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Kim’s Sexual Freedom is Black

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Kim had married Joe right out of high school. They had been married almost fifteen years now and Kim felt like their marriage was in a rut. They seldom had sex and when they did it seemed more like a chore than pleasure. While Joe was an energetic lover he wasn’t much on the preparation and foreplay. Looking back she didn’t know if she ever really felt love for Joe or if he was just a way out of where she was at the time. She had thought him and his family had a little money but that turned out to be just a dream.

And then when she had gotten pregnant she felt she had to stay with him. She had swore she wouldn’t put her kids through what she went through when her parents separated no matter what. Through all these years she had tried to make him a good wife and to be a good mother to her kids but it was only through her sheer determination they had stayed together. What really bothered her was she knew she could have done much better but now she felt trapped by her own determination for her kids to have both their parents. From the time she had married Joe things seemed to go downhill till she was here living in a trailer just existing. Her life was a struggle but she enjoyed watching her kids grow up and they were a family and that part of her life was a happy one. And Joe would protect them so she felt safe with him and that meant a lot to her.

If it wasn’t for her kids loving her and her loving them though she would be devoid of love. She felt a tremendous respect for Joe and didn’t ever want to hurt him but there was a part of her that felt empty. If he was treating her or the kids badly she would think of leaving him even though she swore not to, but he never did anything like that so it was just a personal sacrifice on her part to keep the family together. As she grows older she can more easily understand why a woman would cheat or even leave her husband because of the empty feeling that she experiences herself.

It seemed that every morning after Joe left for work she wouldd lay in her bed and fantasize about sex and masturbate herself to orgasm. But even that was getting old and she was beginning to think of things that others would find abhorrent or disgusting such as having her dog lick her to orgasm as she reveled in the feeling of her blood running hot in her veins at her hidden thoughts and actions. She knew she did these things to try and fill the empty spot she pretended was sexual but knew deep inside was her need to feel loved.

Kim lived in a rural area and there wasn’t many handsome men to choose from if she wanted to have an affair. Her thoughts had even turned to women lately. She remembered how she had felt when her sister and her had experimented when she was younger and it excited her still. Lately she had begun looking at the Mexicans and blacks that worked around the area wondering if the rumors of the mexicans having such thick dicks was true and the blacks were already known to be well hung. It seemed the more taboo something was in her mind the more excited it made her to think of it. She knew white women that lived with black men and they all said they’d never have sex with a white man again and that kind of added another side to the whole thing wondering how she’d be affected by sexing a huge cocked black man. It inserted a fear of doing it in her mind but it always made her throb in her loins to think of it.

More than once Kim had lain alone in their bed with her eyes closed and in her mind felt a black man’s large lips on hers and his black hands touching her body, squeezing her breasts, and roaming over her as her actions took her mind to the depths of depravity. She always felt so slutty as in her mind she saw his black cock, felt the heft of it in her hands and then placed her mouth on it and elicited deep moans from him as she eagerly sucked him. She was always instantly aroused at the thought of her fucking a black man. She could lie and think the same things being done to her by a similarly endowed white man and feel nothing. But when her thoughts turned his skin ebony her breathing immediately became deep, hurried and she felt moisture forming within her pussy. There were just so many things white people could do together and like anything sexual they lost their ability to light a fire after so many times of doing them.

It always made her feel abnormal when she experienced these “other” desires and she kept them hidden from everyone afraid it would open her to ridicule if anyone ever knew of them. She could never open that part of herself to Joe or anyone, afraid if she did they would think her depraved or wierd. Whenever she secretly indulged in something kinky like having her dog lick her it seemed her mind was gripped by a fog of carnality so powerful that she couldn’t control the arousement it caused her. And afterwards she never failed to feell dirty and guilty at her actions. But while engaged in them she felt alive, able to loose her mind of all her cares and indulge in any unspeakable act and enjoy it. She had always felt that part of her was dirty and she was ashamed to have those feelings but deep inside her she knew she wanted to just let loose and be a wanton slut, but a part of her just wouldn’t allow it. And since she had kids that also prevented her letting loose.

So she had turned to watching videos and looking at pictures and finding her satisfaction in the recesses of her mind as she imagined doing the things she knew she secretly craved to experience. Alone in her bedroom she found satisfaction before the kids arose more and more often. She began talking to men online and soon was web camming with the ones that lived too far away to ever cause her any problems in her life. She enjoyed watching them mastubating and soon she too was allowing them the pleasure of watching her. Seeing them, their cocks straining, and knowing they wanted her pussy, always had her cumming quickly. She could see the lust in their eyes and knowing they were watching her fuck herself with her toys while watching them had her mind enveloped with lust. But soon she found herself wanting to feel one of their stiff dicks inside her not just imagine her pussy sliding down on one as she watched them erupt with explosive force.

As she lay in her bed one morning with her laptop situated where she could watch them and her camera showed them her reaction to their cocks she received a message on her IM wanting to access her webcam. She clicked and brought up their profile and saw that they were located in washington state and the screen name was “bigblkhulk2” and the thought of a black guy watching her sent chills through her already incensed mind. With a little trepidition she clicked and gave him access and soon he returned the favor and she was staring at his huge size both in body and cock. She found it impossible to even look at the white men she had been gazing at because of the immense size of the black man’s, lee’s, dick! He was big and muscular and his dick too seemed to be muscular and about ten inches long and very thick.

Kim felt her breathing quicken and she felt her mind losing control, gripped by a tremendous force that seemed to take her over. Seeing his dick as it stood straight up on its own, jerking,its tip glistening as his slick precum oozed from it, his huge balls swollen beneath it had her pussy wet and she could hear her dildo begain making squishy sounds as she fucked it in her deeply. She felt so alive, a feeling she had almost forgotten. And the tabooness of allowing a black man to see her white body, her married white body sent thrills racing to every cell of her body. She was overcome with desire, her body seemed to cry out to feel Lee’s big cock. She wanted to feel his black spear deep in her pussy and was soon moaning and tensing, pressing her dildo as deep as possible as she cum.

Knowing a black man was watching her, her gripped in an orgasm that seeing his dick had brought on, gave her such an amazing orgasm she didn’t ever want it to end. As she hunched into her dildo her eyes would fall on his cock again and the fury of the spasm that would grip her had her moaning loudly, body jerking with intensity.

Soon he was the only person she cammed with after Joe had left for work each morning. She became so enamored by his dick that soon she was wearing a headset and talking to him over skype as they masturbated together. She learned that he too was married and their sex life was waning and like her he was playing after his wife left for work. Hearing him telling her all the things he was going to do to her and how he was going to fuck her slut white pussy deeper than anyone ever had before had her cumming hard as she watched him stroking his cock. He told her how he would make her take the cum from his black balls as he fucked her in her asshole and she soon was forcing her dildos in her ass cumming as he watched her. She wanted to feel his dick in her body so badly.

Her sex with Joe was better now as she thought of Lee as Joe labored in her pussy. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help but compare Joe’s cock with Lee’s and it allways made her crave to feel Lee’s cock and she looked forward to seeing him each morning. Once Lee left his cam on and allowed her to watch him having sex with his wife with her unaware that he was doing so on a morning she didn’t have to work. Seeing her sucking his big cock had her own mouth craving to taste him, tongue licking her lips as in her mind she sucked at him. And hearing her rmoans as he forced his cock to his balls in her pussy had her fingers rolling her clit quickly. He made sure to position her where Kim could see his big dick sliding in and out of her pussy, opening her widely, pressing to his balls as she clawed at his body. Kim wanted to feel that so badly! She watched as he fucked her for hours in every position imaginable. And when he fucked his whole cock into her ass and filled her with so much cum it was pumped from around his cock Kim cum for the umpteenth time. As he pumped cum in her ass he looked towards the cam and motioned that he was going to cum in Kims ass like that. While his wifes head was turned away.he would indicate that he was going to think of Kim as he fucked her and Kim would match his strokes with those of her dildo until like his wife she also was cumming hard.

Kim had lied on her profile about her location so no one would know where she really lived and she used the name Gail when online. You could imagine her surprise when shopping at Walmart one day she saw a black man that resembled Lee in a aisle shopping. She quickly went further away and began looking at him as she hid behind some clothing racks. She was positive it was him and his wife. She wasn’t sure what she should do, run, hide or what? A part of her wanted it to be him but another part of her was scared to death to have it be him here so close. She decided she’d leave and tomorrow morning try and find out if it was really him. Seeing him so near had her clit throbbing and she felt flushed all over. She watched them and remembered them fucking and her knees felt weak. She glanced at him admiring his build. He was even larger than he appeared on cam, his biceps were huge, even bigger than Joe’s and the bulge in his pants was huge, the outline of his cock plainly seen. Could it be possible he had lied on his profile too, she wondered.

That evening seemed to drag on forever. She felt apprehension at the possibility he was so close but another part of her felt elation at the possibilities it presented. She had decided long ago that if ever given the chance she would experience a black cock. Her mind was on his dick the whole evening and Joe knew she was thinking about something by how distracted she was but when he asked about it she just shrugged and said she was tired. He told her to go lay down if she wanted to and he’d take care of the kids and get them in bed. That made her feel guilty for craving another mans dick while he was being so nice to her. But she did go to bed and as she lay there her hand crept to her clit as she remembered Lee’s big cock stretching his wife’s pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined his thick dick opening her pussy, pressing into her as her tight pussy tried to resist his entering her. She imagined the pain she’d feel when he fucked her hard as he had his wife. Her breathing was coming hard and fast now and her fingers sped over her clit. She heard herself moan as her hips lifted and turned outwards and the first spasms gripped her, tensing her, her back arching as in her mind she felt her pussy stretching, hurting under his assault on her deepest spots.

