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Kitchen Maintenance

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Ashley awoke to an uncomfortable summer heat, naked body covered in sweat, and blankets kicked off.

“Shit, we need an air conditioner!” she exclaimed to the room as she rolled over to get out of bed. Andres was already up, probably out taking care of morning chores. Ashley panicked for a moment looking for her boys, but then remembered they were staying at their Grandmother’s house for the weekend. She smiled, realizing that she could really take it easy this morning.

As she gathered herself for the day, she noticed an extra feeling of heat, unlike the one caused by the hot summer day. No, this one was emanating from between her legs, this heat craved, demanded one thing. She took her right hand and slowly slid up from her knee, to the inside of her thigh, placing a finger on each of her lips rubbing up and down. Leaning her head back, her eyes closed and a moan escaped her lips. As she continued rubbing, she felt wetness building up on her fingers, making a mess of them. A loud bark snapped her out of her pleasures, bringing her back to reality. “Damn, Andres must have not taken the dogs out. Perfect!” Ashley grumbled in a frustrated tone.

Ashley stood up, wobbling a little bit from her excitement and search for something to wear. She settled on a thin sun dress that she knew drove Andres crazy. She started towards her dresser to grab a pair of panties, when she stopped and a devilish smile formed on her face. “I think I’ll skip those for now” she said as she threw the dress over her head and pulled down onto her. As she slid the dress over her body, she couldn’t help but admire and feel the swell of her breasts, and the curves of her hips and thighs, sending shudders down her body. “Mmmmmm” she moaned, her hands making their way to her sex. Another bark snapped her out of her trance. Sighing, she pulled her hands away, and made her way out to the living room.

As she walked into the living room, she saw Koa, the dog causing all the commotion, all worked up half way across the gate, but stuck on a chair. “THIS is what your problem is?” Ashley said while giggling and helping the dog back into his area. “Koa, you know you’re not supposed to do that,” she said with a scolding look at him, while he gave a guilty look back. She scratched his head and ears, continuing on into the kitchen to get some much needed water.

With a glass in her hand, Ashley walked over to the kitchen tap and began filling the glass. She then heard the door open and someone kicking off boots making their way inside.

“Hey you’re u-” Andres began saying until he saw what Ashley was wearing. A smile formed on his face and a familiar feeling began stirring in his pants.

“What’s that?” she asked, the devilish smile returning to her face, knowing what effect she was having on him without even turning around.

“I was saying you’re up!” he repeated, stripping off his pants and sweat soaked shirt.

“Yep, and God damn it is hot!” Ashley replied, fanning her face with her hand. That’s not the only thing that’s hot, he thought, admiring her creamy, pale skin as the sun shone through the window on to her. And she was wearing that sun dress, the one that drove him insane, making his cock rock hard every time. Something about the way it fit her curves just right, the back framing her tattoo as if to display it. Then her ass, oh god how the dress accentuated her ass just right, slightly Uşak Escort dropping into the crack between her cheeks, defining them. It took everything in Andres’ power to keep himself from grabbing her, pulling her to him, and kissing her, while his hands roamed up and down her body, caressing, pressing her up against a wall and- “Hello? You in there?” Ashley asked in a teasing tone. He shook his head,

“Ye- yeah sorry, was just lost in thought. What’d you say?” he asked while covering himself.

“I dropped a couple forks in the garbage disposal and need to get them, should we kick the breakers off first?”

“Yeah, good idea, I’ll go the panel and get them.” Andres said as he made his way through the kitchen to the breaker box. As he walked by her, he couldn’t help himself and ran his hand up her thigh and to her ass, suddenly noticing the lack of panties under her dress. That was enough to send a twinge to his crotch, and start to harden his cock. “Forgot something today, eh?” He asked with a smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ashley responded in a mocking tone. He chuckled then continued his way to the breaker panel.

After switching off the right breaker, Andres called out, “All good, test it with the switch to make sure it is disconnected”.

“Good to go, thank you!” she responded. She shoved her hand into the garbage disposal and began fishing for the stuck items. He made his way back to the kitchen to assist her in any way, but mostly to admire her body from behind. This brought him to full hardness.

“God damn it, these forks are jammed up!” Ashley growled in frustration, her arm half way in the sink.

“Need a hand?” Andres asked without breaking his gaze at her body.

“Yeah, please.” As he made his way behind her, his cock worked its way out the front hole of his boxers. They stood next to each other at the sink, to assess the situation.

“Can you grab a good hold of it?” he asked.

“Yeah, but it’s just way too jammed up. Andres grabbed a hold of her wrist and began pulling with her. Suddenly, the fork broke free and out Ashley’s hand came out. “Yay, one down, two more to go!” she exclaimed. The second fork was even more jammed up.

Andres repositioned himself behind Ashley to try to get more leverage. This caused him to press himself up against her back, his cock nestling itself between her supple ass cheeks, pointing up. As they pulled and released, his cock would rub up and down her crack, and was also slowly pulling up the back of her dress. “Aha!” she shouted excitedly as the second fork came out, “One more to go!” Ashley grabbed a hold of the last fork, and they began pulling again, this one jammed just as bad as the last one. As they did, Andres noticed that his cock was rubbing against the bare skin of her wonderful ass, the feeling giving him a slight shudder.

She gave a final hard pull, breaking the fork free causing both of them to stumble back. The momentary separation caused Andres’ cock to drop down, pointing right between Ashley’s thighs. He grabbed around her body with both arms to catch himself, pulling himself back against her back, and impaling her soaking pussy onto his cock. She was so wet, that the only resistance was from her tightness. “Ooohhhh” Ashley groaned as she was filled with hot, throbbing cock. Andres grunted, the sudden wet tightness enveloping Uşak Escort Bayan his cock sending jolts of pleasure through his body. They stood still for a moment, breathing short breaths, steadying themselves.

