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Kerry is in Control

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‘Where’s my massage tonight Adam?’ asked my wife playfully as we sat down to watch the TV.

‘Oh… of course… sorry darling.’ I replied, jumping to my feet and running upstairs to collect the various oils and creams that I used to massage my wife. Upon my return to the living room, Kerry (Kez to her friends) had taken up her position on the sofa – she motioned for me to sit at the space between her feet.

As usual, I felt myself swelling to full stiffness as I took her beautiful left foot in my hand to begin my massage. The soft grunt of appreciation that she made as I began to massage the peppermint cream into her sole only served to heighten my growing arousal.

‘You do realise that this is about the third week in a row that you have given me a nightly massage right?’ Kez asked from above me.

I looked up at her, still taken aback by her beauty, even after five years of marriage. Her large, green eyes were the thing that initially drew my attention, they were complemented by her full red lips and cute little dimples that came out when she smirked playfully – which was exactly what she was doing at that moment. Her thick, dark hair framed her face perfectly. It was fair to say that I was awestruck by my own wife. I’m not sure when that began, but it was certainly a feeling that I was growing to embrace.

‘Would you like me to stop?’ I asked, hoping that she wouldn’t say yes.

‘Absolutely not.’ She asserted. ‘It’s just that, I highly doubt that any of my friends receive nightly massages from their husbands.’ She purred as I began to work the foot cream into her ankles, relieving the stress of her hardworking day. ‘It’s not even just that though Adam,’ she continued. ‘You seem to respond enthusiastically to every instruction I give you.’

‘What can I say?’ I shrugged, ‘I like to please you.’

‘I think you’re holding back from the truth of it.’ She said, her voice taking on a slight whisper. ‘I’ve noticed the little glazed over look in your eyes when I give you an order. I see the effect I have on your cock when you’re at my feet and giving me massages.’

‘Holding back how?’ I asked, feeling my mouth go a little dry.

‘If I were to tell you to strip naked right now, you’d do it.’ I nodded slightly at the truth of it. She raised her free foot to my chest and pressed gently against me, allowing me to feel the pressure. I looked up at her beauty. ‘If I were to tell you to go and prepare a sandwich for me in the nude, you’d do it.’ Again I nodded, feeling my cock throbbing in my trousers as she pointed out the obvious changes to the nature of our relationship.

It hadn’t always been this way; at the beginning, we had been like any other couple – sometimes we agreed on things, sometimes we disagreed. Sometimes I would make the dinner, sometimes she would. Hell, she even used to give me the occasional massage. Just recently, however, I had found myself volunteering more in all aspects of the relationship – cooking, cleaning, massaging, conceding points in arguments, apologising (even when I didn’t feel that I had even done anything wrong!). Up until this point, those changes had not been discussed.

‘I would,’ I admitted. It felt good to be finally talking about it.

‘So I want you to tell me Adam.’ Her voice took on an air of authority that I had never really noticed before. ‘If we’re going to be changing the dynamics of our relationship, I need to know what it is you’re feeling.’

I looked up at her, feeling nothing but love and adulation for this beautiful woman. ‘I love you Kerry,’ I began, not entirely sure of where I would go with my speech. Not entirely sure how to vocalise the thoughts and feelings that had been creeping into my subconscious over the past few months. ‘I think I feel very submissive towards you recently.’ She nodded knowingly. ‘I like it,’ I admitted, feeling my cock throb with my admission. ‘In fact, it’s more than that – I almost crave it. All day long, I think about ways to please you, ways to show you how much you mean to me, ways to submit to your lead.’ My heart was pounding in my chest as I opened up myself to my true feelings; I felt precum oozing from the tip of my cock. ‘I am utterly devoted to you and I want you to know that.’

‘There’s more though.’ She whispered, presenting me with her foot. I took the hint and began to lovingly kiss each of her perfect toes in turn. They were so soft and smooth; my weeks of devotion and nightly massages had ensured that.

‘I want to worship you,’ I gasped – it felt so good to let it out. ‘I want to do whatever you tell me to. I want to bring you pleasure and I expect nothing in return.’

‘Now we’re getting there,’ she said as she stood to her feet. ‘Undress me and then get yourself naked.’

‘Of course,’ I whispered as I stood to my feet and undressed my wife, marvelling in her tall, slim frame; feeling ever more aroused as I exposed first her large, firm breasts and then her well-maintained nether regions. I then quickly undressed myself, standing firm and erect in front of her. She directed Bostancı Escort me to kneel.