With both hands holding her pussy she rolled onto her stomach as her body sporadically jerked and tensed and she was thinking of how she would make her fantasies come true if that was him at Walmart. The decision was made in her mind, the need she felt was one that couldn’t be denied any longer. Hopefully she could accomplish fucking Lee without either of their marriages suffering. She was sure that he only wanted sex and wasn’t looking for a relationship just as she was. She fell asleep that night while telling herself how it would help her marriage if she was happy sexually and would benefit her whole family.

The next morning she lay awake in bed anxious for Joe to leave for work. It seemed he was taking forever to leave and her pussy was throbbing with a new excitement at the possibility that Lee’s cock may be in her soon. She heard the door slam and waited till she heard his engine start and he pulled off before jumping from the bed and shutting and locking her bedroom door and turning on her laptop and starting Skype. It no sooner opened than he was calling her. Excitedly she answered and began quizzing him as to where he had gone the previous afternoon after work. “No where in particular, just shopped a little at Walmart with the wife and then came home” he answered. “Why” he asked. “I was just wondering where you really lived Lee. I know you’re not in Washington, you lied just like I did on my profile and I just wondered where you really live? I replied. “In Tennessee” he replied. “Why does it matter” he asked.. “Because I live in Tennessee too” I said. There was a long pause and a smile came across his face and he asked, “Where in Tennessee do you live?” “Close to the Walmart where you shop with your wife” I replied “I saw you there yesterday”

He began stroking his cock nervously and I could see him hardening as he said, “Well maybe I can feel that pussy on this big black dick sometime soon then. Would you like that?” Kim’s pussy felt yearning as she watched him. This put his dick in a new perspective. Now it wasn’t a fantasy that couldn’t ever be had but a real cock close enough that she could have it with the right planning. “You know I do Lee but I don’t want anybody to ever find out if it happens”..I said. She felt embarrassed now sitting here in his gaze nude. Before he was just an anonymous guy that would never see her in real life, never be a part of her existence and she could be anyone she wished, unafraid to let loose, to become the slut she wished to be. But now he was someone that could know her, know the real her and she was embarrassed by everything she had done with him watching her.

His voice in her earpiece snapped her out of her daydream as he said, “I could get a room at a motel somewhere down the road from us both if you want to feel this dick for real. Nobody would have to know but us” Kim glanced at her monitor and saw his now throbbing hard dick, it appeared bigger than ever before and her pussy gaped and clenched repeatedly as her clit screamed to be touched. That familiar fog began to envelope her mind and she adjusted her camera so he could see her as she began pressing her dildo into her pussy.

Then she stopped and did something she’d never done before, she turned the bedroom lights on and lay on the bed with her thighs spread widely allowing him to see everything perfectly. She normall only allowed him to see by the light of the monitor but now he could see the gleam in her eyes as she fucked her pussy for his enjoyment. She watched him stroking his dick quickly as he said, “Oh yeah I’m gonna fuck that pussy good, damn baby you look good! You want this black cock in that pussy baby?” “Yeah I want to feel it all Lee, I want you to fuck that big dick in me till we both cum baby. You like looking at my pussy Lee, you wanta feel it on your big black dick. You wanta cum in me Lee ? And then he began spurting cum forcefully from his tip and her own thighs tensed as she tightened them on her didlo, her eyes locked on the dick she knew now she would fuck soon. After he was gone she felt afraid and ashamed knowing that someone as close as he was knew her most hidden desires and could tell someone. But deep inside she knew it wouldn’t stop her from fucking Lee!

The weather report said it would rain for three straight days which meant Joe wouldn’t be working those days and could watch the kids so she told Lee to Plan on getting the room the first of the three days. He was going to call in sick and have the room reserved and be there and she would go shopping alone and come to the room. The morning of the planned day she never opened her computer and it was pouring rain and Joe was home. She told Joe she was going to Walmart and pick up a few things before the kids got up and he just nodded and rolled over and went back to sleep. As she pulled away she thought this is too easy. She was nervous and excited and all the doubts began flooding her mind, everything that could possibly happen played like a movie in her mind. She almost turned around and went home but then she remembered Lee’s cock and all the mornings she had lusted to feel it and knew if she didn’t do this she’d regret it the rest of her life. She felt sure she could fuck Lee and not feel guilty about it because it was just sex to her, like having a dog in her pussy, it was only sensations and feelings. But wanting those things put a hunger inside her that she couldn’t deny and it drove her crazy with need until she did them. But the excitement she felt anticipating the feeling of her pussy stretchedd around his cock was enough to keep her driving to the hotel. Her thighs kept a steady rythum of clenching and relaxing from the thrills she felt in her pussy as she drove.

Nervously she glanced around as she pulled into a parking spot. She saw no one and the door was right where Lee had said it was at the back of the building. Putting on her sunglasses she got out and started for the door. She felt awkward as she pushed the elevator button and felt everyone around her knew she was coming here to fuck a black man. Her head was down as she exited the elevator and she was so nervous she was sick in thte pit of her stomach. Lee had reserved a room and asked for the room number so she would know it before she arrived and now she stood in front of it, her heart pounding and her pussy wet with anticipation. She knew that once she entered this room her life would be changed forever. Her common sense told her to turn and run but the hunger she had for Lee’s dick kept her standing there. Looking both ways up and down the hallway she knocked. There was no one around to see him open the door and that was a relief. When the door opened he was standing there wrapped only in a large white towel. She froze as she took in his large biceps and huge chest. He looked like a big gorilla, powerfully built and it showwed that he worked out daily. He looked out the door to see if anyone was in the hallway and then dropped the towel and said, “I believe this is what you’ve come looking for isn’t it Gail, my nigger dick?”

“I’d rather you didn’t use that word” she said to him. As she gazed at his dick it began growing, jerking, stiffening into a thick spear-like appendage that stood straight out from his body. Her knees felt weak and her breathing became quicker, deeper as she realized she would have that huge dick inside her soon. It looked so much bigger than on the camera and she felt fear creeping into her at the pain he could cause her with such an instrument. She hadn’t moved yet and was still standing there awed.

Listen slut, when you’re with me this dick is a nigger dick, you’re wanting nigger dick and that’s what you call it. You know you aren’t wanting a black man to fuck you, you’re wanting a good hard fucking from a nigger and his big dick. I’m a black man to my white friends but when I fuck you I’m gonna fuck you like a real nigger would. You don’t crave black cock baby, you crave nigger cock. She knew he was right, she wanted to be debased and used. She didn’t want or need a polite fucking, she could get that from Joe. She needed to be fucked by a nigger that hated her white pussy and would punish it for needing to be with him and cheating on her husband. He placed an arm behind her shoulders and one behind her knees and scooped her off her feet as easily as if she didn’t weigh anything and carried her into the room and shut the door behind them.

There was a small table in the room and he sat her down on it and kissed her. His hands began pulling her shorts and underwear down over her hips while their tongues explored each others mouths. She was already inflamed, just kissing a black man had her clit throbbing a quick crescendo, of need. Feeling his large hands on her bare skin after her pants had been discarded sent delicious waves of hunger coursing through her. He was aroused and his hand found her pussy quickly and soon his fingers were burrowing deep inside her as she hunched into them. He fingered her as his palm rubbed her clit and her mouth hungrily sucked at his tongue. The way he just took what he wanted from her aroused a primitive need deep inside her and her pussy flowed with her own arousement, he knew exactly what she needed, big nigger dick. Her mind was on his dick and her hands found it and felt it. It felt thick and her fingers couldn’t close around it as she pulled and tugged at its length. It felt like a huge rod of steel covered in a soft skin that moved over its length as she moved her hands up and down it.

Her hips hunched insanely into his hand as she ran her hand down to his balls and caressed them, knowing they would be emptying their hot contents into her body shortly. “I want you lee, I want to feel your dick in me now!”…she moaned while trying to move his hand from her pussy. All the pent-up hunger she had felt for months and even years seemed to explode out of her as Lee taunted her, “Tell me what you want in your white pussy, tell me what you want me to do to that married pussy!” She knew what he wanted, they’d played this game on skype in the mornings so she moaned back to him, “I want your big black, er I mean your n.n.nigger dick in my husbands pussy lee, I want you to fuck me like he can’t, please!!” Her ass and thighs were covered with her wetness as he worked his hand in her pussy and she was near cumming as he took his hand away and placed his thick tip at her entrance.

Everything about this had her excitement soaring! Just lying there on the table nude from the waist down in unfamiliar surroundings with the coolness of the air kissing her skin made her totally aware of her bareness in front of him. Watching his stiffly jerking black dick poised to enter izmit rus escort her pussy had her mind enraged and filled with a craving hunger she’d never felt before in her life. She thought to herself, “This is how I should feel when a man is about to fuck me, god I need his dick in me!” Lee placed his hands under her knees and spread her thighs widely with his tip pressing against her pussy as he said, : Show me how bad you want a nigger dick in you, put it in dat pussy girl!” She reached between her thighs and tried in vain to press it in her pussy until frustrated she cried out, “Please put it in me Lee, you know you want it as bad as I do”! “Hold dem thighs open while I try and git dis nigger dick in that tight white pussy of yourn.” he said as he began holding his dick and working its fat glans into her cunt. Feeling his dick pressing into her, opening her wider than anyone ever had before had her delirious with need, so many emotions flooding her mind as she realized a black man was putting his dick in her white body, her body that belonged to Joe her husband.

