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Kim’s New Life Ch. 14

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Cheryl sat the cheesecake, fork, and another glass of wine on the table. Kelly asked me to stand up for a second. “Cheryl, would you please move Kim’s chair to another table? She won’t be needing it any more tonight.” Kelly turned her chair so she was facing me. “Pull your dress above your knees and Kneel, pet.”

I got in position and clasped my hands behind my back. “It’s time to expose your true colors to the world, Kimmy,” Kelly commented as she removed the scarf from around my neck and handed it to Allyson who tied it around my wrists.

“Your first test of your willingness to obey me, little one begins now. Please try not to embarrass your Mistress.”

“I will do my best, ma’am.” I noticed that the noise level in the restaurant suddenly became silence. Everyone was listening to us.

“I am sure that you know that Allyson did not bind your wrists tightly, Kimmy. The scarf is only meant to be symbolic, showing your willingness to be mine. Promise me you won’t try to remove it and will let me know if it becomes loose.”

“I promise, Mistress.”

Kelly cut a portion of cheesecake and offered it to my lips. I opened my mouth, but she did not move the fork until I stuck out my tongue to receive the morsel. She ate the next piece, then we each ate another piece before Kelly offered me a sip of wine from her glass. I had the distinct feeling that every eye in the restaurant was on me but knew enough not to turn my head one inch to look. I just kept staring into the eyes of my Mistress. Strangely, I didn’t feel the least bit embarrassed. On the contrary, I felt somewhat hedonistic to be doing this for Kelly. If this was her way of humiliating me, I liked it.

When I watched her cut the next bite, I assumed it was my turn. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to accept it. “Oh, my little pet thinks she is going to get this piece. Well, shame on her for assuming.” Then staring directly into my eyes, she added, “I want you to remain that way until I feed you again.” I felt somewhat silly kneeling there with my mouth wide open, and tongue out but that is exactly what she wanted. My Mistress caught me off-guard again with her next move. She made a big scene by putting the piece of cheesecake onto the end of her tongue, stuck out as far as it could go, before slowly drawing it back into her mouth. Once her lips were closed, she loudly went “Ummmm,” as an indication of how good it tasted. A smile accompanied this verbal gesture. Then she leaned forward and shoved her tongue and the piece of cheesecake into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue as she completed her act with a passionate kiss.

We finished eating the cheesecake the same way that we had started: one bite for me and one for her. When it was gone, Kelly surprised me again (I now realized that there probably would be many more surprises this night) by placing the empty plate on the floor beside her foot. “We can’t let all that amaretto and crumbles of cheesecake go to waste. Clean your plate, pet.”

It would have been an easy task if I had the use of my hands. I imagine that it’s not terribly difficult to touch one’s nose to the floor while kneeling with hands clasped behind one’s back, but to hold your head a few inches above the floor and perform a task like licking a plate takes great agility and work. I was glad I exercised regularly to keep myself somewhat limber and in shape. Aerobics helped my flexibility. It took a couple attempts but I finally spread my legs wide enough that I could stabilize my body while leaning forward.

I could hear sounds created by chairs scraping on the floor and the movement of people. They were getting closer to for a better look. I was now the sole focus of attention in the room. I also realized that my tits were hanging down, pushing at the front of my halter. While they might still be covered in front, they were very exposed on the sides. A narcissistic feeling surged through me and I decided that I was going to make Kelly proud of her pet. Since she had ordered two shots of amaretto, there was an excessive amount of liquid, mixed with crumbles of cheesecake, still on the plate. I licked the plate just like a kitten and cleaned it completely before rising back to a kneeling position.

“Not bad, pet, but you missed a spot.”

I looked down at the plate but could not see anything. “I’m sorry, Mistress, but I do not see anything left on the plate.”

“If your Mistress says you missed a spot, then you missed a spot, pet.” She leaned down and pointed to an invisible piece of cheesecake. Ankara bayan escort “It’s right there.”

