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Kissing Lessons

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Living in a quiet suburban neighborhood has its advantages. After 20 years with my wife, she passed away suddenly leaving me alone in the house. While we never had our own kids, we acted as extra aunt and uncle for many of the neighborhood kids. The development had less than fifty homes resulting in a somewhat tight knit group of neighbors who always looked after each other. After my wife died, the neighbors would take turns visiting me to make sure I was all right.

One of my favorite adopted nieces, Jenny, was particularly attentive, coming over at least once a week to talk. Her parents moved into the neighborhood over 10 years. She was finishing high school now and had grown up to be quite a beauty. She was a cheerleader and gymnast. Her thin body was starting to fill out, with nice hips and small breasts. She stood about five foot one and weighed no more than 95 pounds.

One late Thursday afternoon she dropped by after school. I had just sent her a birthday card for her eighteeth birthday, so she stopped by to thank me for it. The weather was threatening outside, so I suggested that she get home before the storm, but she said she would wait it out until it stopped if I didn’t mind. The company was nice, so I agreed. We talked about her school and friends as usual, and had some soft drinks. Since she had come straight from school, she was still in her cheerleading outfit. Her small body looked so cute along with her long blond hair.

Finally we got to the topic of boyfriends. She had recently been asked out on a few dates, but had only gone to one dance so far. She told me that she had a date coming up on Saturday with Bill, whom she really liked. I was happy for her until I saw some concern in her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that while she was excited about the date, she had never even had a real kiss and was very nervous about whether she would do it right. She asked me if I would please help her learn about kissing. I thought about this for a minute, and while I it seemed a bit strange, I really didn’t think there would be any harm in it.

She came over and sat next to me on the sofa, and I reached down and kissed her lightly on the lips for just a second. She Anadolu Yakası Escort put her hands on my shoulders while we kissed, and it was very lovely. She smiled and thanked me. With her hands still on my shoulders and her face just a few inches from mine, she looked deeply into my eyes and asked me to teach her to french kiss. I quickly explained the basics to her and leaned towards her again. This time, after our lips touched, I parted my lips slightly, and felt her tongue moving to the tip of my lips. I put my tongue against hers, and they twirled around each other for a second. We kept this up for almost a minute while she slowly moved her arms around me closer. Finally her breasts were pressing against my chest, and I broke off the kiss to make sure things didn’t go too far.

When we stopped, she tried to start the kiss again, and I backed off. She seemed a little disappointed, but then she had a big smile on her face. She told me that it was fantastic and that she got a tingly feeling all over, especially between her legs. Just then, she flicked her white cheerleading skirt up and started rubbing herself on the crotch of her gold panties. She saw that I was embarrassed, so she stopped and flipped her skirt back down. She apologized for embarrassing me and explained that her skirt was designed to show off her uniform undergarments, which weren’t panties, just part of the uniform. They still looked just like panties, and I could see that they slid into the slit of her pussy. After a short while, the rain stopped and she went home, giving me a small kiss as she left.

I didn’t see a lot of Jenny after that day for quite a while, and I felt bad that we were not as close, at least for a while. About a month later, she stopped by my house after school again. She seemed very happy to see me and we immediately started back talking as we did in the past. She told me that she had been very busy in school with cheerleading, gymnastics and studying. Also she told me that she was now going steady with Bill. She told me that they had done a lot of kissing and she really appreciated the lesson I gave her. I looked at her and realized that she had grown up a lot in the last six months. Kadıköy Escort She was a little taller, and while her breasts were still small, they were nice B cups. Jenny was wearing a flower print dress with thin straps which made her shoulders fully exposed. Her long straight blond hair was sun-bleached and it looked very nice flowing down almost to the middle of her back.

After she had talked about Bill for a while, she told me that she was completely clueless about sex. She didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, and she was pretty sure that Bill wanted to do something with her since he had recently started rubbing her breasts when they were making out.

I spent a while telling her most of the basics of sex, but explained that she was too young to get really involved. She told me that she had promised Bill that they could do it soon. I couldn’t talk her out of it as hard as I tried. She told me that she was holding back because she wanted her first experience to be a good one. She didn’t know how much Bill knew, but she didn’t know anything. Finally she admitted that she wanted me to give her a lesson, like I did with kissing.

Needless to say, I was stunned by her suggestion. On the one hand, she was too young to be having sex. However, it seemed that she was going to do it whether I agreed to help her or not. It had been quite a while for me, and her beautiful young body was about as attractive as I had ever seen. I asked her if she was sure about wanting me to teach her. She told me that she had always been attracted to me and she really cared for me a lot, especially after our kissing lesson. She told me that she had been fantasizing about me lately when she rubbed herself and it made her feel really good.

I told her I would do it if it meant that much to her. She jumped onto my lap, put her arms around my neck and started kissing me deeply. I replied to her kiss and we cuddled and kissed each other for a while. She then reached down and put her hand on my lap. My cock was already quite hard, and she smiled after she felt it through my pants. I responded by slipping my hand between her dress and bra and gently touching her breasts. She had on a lace and satin bra which İstanbul Escort really felt nice. I could feel her small nipples through the material. We both stood up, and I lifted her dress up over her head. I could then see the matching panties she had on. They were white satin and had small lace inserts on the front of the leg openings. The shiny satin of her panties and bra was just beautiful on her fine light skin. After she got my belt loose, she lowered my pants and took off my shirt. We hugged and kissed again, this time standing, and our bodies were in contact from top to bottom. I pressed into her as we continued kissing and grabbed the back of her panties, squeezing her hips through the satin material.

I don’t remember ever being so aroused in my entire life. Here I was with a teenage beauty in her sexy bra and panties, getting ready for sex that I was sure would be great for both of us. After we kissed, she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were beautiful small mounds with small light brown nipples. I felt throbbing in my hard cock as I took off my underwear releasing the stiff pole that was pointing at her. She lay back on the sofa, and I got down between her legs. I started rubbing on her panties between her legs, and then pushed them aside and rubbed her right on the clit. I then lowered my head down and got a great close up view of her shaved frontal slit. I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips and licked all the way up across her clit. I kept this up for a while, and she had two orgasms. I worked my way back up to her mouth and started kissing her again. She had her legs apart and her knees up in the air making it easy for me to enter her pussy. I pushed her panties to the side, positioned my cock at the entrance and pushed it in gently. It went in quite easily, and Jenny gave me a smile. After it was all of the way in, I paused for a second and we kissed some more. She looked directly into my eyes with an expression of pleasure and passion on her face that I will never forget. I started pumping her with my cock, gradually increasing my speed. I was too aroused to take my time with her; I just pumped her for about five minutes until I shot a big load into her pussy.

After we finished, we were both stunned at how incredible it was. I had no doubt that our mutual care for each other heightened the passion and physical pleasure. I was secretly hoping that Bill would not be able to give her as much pleasure.

To be continued…

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