She loved it and that caused her to feel guilt at what she felt as her body opened and gripped his hot glans in her wet confines. It wasn’t words of guilt that flowed from her lips though, it was an impassioned entreaty of, “Doit Lee, yes baby, fuckit in me, oh god it feels so wonderful, so thick, it hurts baby, damn I’ve needed this so long ohhhhhhh yes yes!” Suddenly he was in her, her pussy straining around his thick shaft as his swollen tip felt like someone had shoved a really large orange in her. Her hips began moving, caressing the swollen, throbbing mass within her by clenching it, hips rolling as she tried to open herself to it so it could force deeper inside her. The nerve endings in her pussy were mashed, caressed and each one streamed its own voltage like wave of pleasure to permeate every cell of her body as he throbbed within her. His dick created a craving all its own as her mind focused on the sensations it caused to flow from her pussy. His size caused her lungs to clamp with each forward thrusting movement he made and she was gasping as she watched and felt his long cock opening her as it worked slowly up into her strained pussy.

Like a large black snake crawling into a hole its head moved inside her, stretched her with each of his emboldened strokes as he fucked it deeper and deeper into her writhing body. God she wanted all his dick, every inch of it and her mind was becoming frenzied with her craven need. Feeling herself stuffed, filled beyond belief had her feeling impaled. She tried to relax her pussy muscles to enable the deeper depth she needed from him. His cock was so thick her inner folds were already expanded until even relaxed she was being pressured from within by his thick girth. She had never felt her vagina so stretched and full. She was unable to even clench his cock as he distended her inner passage so widely she felt ripping. She tried to squeeze his jerking cock but nothing could contract against the outward pressure his cock exerted against her slick walls as it throbbed hotly.

She felt emotions welling inside her body she’d never felt before. Sensations wracked her and seemed to build inside her till she thought she’d go insane if they didn’t wane soon. Her mind was awash with need and when his hands found her asscheeks and held her by them her legs wrapped his large body and she used them to pull her pussy into his gentle thrusting. He was trying not to hurt her but the carnality of having a black man fucking her, using her white pussy after yearning it for all this time had her body demanding he fuck her hard, to force his dick into her, to make her take it, to rape her with the same intensity of need that she possessed for his fat dick. Her legs pulled at him as she ground her pussy hard into his tip, hurting herself with his length, but it was what she needed to feel. Her hunger demanded her to be pummelled by his huge black dick, punished for being the slut she was and loving every second of it.

Even the pain his dick caused heightened her pleasure, until she felt consumed by it, unable to think or respond to anything but the pleasure flowing from his swollen cock through her entire body. She could feel her mind slipping into an abyss of carnality that she wasn’t sure she could ever crawl out of. Hell she wasn’t sure she could even muster the courage to try and attempt to. The slut in her that she had kept hidden and controlled was now threatening to control her as he fucked her deeper and deeper and she felt more and more of his cock filling her in ways and places she’d never felt before.

Lee taunted her saying, “What would your white boy husband say iffn he saw you hunching on my big nigger dick like you is right now. I bet he’d think you loved it and wanted to feel it cummin in your hot pussy! Is that what you want Gail, to feel me cum in your pussy, to shoot my nigger baby makin seed up in you deep?”

“ Yes, yes I do want to feel it. But I want it all in me when you do it….damn I need that so bad Lee……fuckit in me hard baby…hurt my pussy….make me take it Lee…and my real name is Kim not Gail baby….now fuck Kims pussy with that big dick!…….aaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE..YES…LIKE THAT!…..Cummin! OH Damn baby I’m cummin…aaarrrgggghhhhhHHHHHHHH….fuckme….please fuckme hard!……oh god I love your dick…….never cum like….this….be…before ..oohhhhhaaaaiiieeeeeeEEEEEeeAARRGGHHHHH”

And as she cum Lee lifted her from the table and with her asscheeks squeezed tightly in his hands he began slamming her down forcibly on his erectly standing, stiff cock. His cock strained stiffly erect as he lifted her and slammed her down again and again, impaling her hurtfully with upthrusting hips as her eyes opened as if in shock at the pain he presented her pussy. Her face grimaced in pain, jaw dropping open but no sound escaping her as her thighs straightened and tensed as he used her pussy to jack off with. His powerful arms stroked his dick with her clenching, spasming pussy as her body trembled, then shook violently as orgasm after orgasm wracked her world. She screamed out with each voltage like shock his cock afforded her as her pussy was slammed against his swollen fat cockhead repeatedly. “Bet the little white girl…… Kim…..never….. been fucked…….. like….. this before…by…..her….white…boy….hubby!”, lee spat as he rammed his dick up in her still cumming body.

Kim was lost, she couldn’t respond to him, she couldn’t even breathe her muscles were tensing so tightly as her pussy tried to clench and squeeze his thick girth. Her entire body was exploding with sensations she’d never experienced, sensations that rocked her mind and made her soul his for the taking. She couldn’t stop cumming and she loved what she felt, loved his big black dick and a part of her was set free knowing it was a black man giving her such pleasure, free to allow the slut in her to revel in its newfound freedom to flourish and thrive here on his dick. Here on his big “Nigger” dick she was finally being herself, her true self, the slut she’d never been able to allow out and she loved it, craved to wallow in the depths of her discovery and to fuck like she’s never fucked before.

Her hands folded around his neck as she rode his dick frienziedly until he walked, with her hunching down into his cock, into the bedroom and lay her down on the bed and lay atop her and began fucking her. He stroked into her deeply, pushing his cock in her till her body resisted and then grinding it into her forcefully, allowing her to feel his dick stretching her. Her walls strained around his tremendous girth and then as he extended her depths she felt full, her pussy pressured outwards as if he was ballooning inside her, swelling until her mind knew she was going to be ripped in half but unable to beg him to stop and instead urging him deeper and harder as the exquisitness of the pain seared her mind and saturated her every cell until she screamed, “Oh my god your dicks so fucking big, fuck its so good, shit I don’t ever want it to stop…fuck me Lee….oh ..oh..yes!…yes!…..I need this so bad!”.

Unable to contain what she felt welling up inside her, the pleasure so intense that she had to relieve the insanity it caused her or she would be lost forever to the slut within that she had unleashed. Her hips began moving, hunching faster than she’d ever hunched before on anyone’s dick. Her body was driven by a need to expel the demons that possessed her, to sate their eternal hunger with his seed. She had never wanted cum so badly in her life, his cum, the cum from his big black balls. She knew she could not stop until his hot seed pumped into her body. Her primitive need to be impregnated by so powerful a man demanded she feel him spew within her white pussy even if it meant the end of her life as she knew it. Her hands clawed at his skin and her legs locked her pussy to his fat, hard dick as he stroked deep in her soul. She rolled her hips frantically trying to give him the same pleasure she felt on his cock. “FUCK ME!…FUCK ME!….OH GOD I CAN’T STAND IT…CUM IN ME LEE…FUCK I CAN’T STOP CUMMING I LOVE YOUR BIG NIGGER DICK…..GOD ITS TOO BIG…..OH SHIT ITS RIPPING ME APART…FUCKME .FUCKME! HARDER! I WANT YOUR CUM BABY…PLEASE…CUM..CUM..IN..ME!”

By now Lee’s mind is incensed by the tightness of her pussy clenching his cock and the words she screams. Knowing she’s married to a white man and yet begging for his dick, begging for his cum, has him needing to cum badly. “What kind of married white woman begs a nigger to cum in her pussy Kim, tell me what you are baby. Tell me who your pussy belongs to now!”

Her mind inflamed with carnal need she quickly exclaims, “A slut, I’m your slut baby and my pussy is yours. Now cum in your pussy baby, cum where Joe can’t baby, deep in me….GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE!…god I need your cum so bad!” Lee wanted her to have it also and began pumping his cock fast and deep inside her, ramming to her deepest spots and then forcing more of his cock in her with each forward thrust of his hips. She screamed, hunched and tears formed in her eyes as he tormented her walls with painful thrusting. He battered her pussy, stretched it and she clung to him with tears streaming from her eyes and down her cheeks. She was in heaven; she cried tears of joy at what she felt. After all these years someone finally gave her what she needed from a man and she never wanted it too end. His dick felt so wonderful as it slid to her depths, every small movement either of them made resonated into her walls and spread as a new pleasure that coursed through her in a steady stream of spasms. It never stopped, wave after wave of pure pleasure permeating her body as his dick expanded her to a size she had only felt in childbirth. The thrill she had felt as her children slid from her was similar to what she felt as his thick cock slid along her pussy only instead of a singular relieving sensation it continued on permeating every cell of her body while instilling a craving for more deep in her body and the far recesses of her mind.
Kim knew she would have to have more of lee’s big dick, knew her pussy was his now even before he rewarded her his cum. But when his dick spewed hot precum that seemed to sear her walls with its heat her mind felt like it was melting and her body began condensing into her groin. She thought he was cumming his glans swelled and throbbed so hotly in her pussy. She couldn’t control her response and her hips hunched her pussy as hard as possible into his dick as she ground against his tip. She needed his seed so badly, it was like an elixir that her body required to sustain life. Her moans were filled with love when he began fucking her with long hard strokes from his tip to his balls. Each thrust harder than the last until Kim was clinging to his body trembling as he held his cock deeper than ever before and she felt a burning forcibly propelled against her deepest spots. His cum raced along his cock shaft and she felt each hot expulsion as a large lump that travelled the length of her pussy before exploding hotly from his tip. His large amount of cum seethed back over his tip spreading heat throughout her pussy as his cock seemed to burn its way deeper and deeper into her grinding cunt. Each time his dick pulsed with a new expulsion her pussy quivered quicker and quicker until again she was tensed in an orgasmic bliss that blocked everything from her mind except the hot throbbing of his cock as it continued to fill her with his seething fluids.

