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Kim Ch. 09

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The Site Foreman

When Phil, John and James left Sunday night (see the roofers) they said that they would be clearing up on Wednesday, as I was in Leeds till then we arranged for a farewell meet after they had finished work, and the rest of the builders had left.

I got home late on Tuesday night and was exhausted so I showered and went straight to bed, dreaming of the following day when the guy’s would be on site again, I found it difficult getting to sleep partly because of the heat but mainly because I couldn’t get the three of them out of my mind, the weekend had been really horny.

The doorbell woke me up so I went to the intercom and was disappointed when a voice said “Morning miss, its George, the site foreman, can I see you a moment”

“Yes ok come on up” I said, still half asleep. I pushed the button to let him in and, as I was naked, I grabbed my dressing gown and wrapped it round me, I started at the loud knock on the door, he must have run up the stairs to be so quick, I opened the door and tied up the dressing gown, without waiting for an invitation George walked in, clip board in hand.

I had seen him on site before but never to speak to, he was about 40, overweight but not fat unshaven and not exactly clean, he was wearing the smallest pair of shorts he could fit into, I knew by some of the things that I had over heard while sunbathing on the balcony that he could be extremely crude, I took an instant dislike to him.

“Morning miss” he said blatantly looking me up and down and doing nothing to hide the rising bulge in his shorts “Got some things we need to check with you, about this roof access you want”

The phone rang and hoping it was the roofer’s I said, “Just give me a moment” and went to the phone.

He continued talking something about windows and 4 o’clock “………..ok see you then”

“Err yes ok” I said not sure what it was all about, the phone call was from my brother asking how things were going, I gave him a rundown, leaving out the part with the roofers, When he hung up I went down stairs to get the post, George was in the entrance taking measurements, he leered at me as I walked past, It dawned me how I much I disliked him. An instant dislike was unusual for me; I normally gave a person a chance at least.

“Later then” he said

I waved a hand at him as I passed. I sorted through the mail, one of them was hand delivered so as soon as I got back to my rooms I opened it and read:

Dear Kim Sorry but we wont be onsite till late Wednesday we have been sent on an urgent repair job, hopefully it wont take too long so we hope to drop in and see you about 4 o’clock on our way home, the scaffolding will be taken down by another team on site.

It was signed by each of them, John, Phil and James, my heart sank, I had been really looking forward to seeing them and teasing them all day, still 4 o’clock was only 6 hours away, I had some breakfast and decided to sunbathe on the balcony, as it wasn’t overlooked I could lay naked and continue with my all over tan.

I was restless throughout the day and realised just how much I had been looking forward to another session with the roofers As the day progressed I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, checking the time every few minutes.

By 2 o’clock I was walking walls and my fanny just wouldn’t stop twitching, I swore and had a shower that took all of 5 minutes, I stepped out of the shower and lay in the sun to dry off, 4 o’clock came and I was laying on the balcony naked trying to calm down, trying to stop the pulsing in my pussy, so strong now that if anything or anyone had touch it I would have cum instantly, 4.30 and still nothing.

Knock knock. At last, without thinking I rushed to the door, opened it and saw, George, Luckily I had not just flung the door wide, I was behind the door poking my head around and before I could stop him he just walked straight in.

“Sorry I’m late” he said “had to catch the brickies before they left”.

I was naked, holding the door to me to cover what I could and I was angry that he had walked into my private rooms without being invited, or was I angry because it wasn’t Phil and co.

He looked at me with that filthy smile of his, challenging and said “Right! We got a few things to look at so slip something on and lets go” challenging me to move away from the door

I was soooooo angry, but this man was not going to beat me, I hated him, I turned away from him and walked towards my bedroom, I could feel his eyes running over my body as I walked, I opened my wardrobe and grabbed the first thing I saw, a cotton summer dress with a single button at the waist, low cut, revealing. I had modified the split so that it was open to the thigh, I’ll wind this bastard up, I thought; challenge me in my own home.

By the time I got back to him I was as calm as anything, again he looked me up and down, his semi erection becoming less semi by the minute, there was no way it could be missed and he knew it, I looked at it then at him and walked to the Uşak Escort door “Ok where first then” I said

He went through the door and pointed the direction he wanted me to go, following behind me; I knew he was watching my bum so I put a little extra swing into it.

