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Karen’s Story-4

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Dear reader, this is going to be the fourth instalment of the misadventures of Karen, her brother and me. I’d like to thank everyone who was kind enough to send me a comment, either by public bulletin board, or via e-mail. I love to hear your comments and suggestions. It is always nice to know that your work is read. So I’d love to hear from you about this episode. Greetings, Darklord.

A week after I fucked Jeanine, Karen’s sister, while she was watching, I viewed the tape we made of that event with Peter. We were in his room, and he was dying to see this tape. He put it in the VCR.

“Hey man, close the door,” he said to me. I got up and closed the door. Although we were the only ones home, you could never know.

“Wow, look at that shit.”

“What?” I sat down next to him on his couch.

” I never realized that Jeanine doesn’t look bad naked. Not bad at all. And Karen, she’s so fucking sexy, even if she’s just sitting there.”

But Karen didn’t remain seated. The moment in which she put the dildo in her cunt got Peter really horny. “Jesus. Man I hope you don’t mind, but I gotta beat my meat when I see this.” He zipped down and pulled out his hard cock. At first I tried not to look at it, focusing on the screen. Karen was moving the dildo in en out of her cunt. But I got curious and took a peek at his cock. It looked pretty good: about 7 inches, uncut, but thick. A nice size. I could understand why Karen had enjoyed being fucked by it. Peter had shaved all his pubic hair, and his crotch area was totally clean.

“You can look if you want. And you can jerk off too, I don’t mind, man. Just relax.”

It still felt kind of awkward to be jerking off next to Karen’s brother, but I thought, what the heck. Besides, although I had seen the video before (and of course had participated in it), it still got me horny. I had a big boner. I pulled down my pants and started to stroke my cock.

On screen Karen was pressing the dildo at my ass while I was fucking her sister.

“Wow, did she really put that thing in your ass?” Pete asked.

“No, she only pressed it against my hole, but it got me off immediately.”

When the video was finished, Pete turned to me, watching my dick. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by another guy?” he asked.

“Huh, sure. Plenty of times. I do like it when Karen plays with my hole. I like it when she puts a finger up my ass or if she rims it.” I felt really relaxed with this guy and was willing to discuss almost anything with him.

“Really? Me too. I love it when they play with my ass. Can I tell you a secret?”

I stopped stroking my cock, curious of what he had to say. I nodded.

“Don’t stop jerking off, it looks great.”

I continued.

“My ex had a strap on and she fucked me a couple of times with it,” Peter confessed. This got me even harder. I started to stroke my cock faster.

“Really? Fucking hell. How did it feel?”

“Very strange at first, but after a while really good. It’s like, they have the power all of a sudden. It was great to feel submissive for once. Usually I take control,” Pete panted.

“I know,” I was revering to the time he fucked his sister outside of the bathroom. He practically took her like she had no choice.

“You’re not pissed about that, are you?” Pete asked, a little concerned.

“No man, actually I found it a very hot story. After Karen told me, it gave me a hard on every time I thought about it.”

“Karen has a hell of a nice pussy. Maybe the best I’ve ever fucked,” Pete said. Then he moved towards me and he removed my hand from my cock. He looked me straight in the eye and grabbed my cock in his hand. He started to stroke me. Slowly at first, but he turned up the speed after a short while. It felt great to be beat off by a guy.

While his hand was moving up and down my shaft he asked if another guy ever jerked me off. “Sure,” I said, “In high school I had a jerk off buddy. We jerked off plenty of times.”

“Did it go any further?”

“Not really. Basically some touching and jerking.”

Pete tightened his grip on my dick and jerked even harder. I was close to cumming. He could tell by looking at my face. “You know what I’d really like, Robert?”

“W-what?” it was hard for me to speak, since I was on the verge of shooting my cum. Peter moved over my body, till his face was only inches from mine. It could feel his hot breath on my mouth.

“I would love to fuck Karen again. I would love to stuff my dick in my sister’s pussy again. Maybe we could fuck her together…” he said, his eyes filled with lust, his left hand jerking me off, the right hand cupping my balls. That got me off: “Aaaah!” I spurted my cum in the air. Three thick blasts landed on my stomach and on his hands. It took me some time to recover. Peter let go of my dick and sat back on the couch. Slowly I realized what he had said, what he was proposing. I didn’t say anything. Just looked at him, at his erection. God, he really had a good-looking prick. Don’t get me wrong, I am a heterosexual man, but somehow Peter got to me. He was a sexy guy.