Chagrined, I replied, “I apologize, Mistress. Your pet obviously was not looking close enough.” I leaned down again and licked the area where she had pointed.

Since I was not always able to simply lick the plate with my tongue, my nose, lips and chin were now coated with the amaretto. Back in a kneeling position I said, “Mistress, I fear your pet was a little sloppy in her eating habits. It appears her face is somewhat smeared. May she have a napkin to clean it?”

“Absolutely not! I already said we cannot waste the amaretto.” My embarrassment changed to pleasure when she used her tongue to clean my face.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You are most welcome, pet. She pulled the scarf from my wrists. You may rest now.” I placed my hands on my legs palms up as I had been taught. Something caught my eye near Allyson, and I turned my head slightly to see what it was.

Kelly barked at me. “Pet, when I am working you, you will look at me and nothing else. You will not move your eyes up, down, left or right. You will give me your undivided attention. I don’t care where we are or how many people are around us. You will stare directly into my eyes. Even if we are in the center of the Mall with a thousand people watching, you will act like the only person present is your Mistress. No one else is important at that moment in your life, therefore no one else exists. I know this rule is new to you, but you should have been able to assume it.”

“I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Just don’t let it happen again. Now tell me, what diverted your attention, anyhow?”

“Allyson, ma’am. She removed her jacket.”

“That probably would have grabbed my attention, too. Which do you like better, slut, the dress or her breasts?”

“The dress, ma’am.”

“What? You don’t like Allyson’s breasts? I’m sure she will be disappointed.”

“Oh, no, ma’am, I like her breasts very much. It’s just that dress is one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.”

“Well right now I want to look at MY tits. Drop your halter, pet.”


“I thought my order was clear. It’s really a simple task for a simple mind. Your halter is tied in a bow behind your neck. Untie it and leave it fall. I want to see my tits, and I am sure my friends do, too.”

Somewhat unnerved by her tone and two straight rebukes, my hands shook as I loosened the bow behind my neck and kept the ends in my hands as I returned them to my thighs. Kelly leaned forward, placed her hands under my breasts and raised them slightly. “Who do these beautiful tits belong to, pet.”

“They are yours, Mistress.”

She pinched my nipples making me wince. “These are mine, too, correct.”

“My Mistress is never wrong.”

“Open your belt and remove the halter.” I folded the material and placed it in her outstretched hand. “Now, buckle the belt again.” She waited for me to finish then said, “Go to the bar and order another glass of wine for your Mistress.”

“OK, she said she was going to embarrass and humiliate me,” I thought as I walked across the floor, my breasts bouncing freely. “Well, she is beginning to do an excellent job. Now I am embarrassed. I can’t imagine what form the humiliation will take. Well, maybe I’m a little humiliated, too.” This time I wasn’t sure I liked it. My face felt like it was glowing bright red. Jennifer was already waiting with a glass of wine. She placed it on a tray and handed the tray to me. “Do you know how to serve your Mistress properly, Kimmy?”

“Gawd! How does everyone know my slave name?” I wondered. “Ah, no, ma’am, I probably don’t. Can you possibly advise me? Somehow I feel I should not screw this up.”

“You should kneel first then hold the tray out in front of you. When she accepts the wine, ask for permission to return the tray.”

“Thank you, Jennifer.”

“Just part of the famous service we provide here at Lisa’s, Kimmy. Good luck!”

I returned to Kelly and did what Jennifer recommended. Instead of giving me permission to return the tray, however, Kelly asked me if I still needed to pee.

“Yes, Mistress, I do.”

“Can you continue to hold it?”

“Not much longer, Mistress.”

“Why haven’t you said something?”

“I did, Mistress, when we arrived here, but you wouldn’t give me permission. I assumed you wouldn’t want me bothering you about it and assumed that since you were aware of my need, you would advise me when you felt it was Escort bayan Ankara time. I’m sorry for not asking again, Mistress.”