She knew Joe could never compete with Lee in the intensity of her orgasms but she knew she didn’t want to lose him, But when Lee cum in her pussy her fate was sealed forever. She felt love, not for Lee but for the feelings he was giving her as his black cock filled her with his baby making seed. Her inner slut exploded with happiness as she experienced every white womans most taboo fantasy of feeling a nigger take her pussy and make her love his dick. If she had any hope of not repeating her act with Lee his hot cum destroyed it. She knew she had to have more! Lee rolled off her and lay back on the bed but Kim’s pussy was still clenching and gaping, feeling so empty without his thick girth filling it. Just the feeling of it sliding from her pussy made her want it again. It still stood on an angle to his body as it jerked. It was covered with their cum and his semen ran down it over his balls in white streams contrasting with his black color. She was drawn to it like it had a magnetism that she was unable to resist. Her hand gripped its slick girth as she slowly pumped it, feeling its muscular length as it jerked in her grasp. God she wanted it in her again, her pussy yearrned to feel it stretching her deeply.

Lee had seen white women entranced with his dick before and knew what she needed as he said, “Can’t get enough of dat big nigger dick can you my slut? Your married white pussy is cravin dat black cock again. You liked me opening dat pussy up didn’t ya. Go on suck it, you know dats what you want, suck dat nigger dick hard slut!” It excited her to have him call her his slut, and she was in all honesty wanting to suck his dick. Her tongue slithered out and she licked his tip tasting his cum there on its hole. It was slick and she found its taste pleasing and began laving it from his cock. The act itself was so sluttish it inflamed her as she did it. Soon she was forcing his tip past her lips as she tried to suckle it. It wouldn’t fit wholly in her mouth and she was awed at that fact. She could place Joe’s entire dick in her mouth. A shudder ran through her body as she realized just what she had rammed in her pussy. Her eyes found Lee’s as she licked their cum from his balls hoping she was pleasing him with her mouthing his cock. She could sense that he expected her to adore his black dick and knew the effect it had on her and she hated the fact that he was right. She couldn’t resist his cock, especially after feeling it in her.
Her whole body craved to feel it again and she had to hold her clit it throbbed so boldly as she tasted his dick excitedly. The feel of his cock in her hands demanded she fuck him again and even though he wasn’t entirely hard she straddled him and held his cock up and began pressing her pussy down onto it. Even now she had to force her pussy to accept his girth and when she felt him slide into her pussy she moaned loudly as intense thrills spread through her body. The sensation his dick caused within her body stiffened her, locked her motionless as she waited for the spasms to subside. She’d never felt anybody’s cock that made her feel so good. Her hips began lifting and falling as her feet were flat on the bed astraddle his hips. She didn’t care if he knew how badly she needed his dick, or how much she loved cumming on it!

She had never took the initiative and fucked a man’s dick like she was Lee’s now. But no dick had ever filled her with so much pleasure as this one does and she fucked her pussy up and down it wildly. The feel of his cock energized her, made her move, each movement causing another to be needed as she fucked him. It seemed every sensation built up inside her, roiling around within her until she was slamming her pussy into his dick. Her mind wasn’t in control of her body anymore as all she could do is react to the intense craving to cum his cock instilled in her. The need she felt drove her hips, drove them to slam her pussy down onto his cock even though it felt it would rip her apart. Faster and faster she fucked him as the spasms within her quickened until they felt as one long rippling sensation that drew her cum from her body to flood his cock as she pressed hard down onto him as she hunched with a frenzy that her cunt demanded of her. The intensity of her orgasm as it gripped her bent her into a fetal position atop him but her hips couldn’t stop moving and her thighs began to straighten, pushing out behind her as her pussy continued to hunch into his fat dick. Soon she was laying on him her mouth pressed to his as she kissed him, her ass moving, hunching as the passion of his kiss inflamed the dying embers within her and soon she was again frantically hunching her clit into his body with his entire dick buried to his balls as she moaned her need.

Kim’s mind couldn’t cope with the intense sensations his dick caused to flood her mind as well as her body. She’d never experienced so much intense pleasure concentrated in her pussy and her mind gripped it and craved it. She didn’t want too ever let it go. Each time she cum while he stretched her tightly it instilled a craving to feel it again and each time it grew stronger and more addicting filling her with such emotion at the love she felt for, not him, but his dick. He was an ass and she knew it but the hunger his dick instilled in her kept her there slamming her pussy down onto his cock. She hated herself for allowing him to unleash her hidden slut and now wondered if she could ever contain it again. Her thoughts were interrupted by Lee’s hard smack on her asscheek and his demand to, “Fuck dat dick slut, make dat pussy cum on my dick. Fuck it like you used to fuck dat rubber dick when you was dreamin of dis dick fuckin you!”

Kim didn’t need his admonishment, she couldn’t stop her hips from moving, fucking his wonderful dick. She pressed her pussy down onto his dick slowly, grinding her pussy into it as she savored the feel of her pussy full, stretched to its limits and his hardness as it throbbed within her. She felt every vein of his dick as they massaged her walls, felt his blood pumping hotly through them as it kept him steel hard. The way he treated her did excite her, telling her what to do, making her not only act the slut but be one and it freed her to do anything she had always wanted to but was afraid Joe or her other lovers would think she was a slut for doing. Now she was a slut, a slut grinding her pussy down into a “Nigger” dick and loving every hard inch of its length and girth.

When she cum this time it was intense, it built up slowly, her body trembling softly as her weight forced him deeper, her body shook excitedly, tremors wracked her and her mind fogged with pleasure unheard of. She was frozen to his dick and as each intense spasm ended she hunched again into his dick and again her body was gripped, frozen, her asscheeks squeezing together tightly as his cock felt like a log embedded deeply inside her quaking body. His hands squeezing her tits reminded her she was cumming on a huge black mans cock and that knowledge heightened the sensations she felt driving her to insanity. And then as she felt it couldn’t get any better his hands gripped her hips and he began thrusting up into her clasping pussy and her body exploded in a shaking, shuddering eruption of hard spasms that threatened to kill her if he didn’t stop soon..

It didn’t matter what he called her, said to her, she knew she’d take anything to be able to have him fuck her again and again. She realized as he fucked up into her pussy she was a black cock slut forever and loved it! She hadn’t thought pleasure could be so addicting or instill such a craving for more but she had never been filled as he filled her before either. The thought that there were others out there that could give her this kind of pleasure excited her. Her thoughts as she hunched on his dick kept her cumming as he fucked up into her hard. Her pussy felt splayed, wet, her juices soaking them as her body showed its love of his cock. It made her feel such a slut that she couldn’t stop hunching on his dick, couldn’t possibly ever get enough of him.

Only the good Lord knows how many times she had cum in the hour or so she had been fucking him but it seemed she never stopped. Her pussy was at last loosening enough around his cock that she could fuck his long cock easily, sliding it in and out swiftly as she ground her wetness into it. Everything about fucking him seemed so carnal, even nasty and that added to her enjoyment tremendously. She had never been so horny or forward with a man as she was with Lee. But she had never craved a dick like she craved his either.

“Turn around on dat dick and let me see dat asshole slut, and don’t take dat dick outta dat pussy, he ordered her. She slowly turned to face his feet as his finger slid up her well slickened asshole and he fucked her tight ass with it. This new sensation had her pushing down onto his dick as she moaned her enjoyment of his actions. Her hands gripped his thighs as he shoved another finger into her grasping ass muscle. He was hurting her and she knew he was thinking of putting his dick in her there and a fear gripped her mind at that thought. She feared him attempting that but a part of her relished the idea of having a black dick up her ass. That thought provoked her hunching quickly, his fingers opening her as they twisted inside her.. She knew it was inevitable as he had told her many times while camming how badly he wanted to fuck her asshole with his black cock.

He had her rise off his dick and then lay on her back as he positioned his cock at her asshole. At the first touch she gasped, her breath held in anticipation as he pressed into her. God the pain was searing her mind and she begged him, “Please don’t Lee, you’re too big, you’re going to rip me!” but he persisted pushing his dick forwards.

His eyes gleamed evilly as he said, “Slut, I’m not your boy husband Joe, I take what I want and I want this ass on my dick” Her eyes formed tears and she felt them running down her cheeks as his rod like dick continued its assault on her tightly clenched hole. But she couldn’t hold herself closed and in a momentary respite his dick inched into her, spreading her asshole open enough that she couldn’t close it again. The feeling of her ass clasping his huge head as he pressed it in her both excited and scared her.

Her hand began rubbing her clit roughly as she tried to find a pleasure to distract her mind from the pain in her ass. Soon she felt small waves of pleasure that relaxed her for an instant and his persistence won out as his thick glans slid past her tight muscle. Oh god it hurts she thought. But then the idea of his dick stretching her ass, her having a black izmit escort man, a “Nigger” fucking his dick in her asshole was just so forbidden it was delicious and she could feel herself relaxing, adjusting to his size as she rubbed herself quickly. Her hips began to move in tiny circles as she felt his dick with her ass muscle.

Lee smiled and said, “Dats my slut, you like dat nigger dick up your ass don ya girl. Work dat ass baby, make dis nigger dick cum in dat asshole!” Her hips hunched and twirled as he began fucking her slowly. He felt huge but her body was beginning to crave it, her mind wanting him to fuck her ass deep, hard. The sensations flooding from her ass muscles combined with those from her clit and she was experiencing waves of pleasure coursing through her entire being.

