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Laura drew the next card from the stack on the table.

“Kiss”, she called out.

For the love of sanity, how ironic was that – she’d just dumped her boyfriend of 14 months three weeks ago, and now in this stupid game that her friends insisted she play, which she’d always refused on previous occasions, she either had to kiss somebody else at the table, or forfeit a piece of her clothing.

“Why couldn’t it have said something innocuous, like ‘Dance’ or ‘Drink a shot’?” she said to herself.

She looked around the table, eyeing up each of the other players, all of whom she’d met before on prior game nights.

“Well, Anna’s definitely out. Even if I were a lesbian, I don’t think I’d want to kiss her.” Laura paused, realizing what a judgemental bitch she’d just been.

She passed over the first two men without even looking at them – she’d decided long ago they weren’t her type. It wasn’t that Michael and Aaron weren’t handsome – but they well too full of themselves for her liking.

Marie was next, and there was something about her lips that she found oddly enticing.

Was it the shade of lipstick, maybe?

No, she’d seen her without any make-up at all before and had always had this strange desire to kiss her, for reasons she’d never understood.

Nick was next, and he was a possibility too. Maybe it was his smile, or those bright blue eyes, or perhaps his self-deprecating humour?

And lastly, it was Nicole, a petite blond thing that had nothing in common with her and who was as attractive as a bowl of cold porridge.

“So, Otele Gelen Escort it’s down to two of them – unless I just take something off and send them a clear message that I don’t fancy kissing any of them.”

She paused for a moment, and then teased them by starting to unbutton her blouse.

This caught the attention of all three men, whose eyes lit up – as did Marie’s, which was extremely interesting.

That sealed it for Laura – Marie it was.

She’d never kissed another woman before, and she was half nervous and half looking forward to it. If nothing else, the men would get a kick out of it, not that she’d ever understood men’s fascination with girl on girl action.

She stood up and walked slowly around the table, going the long way to where Marie was sitting while making them all thing she’d not made her mind up yet, and put her hands on her “victim’s” shoulders.

Marie smiled, not that Laura could see it from where she was standing – but the others did.

Laura helped Marie to stand up, and spun her around without warning. If she’d thought about it too much, she might have chickened out.

They embraced, so closely their breasts sort of merged together, and as they did so, they exchanged glances that said, “Let’s do this and put on a real good show for those perverts.”

They both felt an instant connection, which was odd because although they’d met here through mutual friends, they’d never really talked much before.

And then their lips touched Balgat Escort – for barely a few seconds because they wanted to taunt the others and have them think that was all they’d be getting.

The two women laughed, and then locked lips and explored each other’s mouths with more passion than a virgin couple on their honeymoon night.

“Will they ever come up for air?” thought Nicole, who was somewhat disgusted by the whole thing.

Laura was surprised by how much she was enjoying this – as evidenced by the damp spot that was growing in her knickers. “I hope nobody else sees that,” she thought.

But it was too late – a finger pointed at the wet spot that showed through her thin, white cotton shorts, and everybody sat around the table started laughing.

Laura was not going to let that faze her, and she kicked things up a notch by backing up slightly and fondling Marie’s ample breasts.

Marie didn’t object in the slightest, and Laura didn’t know whether she was playing along, for the sake of the “show”, or was she as serious about her as she apparently was about Marie, who unbuttoned and removed her blouse so that Laura could gain better access, and this turned Laura on even more.

But Marie didn’t stop there – she broke her embrace for a moment and reached behind her back to remove her bra too. Her boobs were exposed to the cool night air and to the people in the room, raising gasps from everyone, for different reasons, of course – the men were agog, naturally Anna looked indifferent Büyükesat Escort as always, and Nicole still look repulsed by the whole affair.

This sort of thing had never happened before when they’d had played this game – the only time Laura had witnessed somebody draw the Kiss card resulted in the sort of peck a husband gives his wife on the way to work after being married for 20 years.

“Come on then,” Marie thought, as she put her arms around Laura again. “Have at them!”

Laura was mesmerized by Marie’s boobs and wasted no time in moving her lips down to one of Marie’s already hard nipples, while fondling the other with her left hand.

Laura’s knickers were sopping wet now, and she didn’t care who knew it. “I wonder if Marie’s are as wet as mine are right now?” she thought. “Actually, I wonder if she’s wearing anything at all underneath that mini-skirt?”

How far would Marie let her go? How far did she want to go, for that matter?

Was she so desperate for some intimacy and even sex, now she no longer had a boyfriend, or had she learned something unexpected about herself this evening that she’d never dared to think about before?

Either way, she didn’t care, and it seemed like Marie didn’t either.

“Come on you two, get a room!” Anna shouted.

And without separating, Laura and Marie somehow walked toward the door together, still in their sensual embrace, with Laura’s lips and fingers still firmly attached to Marie’s boobs. They paused only long enough for Marie to say, “OK, see you later.”

The others weren’t sure whether to laugh or not – the two women seemed serious about it, after all.

The living room door shut behind them, and after a few seconds, the people around the table heard an upstairs door swing open then shut again, followed by the unmistakable squeak of bed springs.

“Shall we continue without them then?” Michael asked needlessly.

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