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Kim’s Jamaica Vacation Ch. 02

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Kim awoke the next morning and looked over at her husband. Her pussy was still dripping wet from the night before. As her husband slept, Kim began to lightly finger pussy. She traced her fingers around through her bush and began to tweak her nipples. They were still so hard just thinking of the wild sex she shared with her husband and the wild young couple they met the day before.

She shuttered as remembered it all. Oh that couple, Lisa and Keith, they were so exciting. They were showing Kim she could be everything that she wanted to be. She had always dreamed of letting loose exploring a sexual level that she’d be afraid to admit to her husband. Maybe her biggest surprise was that her husband so quickly embraced the new found possibilities.

She let her finger fall onto clit and pressed hard against her loins. She was dripping and let her finger slide down and into pussy. She had never been so wet. She easily slid another finger in and began to fuck herself with her fingers. She could hear the sloshing in her pussy as fingered herself. She brought herself to edge of cumming and then backed off. She brought herself there again and one more time she backed off and denied herself the pleasure of her climax. She wanted to share it.

She looked over at her husband. Glenn’s cock was laying long and proud against his stomach. Kim rolled over and took Glenn’s cock into her hand. It was almost hard and he was still asleep. Kim wondered if he was dreaming of last night as he was sliding his prick deep into Lisa. Kim stroked his cock and felt it rise in her hands. She leaned over and took his manhood into her mouth. Kim was surprised as the lust took over her body and she swallowed his cock deeper and deeper.

Glenn came to life and smiled at his wife. His hands dropped down and he grasped beautiful hair and ran his fingers through it. Kim continued to suck his cock and felt the pressure begin to mount in his shaft. She desperately wanted to feel him shoot his load. She quickened the pace and was soon rewarded etimesgut escort with a rush of cum filling her mouth. Kim swallowed as she tried to keep it all in, but some dribbled out and onto his shaft. Kim began licking at it get up every drop.

Glenn rolled her over and slid down between Lisa legs. She was soaking and Glenn was felt a rush he couldn’t imagine as his tongue tasted the wetness between her legs. He snaked his tongue deep into her pussy and Lisa bucked as the pleasures rippled through her pussy. She pinched her nipples as Glenn licked deep inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing as felt the passion ride higher than even. Glenn pulled his tongue from her pussy and touched it to Kim clit. That was all she needed. Kim’s body rocked as her climax over took her. She was screaming and pussy was quivering in Glenn’s face. She felt her orgasm in places she had never imagined possible.

She kissed her husband deeply and stared into his eyes. Kim knew that there was a passion back in her life and she couldn’t wait to feel more.

Kim and Glenn cleaned up and headed out to the pool. They looked with a different slant at the couples as they cavorted in the Jamaica sun. After a night with Lisa and Keith and the great sex that morning, Kim was looking at things like body shots as a little tame. He eyes gazed around the pool looking for Lisa or Keith. She didn’t spot them so she closed her eyes and listened to the reggae music. After a short time, Kim made her way down to the beach. There on a large towel, was Lisa. Not surprisingly, Lisa, like Kim, was choosing to sunbathe naked. Her body looked great. Kim studied her wonderful, deeply tanned tits as she breathed.

Slowly Kim made her way to Lisa. Lisa opened her eyes and she greeted Kim with large smile. Kim sat and the two chatted for a while. Lisa told Kim that Keith was off windsurfing so she was on her own. She thought a little beach time would be good. Kim explained that Glenn was off on a walk looking otele gelen escort at the rest of resort. They decided they’d had enough sun and ordered room service up to Kim and Glenn’s room.

When they walked in, Kim could still smell the sex in the air. From the looks Lisa was giving her, Kim knew that she could feel it too. They ate the jerked chicken they gotten and talked. Kim was amazed at how much she and Lisa had in common. She was in mid 30’s and Lisa was probably about 10 years younger. They just really clicked.

Lisa looked at Kim and said, “You know, Keith absolutely loves your tits. He talked about them all night after you left.”

Kim was shocked. Lisa’s were so perfect and firm. She said to Lisa that she thought that hers were perfect. Lisa’s response was that hers were too small. She’d said she always wished she a had little more size to them and admitted that she told Keith that she agreed with his assessment of Kim’s tits. Kim felt her nipples stiffen at the thought.

Suddenly, Kim got the shock of her life. Lisa reached out and slightly touched Kim’s nipples. Rather than pull back, Kim found herself leaning forward allow Lisa better access. Spurned on by the reaction, Lisa cupped Kim’s tits. Almost instinctively, Kim felt her hands reach for Lisa’s tits. She felt their firmness and found herself wanting more. She closed her eyes and she felt a wetness growing between her legs. She gasped as she felt Lisa’s mouth on her breasts. Not be denied any pleasure, Kim pulled Lisa closer to her.

They lay on the bed together, kissing and running their hands over each others’ bodies. They were relishing the chance to explore without the men around. Kim closed her eyes and soon she felt Lisa between her legs. She was worried about the turning Lisa off with the incredible dampness of her pussy but Lisa was undaunted. She dove into Kim’s pussy and Kim was feeling the tug of war in her mind. She had never experienced lesbianism and she was torn between pushing kızılay escort it away as impossible and not denying the incredible feelings she had.

She was had decided to go with it when the door to their room flung open. Both girls quickly stared at the door. There, were both Glenn and Keith. There eyes were immediately glued to the rapidly hardening tools their husbands possessed.

Lisa rolled off Kim and stared seductively at the men. They made their way to the bed and kissed their wives. Glenn rolled his wife over and sunk his shaft deep into Kim. Keith began fucking Lisa with incredible passion. As they fucked, Lisa and Kim stared at each other. Almost as if they read each other’s mind, they pushed their husbands back and out of their pussies. Lisa pushed Glenn onto his back and mounted him. Kim got on her hands and invited Keith to drive his rock hard cock into her from behind.

In the position she was, Kim was able to watch Lisa fuck Glenn with incredible strength. Any woman could easily feel intimated by their passion, but she knew the sight of Keith driving into her pussy from behind had the same look. She felt unbelievable as she could feel every bit of Keith’s 8-inch cock inside of her.

She started to cum and that was too much for Keith. He pulled out and Kim felt what she thought had to be gallons of cum splattering onto her back. The feeling was almost enough to send her over the top again.

Completely exhausted, Kim and Keith laid down and cuddled as they watched their spouses fuck. Before long, Kim saw the tell tale signs that Glenn was going to come. He gritted his teeth and then let go and Kim new he was cumming. As he filled Lisa’s pussy, Lisa hit her max. She screamed so loud Kim thought security would come to see what was going on.

They chatted and agreed that they should continue explore the passion they were finding. Lisa and Keith left to go clean up and meet Kim and Glenn for dinner. After they left, Glenn thanked Kim for daring to set up a trip like this. Kim told Glenn how much she loved him and how much this experience was igniting the passion back in her. They showered together, caressing and kissing each other. They both knew this was going to make them stronger. Glenn stared at Kim as she dressed. He smiled with pride at her incredible beauty.

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