. Flying saucers. Little green men. Giant spiders. Snakes. But, an aboriginal ghost is a new one! Next, you”ll be telling me that the ghost is the one who made it rain! Are you in on this bullshit joke, Marty?” Jake asks, pointing at him. “Or are you all drunk too? Fucking ghost bullshit!” he mumbles.

There is a sudden, loud, clap of thunder, and the whole house shakes. Then, absolute silence.

Mr Grant and `Mr Davo” rush out of the library.

“Did you all feel that?” Mr Davo asks. “It sounded like an explosion.”

“Are you all right, Jake?” Mr Grant asks him. “You look as though you”ve seen a …”

He doesn”t finish his sentence because there is another explosion of thunder.

“It”s either gonna rain, or you”ve really pissed off the ghost,” Marty jokingly tells Jake.

Everyone rushes out onto the verandah. There is not a cloud in the sky! Perfect day for a wedding!

I wonder whether Uncle will talk to Andy and me tonight about any of this stuff.

And here comes William with the landau.


There is a lot of food left over and Mr Grant invites Marty and `Mr Davo” to stay for dinner.

Marty accepts. `Mr Davo” declines, but thanks Mr Grant for the offer.

Again, like last night, we use the dining room. It”s good for talking. Marty, William and Karl are on one side of the table. Mr Grant, I and Andy are opposite them.

All of us `witnesses” are filling in William on what each of us say and what Andy and I knew beforehand, when Mr Grant”s phone rings.

“Hello?” he says. “Yes. Oh, hi, Sean. Yes, he”s still here. Hang on.” He hands the phone to Marty, commenting, “Sean knows that he can always reach my phone.”

All that we hear of Marty”s conversation is a series of `Yes”, `No!”, `What?”, `Uh-ha”, and then one loud, `Well, fuck me!” Then Marty, remembering who was in the room, puts his free hand over his mouth, then holds it up to apologise.

Whatever Sean just told him must have been good! Or bad.

We wait until Marty has finished talking to Sean and he hands the phone back to Mr Grant.

He rubs the back of his head and says to us, “Well, you are never going to guess what I”ve just heard!”

William nudges Marty and says, “Don”t play games with us, Cuz! What did he say?”

“Well, Sean said that Chad made it back to the hospital in Big Town in record time, but who”s going to arrest the only cop within 200km for speeding?” Marty tells us.

William throws his hands up. “Like we needed to hear that!” he says. “What else?”

“Melinda was still alive when they got to the hospital,” Marty continues.

“Does that mean that she”s dead now?” Karl asks.

“No, she”s still alive, Sean told me,” Marty says, “But she”s in a coma.”

“That”s really exciting news,” William says, getting a little frustrated. “And…?”

“And,” Marty continues, “You”re not going to believe this!”

Marty looks at the impatience on William”s face and then continues.

“At the hospital, the nurses undressed Melinda to put her into a hospital gown. And, they discovered that…” He stops and looks around at us all.

“What?” we all ask together, anxious to know. William even threatens Marty with a fist.

“The nurses discovered that Melinda has a izmit otele gelen escort sausage and eggs,” Marty says. “She”s a he!”

Interesting reference to breakfast at his place!

Our responses to him vary from `Huh?” to more colourful versions of `ship” and `truck”!

“I told you that I thought her voice sounded like a guy”s, didn”t I?” Andy says, turning to me.

I reply, looking at the faces opposite, “And, didn”t we already say that she said she sometimes uses `Robert” as her pen name? Maybe that”s her real name and `Melinda” is what she uses when she steals people”s work.”

They look from Andy to me and back to him.

“How did you guys find that out?” William asks.

“Andy did it,” I say, giving him the credit. “He”d make a good Sherlock Holmes, don”t you think?”

“It was earlier,” Andy tells William. “When you were up on the top verandah, or maybe it was when you and Karl went downstairs together to the landau. I”m not sure.”

William and Karl glance at each other and both suddenly look very guilty, for some reason.

I imagine that they went down to have a play with each other, and William is quick to reply, “Oh, yes! Karl helped me make sure that the horses were ready and we checked everything.”

I”ll bet that they checked everything! They”re always `checking” each other”s `everything”! But, I can”t blame them for that! I like to `check” Ron”s, Andy”s and Mr Grant”s things too.

Andy leans to me and whispers, “Uncle was right. The thief was a `he”, just like he said.”

“What I don”t get,” I say, “is why I couldn”t feel anything when we were practising dancing earlier and she pressed her body against mine. If a guy pressed his body against me, I should feel something, shouldn”t I? You know � down below.

“Definitely!” Andy says, then chuckles.

And, everyone knows why! Well, perhaps Marty doesn”t know about Andy and me.

“Yeah. I know what you mean,” Karl says. “When she was dancing with me, she kept rubbing her body against me. I didn”t notice anything down there either. In fact, I thought that she was having a feel of me.”

“HE probably was!” Marty tells us. “And, I”m not surprised, the way that you and Kurt were both bulging up front in those fancy trousers! It”s a wonder that nobody else tried it.”

“What makes you think that nobody else did it?” I ask.

There is a moment of silence and then everyone bursts out laughing.

“It”s true!” Karl adds. “And, it was all I could do to keep from getting a stiffy.”