“Fuck my ass, cum in me Lee, fuckit hard, deep, oh god baby I want it….doit…doit!” And he did, he fucked her fast hard and deep. He used long strokes the length of his cock, backing his dick out till his thick glans spread her ass muscle and then driving it back quickly until his balls smacked her asschecks hard! The sight of his big black dick sliding in and out of her sent voyeuristic thrills to race with the feelings of it as it fucked her till she was screaming, her passion filled moans reverberating against the walls. When the inevitable orgasm gripped her and her pussy gaped and clenched with her ass muscle she thought her mind was lost. The sight, feel, and knowledge that a black man was fucking her ass and she loved it, overwhelmed her sensory nerves and roiled her mind till she was hunching wildly up to his cock, hands pulling him into her as she ground her ass into his dick uncontrollably. MORE!…MORE!…MORE!..her mind screamed! “Cum in me!” she begged…..Please cum in my ass baby…..god I want to feel you cum!”

And then his thrusting increased until his body demanded he drive deep and remain there as he filled her with his hot jism. His cock felt huge, swollen by his need to gift her his seed as he drove it deep into her bowels and Kim felt joy as she felt his lava like cum fill her ass and coat his cock until his dick slid effortlessly in and out of her well relaxed muscle as he renewed his frantic pace fucking her anus. Her hand held her pussy tightly as she cum with him. Her satisfaction felt deep in her clenching asshole as it massaged his dick, jacking it off as it squeezed the dregs of his balls into her receptive body.

He took his cock and slapped it against her pussy hard and she felt the heft of it even as it softened. It shone in the light, his cum glistening on it and she felt pangs of desire even as her asshole gaped open and her pussy moved to try and capture it in its tight confines. God she thought, I’m such a slut for his dick, I can’t get enough of it! He slid his tip in her pussy and back out repeatedly teasing her as she moaned her need. Even half limp it felt better than Joes cock hard. Her breathing became deep and hurried as he pushed his dick in and out of her using his hand to manipulate it. She hunched up to it as she felt the first tensing of orgasm and when he placed his thumb on her clit she exploded again in a back arching release. She loved his big dick! Loved his muscular blackness and the way he humiliated her, owned her! Each time she cum on it instead of sating her it created a hunger for more, a need to feel it again and again.

She stayed with him for almost four hours before her ardor had waned enough to even think of her family and home. She found that she could suck him hard after each of his explosive releases and he could go for another hour. His black cock had instilled a love of sucking it in her mind and mouth. She couldn’t see it that she didn’t crave its taste and the feel of it hard and throbbing in her hands. At one point she actually cum while mouthing his cock she was so inflamed by its feel and his words as she sucked it.. He humiliated her with his words but it only served to heighten the throbbing she felt for his cum. When she felt she couldn’t stay a minute longer she arose and dressed and was standing at the door with it partially open kissing him good-by when she felt his cock hardening against her stomach and she couldn’t fight the immediate impulse to taste it again and she fell to her knees and began sucking him, licking all around his balls and shaft.

She heard voices but her mind was too inflamed to care who or where they were. A young couple stood outside the door in the hallway watching her mouth Lee’s dick as he stood there with his hands holding her head. Having the young blonde woman watching them caused lee to begin fucking Kim’s mouth. He said later the lady’s eyes never left his dick and it was easy to see by how her tongue ran over her lips wetting them that she wished she were Kim. The young man stood transfixed also until he realized his wife was craving Lee’s big dick. He hurriedly dragged her down the hall to the elevators as she was saying, “My god, did you see his dick! I’ve heard they have big dicks but damn he looked like a horse!”

Lee cum quickly as Kim’s tongue laved round and round his crown while they had been watching. His cum filled her mouth and shot into her hair and over her face as she sucked and licked at his tip trying to capture it with her tongue. Lee went and got a washrag and cleaned her up as it was finally sinking in that people had watched her suck his dick and she hadn’t even slowed as they did. And she didn’t even know who they were or if they knew her or even what they looked like.

Her ass and pussy felt gaped and open and she felt Lees and her own cum seeping from both those holes as she walked to her car. She had stopped at Walmart the day before and picked up some things and left them in the trunk so she retrieved them and lay them in the passenger seat. She sat there thinking of lee’s cock still up in that room and she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay and grind her pussy into it all night. She shook all over with a thrill when she thought of it opening her pussy and pressing deep inside her.. She had to just sit there clamping her thighs as her pussy felt so empty and her clit pulsed with craven need. She couldn’t drive. She tried thinking of Joe and how she needed to get home and finally put the truck in gear and pulled out.

Her mind was filled with things she should say when she got home after being gone over four hours. She felt elated and happy for some strange reason. She had thought she’d feel guilt and be telling herself she’d never do it again but instead she felt joy and couldn’t wait to experience Lee’s dick again. Her pussy still resounded with electric like surges when she thought of his cock rammed tightly inside her. She had never felt like this after sex with any white man, she had always hated herself afterwards, or in the case of Joe just felt like something was missing even after cumming with him. She now knew what was missing, girth and length, the ability to add pain to his fucking her but most of all the ability to just let go. With Lee she could be the woman she always wanted to be and enjoy sex with no cares or pretenses. She didn’t care if he thought she was a slut or whore because he wanted her to be a slut, HIS SLUT!

For the first time in her life she felt like a woman after sex and couldn’t stop smiling. She knew she should feel guilty but she just couldn’t regret something that fulfilled her so much! And lee was married so she needn’t worry about his causing trouble for her. She was already wondering how they could spend a whole night together. Having his dick for the whole night to fuck and suck sounded like a dream to her. But first she had to pull this off at home. As she turned in the drive she saw everyone was in the pool and Joe looked in her direction as she pulled in. She didn’t know her shorts had soaked through with their cum as she drove home and when she got out of the truck Joe laughed and said, “You piss your pants honey?” everyone began laughing and she could feel her face turning red, not from what they thought but from the knowledge of what had really happened. She sat her bag on the porch and said, “No smartass I’m hot and sweating!” and proceeded to run and jump in the pool clothes and all drowning them all.
She felt good, she played with the kids and even felt comfortable with Joe even though she knew she was still full of Lee’s cum. After playing for awhile she got out and said, “I’m gonna go start lunch and take a shower, you all come when I yell its ready!” She went in the bathroom and peeled her clothes off for the second time that day. Her clit throbbed remembering Lee pulling them from her so roughly. She was still in the shower and about to douche when Joe came in and slipped nude in behind her. “The kids are still in the pool and we’re all alone here with this!” He said, as he showed her his hard dick. Kim stifled the urge to laugh as she saw his dick and mentally compared it to Lee’s. She felt nothing as he rubbed it against her until she closed her eyes and thought of Lee fucking her. She moaned at the memory and placed her hand on his dick and began pulling at it. Her fingers clasped it, her fingers wrapping it, something she could never do with Lees cock. But she was throbbing now as she remembered Lee’s fucking her and she knelt and began sucking at him. She could press her mouth all the way to his pubes, his tip just entering her throat, and she felt regret she couldn’t do the same with Lee because of his girth.

She realized she compared everything about Joe now to Lee in her mind. She tried to give his dick a real sucking, so he would cum and she wouldn’t have to fuck him with Lee’s cum in her pussy. She felt his precum flowing from his tip as she sucked it hard and his moans as he began fucking her mouth made her smile inwardly. But he stopped saying, “No, I don’t want to cum like that, stand up and bend over!” She did as he directed and he positioned his dick at her entrance as her mind dreaded his entry. He slid into her pussy easily all the way to his balls and she hardly felt his cock as he said, “Damn Kim you’re so wet baby, you want this dick don’t you?” She answered him, “Yes, I’ve been wanting to fuck all day for some reason. I want to feel you cum in me Joe. Fuck me hard and fast baby, hurt me!” And he began fucking her rapidly, holding her hips as he thrust as deep as he could inside her. She closed her eyes and remembered when Lee had fucked her doggy and how his dick had made her scream in pain and her hips began hunching slowly.

Joe thought she was enjoying his fucking of her and it excited him and made him want to cum. Kim’s pussy seemed bigger and more slippery but he figured it was because she was so horny. Feeling her hunching, pressing back into him and her pleading, “Fuck me Joe, let me feel it, cum for me baby!” had him close. In Kims mind she was reliving that morning and her voice cried out, “God, I love your dick!” as she spoke to Lee but Joe heard her words and they were the catalyst that drew his ball juice to join hers and Lees inside her pussy. Joes pounding her clit did have an effect as she thought of Lee fucking her and she also cum as Joe unloaded within her.

She straightened and turned and kissed Joe while her mind was still on Lee. Her kiss was warm and Joe enjoyed it and felt proud and manly at her cumming with him. Kim looked at him and said, “Now git mister so I can finish my shower and other things now that you have me dripping in other places. She knew why she had cum, the thought of Joes dick fucking her, drowning in Lees cum within her pussy was just so erotic it caused her mind to fog with lust and her hips twirled as she rubbed lees cum over Joes dick. Her inner slut was again released and she bathed in its carnality as she thought of Lee and Joe cumming in her pussy together which had caused her to add her own hot juices to the mix in her pussy.

Kim was excited, lying awake in bed anticipating her morning cam session with Lee. Her pussy was throbbing as she lay remembering yesterdays experiences. She lay in a fetal position with her arms held tight against her throbbing pussy. God she wanted a black dick here in the bed with her. It didn’t have to be Lee, just a huge black cock that she could rut her pussy down onto and cum and cum. Any black man would do as long as he fucked her like Lee had and allowed her to be the slut she now knew she loved being. Could she lead two lives she wondered, one happy with her family and another where she was an out-of-control slut, neither interweaving with the other, both separate and distinct. She knew she would attempt it.