Peter pointed at his dick. “You wanna give me a hand, dear brother-in-law?” he smiled. I smiled back and took his dick in my hand. I started to jerk him off.

“Yeah, Robert, that’s it. Faster. Jerk me off faster. Aaah, aaah, I’m, cumming…now!” and he spurted his cum, just like I did a few moments ago. That day our pact was signed in sperm. The sex roller coaster ride that started a few weeks ago, was getting to the next stage.

That night Karen was sitting naked on the toilet with the lit down. She was shaving her mound, while I shaved my faced and told her what happened.

“What, you guys jerked each other off?” Karen said surprised. I just nodded. “And he proposed that we three should fuck together?” I nodded again. Karen finished her cunt and wiped off the remaining shaving cream with a towel. “That little fuck!” She seemed angry.

I got on my knees in front of her. And kissed her on the mouth. “Do you mind that we got each other off?”

“No, not really. But I thought that we decided that Peter and I wouldn’t fuck each other anymore, right?” I kissed her again, meanwhile my hand caressed her clean-shaven pussy. “Hmm, nice,” I said.

“Come on, Robert. Answer me. What do you think about all this?”

“Honestly, honey. I don’t know. I liked what he did to me, and, frankly, I like your brother a lot. He’s a nice guy. And I love you. I want you to have fun…” I put two fingers in her pussy and started to feel her up. Then I took them out and sucked on them, tasting her pussy juice.

Karen answered: “I’ll call him tomorrow.” I grabbed my mobile out of my pocket and gave it to her. “Why not call him now, there is no time like the present.”

She dialled his number and he answered. While the conversation took place, I was fingering her pussy. I started with two fingers up her cunt, and caressed her clit with my thumb.

“Pete, we have to talk!” Karen yelled at him.

“Sure sis, what about?”

“Well, what do you think?”

“Ooh, Robert told you huh. So what about it? You seem mad.”

Karen was letting go a low moan, her cunt was soaked. I added a third finger up her tight cunt, it would barely fit. “Pete, are you manipulating Robert, so you can fuck me again? I need to know.”

Peter must have cracked a smile on the other side of the phone. I think he could hear her soaking cunt. “Are you playing with yourself, Sis?” he asked her.

“No, Robert is fingering me.”

“Where are you?”

“I am sitting naked on the toilet, and Robert is….ooh, aaah, he’s got three fingers up my cunt and ….aaah ….aaaah, oh yes! Yes!” Her climax came unsuspected, but welcome nonetheless. Her pussy was flowing with juice. I started to lick it from her labia, like a little thirsty puppy.

“Ooh, Karen, this is so hot. I’ve got my hand wrapped around my cock. I’m jerking off right now!” Peter said at the other side of the line. All of a sudden I was hoping he was talking on his mobile phone, and not on one of the house telephone lines. They had a connected system, and anyone picking up a phone could listen in. On the other hand, that thought made me very hot. I unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down. As soon as my cock got released from its confines Karen grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.

“What are you doing now Karen, tell me?” Peter wanted to know.

“Now, my dear brother I am stroking Rob’s wonderful cock.” Karen said smiling.

“Is he hard?”

“Yes, very hard, and thick. I just love the way his head shines with pre-cum. I just love that circumcised cock of his,” escort izmit Karen said. She could hear Peter stroke his hard-on on the other side of the line. She imagined what this scene must look like: he was probably sitting behind his desk, his feet pressed against his desk, his legs wide. His phone on speaker mode., lying somewhere on the desk, his nice hard cock in his hand. Stroking his foreskin over its head. I could tell the thought made her even hornier; her cunt started to flow her pussy juice again. She also started to stroke me harder. She knew this was the right time to ask her brother again:

“Tell me Pete, are you manipulating Rob and me, just so you can fuck me again?”