‘You want to me lead the relationship Adam,’ I nodded dumbly up at her. ‘You need to know that if we do this, then it will definitely change the dynamics of our relationship forever.’

‘I understand.’ I gasped; unable to grasp just how aroused I was by her words.

‘This is not about your pleasure. I am not just going to use you for your own selfish sexual desires. If you are expecting this, then you are sorely mistaken. This will be about me. If I desire something, you will fulfil my wishes.’

‘Yes Kerry,’ I whispered.

‘Even if you feel uncomfortable doing it, or it is something you have not considered before.’

‘Yes Kerry.’ I answered.

‘Beg me.’ She commanded.

‘Please,’ I begged, ‘please take control of my. Use me for your own pleasure. Control my actions, my thoughts, my orgasms. I didn’t even know before this evening that this is what I truly wanted – but it is, so thank you for helping me to realise this. Please Kez, I want to belong to you completely.’

‘Kez is no longer how you will refer to me in private. Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ I responded, ‘how should I refer to you?’

‘You should call me Boss.’

‘Yes Boss,’ I replied, ‘thank you Boss.’

‘Good boy,’ as she spoke, she sat back down on the sofa and parted her legs, allowing me to see the glistening wetness of her pussy. A thrilling shiver traversed my spine as she referred to me as her good boy ‘Now make me cum.’

‘Yes Boss,’ I whispered reverently as I moved forward to the heaven between her legs.

Chapter 2

That conversation had been four months ago.

Following it, we had settled comfortably into a new routine of dominant and submissive.

Once we had the conversation, it was as if a lid had been lifted on both of our roles, allowing us to grow organically into our new personas.

My wife was naturally quite an authoritative person – both in her work and in her social life; so it came as no surprise to either of us that she eventually came to lead on all aspects of our relationship.

I myself, on reflection, realised that I had always had a submissive streak. In all of my past relationships, I had been focused more on the pleasure and attention given to my partner than to my own. Only with Kez did the yin and yang aspect of my desires become complete.

Our relationship was still one grounded in a mutual love and trust; only now it had evolved to new levels.

Ninety percent of the time, a casual observer wouldn’t even notice the difference. It’s not like Kez led me around on a leash in public, or made me refer to her as Boss when out with friends – like I said before, it was a natural shift in the dynamics of power within the relationship.

At home, Kez very rarely did any of the chores or made the dinner; there was a mutual understanding that they would be my responsibility. When the chores were complete, there was an expectation that I would run her a bath and, if requested, I would wash and bathe her while she lay back and relaxed with a book. Following that, I would get my box of lotions and creams and would spend however long she required pampering and massaging her.

Naturally, I loved every second of it. While at work, I daydreamed about returning home to my wife and devoting my evenings entirely to her.

Over the few months, Kez had blossomed from her position of initial scepticism and occasional reluctance to a natural leader in all aspects – especially sexual.

I no longer had to worry about whether or not I was expected to make the first move sexually; she had it all under control herself. Almost every evening now there was a sexual element to our relationship – all of it instigated and controlled by Kerry. Early on following our discussion, she had made me pledge all of my future orgasms to her and her alone – which meant no more masturbation (unless that was what she instructed). At first I balked at this somewhat; but the feeling of being teased and frequently denied brought about feelings and sensations that were previously unknown to me. The longer she made me last without orgasm, the more devoted I became, the more submissive I became and the more open to suggestion I became.

It had been about two weeks since my last orgasm.

On each of those nights, Kerry had made me service her pussy with my tongue to the point where my head swam, my jaw ached and my cock leaked with anticipation. But on each of the nights, Kez had orgasmed several times, before rolling over onto her side and instructing me to stroke her gently until she fell into a peaceful and relaxed sleep – while I spent the rest of the night as stiff as a rock, desperate to be given the permission for release.

‘Alana is coming over this evening Adam,’ Kerry spoke following her evening bath; it was a Friday night and we both had the long weekend to look forward to. Alana was one of Kez’s friends – a dark-haired girl of mixed race (she Ümraniye Escort had an English mother and a Jordanian father); her olive-toned skin and deep chestnut eyes made her an attractive prospect to most men.