When she heard Joe pulling away she quickly opened her laptop and connected only to find Lee not online. Her disappointment left her worried and now she wondered if yesterday would be her only meeting with him. Many thoughts flew into her mind and she quickly dismissed them one at a time. She felt rejected but didn’t know why? He had taken days off before and it meant nothing, but today, the day after he had met and fucked her seemed special to her. Didn’t it mean anything to him. She had known it was supposed to be no strings sex but surely he felt some attachment after the marvelous sex they had. She was sad all day and there was an empty spot within her that yearned to feel him again. After Joe got home she decided to go shopping again. She went to a near-by shopping center to look at some new tennis shoes. She found a pair she liked and asked the salesclerk if she had them in a size 6. She said she’d check and about that time a young black man came out of the back and their eyes met.

She felt a thrill start at her pussy and radiate outwards causing her to avert her glance. Her breathing became quick as her eyes fell to his pants front and she saw the outline of his cock embedded there. It looked so thick and ran down his leg and she knew he wore no underwear. As her gaze lifted she saw he was staring at her face and realized he knew what she had been staring at. He smiled a knowing smile as if he could read her mind and winked at her. She knew she blushed dark red and a pulsing began in her groin. As the woman clerk came out with the shoes he stopped her and took the box and said to her, “Its about your break time Mary, go on I’ll get this.!”.

Walking over to Kim he said, “ If you’d like to sit here I’ll try and take care of you.” Kim sat and he pulled a stool in front of her and sat down upon it. She had wore a short skirt and thin pink panties that were almost transparent and normally she’d clamp her thighs together or cross her legs but the way his eyes seemed to burn into hers had her inner slut crying to be free again. As she placed her foot up on the stool he sat on, her thighs spread and his gaze immediately fell to her pussy. Her own gaze was on the growing bulge in his pants. He placed his hand on her calve and lifted her foot, squeezing it gently as he continued to look first at her pussy and then in her eyes. His hands seemed to caress her ankle holding it much longer than necessary. Her pussy was beginning to get moist and her panty was sticking to her lips and turning dark as they soaked up her juices, a fact she knew he had noticed when he said, “ If you don’t like these we have more in the back. I could bring them all out here or you can go back there with me and look at what I’ve got to offer, back there. I’m sure I have what you need back there!” He said that as he stared in Kim’s eyes and she knew what he meant immediately. How did he know she liked black dick? It was like she was wearing a sign around her neck saying “BLACK COCK SLUT!”

She wanted to leave but his cock had grown to extend down his pant leg till it almost was at his knee and she wanted to touch it so badly. Her head turned as she looked around furtively seeing who was watching them but saw no one. Her pussy was yearning to feel him and her clit was demanding to be felt, mashed, sucked anything to bring her relief. How, she wondered, had she become so hot and needy so quickly she asked herself as she heard herself say, “ I’m sure I can find something I need in the back, can I try it on back there to make sure it fits?” He smiled broadly and commented, I’m sure we can cum together on something”, as they continued the double-entendres as they spoke. She knew what he was going to do but she felt powerless not to allow him what he wanted from her. Somehow he knew she needed his dick and would do it.

He led her to the back and into a small room with a desk and a twin bed and a camera monitor of the front. He shut the door and grabbed her and kissed her, his hands lifting her short skirt and finding her ass cheeks and squeezing them. Kim was already lost to her needs and her hands were undoing his belt as they kissed. By the time his tongue had entwined with hers she had his thick dick in her hands pulling at it. The feel of his dick excited her and she felt desperate to have him in her but he lifted her and sat her on the edge of the desk and pressed her backwards as his hands removed her panties and flung them away. She begged him, “Fuck me, put it in me now, please fuck me!” But he knelt and his head lowered and he began licking her clit softly, teasing her already inflamed body until she was lifting, hunching, begging for his dick, but instead he plunged his tongue inside her pussy and began fucking it in and out as he slurped her juices, drinking them and the feel and sounds as he did so had Kim cumming intensely. He fucked her ass with his fingers, sucked her clit till she thought she was insane and tongued deep inside her until her hips hunched uncontrollably, her hands held him to her pussy tightly as she roughly hunched against his face.

She was out of control, unable to think, no one had ever ate her pussy like this, he was like an animal, an animal feasting upon his kill, licking it, biting it, drinking its life juices till it knew it would die from his mouthing. And when she thought it could get no better he stood and rammed his dick in her forcefully, unable to control his own need now. His dick was long, extra long and thick and he fucked her unmercifully with it. His own need drove him now and he hurt her pussy, pounded it as she screamed her love for it. When he cum she felt like she couldn’t ever cum again he had her tensing so often and so hard. But the feel of his hot lava like explosion within her had her legs wrapping him, pulling at him as she accepted his gift, cumming as she had with Lee, only she was stretched even deeper than with Lee and pain and love was etched on her face as he hunched hard, driving his hot seed deeply into her mind.

Then it was over and he was buckling his pants and grinning as he said to her, “I knew we had something you needed when I first looked in your eyes.” He stood there with his cum covered dick hanging from his pants as she slid from the desk to kneel before him and take him into her mouth and begin suckling it. She wanted it again, she wanted to fuck him all day, to cum and cum on his cock until he begged her to stop from exhaustion. Like a crazy woman her mouth sucked and licked at him as he hardened in her grasp. Her hands stroked along his shaft as her tongue laved his crown and soon she had remove all vestiges of their act from his skin and new precum was flowing from his tip as she gathered it rapidly. Her moans were deep, throaty as she sucked at his tip until he grasped her head in his hands and began roughly fucking her mouth, ramming his cock down her throat, gagging her but she only increased her sucking, her cheeks concave as he stroked deep in her throat until he cum again, this time his ejaculate blowing from her nostrils as he unloaded in her throat choking her. But she was crazed by his fucking her so roughly and swallowed and sucked at him like his semen was the finest tasting elixir in the world. He held her to his dick as his body jerked sporadically, moaning as each new spurt was greedily taken by her tongue and swallowed. She held him there sucking hard on his tip as the dregs of his balls seeped into her mouth and she licked them from his urethra. She fell to the floor holding her pussy tightly as she orgasmed herself.

He dressed and left her there, returning to the front of the store. She was still laying there when the salesgirl returned. She looked at Kim and smiled as she said, “Another one bites the dust, damn if he doesn’t fuck every woman that comes in here it seems. I love his big black dick too! Do you still want the shoes honey? I’ll ring them up while you get yourself together if you do.” Kim nodded yes and said, “The size six that’s out front” . She left and when Kim walked out front the girl was at the register and said, “He said to give you the employee discount so I did hon. You must have done something right cause he usually don’t do that! Do you swallow?” “I did with him” kim replied. “OHHH that’s what it was then, he loves that. That why you got cum drippin from your nose sweetie? Here, take this tissue and it’ll be $38.60 after the discoumt. Personally I think you got a real good deal, him fuckin you and a discount too! I’m happy when he just fucks me. Don’t you love his dick.? Well I would say come back and see us again but I already know you will…she said laughingly!”

He was gone as she left the store. It all happened so fast she didn’t even know why she had done it. But she knew she loved it again. She had never experienced a time when she could have just fucked a stranger and never gave a thought to the consequences. And that girl knew about it and she had just used her credit card to pay for the shoes and now they knew who she was. And it seemed she just couldn’t stop cumming when with a black man. She remembered how he ate her pussy and instantly got hot again. Damn she thought he really devoured me. Even if he hadn’t fucked her just that was worth going back for. Who am I she thought, who is this slut living in my body now? She had just let another black man use her pussy for his pleasure and again she felt no guilt but this time she had felt alive through the whole double-entendre conversation. She had felt wanted and special knowing he wanted her pussy and didn’t even care about her name just wanted HER! It made her feel so womanly the way black men looked at her and the way they didn’t care if she was married single or anything as long as she would let them put their oversized cocks in her body. And she knew she LOVED IT! Damn she thought, two days in a row I’m going home with soaked undies and a cunt full of “Black ball juice”! It dawned on her then that she didn’t even know his name but she knew his dick intimately. It would be the next day when she first questioned herself if she had went looking for a black man to fuck her or really went after shoes. Surely she wasn’t really that big a slut she remembers thinking.
A few nights later Joe had gone to bed early and she realized they were out of milk. She told her daughter she was going to get milk so they’d have it for breakfast and got in her truck and left. Normally she’d just run to Walmart but for some reason she remembered the convenient store at the mall near the shoe store. She told herself it was just closer but a part of her was kocaeli escort curious too. As she was walking by the shoe store, sure enough he was leaning outside against the store front. Seeing her he said, “Hey there can I interest you in some shoes, we have some black pumps I’m sure you’d like!”

She stopped and smiled at him and said, “You already know I’m crazy about black pumps don’t you?

Yeaaaahhh he drawled slowly, but we didn’t get to see if they fit really well did we?…. As his eyes slowly ran up and down her body and his hand closed around his already hardening dick. She felt that familiar fog lowering over her mind and the pulsing began to increase as she watched him fondling his big dick.

“You know I want your dick so why are you standing there?” she asked as she walked past him into the back of the store.