“Don’t lament about it, pet. Your supposition was correct. That is why I just inquired about your need. My question was meant to determine your thought patterns within our Mistress/slave relationship. I must say that you do think submissively. I did assume if you were close to peeing your pants, you would have the common sense to inform me. Now, give me the tray and stand.” I stood, spread my feet about a foot apart and clasped my hands behind my back. “Very good pet. Now, present!”

When I attained position she said, “See how nicely my tits are offered to me when you stand like that.”

I glanced down and smiled. “Yes, ma’am I do.”

“OK, pet, remove your skirt, fold it and place it on this tray.” I stared directly into her eyes while I opened the belt, slipped my fingers into the waistband of the skirt and pushed down. Thirty seconds later, it was on the tray. “Excellent, pet. Now kneel.” Thankfully, she is letting me retain some of my modesty. I now understood why she initially said that she wanted me to wear panties. I must remember to thank Sam for suggesting the tap pants.

“I am about to command you to silence. It is very important that you not forget what that means. Would you like me to refresh your memory?”

“Yes, ma’am, that might be helpful, so your slave does not embarrass you.”

“When you are commanded to silence you are forbidden to speak unless you are answering a question posed to you by your Mistress and no one else. I didn’t mention this before, but you may talk when you are delivering a message from your Mistress to someone else. Just remember to deliver that specific message and say nothing else. There is a similar command you shall now learn. One word may be added to the command and that word is ‘total.’ When I command you to total silence, you are not even permitted to request permission to speak. However, you must still answer your Mistress’ questions, and deliver her messages. Either command remains in effect until I say the words ‘you are permitted to speak again.’ Only your Mistress can permit you to speak again. Be very careful and fully engage your brain before you open your mouth. Sometimes periods of silence are like the game of ‘Simon Says.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am, I do.”

“Then, I command you to total silence.”

“What is your name?”

“Kimmy, slut, pet, or anything else my Mistress wishes to call me.”

“Tell me the name of Allyson’s slave.” It was not a question. I remained silent.

“Tell Allyson that I think her dress is beautiful.”

” Miss Allyson, my Mistress said to tell you that she thinks your dress is beautiful.”

“Ok, I am satisfied you know how to conduct yourself properly in a mode of total silence.” She placed a folded piece of paper on top of the skirt and said, “Return the tray to Jennifer and tell her that Mistress Kelly said that her slave needs to pee. Also tell her that this note is for her. You will then follow her directions without hesitation as though they were mine.”

Luckily, I did engage my brain as she suggested, because I almost automatically said, “Yes, Mistress.” Kelly smiled when I opened my mouth to respond then remained silent.

Once again, I was required to cross the floor in front of this group of women. This time wearing nothing but the tap pants, garter belt, nylons and heels. My cheeks were on fire, reflecting my total embarrassment.

When I repeated Kelly’s statements telling her that I needed to pee and about the note, Jennifer picked up the paper, read it, then looked at me with a wide grin and said, “Well, I am glad Kelly finally caught someone she might keep. That must be you. Am I correct?” She already knew the answer because she had called me Kimmy. I figured she might be testing me. Maybe that was what Kelly wrote on the note. I wasn’t sure if I could make non-verbal replies like shaking my head, so, in addition to not speaking, I remained motionless. “Oh, shit, she’s commanded you to total silence. This should be fun.”

“Here’s the situation, Kimmy. You now belong to me until I return you to Kelly or she tells me to release you. It will be over soon, so don’t worry, dear.” Something immediately bothered me when she left for a couple minutes and returned with a low sided plastic tray filled with some granular substance and set it on the bar. I knew it meant trouble for me but couldn’t put my finger on the reason. Bayan escort Ankara Then she said, “There is a spittoon on the floor beside you. “I looked around and felt a little silly because I didn’t know what a spittoon was. I had heard the word used but had never seen one. Jennifer must have recognized my confusion because she whispered, “It’s the brass vase,” and laughed. “They are called spittoons because they used to be placed in bars and barbershops for callous men to spit into when they were chewing on a wad of tobacco. We keep them here because they are nice decorations and because they come in handy for other things.”