“How did you manage that?” I ask, staring at him.

“I just imagined that I was dancing with Jake”s sister, Jane,” he tells us, smirking.

“The Deputy Sheriff!” William says. “Yes, that would definitely have worked for me!”

“I wish I”d thought of that earlier!” I say. I let that comment settle in their minds.

“Aha! I thought that I”d seen you sporting a hard-on” Marty says.

“Which time would that have been?” I ask, grinning at him.

While everyone is laughing, Marty raises his voice and says, “But you guys haven”t heard the best part yet!”

There is instant silence. William turns and stares at Marty and asks, “Well?”

Marty tells us, “Sean checked Melinda over for himself, and said that his genitals were no bigger than mine were when I was about eleven or twelve.” Nudging William, he adds, “He has a for-real little willie!” referring to the name by which everyone used to call William.

Karl, William and Andy burst out laughing. Marty grins at their reaction to his news. I don”t join them and I don”t hear any response from Mr Grant.

“So, what”s wrong with you?” William asks me, still grinning, obviously wondering about my sour face.

“That”s not funny!” I reply. “It”s one thing to be called `Little Willie” when that isn”t true, but imagine an adult actually having one that size! I”m not happy about him stealing people”s stories, but I kind of feel sorry for him being so embarrassed about his body that he has to pretend that he”s a girl!”

“Are you joking?” William asks.

“No, I”m not,” I tell him, perhaps being a little more serious than anybody might have imagined that I could be. “It”s like calling a tall person `shorty”. He wouldn”t care, but one of the dwarfs would. Or like calling an athlete `fatty”. He wouldn”t care, but a really overweight darıca escort person would. Or like calling a genius `Dumbo”. He wouldn”t care, but someone who”s not too bright would. So, by all means call Melinda / Robert a thief, but don”t call him a `little willie”. It”s all right for you guys with normal-sized or big dicks!”

I make myself shut up. I can tell from everyone”s blank faces that I”ve made my point!

“Bravo, Kurt!” Mr Grant says, and he pulls me against him with a warm, encouraging, one-armed hug.

“Maybe that was the curse of the ghost,” Karl says. “For his dick and balls to shrink!”

“Can we talk about something more pleasant?” Mr Grant asks. “How great was the wedding! Let”s go around the table, and we can all say one thing that we enjoyed.”

It”s a no-brainer that William talks about the variety of food! I reckon that he had a bit of everything!

Marty says everyone that he spoke to commented on the roses and how beautiful they looked and smelled, and that many of the women took one or two home, hoping that nobody would be upset by that.

Karl likes how our Dad pretended that he had forgotten the rings.

Andy says, “I thought that I wouldn”t like the dancing, but it was fun. The older ladies showed me what to do and it didn”t take me long to get the hang of it.”

Mr Grant likes the bush band and the variety of music that the different instruments could produce.

Me? I agree with Mr Grant, but say, “The best part for me was seeing how happy my Dad and Helen were!”

“Hey!” William comments. “Where”s Ash? Didn”t he come with you, Marty?”

“He went with Ron and Jacko to help the Smiths,” Marty replies. “I”m going to pick him up at the pub on the way home.”

Karl asks, “What are we going to do with all of the roses? There”s still some left in the vases, even after the ladies took many of them home with them. All of the ones on the tables went.”

Mr Grant replies, “Let”s put the vases into the dining room on the big table. By morning there should be no food smells remaining. Maybe we can give some to the Smiths for the pub.”

“I”m feeling pretty tired,” I tell everyone. “I think that I”ll have a long, warm shower and then I”ll sleep like a log, I”ll bet!”

“Me too,” Karl announces.

William and Andy both see the benefits of a shower. With partners.

Andy is a little more open about his intentions. He says to me, “I”ll wash your back, if you like.”

William and Karl head off first, which gives me the chance to ask, “Would you like to use the shower on our side first, Mr Grant? Then Andy and I can take our time.”

“Thank you, Kurt,” he replies. “I”ll be quick.”

In our room, Andy and I neatly fold everything that has to be returned to the shop next Saturday and then we strip off.

Andy holds me close and pretends to dance with me. “Can you feel mine?” he asks, obviously referring to my comment about not feeling anything when Melinda danced with me.

With Andy”s body against mine, Junior swells and hardens.

“Because I can definitely feel yours!” Andy giggles.

We press our bodies together, hold each other”s glutes and then sway back and forth, only separating to have a quick sword fight and a jiggle of each other”s balls.

“Come on!” Andy says. “We can play in the shower.”

He dashes out of the door and I”m right behind him. He has nice glutes too!

He pushes the bathroom door open and, at that moment, I remember that we were going to wait for Mr Grant to finish!

My warning of “Wait!” is useless.

We both find ourselves, with full erections, looking at Mr Grant in the shower. Stiff cock. Soapy. Jacking. Shocked when he sees us.

I”m about to apologise and back out when Andy says, “Hi Tom, is there room in there for two more, like in the showers at the beach?”


(to be continued)



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The partly-parallel version to this story, `Schoolie”, told through the eyes of Tom Grant, gives the backstory specifically for Tom, William, Andy and Jintabudjaree.
Find `Schoolie” at https://www.//gay/adult-youth/schoolie


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