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KatieLynn , Tucker

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My name is KattieLynn. I’m 26 years old, though the events I’m about to describe happened about 5 years ago. I’m a straight female, white, dark brown hair (almost black), blue eyes. I’m 5′ 4″ and weigh 115 lbs. At the time, I was in college, living off-campus with a guy named Tucker (“Tuck” for short). We had met at a party the year before and had dated on and off for several months before he asked me to move in with him. He had a nice apartment, was reasonably neat (for a guy) and I was tired of dorm living, so I went along with it. We split the rent and utilities, with Tuck and I also splitting kitchen duties and laundry.

Tuck had served two tours in the Army, in Special Forces. He was very well built, standing just over 6 feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was going to school under a GI Bill kind of deal — the Army had given him enough money to account for full tuition and he had savings set aside so he could complete his four year degree. He was intelligent, well spoken, and (most importantly for me!) an excellent lover. Our sexual activities were limited only by our imagination and stamina and believe me, we had plenty of both!

It was a Saturday afternoon. I had played several games of tennis with Alexia, my regular partner, who I usually beat. Today, for some reason, I lost 6-love, 6-3 in two sets. I came back to our apartment very much out-of-sorts. Tuck was sitting on the couch, in his usual Saturday attire (shorts and his raggy Army t-shirt) watching a football game, which I promptly interrupted. I needed to talk and he was going to listen, whither he wanted to or not! I turned off the set as I stormed into the room.

“Hey! I was watching that!” he exclaimed.

I sat down and proceeded to tell him everything that was on my mind, how my game sucked, my muscle tone was poor, my stance was off, etc., etc., etc. He reached over to comfort me, and I slapped his hand away. I failed to notice the squirt that came into his eyes — and the way he was looking at me. He reached for me again, grabbing my hands as I tried to slap at him again. Now, I’m in shape, but this guy is so much stronger than me! We started to wrestle around on the couch. I can usually take care of myself, but Tuck is very skilful at hand-to-hand combat (by this time, I’m laughing because, as he’s grabbing at me, he’s also copping a feel and tickling me!). Before I knew it, he had pulled me forward so I was I was laying face down over his lap. He had both of my hands controlled in one of his, with both my legs trapped between his. I was completely helpless and, despite my best efforts (and, believe me, I made them!), I couldn’t get free!

“Well, what have we here?” he asked, looking at me as I lay there squirming around trying to get at least one hand free to continue our match. “Looks like someone deserves a sound spanking for all the grief she’s giving me today!”

“You wouldn’t DARE!” I exclaimed. “I’ve never been spanked (which was true — my parents didn’t believe in corporal punishment)! Let me up NOW, Tucker!”

“Well, we’ll just see about that” he said. I was still wearing my tennis skirt, which he proceeded to lift with his free hand. “My, which silky panties you have, little girl” he said, running his hand over my upturned ass.

“Tucker, don’t you dare!” I exclaimed. “Look, I’m sorry I turned off your stupid football game (probably not the brightest thing I could say in my position, over his knees, with my ass in the air, my skirt up around my waist, and him in total control of the situation!).

“Too late for that, love.” His hand was resting on my butt now, lightly lara kendi evi olan escort stroking the firm mounds of my butt through the material of my tennis panties. He lifted his hand and brought it down, striking me smartly on the ass. “Ouch! Hey, that HURT!” I yelled.

“I think it’s supposed to” he laughed, striking me again (but I noticed not as hard!). There was something here that I didn’t understand. Maybe it’s a part of the female makeup that we sometimes like to be dominated by our man, or maybe it’s part of our makeup to need, at certain times, be submissive — I don’t know, but the thought of how I must look, bent over his knee like some errant child, being spanked, stated to turn me on!

“Tucker, stop, please! I’ll be good! I’ll even turn on the TV so you can finish watching that dumb game (by now, I was baiting him, not really sure I wanted him to stop — it felt good!)!