I watched closely as she took the piece of note paper, ripped it in half and wrote the number one on the back of one half and the number two on the other. She then folded the papers, put them in a cup, shook the cup and dumped the two pieces onto the bar. “OK, here’s the deal, Kimmy. Using a simple lottery system, you get to select the receptacle you will use.” My eyes must have looked as large as golf balls because I finally knew what was going to happen. Jennifer ignored my sense of fright and continued, “You will point to one of these two receptacles to designate your choice for number one. The other will be number two. You will then pick up one of these pieces of paper. The number on that piece will determine the receptacle you shall use to relieve yourself.”

I pointed to the spittoon and Jennifer loudly announced, “Ladies, the spittoon has been designated as door number one, so Tabby’s litter box will be door number two.” A loud roar came from behind me, as Jennifer whispered, “Tabby is our cat, but she won’t mind if you use her litter box.”

“Oh, damn,” I thought. “I’m not sure I can do this.” I sensed all the blood in my body rushing to my head.

“Don’t worry, Kimmy. Everyone here is your friend tonight, even though you haven’t met most of them yet.”

Jennifer turned and rang a brass bell hanging on the wall behind her. “Quiet everyone. Kimmy is about to learn which door she will open for her new experience.” I picked up one piece of paper and handed it to Jennifer. “Oh, no, love. It’s your show; you get to open the door. My hands were shaking so much I almost dropped the slip as I unfolded it and handed it to Jennifer. “Ladies, I am pleased to announce that she picked number two. Kimmy needs to pee. What do you say?” The room erupted into a cacophony of noise as my audience chanted various things, clapped their hands, and stamped their feet. What I could hear the most above the roar was a continuous “Go! Go! Go! Go!” Even I had to smile.

I was confused about the next step, but Jennifer wasn’t. She rounded the bar and clipped a chain leash to my collar. “Kimmy, you’re not going to like this, but you can’t do this while wearing those panties. Lay them on the tray with your skirt.”

I wanted to turn the clock back about twelve hours and tell Kelly to take her contract and shove it. There was no way that the contract I signed would be considered legal. No one can own a slave in the United States. I can just go over to Kelly, tell her to go to hell and walk out. A tug on my leash literally pulled me out of my reverie. “Remove your panties, Kimmy, pick up the litter box and come with me.” Now wearing only a garter belt, nylons, shoes and collar, and carrying the litter-filled container, I followed my guide to my destiny. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. I thought we would be going to the restroom. Everyone would know what I was doing, but Jennifer would be the only one watching me. Gawd, talk about being naïve! Jennifer became my executioner when she stopped in the center of the dance floor and told me to set the litter box down.

I hadn’t realized it, but my audience was quickly moving closer. I didn’t really notice until they started to form a semicircle in front of us. “Kimmy, dear, your Mistress has given you permission to pee. Since you are her pet, it is appropriate that the door you selected led directly to the litter box. Now you shall pee like a pet.” I felt as if I were slowly sinking into a dark abyss.

Kelly’s voice brought me back to reality. “Squat over your litter box, my darling, and let it flow.”

Talk about humiliation. I thought that nothing could be worse than this. How the fuck could Kelly say she loved me then put me on display, essentially naked, in front of all these women and expect me to pee. At the same time, something inside me wanted to show her I could do it. What a paradoxical emotion. Facing my audience, I put my feet outside the litter box, lowered my hips so that I was in a squatting position, put my hands over my knees with my legs spread wide leaned forward a little and tried to pee. It just wouldn’t come. I was too embarrassed AND humiliated.

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