“Nice tan, by the way,” he said, “Nothing like an all over tan on a nice body, I take it it’s all over, not just the back”.

Not in the least shocked by his abruptness I replied “Yes it is an all over tan, one of the joys of a private balcony.” I carried on walking

“Right miss, this way,” he said

I turned round a saw he was standing at the bottom of a ladder. “We need to go up,” he said pointing upwards with that challenging look on his face

I smiled; ladders didn’t bother me in the least as the roofers had found out. I stepped onto the first rung and started up, I smiled to myself, the dress was split to the waist and came wide open with each step I took, that was an unexpected bonus, let him see a leg if it turns him on, poor sod, I will drive him mad by the time this trip is over.

I had gone up a few steps and felt movement on the ladder, I turned round and saw that he was following close behind me, so close his face was brushing my bum, as I got to the top and leaned forward to step off the ladder my arse went back and I pushed onto his face, I heard his sharp intake of breath and felt it run over my bum cheeks as he let it out, I moved away from the ladder, the feeling of that warm breath on my raw pussy started the throbbing I had felt all day. I was turned on by 3 guys’ who weren’t even here and angry at this slime ball, not a good combination if you’re me. Some self pleasure maybe called for later

“Well that was nice wasn’t it” he said. I turned round smiling, I saw his now full erection, poking out of the leg of his shorts, I showed no surprise, I looked at it, and put a sad look on my face. He walked past me and mumbled something about roof access.

“Over here Miss, its Kim isn’t it”?

“No” I mumbled “Its Miss to you” I turned round slowly and looked to where he was pointing, I was enjoying this, I loved teasing men and this one deserved it, He wasn’t the first crude flasher I had seen, but it was the first time it had been so blatant and seemingly so ignored by the flasher.

“Can you see it? ” he said

I moved to where he stood and said “Sorry see what?”

He took my arm and moved me forward; standing behind me he said, “Follow my finger with your eyes”.

I knew what this was but I followed his finger anyway, and then felt his other hand on my hip.

“That cross piece up there” he said and moved closer.

I felt his erection brush by bum cheeks, I twisted slightly moving against him and said “Oh yes you mean that dark bit with the bit poking out” another movement and a step away, idiot I thought, did he think he could get me embarrassed that easily

. He was panting slightly “We need to go over the other side to see the other option” he said and started down the ladder, I followed him knowing that he was trying to catch a glimpse of my naked pussy, the dress dutifully came open and I smiled to myself, I knew his face was close to my bum, and I loved the thought of him being that close to something he would never have, When I got to the last couple of rungs I realised he still had his hands on the ladder, as I took the last step I felt his erection rub against my naked leg, my dress resting on his erection, if I took the last step it would be pushed hard against my bum, or maybe my pussy. I took the last step; his erection was so close to my pussy I felt it throbbing. I waited for him to move away, turned and gave him a smile I looked down at his stiffness and then back at his face, still smiling.

He moved to the next room and said “This way” without waiting he went up another ladder. I was a little disappointed that he went first; I think I enjoyed his breath on my arse more than I should have. I followed him up the ladder, looking up I saw him standing at the top, his erection looking down at me, I looked at his face, he was leering at me, that filthy grin of his saying what you gonna do now then.

I moved up another step and he moved forward his throbbing member only inches from my face, his hand touched my head and I felt a little panic, what was he going to do, if he pushed forward I couldn’t move away, I was partly excited and partly scared, this was his move and I couldn’t do anything about it. I took a deep breath but said nothing, he moved his hand away, and I breathed out heavily. I knew he felt my breath on his erection by the jerk he gave. ‘I better be a just little more careful’ I thought.

I joined him where he had stopped. Standing behind me once again he came up so close I could feel his breath on my neck, he pointed up to the ceiling with one hand and ran the other one down my waist to my hip digging his nails softly into the tender flesh, pulling me to him.

