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Keeping it in the Neighborhood

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Well one of the good things about all this stay at home time, is that the opportunities for sexual activity has grown. Just like what happened with my single neighbor.

We didn’t’ talk too often but on this particular day I was out mowing. Now he has a window in his garage that only I can see into from my side yard. Today I was starting to mow, wearing my usual short shorts and tank top, all the easier to flash if I get the opportunity. I noticed his garage lights were on when I went by the first time, and they were bright even in the daytime. But he wasn’t in there.

But my next pass I saw he was moving things around but only wearing a robe. I knew this side of the house was going to get some extra attention.

The way it was set up, I turned right at the window then had a long push to the street. As I turned, I took a long look though he didn’t notice me looking. I started to the street at a rapid pace.

Slowing back at the window I started my turn. His robe had now parted slightly letting me see he wore no underwear. I couldn’t see Beylikdüzü escort his genitals but I stayed there a minute. As he turned his robe swung open and there was his dangling cock. Sweet, I raced for the street to get back and see more.

As I returned and got ready to turn, I looked into the garage, his robe was hanging wide open and he was reading a paper, with one hand and caressing his balls with the other. My own cock took a jump as I watched. His fingers played over and under his smooth-shaven balls. His cock looked to be a good 6 or 7 inches long and it was flaccid. I pushed on and hurried back.

As I got to the street I turned to hurry back when I noticed the garage door going up. I stopped to look to see what he was doing. He stood back inside the house in the doorway with no robe on, buck naked. He motioned for me to come in. He didn’t have ask twice, I shut off the mower and walked inside.

Just as I got inside he put the door down and walked out into the garage. He smiled as he got to where I was standing. “Were you Beylikdüzü escort surprised to see me naked here?”

Laughing I said yes but was glad he was. As I said this, I reached out to touch his dick. As I pulled on it gently his hands pulled my shorts down exposing my own naked shaved dick and balls.

We stood there a few minutes caressing each other’s genitals, then he invited me inside. I followed him in stripping naked as I walked.

Inside he told me how he knew I would like to see him naked.

His story:

I saw you were sitting out on your driveway at night in just a short robe. He had seen me one night as he pulled into his garage and this robe was mid-thigh but I kept it shorter the easier to flash. He then said he has seen a guy part in front of his house the walk between our houses. Smiling I knew what was coming. He said a few minutes later he saw the guy leave.

He walked to the other of his house outside and glanced over at me.

I had my robe hanging loose as I had put on Double list I would flash Escort Beylikdüzü guys as they went by. Of course, they always wanted more, and I was eager to make them happy.

So, he said the next time he saw a guy park in front of his house he went out into his backyard. Glancing between the rails of the cedar fence he saw me naked on my knees waiting for the guy to walk in. He came in dropped his shorts and shoved his cock into my mouth. He had been primed and my neighbor watched me swallow his load and lick him clean. (He told me later he came also watching this happen…I never knew).

He told me of finding my listing and teasing me but never coming over, showing dick pics and such. I remembered him doing that.

In his house I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked and caressed the full length, wanting to feel it harden in my mouth. Soon he grew hard, almost a full seven inches filled my mouth. I swallowed his cum completely then licked him clean.

He then pushed me back and began to suck my dick. I hadn’t cum in a long time, always giving. He pulled back just I shot my cum and I came all over his dick and balls. So being the good neighbor I was I cleaned him up as well.

So I say keep giving us money and keep us home, the fringe benefits are terrific.

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