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Kaylie Desires Mr. Young

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*All characters are above the age of 18*

~My first time writing anything like this or writing in general, so please bear with me and any mistakes you may find. I hope you all enjoy.


It all started my senior year. I heard many girls talking about one of the new teachers who taught at my school. He happened to be the topic of many girls’ conversations due to what seemed to be his large “package.” Now, no one knew for sure if he was actually packing, but from what I heard, there was always somewhat of a bulge in his crotch area. Maybe he was rather large, or maybe it was just the type of dress pants he wore.

Anyways, I hadn’t had the opportunity to witness firsthand what was so special about this teacher until the last trimester of the school year. I sat down in one of the many desks in the front row on the first day of the trimester. The bell rang for class to start, but the teacher was nowhere to be seen. After about ten minutes of waiting around and chatting with other students near me, in walks the teacher. He immediately walks over to the whiteboard and scribbles his name onto it.

“Alright class, the name is Mr. Young. I would say I am sorry for being late, but I am not, as this has turned into a daily routine of mine. Now, if you would all introduce yourselves, that would be great. Let’s start with the front row and work our way to the back.” he says nonchalantly while pointing to who should start introductions.

There is a handful of people to introduce themselves before me, so I take that opportunity to really look over my psychology teacher, Mr. Young. I can’t help but notice that he was pretty young compared to all the other teachers at my school. Most likely in his early thirties. He has short brown hair with blue eyes. And his lips, oh my god were they the most luscious pair of natural lips I have ever seen. I continue to scan his body and see that he has a pretty athletic build with muscles, which makes sense for he is also the football coach. He is pretty tall too, I believe about 6’0.” I can’t deny it, but he is very attractive. My thoughts are put to an end when I realize that it is my turn to introduce myself. I sit up straight and slightly clear my throat.

“My name is Kaylie Witchburn and I am a senior.” I state confidently while looking into the eyes of my new teacher.

For some reason, everyone always assumes that I am some fancy, rich girl just because of my name, but that is not the case. I’m just your typical average eighteen year old girl. I stand at about 5’6″ and weigh close to 125 pounds. I’m not the thinnest, but I’m also not fat. Most say I’m just thick, which I do agree with that. I have chocolate brown hair that reaches the middle of my back and have brown eyes with a slight tan to my complexion. I’m not part of the popular group, but I do feel like I am liked by many of the other students and even teachers because of my good grades.

Since this is the first day of class, we go over all the class rules which gives me the opportunity to zone out, and I don’t even realize I’m staring at Mr. Young the whole time until our gazes meet. Feeling like I just got caught doing something terribly wrong, I quickly glance away and act like the floor is one of the most interesting things in the world.

All of a sudden, Mr. Young rises from behind his desk picking up a pile of papers and walks over to in front of my desk to explain what he is holding.

“Alright class, in my hands, I hold your syllabuses. This shows exactly what we’ll be doing from here on out. You need to get this signed by a parent, but first, let me further explain what I have not covered.” says Mr. Young in such a clear voice.

As the teacher continues to talk, I can’t help but notice how close Mr. Young is standing to my desk. He is about six inches away from it and as I look straight ahead, I see what all the girls have mentioned before. There it was, the bulge at the front of his pants.

My eyes widen at the sight before me and I can’t help but blush when I look up at Mr. Young and see that he is looking at me as if to find a reaction out of me. I once again look away and by this point, the teacher is walking through all the rows of desks passing out the papers. Shortly after, everyone packs up their things and the bell rings signaling everyone to go home.

Days and then weeks go by where things seem to have not changed. Pretty much everyday Mr. Young seems to find every possible opportunity to stand in front of my desk. This usually tends to be when he is explaining whatever we are learning about. I don’t know if he is doing this to get some kind of reaction out of me, or if it’s a coincidence because my desk is in the very center of the class. Whatever it is, I like to think it’s the first option, because I cannot deny the growing crush that I seem to have towards him.

Lately, when I’m walking out of class when the bell signals us to leave, I can’t help but notice the wetness I feel between my legs and at my core. It is such an uncomfortable Trabzon Escort feeling to have in such a public place, when all I want to do is shove my hand down my pants to relieve the itch I feel there. I’m able to control myself for the next twenty minutes until I get home. That’s when I race upstairs to my room happy that no one is home.

