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Kentucky Woman

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Annihilator Monster

I first saw her leading a beautiful horse over a show course. The way she steered the beast was impressive; the animal following her lead obediently. She was dressed in white slacks that hugged her hips and a red blouse. Her face was obscured by a big hat. I couldn’t help but notice how her body filled out her clothes seductively; the curves more than evident. From where I stood, I could see long dark hair flowing from her hat. I was in Kentucky at an event given by a company trying to get me to buy their wood for flooring for the residential buildings I own back in New York. I was being wooed, and their was a chance I might pick up some of their product. But at this moment, I was more interested in the woman leading the horse.

Food was served after the exhibition. I saw her at the buffet. I waited until she had her plate, found a table and sat before I moved to the same table. I wasn’t hungry but had some food on my plate so as not to appear too obvious. “May I join you?” I asked her.

“Certainly,” she said. “The seats aren’t saved as far as I know.”

I smiled and sat. She still wore her hat, but upon closer look, I noticed tiny wrinkles around the corner of her eyes along with dazzling green eyes. Her skin was dark, either deeply tanned or naturally olive-tinged. I placed her somewhere in her early forties, probably five or so years younger than me. “The way you handled that horse was amazing,” I said, opening up our conversation.

“Why thank you. But Luke is the amazing one.”

I didn’t understand

“The horse,” she said. “He’s a charm to work with.”

I shrugged. “I admit I don’t know much about them. I’m city boy, I guess.”

“Oh, what city?” she asked.

“New York.”

“Ahh, the Big Apple. I haven’t been up there in many years. I hear it’s changed a lot.”

“It has,” I said. “And mosty for the better.”

“That’s what I hear.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself. Frank,” I said, offering my hand.

“Kay,” she responded and holding out her own hand.

I took it and squeezed hers gently, small in my big hand, not soft; her work obviously required some hard work, but fingernails were long and manicured dark red.

‘Very nice to meet you, Kay,” I said.

“Why thank you, Frank.” She replied with another of her dazzling smiles.

From there the conversation flowed effortlessly. I learned of her work with the horses and love of animals. That she was divorced and had a son named Gregory who was tragically killed in Afganhistan several years ago. And that the animals and her work with them helped her through the very tough times after her son’s death.

I told her about my business. That I had a daughter who was college-aged and living with her mother in France. That I, too, had been in the military; my time spent during the first Gulf War. I told her of my love of travel, art and sports; how I’ve competed in amateur mixed martial arts events and how I dabble in cooking as well which, I think, impressed her the most.

Before she had to get back to her horses and get them packed up, I asked for her number. She was hesistant for a moment and then gave it to me. Since I was leaving for New York in a couple of days, I asked her right there if she would join me for dinner before I left.

“Let me think on it a bit, Frank.” She said, obviously wary of some stranger from the big city trying to find some fun on his long weekend down south.

“No worries, Kay. I’ll call tomorrow. If you don’t want to, I’ll understand.”

She looked at me then and from her expression, I knew I would be seeing her again before I left town.

I offered to pick her up at her home and bring her to the restaurant where I made the reservation for our dinner, but she said she preferred to meet me there; that she lived “way out in the country.” I didn’t persist. I was early and had a drink at the bar as I waited for her. I have been with many women and have no difficulties finding sexual partners. Since my divorce, though, I’ve really had no interest in a relationship. I cherish my freedom and take full advantage that freedom gives me to pursue adventures, sexually or otherwise. There was something about this dark-haired woman, however, that made me pause. I couldn’t put my finger on it yet, but it was there. She was different.

She didn’t keep me waiting long. She arrived wearing a burgundy dress with thin straps and cut just low enough to expose generous cleavage and her lusciously swarthy skin. Her shoulders were toned and what I noticed of her legs, mid thigh down, appeared firm and muscular. She had her hair up in a fashionable bun and her neck was bare immediately stirring my desire.

I took her hand again and, a little awkwardly, brought her close to me and kissed her on the cheek. She apologized for making me wait, even though she really hadn’t. I asked if she wanted a drink. “Bourbon would be great,” she said.

“I should have known,” I said with a grin.

“Hey, I am a Kentucky Woman,” she Uşak Escort said with her own grin.