The girl was laying on the bed when she walked in and didn’t get up as she smiled and said, “I knew you’d be back but I didn’t think it would be at closing time. He’s gonna fuck me so I hope you like to share black dick!” she said matter-of-factly to Kim. She’d never shared a man before but the slut inside her was alive by now and she felt excited, capable of doing anything as she thought of his dick. “You want his dick bad don’t you, I know that feeling and I can see it on a girl, the way she looks at niggers. And you know what, they see it too and they know you hafta have it just like me now. You still fight it a little I bet but I gave up, I’ll fuck any black man that wants my pussy and I love it every time.” Kim knew she was looking at herself in this young girl, knew that she too was already addicted to black men fucking her even though she did try and lie to herself. She stilll got on the pc every morning hoping to see Lee on but he hadn’t been on since she fucked him. And now her dildos just didn’t do anything for her anymore. She knew what a black dick felt like in her pussy now and she craved to feel it and nothing else worked anymore.

You might as well take your clothes off, by the way my names is Theresa what’s yours, cause he’ll tear em off he don’t give a shit. He can really be a dick sometimes but I love to fuck him, you do too don’t you!….she asked.

Yeah I do I guess, my names Kim what does he like two girls to do when they share him Theresa?

“Oh just the usual stuff eat each others pussy, suck his dick together, finger each others pussy, you know, the stuff every guy likes.”

“I’ve never really been with a girl before so you’ll have to be patient with me, OK?”

This seemed to excite her and she excitedly said, “You mean my pussy will be the first one you ever ate, mmm that makes me hot already. You want to eat me first or after I eat you. I know, I want you to suck my clit while he fucks me, ummmm that’s so good, I’ll do you to!

Take your clothes off Kim and lets start before he gets back here. We’re gonna have fun tonight girl. Kim was not used to someone so open sexually and she felt uncomfortable but her newfound slut was urging her on. She couldn’t be over 22-25 years old but she sounded like she was years more sexually aware than Kim was. Kim began undressing uneasily as she watched the girl quickly stripping. Laying down on the bed she motioned Kim to lay beside her. This was a new experience for Kim and while she was open to it she was quite nervous to just jump into it. She lay down beside Theresa and felt her hands upon her body immediately. It felt so odd to have another woman’s hands on her skin but her hands were soft and her lips felt wonderful as she began gently sucking at her breasts. This was so unexpected! Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she knew she was hoping to see her shoe salesman lover but she wasn’t expecting this at all.

Her inner slut was reveling in the new sensations she felt. Theresa’s hands quickly found her pussy and began teasing her clit with soft rubbing motions. Kim’s thighs opened willingly, giving the girl easy access to her privates. She liked this, liked the feel of her hands on her body and her lips kissing slowly up to her mouth. She paused with her lips hovering over Kims as she gazed into her eyes. Kim’s tongue ran swiftly over her lips as she anticipated Theresa’s kiss . She wanted it, wanted to taste her and her breathing quickened and her hips hunched into the caresses Theresa bestowed on her clit. Her own hands began tracing Theresa’s body. feeling the softness of her skin. She felt a hunger growing within her, a new excitement and soon she was moaning in Theresa’s experienced hands. Theresa had her fingers probing Kim’s wet pussy as her lips finally touched Kim’s. Her mouth was sweet and the flesh her tongue encountered felt like the walls of her pussy, slick, warm and delicious.

She wanted to taste Theresa’s pussy, feel her tongue in her wetness, but her own need to cum was rapidly escalating under Theresa’s expert manipulation. Her mouth on Theresa’s sucked at her tongue as her body hunched into her clasping hand and moving fingers. Theresa broke the kiss and slid down till her face was between Kim’s thighs looking up into her eyes. Kim knew what was coming and her body cried out for it as the thought of another woman wanting her pussy created an inferno of need within her. She hunched and rolled her hips, pressing into Theresa’s fingers as her face lowered, eyes still gazing intently into Kim’s, and her tongue lightly laved Kim’s throbbing clit. Kim’s body shook with the sudden exquisite touch, her eyes closed and her hips lifted, outturned as she sought a harder touch. Her mind cried out silently for Theresa to suck her, to lick her hard, anything to sate the craving she felt to cum.

It was then he chose to walk in and said, “Damn I got me a real pair of sluts here tonight. Go on an eat that pussy Theresa, get her full of cum so my dick will slide right in to my balls. His words, and seeing his cock hanging from his zipper had her throbbing with need as Theresa’s tongue slid into her receptive hole. Her hips lifted as she moaned loudly at the unexpected invasion, thrills racing through her body from her pussy. Kim felt the fog enveloping her mind with lust and knew she would do anything they wished her to. She was lost to the thought of enjoying black cock again, the hunger within her taking control of her thoughts and actions once more. Again she felt alive, her blood flowing through her body hotly as her wildly pumping heart filled her veins with a deep need to be fucked by him.

Theresa ate her like he had, wildly, using her tongue like a dick to flail within her deeply and had her cumming quickly. Seeing him standing there nude stroking his wonderful dick while feeling Theresa’s hands and tongue driving her crazy had her emotionally charged and wanting to feel his dick in her badly. No sooner had she began tensing than he pulled Theresa from between her thighs and while she was still clenching and tensing he rammed his fat dick in her hard. Feeling herself opened, stretched around his cock as he fucked her quickly was such an amazing feeling. Her back arched as she tensed, and her moans became screams as he pummeled her pussy with his long dick. He fucked her hard, uncaring if he was hurting her and she felt raped and loved every second of it. Her mind couldn’t focus on the pain because of the constant barrage of pleasure his dick afforded her.

Then abruptly he stopped with his dick pulsing against her walls and her lying there feeling her pussy tightly clenched around his dick as she continued to have spasms rippling through her. She used her ankles to grip his ass and hunch into his dick as he knelt motionless between her thighs. Looking at Theresa he barked, “She wants to taste your pussy Theresa, so feed her some of your hot cum babe!” Theresa’s eyes met Kim’s and she smiled as she straddled Kim’s face. Kim stared up at Theresa’s clean shaven pussy and the sensations of his dick throbbing within her had her mind heated and she thought, “I can’t do this.” She gazed at the slit of her pussy and saw her moisture glistening in the light and her clit swollen, exposed as it poked from beneath its covering skin. She was drawn to it, wanted to suckle it but she didn’t know how or what she should do.

Theresa pressed her pussy against her lips and said softly, “Lick it Kim, just lick me and suck on my clit, you’ll see how much you like it.” Kim’s heart was pounding and his dick seemed to swell inside her as he watched. She stuck her tongue out and tasted the pussy in front of her. It just tasted like skin as her tongue licked alongside her lips, she couldn’t bring herself to place her tongue between her lips yet. Her pussy skin was so soft and gave under her tongue ‘s pressure. Then she licked her swollen orb and heard the immediate moan from Theresa’s lips and her body moved quickly. She fell forward with her weight on her hands and began hunching, her clit moving over Kim’s mouth as she began licking harder, faster. Theresa’s reaction ignited something in Kim, she felt a strange power over Theresa at how she could elicit a moan and a flurry of hunching just by how she licked or sucked at her.

The more she licked and sucked at her clit the more excited Theresa became until the scent of her arousal wafted strong in Kim’s nostrils. Her scent had an aphrodisiac like effect on her and soon Kim slid her tongue downward until it was engulfed in her warm pussy, drowning in her juices as she licked wildly around inside her. She could feel the slickness of the flesh she licked and was driven to please Theresa as she gathered her moisture with her tongue and drank of it. She craved her pussy and had her tongue pressed as deeply inside her as possible when Theresa’s hand reached down and held her head to her pussy tightly and began hunching roughly, smearing her juices over Kim’s face but Kim was lost to the feeling of his dick fucking her deep and hard and could just try and breathe as they both used her roughly. Kim’s hands reached up to hold Theresa’s thighs as she fucked her with her tongue, licking wildly as she felt and tasted Theresa’s flowing cum. She felt her lower body radiating spasms of pleasure that caused her to twist and turn as he stroked deep in her pussy. The spasms were so intense she almost choked tensing as Theresa held her face to her cumming pussy. The sound of Theresa’s moans were like a wind fanning embers in her fire pit, as her mind seethed with carnality. She felt so alive and Theresa’s juices running down her face was so debasing she felt used. But she couldn’t stop licking and sucking at her pussy and she loved the feel of her swollen pussy flesh engulfing her tongue amidst her soppy cunt. Theresa emitted a shrill cry as Kim’s lips found her clit again and she sucked hard on the swollen orb causing a flurry of rough hunching in reaction to her actions. .

The stabbing pain in her pussy brought her mind back to the black cock deep in her pussy. God she loved feeling her pussy stretched and hurt by cock and knowing it was a black cock caused her mind to seethe in carnal need. Kim couldn’t think, all the different sensations she felt flooded her mind with such an urgency all she could do was react to each new flurry of spasms by pulling him to her pussy with her ankles and holding him there as his thrusting dick drove into her soul. Soon Theresa fell to the side leaving her to experience the onslaught of his fucking her pussy alone in her mind. Her hands clawed at his body as pleasure flowed through each cell of her body. Her pussy felt every movement of his dick against her walls as his thick glans pistoned within her. He gazed into her eyes and she saw the mockery in them. He knew how much she craved his dick and knew she was powerless to stop cumming on it. She knew it too and it made her feel used, owned by him and his large black dick.