Kerry handed me the colour of nail polish that she wanted on her toes and sat herself on the edge of the bed. I took the hint and sat on the floor at her feet – I began to remove the existing polish as she told me about Alana’s troubles with her boyfriend.

It turned out that they had been having issues for a while; her partner (Ben) was quite openly disrespectful to her and showed her very little care and attention. This was affecting her self-esteem and she was feeling quite emotional. Kez told me that she had shared some of the details of our relationship with Alana (this surprised me a little – I had no idea that my wife had been sharing the intimate details of our relationship – I knew, however, that I must not be upset or show any dissent towards her choices) and that she had invited her over to explore ways of rebuilding their relationship in a new, more positive way.

‘You must treat Alana as you treat me this evening Adam,’ Kez spoke as I finished applying the polish to her delicate, pristine toes and began to blow gently on each one in turn.

‘Yes Boss,’ I answered, feeling precum leak from the end of my naked and exposed cock. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. With only that one command, I understood that I would have to be as subservient and submissive towards Alana – for the entirety of the evening – as I was with my own wife. Of course, she knew that I would do nothing untoward (without instruction), but still, we both knew that I would be unable to hide my arousal during the whole situation. My heart pounded in my chest – this would be adding a new, more public and open aspect to our relationship.

‘You had better put some clothes on though I suppose. It might be a little bit of a shock to the system for her to see how you spend the majority of your evenings dressed,’ said Kez with a playful smile and a wink.

‘Yes Boss.’

‘You have done a good job on my toenails this evening,’ I flushed slightly at the compliment. She took her bare right foot and teasingly used the tips of her toes to caress my swollen and throbbing shaft. ‘Maybe you’ll get a treat tonight if you’re a good boy.’

‘I’m always a good boy Boss.’ I replied, gasping at the deliciously frustrating sensation of her big toe as it circled the end of my cock, smearing my precum around the head.

‘Yes, well, we shall see.’ And with that, she removed all touch from me, leaving me dangling once again on the edge of release. ‘Now, get dressed and go and make sure that the downstairs is fit for visitors whilst I get myself ready.’

‘Yes Boss,’ I replied, dutifully standing to my feet.

Chapter 3

I took one final look around the room as I heard the doorbell sound. Even if I do say so myself, the room looked immaculate; Kerry would have expected nothing less. I went to the front door and answered it. Alana stood on the front step with a bottle of wine in her hand and a bunch of flowers in the other. After two weeks without orgasm, most women looked attractive; but I had to admit it, she was a very pretty lady. Smaller than my wife and a little more full in her frame, but she had a devilishly sexy smile and a nice round arse too; a very familiar stirring began in my boxer shorts and I was glad that I was wearing clothes for a change, because my arousal would have been immediately obvious.

‘Alana, hello,’ I greeted her warmly, ‘please let me take those from you.’ I took the wine and the flowers and placed them on the table, allowing her to enter the hallway. ‘Please allow me to take your shoes,’ I offered, kneeling at her feet, knowing that this was how my wife would want me to greet her friend this evening.

Alana seemed stunned by my offer and looked down at me with a puzzled look on her face. ‘Are you sure?’ This was something that she was clearly not used to. I merely smiled warmly up at her to let her see that my proposal was genuine. ‘Oh, well, ok then.’ She somewhat nervously presented me with her right foot, clad in a rather sexy looking open-toed, heeled sandal. Her nails were painted a deep and sexy blue; I noticed that they were well-pedicured and felt waves of arousal coursing through my body as I gently unbuckled the clasp and removed her warm, soft foot from her shoe.

‘If you don’t mind me saying Alana, you clearly take a lot of care of your feet.’ I looked up at her as I paid her the compliment, feeling my cock throb against its restraints as she blushed slightly.

‘Th…thank you,’ she stumbled over her reply, ‘I go for a regularly manicure and pedicure. Nobody has ever commented on it before though.’

‘Oh, he’s very attentive my husband,’ said Kerry as she sashayed up behind us both. She looked down on me and gave me a knowing wink – she could tell just from looking at me just how aroused I was. ‘But if we gave him the choice, he wouldn’t Kartal Escort come up from there for the rest of the evening.’ She watched me as I removed the other shoe, placing them onto the rack. ‘Now, come on Adam, those flowers are going to need some water and me and Alana are going to need a drink.’

‘Sorry Boss, of course.’ I replied without hesitation.

‘Did he just call you Boss?’ Alana asked.