“How do you like it?” I asked.

“Neat, how else?” She said and again I knew there was a reason why she attracted my attention.

Again, the conversation flowed effortlessly. She liked to talk about her work and also how she was put off by living in a small conservative Southern town where, as she said, religious hypocrites roamed and bigots ruled the roost. She would liked to have moved, but she loved the property she owned and it was close to her work. Curious about her dark complexion, I asked about her ethnicity. She told me she was part Cherokee on her mother’s side mixed in with French Canadian from her father’s family.

“A fiery combination,” I said.

“Oh yes. When unleashed it most definitely is,” she agreed, her eyes on mine as she said it.

We lingered long after coffee and dessert almost until the restaurant was to close. I was tempted to offer my hotel room for the night instead of her long drive home, but instinctively knew that the time wasn’t right. I asked if she was okay to drive. She said she was fine. I walked her to her car. “This was fun,” I said.

“Uh huh, it was,” She replied, looking at me. “How come you don’t live closer dammit.” She laughed.

I smiled and bent to kiss her. She responded eagerly. Her full lips opening and her tongue sliding into my mouth. She let out a contented moan as we kissed and then pulled away. “Gotta go,” she said and hurriedly got into her car and drove away.

The next morning we talked, exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. Like I’ve said, I’ve had countless sexual partners and adventures and had no desires for a relationship, but on the plane back to the city, this woman was all I thought about.

Six week later I was at La Guardia airport waiting for Kay’s plane to arrive. I greeted her with a warm hug. I could tell she was nervous and she admited being so as we drove to my place. I had paid for her airfare with a return ten days later, but with the stipulation that if it didn’t work out, she could leave anytime and I would take care of it.

I own a number of brownstones in Harlem and live in the first one I bought and restored. Built at the turn of the century, I had the original detail restored but put in a modern kitchen and bathroom with top of the line appliances. I live in the bottom three of the five floors and rent the top two out to a young family. Kay was immediately impressed by its grandeur and the work I did to restore it.

“Oh, I’ve got something for you,” she said, reaching to unzip one of her bags. “This is my favorite. Made not far from where I live.” She handed me a bottle of Kentucky bourbon.

“I can’t wait to try it,” I said. “Why don’t you go get freshened up and then join me down her for a sip or two.”

“Sounds like an excellent idea,” she said with a smile as I took her bags and she followed me to my bedroom.

It had been a long day for her so I thought it best that we eat at my place and just take it easy on this first night. She was more than happy with that. I worked on getting salmon steaks I was going to grill on my industrial stove top ready. She returned after awhile, her long hair down now and freshly made up, a very fine sight indeed. I opened the bottle she brought and we had a drink as I cooked.

We had talked repeatedly on the phone and had email chats, but now, as we ate, we were talking face to face and it was as if we hadn’t corresponded in those six weeks. “I can’t believe how good this is, Frank.” Kay said of the dinner. “Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“Just one of my passions,” I said. “Of which there are many.”

“Passion is a good thing,” she said with a nod. “I try to have passion for everything I do. I don’t believe in doing things half way.”

She didn’t have to tell me that. I could see the passion for life and living in her face and demeanor. It was what drew me to her.

After dinner we sat close together on my couch, talking more about our lives. Finally, I made the move she expected, stroking her cheek, pulling her close to me, kissing her, as my hands roamed her body. She responded again eagerly, the warmth of her body intoxicating.

“Mmmm, this is nice, Frank,” she said smiling up at me.

I nodded. “It is,” and kissed her again. This time she moved her body into mine; her tongue exploring mine hungrily.

After we both came up for air, I looked her in the eyes. “Shall we?”

I could tell she was still slightly nervous. “It’s been a long time for me, Frank,” she said

“You don’t need to explain anything, Kay,” I said. “We’ll take it wherever it takes us. No worries and no pressure.”

That seemed to reassure her and I took her hand and led her up to my room. She kissed me again and said, “Can I change into something intimate, Frank?”

“You most certainly can,” I said. “And while you’re doing that, I might start shedding these things,” Uşak Escort Bayan I said, indicating my clothes.

“Hmmm,” She smiled and looked me over. “Don’t. Let me do it when I come back.”