It was then, her inhibitions gone, hips hunching frantically up to his punishing thrusts that she knew the true meaning of black cock slut! The pleasure she found with his and Lee’s cocks overwhelmed her and addicted her to that feeling. It was such an emotional addiction to what she felt when fucking them that not only her body craved it her mind became excited each time she even saw a black man. But she didn’t care, her world was the feelings his dick provided her right now as he fucked her. She couldn’t think of anything but his dick as it hurt her The pleasure she felt pushed everything, from her mind, home, kids, husband, nothing mattered as she concentrated her entire being on the stretched full feeling his cock imparted as he fucked her hard. Each rippling wave took control of her mind and tensed her body as his dick continued the addicting pleasure she felt. She watched his dick as it fucked in and out of her pussy, seeing its black length disappearing inside her. The light gleamed from the rings on her finger as her white hand contrasted to his black skin, driving home the point that she was letting a “Nigger” find pleasure in her pussy, the pussy she had vowed to Joe. Seeing the rings and thinking of Joe as she hunched up to his big cock sent shivers of perverse pleasure reeling through her mind and pussy.

He straddled her left leg while holding her right leg straight up and began power fucking her pussy. The deep impact of his cock caused her to scream as her body tensed tightly from the pained pleasure she felt. Spasms careened from her pussy to roil her mind as she writhed and shook from his assault on her deepest walls. “Fuckit!…Fuckit!”…Kim begged as he held her leg and hunched quickly, forcefully into her body. “ I love it…I love…your…dick….don’t…stop… please..don’t..stop”, she pleaded as she cum repeatedly. He didn’t, he fucked her harder and harder, forcing all his long black dick to her depths as she screamed in joy, her pussy flowing her acceptance of what she had become.

Theresa lay beside her and kissed her as her mind was being overwhelmed by the pleasure he caused. Kim kissed her hungrily, her tongue probing Theresa’s mouth as the pleasure she felt built up inside her, welling up until she felt she would go insane. Her hips hunched and her arms wound round Theresa’s body as she kissed her hotly. Her passion flowed from her body to infect Theresa with it and soon Theresa’s hands rubbed Kim’s clit as he fucked her. Kim exploded in an orgasm she feared would be the death of her it tensed her body so tightly and spasm after spasm roiled her mind as Theresa continued to roll her clit under her fingertips until Kim broke off the kiss and screamed and moaned “Stop!..STOP!…I…can’t….stand..it….fuck….oh god I’m goin crazy…. Please don’t make..me..cum..again….aaaiiieeeeEEEEEEEAARRGGHHH But they both took a sadistic enjoyment at her plight as they together took her to even higher and more intense orgasms, over and over again.

When he rolled her over on her face with her ass in the air and began fucking her she felt exhausted and unable to cum again she thought. But his incessant fucking of her pussy deeply, his balls smacking her clit with each hard stroke soon had her moaning, her ass moving, pressing backwards as her body again filled with ripples of pure lust. She loved his dick and how it just kept her cumming repeatedly. Theresa rose and stuck her finger up Kim’s asshole as he fucked her pussy which caused a flurry of hunching and loud moaning from Kim’s mouth. Then reaching beneath her Theresa began again rubbing her clit as she fucked her asshole with her fingers. Kim’s mind felt incensed, like it was swelling with each wave of pleasure she felt. Her hips jerked and writhed as she tried to dispel some of the pleasure she felt but each movement just intensified her pleasure until she had her shoulders on the bed, fists grabbing the sheets in a white-knuckled grip as her lungs locked from the muscle locking spasm that gripped her body and flowed through her like an electric current until her body shook and trembled incessantly as they both laughed at her.

“God she cums so hard on your dick, look at her shaking!” Theresa told him.

“Yeah she likes that black cock even more than you do baby. Wouldn’t you like to see the look on her hubby’s face if he could see her now with my black dick getting ready to fill his pussy with my hot nuts!…he replied. The perverseness of the idea of Joe watching her as he fucked his cum deep in her pussy caused her body to melt around his dick. She squeezed it tightly in her pussy as she tried to elicit it to fill her with its ball juice.

If Joe had been there she couldn’t stop, he would hear her begging for his cum, “Please cum in my pussy…give…it…ohhhhhhh….fuckit baby……..oh fuck its growing big…bigger….YES!….YES!……DOIT!…DOIT……
AARRGGHHHHHHHHH YES! And Kim felt his hot dick erupt, spewing his liquid love deep against her walls, searing them with its heat as it seethed along her pussy. His cum scalded her pussy and burned into her mind as her hips hunched and her hands reached back to pull him into her pussy as she again covered his dick with her flowing cum. Her thighs were wet and her asscheeks covered with their juices as he pressed hard into her pussy, stretching it with his swollen glans as they both moaned their release. His body shook as his balls pumped her full, straining with each expulsion until her pussy had milked his balls dry.

Pulling from her he said, “Now both of you lick this dick clean!”..as he stood there with his hands on his hips and holding his dick forward with angled hips. Her pussy felt gaped and empty, like a part of her was missing. She longed to put him back, to make her whole again. She knew she could never feel whole without a black dick filling her tightly ever again. This saddened her in ways but the thought of a black cock in her always made her smile. Her and Theresa knelt before him and both began sucking and licking at his cock. Theresa licked his cum from his tip and turned and kissed Kim pressing it into her mouth as their tongues shared its slick goodness. Kim watched as Theresa took almost all his dick down her throat and felt jealous as she could never do that. He saw Kim watching as she did it and said, “Don’t worry baby you’ll be suckin my cock down your throat too with a few lessons!” Kim could see Theresa’s throat muscles swallowing, milking his dick while he was embedded deep inside her throat. “Ahhhh” he moaned as she took his dick. His hands grabbed her head and he began hunching and she could see his dick hardening again as Theresa’s eyes widened and Kim knew his cock was getting thicker engulfed in her tight mouth as he fucked her throat.

That’s it girl, swallow that dick! Work them throat muscles on it baby, yeah like that. Yeah make this dick stiff Theresa I think Kim here wants some more black cock in her hubby’s pussy, ain’t that right slut baby? Kim’s pussy clenched tightly at the thought of him fucking her some more, she could never get enough black dick now and she accepted that fact. Kim rubbed Theresa’s clit as she sucked his dick and sucked her nipples into her mouth and rolled them with her tongue. Kim liked feeling her body and loved the slick wetness of her pussy and knew that she would become good friends of Theresa’s and they would spend many hours “Shopping” for black cock to eke the cum from together.

Soon his dick was hard and he withdrew it from her mouth to her moans of disappointment saying, now, now, baby, we got to break Kim here in right don’t we? He then told Kim to get on her hands and knees and when she did he knelt behind her and placed his thick dick head at her pussy and pressed into her quickly, eliciting a loud moan from Kim’s mouth as her pussy nerves were pressured tightly and stretched roughly by his hard thrust! He let his dick soak there with his glans opening her as her hips rolled gently, caressing his fat tip. Then he withdrew it causing her to moan loudly and beg him to put it back. Oh, I’m gonna put it back, he laughed, as he placed it at her asshole and began pressing into it.

Kim felt her asshole stretching, opening as he slid into her and her anus automatically resisted his huge tip entering. Her breath was sucked in hard and her mind seethed at the thought of his black cock fucking her ass. “It’s too big, she cried, You’ll rip me!”

You’ll love it baby, you’re gonna cum your ass off with this nigger dick fuckin your shit chute. He began forcing his hard cock into her as her hands reached back to grab her asscheeks and hold them open. She felt so used as she felt him opening her and his fat head roughly pressuring her muscle. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt her ass ripping and she tried crawling away from him but he gripped her hips tightly and thrust hard into her and she felt him slide in, her asshole gripping his thick shaft as he throbbed there in her anus. He felt hard and her hips began moving, working her muscle on his dick as she tried to relax and adjust to his size. Then Theresa began rubbing her clit and again her mind began accepting the fact that she wanted this, wanted to feel him fucking his black dick into her ass. Soft pulses raced from her clit to merge with the sensations his now stroking dick was sending spiraling through her body from her caressed ass nerves. Her mind felt depraved as he fucked her faster and deeper. He felt so hard and so thick as his dick took longer and longer strokes and the resulting spasms of pleasure became more and more intense, quicker and quicker till they began to feel as one long never ending parade that threatened to consume her with the roiling waves that rippled through her from her ass to her mind. She felt her pussy quivering, clenching and relaxing as Theresa’s fingers pressed into it.

The pleasure she felt seemed to well up inside her, each new sensation adding to and building the pressure within her till her mind felt crazed by her need for relief. She felt so slutty on her hands and knees with a black man fucking his dick in her married asshole while someone watched her. She loved it, loved him using her white body for his cum dump, wanting it, wanting his cum to shoot forcefully up what had been her husbands wife’s slut white ass. Her mind was crazed and she began fucking back into him. Squeezing her ass muscle down on his dick as he fucked it in and out of her quickly she begged for him to fuck her, to make his stiff, swollen dick cum in her slut married white asshole.

He slapped her asscheeks hard and said, “Work that asshole on dis dick slut, as he stopped and held his cock still, making her fuck it herself. She wanted it to cum and she fucked her ass back into it and rolled her hips as she felt his stiff cock rubbing inside her, stretching her colon as her moans grew hurried and deep. Theresa fucked her pussy deep and desperation began sounding in her cries and shrieks as she craved his cum and her own. She thought of Joe seeing her as she was, crazily fucking her asshole back on a black’s cock, begging him to fuck her deeper and to gift her his cum and that thought brought her a tensing orgasm, her hips wildly pressing her pussy into Theresa’s hand and his long fat dick until her shoulders were laying on the bed and her ass was sticking up as he drove deep in her to his balls and groaned loudly as his dick exploded drenching her bowels with his slimy spunk. This was her heaven, a black dick spewing into her body as she was unable to move she loved it so much. This is what she needed 24/7 now, black dick filling all her holes with their owners huge loads of hot cum.

To be continued:

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