“Oh, so it’s a dumb game, eh? Well I have a better game to watch now!” He brought his hand down again, but now, timed between his playful spanks on my ass, he was stroking the cheeks. I was wiggling around on his lap, not really trying to get free anymore, enjoying the feeling of his hand on my ass, the pressure of his well muscled thighs against my abdomen, the spanks getting softer and more playful, the stroking getting longer and longer. I was rubbing the fur covered mound above my pussy on the hard muscle of his thigh and I could feel myself getting wet down there. I could also feel the hard bulge of his cock against my hip!

He still controlled my hands, with both of them behind me, held in the small of my back by one of his. “If you promise not to scratch me, I’ll let go of your hands” he said.

“I promise — but you better not smack me too hard or the deal is off! (and I’m thinking to myself “Oh, please don’t stop!”)

He let my hands go and I stretched my arms out along the cushions of the couch. He continued to lightly smack my panty-covered bottom, stroking me through the thin material. His hands rested on my cheeks, softly kneading them, now slipping down to rub the back of my very damp pussy through my panties. I felt his fingers pushing at the leg band, slipping under and finding the damp fur covered lips down there. I arched my hips upward slightly, giving him greater access.

“Let’s see if there’s any damage” he said, grasping the waist band and pulling them down. I raised my hips a little higher so he could get them over my abdomen where it rested on his thigh. He slipped my panties over my hips, peeling them down my thighs to my knees. “Not too bad” he said. “Just a little red.”

His fingers were sliding down between the cheeks of my ass, his palm flat against my butt. He found the rosebud of my anus and lightly probed it. By now, I was really getting wet down there! This was turning into a major turn-on! I turned my head and saw our reflection in the now dark TV screen, me bent over his knees, my arms stretched above my head, my naked ass in the air, my panties down around my knees, my skirt rucked up at my waist, and his hands busy exploring me from the back.

His free hand slide between my legs, finding the slit of my vagina, sliding over the lips and tickling my clit. I was wiggling around now, trying to get more of his finger and giving him a signal to keep it up! He reached down and pulled my panties down and off one leg, leaving it dangling on the other foot. This allowed me to spread my legs so he had greater access to me. It didn’t take him long to slip his finger between my pussy lips and into lara otele gelen escort the channel beyond. By now, I was softly moaning and rocking my ass up and down in time to his sliding finger in my pussy. This was great — and I was still bent over his knees! One foot was on the floor now, one stretched along the cushion of the couch. He bent down and started to kiss the cheeks where he had spanked them, his tongue sliding over the round hills of my ass. I scooted one knee forward, lifting my ass higher in the air and his tongue found the back door to my body, his fingers continuing to slip in and out of my vagina.

He lifted my hips slightly and slipped out from underneath me, undoing his shorts as he stood up, removing them and throwing them down across the arm of the couch. I moved my other knee up so I was kneeling in front of him, my upper body pressed against the cushions, my bra covered breasts flattened against them, my knees open and spread, my ass lifted into the air. He moved behind me and I felt the head of his wonderful cock slipping between the lips of my drenched pussy and knew I was about to get laid!

He entered me with a rush, no subtly here! I felt his cock slide past the lips, stretching the inner passage, opening me in the most delightful way. I was really turned on by both the spanking, the foreplay and the position he had me in — on my knees in front of him, my ass and pussy presented to his total control. His hands moved to my hips, rocking me back and forth as the hard length of him plunged in and out of my impaled slit. I lowered my hips slightly, bringing the head of his cock into contact with that magic spot on the back wall of my cunt. With each movement, the head rasped over my G-spot, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I snaked one hand back between my legs, my finger finding my clit, rolling it around and around like a marble in a pool of oil.

Through my half opened eyes, I watched our reflection in the TV screen — him standing behind me, thrusting his cock in and out of my very willing body, my ass cheeks bouncing in time to his thrusts, my hips rocking back to meet each forward plunge. I couldn’t keep this up for long — I knew I was about to climax and felt my self lifted ever higher towards the release I sought and needed so fully by now! He moved one of his hands from my hip, placing his thumb on the rosebud of my anus, rubbing that sensitive and tender opening to my body, lightly pushing against the tight ring of my ass.