“As you wish,” I said, smiling back at her.

She returned from my bathroom in a translucent white slip with thin straps and cut low just barely covering her large breasts with lacing over her stomach and ending at mid thigh. Her mature body was firm and inviting. I took her in my arms and kissed her again. Feeling her body against mine, my hands now finding flesh. She moaned as I touched her and pulled away slightly. “Now, let’s get you undressed.”

She tugged at the hem of my sweater and I lifted my arms as she pulled it off. She purred as she stared at my chest. I have prominently defined pecs with a patch of light brown hair between them. She ran her nails over it and bent and kissed it lightly. “So nice,” she said as her nails teased over my flat belly to my pants. While nibbling at my chest and nipples, she unbuttoned my jeans. Squatting slightly she tugged them down my muscular thighs. I lifted my feet up, one at a time, and she took the jeans off. She ran her nails up my thighs again, bending lower to nibble at them and then came to my briefs. I heard a small sigh as she noticed the bulge through them and then brought her face to it, rubbing over it, sighing even more contentedly as if she were feeling a soft fluffy pillow though what was under it was anything but. She looked up at me with those hypnotic green eyes as she hooked her fingers into the band of the briefs. “May I?”

I smiled down at her. “But of course.”

And she pulled them down as well. My cock flicking out surrounded by a thick thatch of brown pubic hair. I heard her gasp as she saw it and looked up at me again, biting her lower lip. “Frank…my god…” she mumbled.

My cock is of average length, but what made Kay gasp was its unusual girth. I have what some refer to as a fat cock, but I prefer to call it just “thick.” I wasn’t erect yet, though its thickness was immediately prominent.There have been women who found it too much. Some worried that it would actually hurt them or that they could not handle it. Most, however, are more than pleased by what I have. And from what I could see on Kay’s expression, she was one of the latter.

She now was on her knees in front of me as I stood at the foot of my bed. “I’ve dreamed of this, Frank, since I first met you,” she said. “This moment. With you. In this position.”

I smiled down at her, my hand stroking her hair as she then started to kiss up and down the length of my cock as if she were kissing a baby making cooing sounds as she did so. She wrapped her hand around as much of the base as she could and then circled her tongue around my cock head. She let go and used the flat of her tongue on the underside of my cock, running it back and forth. My cock was responding immediately. Growing longer and thicker as she worked on it. She got as much as she could in her hand again and lifted it as she licked down to my balls, suckling one and then the other.

“Mmmmm, Frank, I love your cock and balls,” she muttered without looking up.

I liked what she was doing and how she was doing it. I’ve had my cock sucked so many times and most were a blur. What she was doing was amazing. My grip on her thick long dark hair was tightening as my cock was now at full length and thickness. She moved back to the head and took it between her lips, suckling just there.

Looking down I saw her full red lips stretched over my thickness. And then she reached around to my butt and squeezed it as she began to work her lips down my length, her tongue flicking under it as did so. Finally she had all of me in her mouth and I heard her hum and felt the vibration on my cock. She moved her head back and forth, holding on my cock, saliva was spilling from her mouth. She slid back took a breath as she flicked again at my cock. She looked up at me. Her eyes now glassy and needy. I started to ease her up. I wanted to explore her body. To fill that need. She resisted me, staying on her knees.

“No, Frank,” She said looking up. “I want to taste you. I want you this way first. . .please.”

How could I refuse. I smiled and stroked her hair and cheek. She smiled back and then in a whoosh, took my length in her mouth. Again, holding on it for a moments before pulling back and then took it in again…and again. She was bobbing furiously on my cock.

I pulled her hair hard now which made her moan loudly. The sensation on my cock was incredible. The harder I pulled her hair, the faster she worked on my cock. She grabbed my ass cheeks again and Ifelt her nails dig in as she moaned and hummed on my cock. I began to thrust into her face, and, feeling the cum rising up my loins, pushed her down on me. Holding her there. She remained steady on my cock, though through her closed mouth, lashed her tongue on it’s length as much as she could as I held Escort Uşak her still. And then I grunted, gripping her hair hard as I shot my cum deep into her mouth. I heard her moan loudly again and released my grip on her. But she kept her mouth on my cock, taking all the cum down her throat before she finally pulled up and off. Panting her face was red as tears trailed down her cheeks. But through the tears, she was smiling.