I start stripping off my clothes as quickly as possible and hop onto my bed completely naked. I lay down with my head propped up on the pillows and close my eyes while slowly running my hands over my body. I start to fantasize that it is someone else touching me and not myself, and I should’ve been shocked or repulsed that it was Mr. Young I was thinking of, but I only got wetter.

I imagined those luscious lips of his kissing my lips and then all the way down my body as I trailed my hand across my stomach and into my very wet mound. Very gently, I run my fingers up and down my slit enjoying the feelings it gives me as I picture Mr. Young’s tongue being the one to give me those feelings. I’m to the point where I just want a release so I press my finger onto my very sensitive nub and moan. I circle my clit with a couple more fingers and move them around faster adding more pressure while imagining the sexy teacher’s lips wrapped the bundle of nerves as he sucks on it to give me the most pleasure possible. My hips start bucking and my moans have turned into one continuous moan, and then finally I get my release. All that pressure builds up and explodes throughout my body and I squeal out Mr. Young’s name.

I lay there catching my breath with my eyes still closed until I feel like my whole being has returned to normal. I then get dressed in case my parents show up and doze off into a sleep where my psychology teacher lingers in my dreams.

A month and a few weeks go by now and we still have the same routine of Mr. Young standing in front of my desk with his prominent bulge just inches away from my face. So many times I’ve wanted to reach out and touch it, but that would not go over well in front of a whole class of other students. I still have no idea if this act of his is on purpose, and if it is, I just wish that Mr. Young would set time aside for just the two of us to talk about this situation after class or something. I know it won’t happen though. He is smart enough to avoid a situation like this as to not jeopardize his career. With this thought, I try to ignore everything I feel for this teacher and always stare down at my desk or my papers when he is in front of my desk for the rest of the year until I graduate. It’s the smartest thing to do. I mean a crush doesn’t last forever.

It’s been four months since I’ve graduated, and I’ve recently celebrated my nineteenth birthday. Ever since that one day in class where I decided to push aside my feelings for my teacher, everything seemed to go back to normal. That is until I was at a local grocery store picking up some things for my mother, and I ran into the very person who made me feel things I’ve never felt before. It was Mr. Young.

I was minding my own business pushing my cart along the aisle when all of a sudden another cart was rammed into mine. I looked to see who was the person to have done such a thing and was shocked to see him.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry. I should have paid better attention… Oh Kaylie, it’s you.” Mr. Young went on apologizing until he realized who exactly he bumped into.

“It is me. Don’t worry about this Mr. Young.” I say trying to be somewhat polite.

“Please Kaylie, you’re graduated now. You can call me Chad. I’m no longer your teacher, remember?” The once teacher cooly says with a sly smile.

“Okay Mr. Y- I mean Chad. It was nice seeing you, but I need to get going.” I stammer trying to get out of here before those old feelings resurface.

“Alright Kaylie. Hope to see you around.” I walk away hurriedly to the checkouts as soon as those words left his mouth. Meanwhile Chad continued to stand there secretly checking out the ex-student that has been on his mind for months.

I walk out of the store with all my bags and place them into the trunk of my car. I then get into the driver’s seat and place the keys into the ignition trying to start the car but nothing happens. Just a clicking sound. Now, I have no idea when it comes to cars so I don’t even try to figure out what may be wrong and just continue to try starting it up. After many attempts, someone knocks on my window and I look up to see Mr. Young, well now Chad. I open my door so it is easier for us to exchange words.

“That does not sound good. Do you need some help?” Chad asks.

“It would be so great of you to help me out. I haven’t a single clue when it comes to cars.” I say while stressfully running my fingers through my hair.

“Let me take a look under the hood.” He pops the hood up and walks to the front of the car looking inside trying to look busy. Chad knows that it is most likely just a battery issue and Trabzon Escort Bayan he could give her a jump, but he wants to see where this can go. While he does this, I find myself checking him out just like I had done my very first day of class with him.