His other hand now grasped the ponytail of my hair, – lightly pulling at it, causing the slightest of pain to act as an offset to the incredible pleasure he was giving me by the pounding of his cock into my stretched and distended pussy. On each stroke into me, I felt his balls slapping against my fingers, still twirling around my clit, the head of his cock alternately rubbing the G-spot and seeming to touch my cervix! I had never been fucked this deeply or with such passion!

I couldn’t hold off any longer! My climax came with a crash, waves of sheer pleasure washing through me. It went on and on — a never-ending cascade of intense feeling that seemed to build higher and higher! Still, he wasn’t finished, as he slowed his movements until his cock resting quietly inside me, his hands back on my hips as I started to come down from this mountain of sensation.

“OH MY GOD!” I gasped. “That was incredible!”

He again started to move inside me, his still hard cock diving deep with each inward stroke. My pussy was filled with him, the center of my being touched lara rus escort with the soft head of his dick as it bounced off my cervix with each stroke. My hands were grasping the cushion of the couch as he continued to rock in and out, the fingers of one hand reaching around under my abdomen to find and slide over my tingling clit. He was driving me to yet another climax as he probed again at the rosebud of my back entrance! I felt it start to build, even more intense than the last one.

His thrusts into me became harder and he seemed to strain to get even more of himself inside my impaled cunt — leveraging himself downward now, flexing his knees where they rested against the back of my wide spread thighs. I was being physically lifted off the couch with each thrust, his abdomen slapping into my upturned ass. I was being fucked like a bitch in heat — and I was loving every minute of it! The pressure on my back end became a driving force as his finger slipped past the tight ring back there, pressing down on the back of my vaginal canal, forcing the head of his cock to stay in contact with my excited G-spot even longer. His finger slide in and out of my back passage, flexing downward again and again, keeping time with his thrusts into my pussy. I was reaching a height I had never experienced, completely at his mercy, my hips rocking to meet his dual thrusts — those in my ass by his finger, those in my pussy by his cock and my climax rolled over me yet again!

I felt him freeze as my pussy walls clasped on his deeply buried dick, milking the long hard length of him, wanting his cum to slam into me. He grunted again and again as he started his own climax, and I swear I felt his hot semen boil up the length of his dick and shot from the head, slamming into my cervix, sending me higher on this wonderful journey!

He seemed to come forever, his cock spurting his seed into my womb, my pussy clamped tight around the delicious pulsating length of him. At last, his climax passed as he continued to rock gently in me. My hips kept time with him, rising and falling to a beat older than time itself. I seemed to float back down with him, as our heartbeats returned to something like normal.

We were both completely spent when his softening cock started to slip from my pussy. I felt the rush of cooler air as his abdomen left the cheeks of my ass, still raised in the air, felt his dick finally slip from my body, felt him gently withdraw his finger from my back entrance. A mixture of his cum and my own sex juices dripped from my vagina, running down the inside of my thighs. I rolled towards the back of the couch, resting my hip against the cushion. I grabbed his shorts and ran them up between my thighs, catching the stream of our joint fluids pouring out of me (so as not to stain the fabric of the cushion!). He moved away from me, gently spanking at the cheeks of my ass.

“Well, they weren’t too red before, but I do believe they’re the right shade now!” he laughed.

“How red are they?” I laughingly (and rather breathlessly!) asked back.

“About like the sunset over the Iraqi desert — a nice shade of rose. Next time you misbehave, we’ll do that again!”

“Well, I’m still feeling a bit frisky!” I joked back (there was no way I could do THAT again so fast — my pussy and clit were tingling, and my inner passage was still contracting back into a more normal shape!). “Want to try it again?”

He groaned, “Girl, you are insatiable! If I wasn’t so tired from the last hour, I would take you up on it! As it is, there’s no way that’s going to happen again — at least not ’till tonight!”

“Ah, something to look forward to” I exclaimed, “and don’t think I won’t hold you to it!”

Well, I’d received the first spanking of my life (and the best screwing a girl could ask for!) and, while I was exhausted, the results led me to believe it would not be the last.

Here’s to being over his knee — and the next steps!

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