I pulled her up to me, my strong arms around her and led her to the bed taking her head to my chest. I strokd her hair and back as both of us relaxed from what we just experienced.

We rested for a few minutes and then my hands began to roam as we kissed again. I moved on top of her and pulled my torso up, my hand stroking down her neck as I stared down at her. Bending I kissed her there as she arched her head back. My hands moving lower to her breasts, pulling down the flimsy material that was covering them. They were big, firm, and still, despite her age, naturally high. Her areolas were dark and half dollar size. She noticed me staring at them as my hands explored their curves.

“They’re my pride, Frank,” she said.

“And I can see why,” I said. “You’d think you had help.”

She shook her head. “Nope, all natural. 38dd. Been the same size since I was 20. Maybe ’cause I had Gregory so young and nursed him when I was still a teenager that they never sagged or got stretch marks. I don’t know. But you know what I do know, Frank?”

I looked at her.

“I know that they like attention.” She grinned. “Lots of it.”

I grinned back and used my rough palms to caress her nipples.

She sighed. “Mmmm yes, like that…and more.”

Feeling her nipples harden I tweaked them with my fingers. She moaned and her eyes closed at my touch.

“Suck them, Frank. Bite them,” she moaned.

I bent and took one in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the areolea and then closing my mouth on it, flicking at the nipple with my tongue and then biting gently. Kay squirmed under me and her moaning became more pronounced. I moved to the other and she arched under me. I could have spent all night right there, but there was more I wanted to explore. I slid my tongue down her belly, rounded slightly but still firm and defined. She had on white half panties and I could see a few dark hairs protruding from her panty band.

I tugged my fingers under the band and pulled them down and off her legs. She had a thick, dark bush, shaved only around her inner thighs and I could see moisture already formed through her hairs. I found the sight amazingly erotic. So many of the women I had been with lately had either trimmed to almost nothing or went totally bald. What Kay had was refreshingly erotic to me.

I was on my knees as she lay in front of my. I ran two fingers through her thatch of curly hair and found what I was looking for. I tapped it and then pressed my thumb on it and she jerked and moaned slightly. I kept the pressure of my thumb on her clit while I slipped two fingers into her already wet opening.

“Mmmmm, god, Frank,” I heard her mutter and felt her muscles tug at my fingers.

And then I pull them out and brought them to her lips. Without a word from me, she wrapped her hand around mine and took my wet fingers into her mouth sucking and licking her juices.

I took them away again, still kneeling, my torso up as she lay before me. I moved my hands to her calves and lifted her legs up. I placed them on the front of my chest. She watched me curiously as I did this, not knowing what I was up to. Moving my hands now down her long legs and under her ass cheeks, I quickly jerked her legs up higher and now over my broad shoulders, my mouth greedily opening and taking that beautiful natural pussy into my mouth as her body bent backwards.

“Oh fuckkk,” she cried as soon as she realized what I was doing. She squirmed madly, but I held her tight as my tongue now pressed through her hair to her clit.

“Frank….Frank,” she moaned as I grazed my teeth over her clit and then pressed my tongue deep into her.

I reveled at her briny taste,curling my tongue in and out of her as she moaned. She tried to move under me, but I held her tight in my strong arms. I devoured her that way; feasting on her essence as she moaned and moaned and finally shook uncontrollably and gushed into my mouth. And then I let her legs down.

She lay back for a moment, trying to compose herself as I remained in front of her still on my knees. And then she rose up quickly again, grabbing for my cock, trying to get it in her mouth. I took her by her hair and pulled her away, gripping my cock before her and then rubbing it over her face. She closed her eyes contentedly and hissed “Yesss,” as her tongue and lips tried to catch my cock. I teased it away from her and moved it down to her nipples, rubbing my thickness on them. She let out an unearthly moan as I stroked her nipples with it.

I slid my cock between her firm orbs and she quickly pressed them together, capturing it as I began to tit fuck her. My cock moving up and to her lips where she would suckle the head and then down again. I could have stayed right where I was; her breasts were made for fucking, but I had other things in mind for her.

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