“Well Kaylie, I don’t know, but I don’t think this is any good. You might need to get this towed to the nearest auto shop. I can’t see this running anytime soon without any major repairs.” he states in his best ‘break the bad news’ tone.

“Just what I need. I guess I need to start calling around for a ride.” I say while looking through my contacts on my phone.

“That’s just nonsense. I’m already here, how about I give you a ride home. That is if you are comfortable with that idea.” Chad smiles brightly as he tries to convince me.

“Ummm… alright. I guess it would be best. My parents will enjoy not having to drive all the way out here. Thank you.” I graciously take up his offer and grab my bags before following him to his car.

We both get in and get situated before he takes off toward my house. Halfway there, he slows down and comes to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

“What are you-” I start to say.

“Why did you start ignoring me halfway through the trimester?” he cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.

“Wait, what?” I ask.

“When the trimester began, you always seemed to pay attention to me, not what I was teaching, but just me. I even think you did it without realizing it. Then all of a sudden you stopped. Why did you?” Chad further explained what he meant.

“Oh. Umm… I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about this with you.” I say looking out the window to avoid eye contact.

“Please do share. You know, I always thought it was very cute when you would blush every time I stood in front of your desk. That’s one of the reasons why I did it so much.” he shares whilst smirking. “Now please tell me what happened.”

I whip my head around to look at Mr. Young with wide eyes as he confirmed with me that he did purposefully stand in front of my desk. Knowing that, I explained to him all the things I felt and how I had to ignore those feelings not only to help myself, but to also avoid ruining his career as a teacher.

“So, we were on the same page then, huh Kaylie?” He asks with a playful smirk while gently grabbing my chin with his left hand.

I just nod my head unable to speak. He then leans closer to me and I close my eyes as our lips meet to share a slow kiss that tests the waters. Once Chad realizes that I am okay with the kiss and responding to it, he deepens the kiss and I run my fingers through his hair. Suddenly he pulls away and puts the car into gear and takes off. I’m left sitting there confused and hurt thinking that I did something wrong.

I think Chad senses what I’m feeling for he places his right hand on my inner thigh and smiles at me. “We’re going to make a quick stop at my house if that is alright with you.” he says this like it would be an innocent stop for something he forgot, but his hungry eyes say so much more, and that makes me clench my legs tighter together.

Chad speeds the rest of the way to his house until we arrive, and he quickly undos his and my seatbelts and he then races over to my door to get me out of the car as fast as possible. He grabs my hand and we speed walk over to the front door where he whips it open and pulls me inside just as fast. The door is then shut behind me, and I find myself pinned up against it as he kisses me hungrily while pressing his body against mine.

That’s when I notice that the bulge that I’ve seen so many times before in class is hard and is pressing into my stomach. Just that thought alone makes my pussy gush and I moan against his lips. I then wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and feel his hard cock against my mound. I grind onto his hardness loving the feeling I get when it rubs over my clit. As I do this, Chad holds me tightly to him and walks up the stairs to his bedroom, where he tosses me onto the center of his bed.

He pulls his shirt over his head and I lean forward to undo his belt and jeans and then push them down to the floor so he can step out of them. Chad is now only in his briefs and decides it’s my turn to lose a few layers. He starts by pulling my shirt off of me and takes a moment to admire my 36C bra covered tits by rubbing and grasping them through the material. He elicits a gasp out of me by doing so and smirks. His hands slide down my body until they reach my leggings and he pulls them down off of me to reveal my black lacy thong.

“You are so fucking sexy Kaylie.” he states as he moves onto his knees and pulls my thong off to the side. He kisses my mound and then takes a long lick from the bottom of my pussy to the top where my clit is. “Mmm… tastes so good.” He continues his oral assault on my pussy paying my clit the most attention.

“Ohhh Chaaad.” I moan as I grip the bedsheets.

Suddenly, Escort Trabzon I feel the loss of his tongue on my pussy and look down at him with questioning eyes. “Call me Mr. Young in the bedroom.” he says sternly.

Once again I feel those amazing lips and tongue working on my clit and I feel all the pleasures building. Then two fingers are added to the mix where they search around for my g-spot. As soon as his fingers find the spongey spot, I throw my head back with a loud moan. He starts finger fucking me faster all the while sucking and nibbling my clit. It all begins to be too much and I feel the explosion being released.

