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Kate’s Heavenly Hell Ch. 04

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For those of you who read the previous chapters, you will know how my wife Kate has kept my cock locked. Her and her friend Alexa have been relentlessly teasing me while my cock is locked in its secure metal prison.


That night truly was torture. Kate had me take her every way imaginable. All the while I was locked up, desperate, horny, and aching.

Kate started by having me strip naked. She then lifted her short skirt up and had me peel off her skimpy lacy panties. Of course, I couldn’t help myself, I dove in and started to devour her sweet pussy.

Kate started with the teasing right way. “God I wish I could feel your big hard cock inside of my wet pussy!” she moaned. “I just wish I could get you unlocked!”

“I soooo need to slide my cock up into you…!”

“If only we had the key, I would lick your cock, and suck it till it exploded…Uhh … SHIT!” Kate went on as she had her first orgasm of the evening. “I need you inside me.” Kate had me lay down on the bed. Just like the previous times, Kate mounted me, and guided my metal encased cock into her pussy.

Kate started riding me up and down. “That feels so … UH .. good. Can you feel how good this feels?”

“NO. God, it need to feel you!” I ran my hands her sides, and started to unbutton her tight shirt. I undid the clasp in the front of her sexy bra and released her juicy titties. Kate’s moaning got louder as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. Non of this helped me; it just made me need to cum more, made my cock ache more, made my balls burn more, made me more desperate and horny!

Kate started to rub my nipples sending electric shocks down my body, straight to my cock. “Fuck; if only your cock wasn’t helpless, stuck in that cage! You could fuck me properly! I need to feel you cum inside of me… Oh… God” Kate climaxed again. How many times had she climaxed, all the wile I was trapped in this secure metal prison?

Kate wasn’t satisfied yet. She moved into her favorite ’68’ position (kind of like 69, but with my cock caged). Kate started sucking on my throbbing trapped cock while she massaged my sensitive balls. I thought my cock was going to explode as I licked and gently sucked on Kate’s sweet little clit.

Kate’s moans got louder, got quicker and more intense. “Honey, your pre-cum tastes sweet. Escort Bayan I just wish you could give me all of it.” Kate came again as she ran her tongue along the open slots in my cage.

Late that night as we were drifting off to sleep (well Kate was, my desperation kept me from resting), Kate mumbled “I hope the package arrives before my work trip…”

“Wait… When did you have them mail it?”

“Oh, just this morning…” And just like that, Kate was asleep. There was no way the key was going to get to our house on Monday. I just couldn’t believe this. By the time I had any chance of getting out of this metal cage, it was going to have been almost 5 weeks of hell. God, but all the sex sure was heavenly.

The next day, Alexa arrived. She brought a bag of toys along with her. Today, she really took control. She started by tying Kate to the foot of the bed. Then Alexa sucked on my cock, locked safely away in its cage, putting on a show for Kate.

Next, Alexa mounted my caged cock and worked her pussy up and down. This was the first time I had ever had my cock inside of Alexa. She felt amazing, but I just could not get nearly enough stimulation to cum. Alexa did; she came to a loud moaning orgasm, soaking my cock in her girl juice.

I could see the desperation on Kate’s face when Alexa had me slide my cock into Kate’s mouth. Kate could taste Alaxa’s juices, and I could tell she was horny and needing to cum. Alexa had me lie back and kiss her pussy while Kate kept sucking on my locked cock. As Alexa’s breath started to become ragged, I licked her clit, and sucked her pussy lips, harder and harder. Finally, as Kate started to suck on my balls, Alexa came to another hard orgasm.

I could not believe how horny I was. And I had to admit, the way Alexa was dominating and denying Kate make me even more desperate. Alexa wasn’t done though. Next she re-tied Kate on top of the bed. She made me promise not to let Kate cum while I licked her pussy. Alexa then allowed Kate to eat her. As Kate ravenously attacked Alexa’s pussy, I could tell Kate was very close to cumming herself. True to my word, I slowed down, leaving Kate riding the very edge of her orgasm, so close, but not quite there.

