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Kitty Caretaker

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I had agreed to watch my friends’ condo while they were away visiting their family overseas. They had two cats that needed to be fed and looked after and needed someone they could trust to care for them properly. A very open couple, they had keys distributed amongst a few of their neighbors, but as I was ban animal lover, I volunteered for the duty right away.

The first few days went pretty uneventfully; the litter box was emptied twice daily, the cats were fed, and I spent some time over there reading so that the cats wouldn’t miss human presence that much. Every so often, one of the neighbors, Kristie, would pop over. We’d have a drink of wine, talk about books, or just shoot the proverbial shit. All in all, it was a very relaxing duty to have agreed to do. One morning, though, things got a little more interesting.

I came over around 7:30 am as usual to feed the cats before heading off to work myself. I was in the kitchen, singing a song I heard in the car on the way over, when a sleepy, feminine voice very quietly said, “Hi Karl.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin. Not that I was doing anything wrong, but what the hell was someone doing there at all? When I turned around, my eyes were looking over Missy, dressed in tight blue jeans and a light-green t-shirt, who had just come out of Emily’s room.

Missy was another neighbor/friend of the family, but I didn’t know she had a key as well. I met her at a few parties thrown by the couple for whom I was cat-sitting. She was a friend of my friends’ daughter, Emily, who I’ve watched grow up through high school and kept secretly in the corner of my eye for years. Missy had just graduated high school, and, as she explained, “needed a place to crash after the party she went to last night.”

As stunned as I was to see her five-foot, 5-inch, slender frame standing there in form fitting attire, her abidinpaşa escort breasts prominently displayed from the way her t-shirt was tucked into her jeans, all I could say in reply was “uhh, no problem. Sorry for waking you. Go back and get some rest.”

The prospect of following her back, helping her slide off those blue jeans (and everything else) occurred to me at once, but I was still waking up myself. Startled as I was, I went back to cat duties. Once I had finished there, Missy came out and said “I, I guess I should get home some time too.”

She bent over her backpack, revealing a black lace thong just above the line her jeans formed while hugging her very grip-able hips. Cruel, cruel, cruel to do this to a man who has to get to work, I thought. Before leaving, I asked her to lock-up when she’s done. “Oh, and by the way,” I said, “I’ll be sitting the cats for the next 2 weeks. You can drop over any time if you wanna hang-out. All I do here is read and pet the cats. Company is nice every once in a while.” And with a sly smile and sultry leer, I closed the door without hearing her reply.

When I came back that night, everything was the same as I’d left, but somehow it felt like an opportunity was missing. My mind raced back to the sight of that black piece of lingerie seemingly painted on Missy’s smooth skin. I shook it off and took care of the litter box. But when I went to feed the kitties, I got a huge surprise. Dangling from one of the shelves above the cans of cat food was that very same black lace thong. I nearly popped out of my pants right there. Seeing as no-one would be using any of the rooms, and remembering which room Missy came out of this morning, I took off my boxers and left them on Emily’s bed in reply.

All I could dream about that night was my hands around her perky breasts, her akyurt escort soft flesh being lapped by my tongue. In one dream, Missy took her short brown hair and let it fall all over my crotch, never stopping at any particular point, a perfect tease. I could feel the hot breath from her wet, open mouth, just waiting for the perfect moment. It was infuriating waiting for morning.

At 6:00 am, I ran over to my friends’ condo complex. I undid the first door, waited, and then calmly entered the condo, my heart beating a million miles per minute. I walked to the litter box, no-one came from Emily’s room. A bit disheartened, a bit relieved, I walked into the kitchen and fed the cats. That’s when Missy’s young slender hands slowly groped themselves around my waist and grabbed my hardening cock. I turned around to look at her.

“You’re early,” she said in that sleepy manner that sounds downright sultry when looking into the eyes of a gorgeous young babe in nothing but an oversized t-shirt. “I was planning another surprise for you.” She blushed slightly and slowly drew up her t-shirt to reveal a pair of hot-pink panties.

“Oh my,” I stuttered, nearly falling back from all the blood rushing to my cock.

“I guess I’ll have to change now to surprise you,” she said, walking back to Emily’s bedroom. Come on in when you’re ready.”

After a minute or two to let her change, I nearly ran to the bedroom, where I was greeted by a very awake Missy in the same oversized t-shirt.

“I thought you were changing? Did I come too soon?”

“No,” she giggled, “but you might.”

She took my right hand and ran it gently up her smooth, athletic legs, right up under the t-shirt. She was already hot, and so wet that my fingers could already feel the moisture. Missy ran my hand right up to her sweet spot. I leaned in to kiss her. ankara escort Her mouth was a hot as her cunt! I stuck my aching tongue between her lips, pulled her close with my left hand, and started to finger her bare snatch with my right.

She got so excited she bit my tongue lightly and started squealing. I noticed she was pushing her waist into my fingers faster and harder in a steady rhythm. I raised the shirt off her head, my right hand still inside her, and started licking her neck. This drove her wild, and she bit my left pec playfully.

“Oh, lower,” I asked just as playfully as she had bitten.

She bit her lower lip and nodded while holding in a stream of moans. I took my hand out of her dripping wet pussy and put my fingers to her mouth. She swallowed them instantly, voraciously licking off her own sweetness. I tenderly gripped one of her tight nipples with my teeth, licking it, then sucking.

She pulled me up eye to eye with her and swung me onto the bed. Without touching my shirt, she undid my jeans and pulled them to the floor.

“We think alike,” she gasped, still quivering with anticipation.

Missy got on her knees and sat right on top of my rock hard cock. I sat up and started devouring her breasts, letting my hands roam all over her hot young body. She was so tight and so wet that I knew I wouldn’t last long. Cat shit, cat shit, I thought to myself, but even that didn’t work. We were both moaning and sighing enough to rattle the walls when I felt her twat contract, gripping my dick like it wasn’t ever going to let go. I exploded, and she pulled off, her nectar running down her legs and onto the sheets.

We laid there for a few minutes, kissing and teasing for more.

“That’s one kitty I don’t mind taking care of,” I said, looking over Missy’s sweaty body.

All Missy did was snuggle closer and purr.

“Well, I guess I should clean the sheets too,” I said jokingly.

“Awwww,” she pouted. “But what about tomorrow, and the day after?” She laughed and ran a finger along my still-stiff member.

“Oh that’s easy,” I said, “tomorrow I’ll clean the floor, and the day after, the shower.”

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