Neither one of them moved for what seemed like an eternity, enjoying the sensations brought so suddenly to them. Then, as if on cue, they both began separating slowly. Ashley’s wet lips dragging on Andres’ cock, as if it was trying to keep it from leaving. As the head of his cock was nearing complete exit, he stopped, and began making short strokes, only letting the head sink in, then quickly pulling it back out, teasing her who was shuddering and jerking from pleasure and frustration. “Please, Andres,” she begged, “Please, fuck me.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Andres asked with a sly smile, “I don’t know,” he thrust his cock causing her to jerk and moan, “That you really,” another hard thrust causing the same reaction, “want it as bad as you say you do.”

“I fucking need your cock buried deep inside me, Andres, please!” Ashley whimpered, trying to impale herself on his cock, but his arms were holding her too strongly for her to gain any penetration. Through gritted teeth, she growled, “I need you NO- Uuuughhhhh!” she moaned loudly as he finally slammed himself as far as he could, filling her back up, fitting her perfectly, as if her body was made just for him.

Andres then pulled both her arms behind her back, restraining her and slightly bending her over the sink. He then slowly pulled himself out till just the tip of the head rested between her lips, and quickly slammed his length completely in. Then again. Again. And again, picking up speed and force, causing Ashley’s ass to jiggle, sending little vibrations to her clit, making her moan harder and harder as he fucked her with reckless abandon. “Oh god!” She cried as she felt the first waves of orgasm building up, stronger and stronger, until wave after wave of pleasure washer over her, causing her to shake and moan. At this, he slammed himself all the way in and held himself there, slowly gyrating his hips, causing his cock to rotate around in her pussy, grinding against her clit and her g-spot, prolonging the waves of pleasure she felt. He let her recover, neither of them moving, her head hanging as she breathed hard, coming down from her high.

As she slowly recovered, Andres noticed small rivulets of sweat rolling down her back, all over her body. He couldn’t help himself and began slowly licking the sweat off her back, slowly running his tongue to her neck, causing her to buck and let out small moans. “Why don’t we take this back to the bedroom?” he suggested, whispering into her ear, breathily. She shakily nodded, feeling a tingle of anticipation for what awaited. He withdrew his cock from her hot wet pussy, causing a groan of disappointment to leave her lips at the sudden emptiness. He then grabbed her hand and lead her back to their bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Andres grabbed Ashley, and tossed her onto her back on the bed, quickly jumping after her, ready to mount her. He guided the head of his cock between her slick lips, and began rubbing the head up and down, swirling it around, coating it with her juices. She mewled and bucked, trying to get his cock in her, to relieve her feeling of emptiness. She began reaching a hand down to guide it, which he quickly grabbed Escort Uşak with a strong hand and forced against the bed next to her head. This caused his cock to slide upward, her lips enveloping the bottom side, and the head rubbed against her clit, making her buck harder. She then tried to use her other hand to slip him in, but was again stopped by his other hand, slamming it onto the bed on the other side of her head. She whined in frustration, wriggling her body all around, which just made his cock head grind more and more on her clit, giving her jolts of pleasure, but not fulfilling the fullness she desired. “P-please Andres, I-mmmm. I need you insi- ughhhhh! I need you inside me!” she begged. She fought to free her arms, trying to wiggle her wrists out of his grip, but Andres held too strongly for her to accomplish this.

“I know you do, but I’m enjoying this torture too much. Mmmmm, do you feel helpless?” He whispered, nibbling all over her neck and ears.

“Oh god, yes! Please!” He looked into her eyes burning with lust, his full of animal desire for her.

“One thing I need to tell you,” Andres began as he closed into her left ear. “I am not wasting any of my seed,” He whispered, “And there’s nothing you can do about it.” The though sent a great shudder of pleasure and a groan escaped her lips at the thought of her womb being filled. “I’m going to spill my seed into to your body, I’m going to hold myself inside you until it’s all inside you and none will escape,” He growled.

Andres then pulled his hips back, the head of his cock sliding down her lips until it was lined up with her awaiting hole. He tightened his grip on Ashley’s hands and without warning he slowly slid himself deep inside her, stopping for nothing. “YESSSSS!” she hissed wrapping her legs around him, her body finally getting the relief of being penetrated it so desired. They brought their lips together, and began kissing passionately, lost in the love and desire they shared, breathing hard through their noses. He pumped slowly and methodically, keeping a slow, even rhythm that teased while still providing relief that Ashley’s body burned for.

As he continued his steady actions, Andres felt a familiar stirring in his balls, the sensation that all his built up tension would be released. He slowly began building his speed, an action that Ashley’s body and mind could interpret in only one way. “Don’t stop, Andres, I need this. We both need this.” She said between heavy breaths. He acknowledged her with increasing speed and grunts, matching her moans, each slap of their bodies filling the room.

With a final pump, that left him holding himself as deep as he could, Andres let out a loud groan of relief as he felt his balls tighten, releasing spurt after spurt of his cum inside Ashley’s unprotected womb. The thought and sensation of his cum hitting her fertile walls, sent her into her body shaking climax, indicated with a moan that sounded like a painful pleasure. As they both came down from their peaks, they both just lay in each other’s arms, their heavy breathing filling the room and quivering bodies slightly shaking the bed. They looked into each other’s eyes, seeing only love and desire for one another. “I love you, Andres,” she said.

“I love you too, Ashley,” he replied, and leaned in for a deep, loving kiss.

“I think,” she began with a teasing smile, running a finger on his chest, “that I should get things stuck in the garbage disposal more often.”

He laughed a deep laugh, reached his hand up to caress her face and said, “Only if you wear that sundress.”

With a devilish smile, she said “Or less,” causing both of them to giggle.

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