“Mr. Youuuunnng!!” I scream as I feel copious amounts of my girlish cum splashing onto Chad’s face as he tries to suck down as much as he can.

I lay there panting trying to wake up from my daze as I feel lips kissing up my body until they reach my lips. I taste myself for the first time as we once again share a passion hungry kiss.

“How’d you like that sweetheart?” Chad asks.

“I have no words, but I want to do something for you to show you how much I appreciated it.” I whisper into his ear while nibbling his earlobe.

We stand and he takes my bra off as I slide his briefs down his legs. My eyes widen and my jaw drops now that I can clearly see just how big he is. I have him sit on the edge of the bed where I take my place on my knees between his legs on the floor. I grasp the base of his cock admiring the size of him and kiss the head and lick my lips of precum. Ever so slowly, I wrap my lips around the head and lick all around it like a lollipop. I then suck the tip and start lowering my head down his length more and more. I increase my speed still licking all over his length until I feel the head hit the back of my throat.

With three more inches to go, I open my throat up and start swallowing his size down. I then feel Chad’s hands move onto the back of my head and he grips my hair. He starts to slowly, but forcefully push my head down to take all of him into my mouth and throat. He then stands, still holding my head, and thrusts his hips, face fucking me. I resist the urge to to gag and when I feel as if I’m about to pass out from a lack of air, he pulls out giving me the chance to breathe.

“Fuck baby! I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?” he asks in a husky voice.

“My mouth! Please please! My mouth! I want to taste you!” I beg not caring how desperate I may seem in that moment.

I take his fat cock back into my mouth taking as much of him as I can bobbing my head back and forth as fast as I can. “Uh uh uh uhhhhh” he groans as he dispenses his thick ropes of cum into the back of my mouth as I hurriedly swallow it to not let any go to waste.

As I finish cleaning his cock off, he picks me up off the floor and places me onto the bed on my back where he pulls my panties down off of me. “Are you ready to fuck me Mr. Young?” I ask as sexily as I can.

“Fuck yeah!” He declares. With that, he shoves all of what is his cock into my soaking wet pussy, and I squeal in delight and slight pain. “My god, you are so tight!” he states through clenched teeth. He waits a short moment for me to get used to his size, but he’s so big that I feel like I lost my virginity all over again. During the time of adjustment, I run my hands all over his chest and stomach loving the feel of his skin. Once I have adjusted to his cock, I rotate my hips around massaging his hard package with my tight inner pussy walls. He takes that as his cue to let the fucking commence and starts really pounding it into me.

All that is heard within the room is the nonstop squeaks of the bed, claps of hips meeting each other thrust for thrust, and moans and squeals of delight. Chad continues to pound into me and I claw my nails into his back as I realize just how close I am to cumming. Chad can feel how close I am too, for my pussy clenches and unclenches around his think member bringing him close to his orgasm as well. He then places his thumb onto my clit and I lose it. My eyes squeeze tightly shut and all I see are stars and feel such a rush of euphoria. I slowly come down from my high and can still feel Chad really giving it to me.

“I’m going to cum!… can I cum inside you?” Chad asks with a sense of urgency.

“Yes Mr. Young! I’m on the pill. Fill me up with your hot load!” I yell while clenching my pussy to give him as much pleasure as possible.

Suddenly, Chad thrusts his hips as far into me as he can, and I can feel each hot spurt of cum being shot as close to my cervix as possible. He then rolls off of me and we both lay there trying to regain our composure and catch our breath.

A few moments pass and we get up to get dressed so Chad can take me home. Once ready, we head outside and into his car where he drives me to my house. As we pull into my driveway, all I want to do is kiss him, but I don’t want to risk getting caught by my parents.

“We’re going to do this more, right?” I shyly ask, afraid that his answer may be no.

“Of course. You are amazing.” Chad states. “Besides, I may have lied to you about your car. It just needed a jump. We’ll take care of that tomorrow, and hopefully we can go back to my place to go for a longer round two.” He says suggestively with a sly grin.

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