‘I told you all of this silly,’ Kerry responded as she led her friend away down the hall and into the living room; leaving me with my instructions.

‘I know, but still… I kind of thought it was all a joke.’ Alana threw me a somewhat puzzled look over her shoulder, unable to quite get to grips with the reverent way in which I had greeted her. I simply smiled warmly in response.

‘No joke,’ Kerry spoke as they entered the living room. ‘We just need to figure out how to get that useless lump of yours to change his ways.

Chapter 4

‘You enjoyed that, didn’t you?’ Kerry asked as I closed the door behind Alana, wishing her a good night with a respectful kiss on her hand.

‘Yes Boss,’ I replied, feeling my hard, throbbing cock pressing against the material of my boxer shorts. Through the course of the evening most of my clothes had been removed, and my final state left very little to the imagination. There was even a clear damp patch on the material from where I had constantly leaked precum.

I followed my wife upstairs to the bedroom where I was instructed to strip. She lay down on her side and instructed me to stroke her back.

‘I must admit Adam, I enjoyed it too.’ I heard her gasp at my touch as I lovingly caressed her spine. ‘You’ve given me licence to become myself and more and more I’m finding our roles are becoming so natural.’

‘I agree,’ I replied, heart hammering in my chest. I could tell that Kez was turned on because she wriggled slightly just at my touch on her back.

‘Tonight was so liberating; having someone else witnessing me as I controlled you. I was so wet for the entire evening as you massaged and worshipped me.’

‘I’m glad Boss,’ I replied earnestly – I too had enjoyed having someone witness my submission.

‘Kisses,’ she commanded. I began to kiss her back, allowing my fingers to caress her buttocks and the back of her thighs. ‘Further down,’

‘Yes Boss,’ I responded as she rolled onto her stomach and presented me with her ass.

‘No fucking about. You know what I want;’ she gasped, her arousal causing her to lose a little of her usual composure.

‘Yes Boss’ I replied as I used my tongue to trail down the crack between her cheeks.

‘I’ve been thinking recently,’ she gasped as she felt my tongue come into contact with her anus. ‘There’s something I’ve been fantasising about. Mmmmnh.’ She grunted as she pushed her ass back into my face, encouraging my tongue to probe and explore at her most hidden of holes. I took up a position on all fours behind her and busied myself, worshipping at her asshole, filling my senses with her earthy aroma and tangy taste.

As she allowed me to pleasure her asshole by pushing herself up onto all fours, she rummaged around in the drawer beside our bed. I knew what she was after before I heard the soft buzzing of her vibrator, but I still felt my already aching cock swell even harder before I even felt the buzz of her vibe at my chin as she pressed it up against her pussy.

‘I’ve been thinking Adam,’ she whispered, gasping softly as I pushed the tip of my tongue inside of her asshole, ‘about how much I want to be penetrated as you worship my ass.’

Her admission caused me to gasp aloud, grunting into her ass as she slid her vibrator into her pussy.

‘But I don’t want anything to jeopardise us,’ she gasped between grunts. ‘Ohh, fuck it feels good. I want to feel my pussy stuffed while you lick and suck at my ass.’ She used her free hand to reach around and grip the back of my head, pulling me hard into her ass as she pushed herself back into my face, overwhelming my senses.

‘I made a decision,’ she grunted between gasps, using her vibrator to fuck her dripping pussy with abandon. ‘I want Alana to fuck me,’ she wailed now, the sensation of her vibrator and my tongue sending her tumbling over the edge, climaxing in the doggy position as she fucked my face with her ass. ‘I want her to fuck me while you lick my ass and worship me. Tell me you want it.’

‘Yes Boss,’ I grunted somehow as she momentarily relieved the pressure on my face.

‘Say it,’ she gasped, cumming again and again.

‘I want to worship your ass while Alana fucks your pussy,’ I groaned, the honesty and truth in my admission was too much for me to handle and I involuntarily ejaculated all over Kez’s feet as she continued to fuck herself with the vibrator. The feeling of my warm, sticky ejaculate hitting the soles of her feet caused her to writhe and moan even more and I felt her anus pulsating against my tongue as she continued to ride my face.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuucckkkkk!’ She grunted, dropping her vibrator and squirting her juices all over the bed as she buried her face in the pillow and screamed obscenities. She used the soles of her feet now to milk my cock, teasing from it every last drop of ejaculate that had built up in it for the last fortnight.

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