Slightly off balance I felt his erection slide between my bum Uşak Escort Bayan cheeks, resting between my legs, only the dress stopping him, I let out an involuntary gasp, his hand moved across my belly and back to my hip. He wasn’t going to have this all his own way, I bent over, spreading my legs slightly and picked a piece of paper of the floor, I lingered a moment before I slowly stood back up and moved away from him, as I did I heard something drop to the floor, but it wasn’t until I turned that I realised it was the button from my dress. He was standing there his shorts pulled right up so that his erection was fully visible, throbbing at me, in his hand was a knife the retractable blade showing, he was leering at me again, saliva round his mouth.

“Nice tits Kim” he said

“Whaaaaaa” I stammered and looking down I realised that my dress was wide open, the button on the floor at my feet. It took all my willpower to leave the dress open and not scream at him, I put my hands on my hips opening the dress still further “Well I like them” I said

“I love a shaven pussy as well, I bet that’s seen a few dicks eh” he said with a leer and walked past me into the next room talking about building work. Erection pointing the way.

I was dumb struck, I couldn’t think of a thing to say

I followed him, not bothering to cover up, he was watching me move, every step brought out that leering gaze, his dick seemed to throb in time with my steps, I took the edges of the dress and holding them out done a twirl, and then bowed in front of him, my boobs swung like pendulums, my breathing was erratic and I realised I was getting excited, stubborn, but excited. My eyes were fixed on his erection and I realised the throbbing in my pussy had started again keeping in time with his dick.

“Lovely view” he said, “This window I mean, don’t you think it has a lovely view”

I walked over to the window and peered out, again he was behind me, I felt his erection squeeze between my legs again, this time no dress in the way, I was in a strange mood even for me, all day I had lusted after the roofers and here I was with this revolting man pushing his erection as near into me as he can, running his hands over by boobs, pinching my nipples and whispering in my ear.

“What was that you said?” I asked not believing what I had heard

He squeezed viciously at my nipple with one hand while the other hand ran down towards my pussy. “Do you take it up the arse” he whispered.

I was shocked, not at what he said, but at the effect his crudity had on me, my juices were running down my leg.

I pulled myself out of my shock and ignored his question, he moved in front of me and opened the window, sitting on the sill he leaned out and said “Its this frame you can see how rotten it is on the outside” I couldn’t help but notice the way his erection pointed straight up, still throbbing as he leaned out, he saw me looking and came back in “Have a look” he said

This time I knew I had to be careful I had no doubt whatsoever if I leaned out of that window he would be up me as fast as he could get there. I played safe and looking him in the eye I sat on the sill and leaned out, without realising it in order to keep my balance I had spread my legs.

He was fast, he got between my legs before I could move, I felt his erection touching my pussy lips. I was leaning out of the window using both hands to keep myself from falling.

“Well Kim” he said, “You don’t mind if I call you Kim do you”

I just looked at him, my pussy was going wild, I knew he could see the juices I just stared at him saying nothing

“It is alright to call you Kim isn’t it” he said only this time firmly and with a flex of his erection.

I thought it was going in “Yes George, call me Kim”

His hands were running up and down my legs, I could see how excited he was, it wouldn’t take much for him to take me now and I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“You didn’t answer my question Kim, Do you take it up the arse, and be honest, I wouldn’t want to slip in now would I?”

He was leering again, daring me to ignore him, spittle at the corners of his mouth.

His hands stopped on my legs “Answer me you bitch” he shouted and moved, only a little but enough to penetrate, it wasn’t even rape, how could it be when my pussy welcomed him with open legs.

“Oh shit,” I shouted I could feel him in me, the head of his erection just inside and my pussy was wanking him “Yes yes”

“Is that yes you want more or yes you take it up the arse”

“You Bastard” I screamed at him and my movement pushed him further in “Yes I take it up the arse, now get off me”

“I thought you might” he said and to my surprise pulled out of me and stepped back.

I pulled myself into the room and fell to my knees, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was the tease and yet he was outwitting me, and my juicy, throbbing pussy was helping him. What was happening to me, how he could be so near to what he wanted and just move Escort Uşak away like that, all he had to do was push and I was his.

That was it, it suddenly dawned on me that he could move away because he knew he could have me whenever he wanted to, what was worse, I knew it as well, I didn’t want him, but after a day of waiting for the roofers my body did and my body usually won these battles.