Kate brought Alexa to a climax like only she can. I was jealous of Alexa; my wife truly gave Bayan Escort amazing orgasms. I could see Kate was frustrated and desperate. While Alexa had me put on a strap-on, she started giving Kate some oral attention. Kate was moaning and panting, but Alexa didn’t let her cum. I started fucking Alexa with the strap-on from behind while she kept up her assault on Kate’s beautiful pussy.

Finally, as my strap-on brought Alexa to her final orgasm of the evening, she pushed Kate over the edge. Kate’s body thrashed around in her bonds while she screamed out her release. God, if only I could get a little of that. By I was trapped in this steel prison with no chance of getting out for almost another week.

Kate and Alexa quickly fell to sleep in a heap, while my frustrated cock kept me up most of the night. I helplessly humped the girls butts occasionally, but of course that did nothing but make me even more needy.

Sunday morning, as we were leaving the room to check out, Alexa showed me her key and whispered in my ear “see you Tuesday.”

As I expected, the package didn’t arrive on Monday. I couldn’t believe how my frustration was making Kate so horny. She had me give here three orgasms Monday night before she had to leave on her trip.

True to her word, Alexa stopped by on Tuesday, with her secret key, and her girlfriend Jen. Alexa unlocked my cock only after reminding me and making me promise to not cum. Alexa made sure I understood that she would tell Kate if I came, but leave out the part that she was there, and lay all the blame on me and Jen. It was really the perfect black mail.

The two girls took turns, one ridding my face, while the other, very lightly to make sure I didn’t cum, licked and sucked my hard cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be free and truly hard. And the girls mouths felt like heaven. My cock was leaking huge amounts of pre-cum. I couldn’t believe how much, and it didn’t stop. The girls drank it up like it was some sort of expensive liquor.

After both girls had cum, Jen took my hard cock and oh so lightly rubbed it up and down her wet pussy. Alexa came up behind Jen, and started to rub her titties with one had while with the other she fingered Jen’s pussy. Jen refocused her efforts, using the tip of my rock hard cock to rub her clit. Alexa Escort kissed Jen’s neck, running her tongue from the top. Jen’s neck and breasts broke out in sexy goose bumps, then she came hard! As she came, she gripped my cock hard; I had to fight for all I was worth to keep from cumming. Two small drops of cum oozed from the tip of my cock, but I managed to hold the orgasm back.

Alexa decided that was too close for comfort, so she got out some frozen pees, and got my cock locked back in its cage. While they made me watch, Alexa and Jen made love for the rest of the afternoon. While they were still entangled early that evening, Kate sent me some photos of her naked breasts. The two girls enjoyed the pics as much as I had.

I couldn’t believe how much these three girls, Kate, Alexa, and Jen, were able to make me so frustrated and horny, and how much they were getting sexually charged from my denial.

Kate called me later that night. “I asked Alexa to stop by to ‘check in’ on you.”

“Ya, she stopped by.”

“Did you have fun with her?”

“You would not believe! She was naked in seconds, teasing and torturing my locked cock!” I wish I didn’t have to lie to Kate, but I know that I couldn’t tell her about the secret hey, and Alexa’s teasing and denial sessions.

Wednesday, I was alone, but all three girls kept sending me dirty texts and pictures. They just wouldn’t let up. That night, Kate had me tell her over the phone how pent up and desperate my cock was. While I was telling her, I could here her climaxing several times.

Finally Thursday came. Kate would soon be home with the key! Thank God! I don’t know how much more I could take without going crazy! When Kate came in the door, she was wearing the key around her neck on a gold chain.

As I started stripping my clothes off for my long awaited relies Kate whispered “I asked Alexa to come over tomorrow.”

“What? What are you saying?”

“Please! If you will agree to wait just till Saturday, we can have one more night of unbelievable sex with Alexa first. I promise, I will let you out on Saturday, no more delays. We will have sex all day. You can do anything you like to me, just please! You waited this long, can’t you wait just two more days?”

I never could say no to Kate. I guess that is why I was in this situation to start with. That night, Kate a several more orgasms. Friday, her and Alexa had several more. I was still locked, still desperate, still horny, and still without any relies for the past five weeks.

Tomorrow. I just had to survive till tomorrow.

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