The realisation that he was going to have me and that I was going to let him, changed my attitude considerably

He was standing over me now his erection almost touching my face, I slowly stood up, taking his throbbing member in my hand as I did, squeezing it gently, he let out a soft moan as I played with him. We were so close our noses were almost touching.

“That’s better,” he said “The better you get to know him, the more you gonna love him”

He turned “Come on then one more room to look at” and he was gone, I stood for a moment smiling, now I was relaxed, slowly I followed him, my thin dress flowing behind me, as I went through the door he was waiting, reaching out he gripped my boobs digging his nails into the soft flesh, he pulled me to him “yes definitely a nice pair of tits”

Now that I had accepted the inevitable, the brutality of his actions ran through my body, my pussy was throbbing and my body was shaking, he lowered his head and took my nipple into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth, I gasped and my knees shook I held him to stop me from collapsing to the floor. He put his arm around my waist, pulling my tit further into his mouth, his other hand diving between my legs he shoved his finger into me, again I gasped out loud, I stood there and aloud him to explore and abuse my body, deep down knowing that I was enjoying it.

If he hadn’t been holding me I would have collapsed to the floor, his fingers brushed my clit and felt the orgasm instantly rise.

His head came up as he pulled his finger out, he let me go and I staggered slightly, I looked at him, he was leering at me again, licking his finger, “tasty” he said “very tasty”

“Fucking bastard” I said angrily

He turned and went down the ladder, I followed him knowing, wanting him to be at the bottom, his erection waiting to penetrate me again, but no, he had moved away catching me by surprise, I was disappointed when I turned round, I could tell by the smile on his face that the bastard knew I was expecting to be fucked. He moved through some rooms and then up another ladder, again I expected him to be waiting at the top and this time I wasn’t wrong, his erection met me, almost brushing my face, he had his hands on his hips and made no attempt to hold my head, or to move, I looked up into his face, “Do it” he said “You know you want to”

I didn’t move, my eyes closed, my mouth opened and my head moved forward but he wasn’t there he had moved “You fucking bastard” I screamed following him.

The room was long with a bay window at the end and windows all round. Now I knew where I was this was the south wing, it was an exact copy of the other wings but this one was furnished, it was the showroom for potential clients wanting to rent office space in the house, plush carpeting and Chesterfield settee’s with a desk to one side under the window

Walking round, his arms wide he said, “Now this is a fucking nice room” he ended up behind me, breathing on my neck his hands exploring my body, as his hand moved toward my pussy I moved away, dress flowing and stopped to look out of the big bay window.

Seeing some of the workmen were still outside I stepped back but he was behind me, hands on my shoulders and erection brushing my bum “There isn’t a man working this site that doesn’t want to fuck you” his hands moved to slip the dress off my shoulders, it dropped to the floor, “they talk about it all the time, what they would like to do to you” he said, hands roaming freely over my body again, wanting them to see that it was him that had me and not the young fit good looking one’s.

I turned round, taking his erection in my hand, slowly moving down, at last taking him in my mouth, even down here I could be seen the windows were that low, he moved slightly so that anyone looking in the window would see what was happening, I was past caring I needed this and I needed it now, I slipped my fingers into his waistband and slowly removed his shorts, working his hardness deep into my throat, moving a hand through his balls to the crack of his arse, I could feel him throbbing, hear his moans of pleasure, turning me on even more, his hips moving in time with me, breathing getting heavier and faster, I knew he was close, I could taste his pre cum, he was leaning back now arms resting on a Chesterfield.

“That’s it Kim, take it deep” he moaned and then louder “Don’t waste a drop” and his hand went to my head pulling me onto his thrusting cock, fucking my mouth making sure I wasted none, making sure I swallowed it all, I was choking on his warm cum, feeling it catch in my throat.

Once the thrusting stopped I gasped for breath, moved back and looked at his face, his eyes were wild, chest heaving He grabbed my arm and threw me onto the settee in front of the next window, grabbing my legs and swinging me round so that my back was on the arm with my legs in the air he pushed his face into my pussy.

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