Peter panted “My dear sister. I’ll be frank with you. I would love to fuck your cunt again. Ever since that night, I’ve been thinking about doing it to you again. I really loved fucking you.”

Karen let go of my cock and started to rub her clit. “Yes, it was nice. But we both know what this is leading to, and I don’t want that…”

“Are you sure?” Peter replied. “I love you, and I am very fond if Robert. I wasn’t manipulating him so I can fuck you. I don’t want to stand in between you guys, I think you make a great couple. I just don’t see why we couldn’t fuck each other, all three of us. You know I’ve had this bi-vibe going on, for a while.”

That was true, they had often talked about it, as they had talked about almost anything.

“Oh, oh-kay. I guess… it’s gonna be fine then….” she whispered.

I got near her, and pressed my cock at Karen’s entrance. She gave me a small nod, and then I shoved my cock all the way in her tight cunt. God, she was so fucking wet, I slipped in easily.

“Ooh, God….” she moaned.

“Karen, is Rob fucking you right now?”

“Y-yessssssssss,” she hissed. I was pounding in to her cunt. All the way in her, then pulling my cock out all the way, and then pushing it in her again. Her whole body was shaking, and she almost let the phone drop.

“This is so fucking horny,” she heard Peter say. “I am shooting my load right now!” Then she didn’t hear from him for a couple of seconds. And she didn’t care. She placed the phone on the washing machine, held my shoulders and locked her legs around my middle, so I had more balance. Only my cock touched her at that moment, going in and out of her wet slit. With my free hands I squeezed her nipples hard.

“Yeah, Rob, go on, fuck me. Fuck my cunt, harder! Please, make me cum again. Go on, fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!!” and she came again. She grabbed my head and pulled her tongue in my mouth. I felt her exploring every inch of my mouth. I loved it when she did that. Then she let go of me, and placed her feet on the ground. “Please honey, my cunt is fucked raw… pull out, it’s starting to hurt.”

I was almost there, but did as she asked. Her cunt lips were indeed very red. I started to beat off again. Karen was still out of this world.

“Hey sis?!” Peter yelled through the phone. Karen picked up the phone.

“Yeah bro?”

“This was really fucking hot. So what do you think?”

Karen got off the toilet, the seat was wet with her sweat. She held on to the sink to keep her balance and said: “Well, I’d say it is a nice start. Talk to you later.” And hung up on her brother. “Wow, my legs are still shaking,” she commented. I looked at her wonderful ass – the small cheeks, that perfect crack in the middle – and when I thought about what just transpired, I got even harder. I hadn’t cum and needed to climax badly. So I grabbed Karen by her hips and pulled her against me. My cock was slipping between the crack of her ass. “Karen, I gotta cum, I’m so hot.”

“I’ll suck you off, okay?”

Somehow that didn’t seem sufficient right now. I pushed my cock against her harder and it slipped back into her cunt. It indeed felt a bit raw, but I didn’t care at the moment. I started the push until my cock head was pushing at her cervix. “OOOHHHHHH!” Karen moaned. She fell against the wall, and I thrust even harder. I pressed her tits against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall, and resumed my pounding into her. I had no mercy for my little horny slut. I remembered that she liked dirty talk. I remembered the dream she had a few nights ago, in which Raymond practically raped her. I guessed this sort of stuff turned her on. So I got into the part:

“You fucking slut, you take my cock. Understand? I’ll give you the fucking you need, you hear me?” I yelled at her. Her breasts were being crushed against the wall, while my cock was pounding into her cunt. She got wet again.

I pressed my left hand between her and the wall, so I could touch her clit. “Now, fucking slut. Make me cum, goddammit. Take it!”

“Yeah honey. Give it to me. Shove your cock up my cunt!” she screamed.

“You like to play rough, don’t you?” I said. She just moaned. I was on the verge of blasting her cunt full of cum. “Tell me what you are!” I demanded.

“I am a hot horny little cum slut. I am your whore, your slut!”

“Exactly!” I yelled. I felt a familiar tingle in my balls, and then I released my load into her cunt.

“Yes, Robert, I feel your cum. Ooh, it’s so fucking hot. Yeah, fill me up. Drench my little pussy with you load! Aaaahhhh.” I think she came again, but I didn’t really care at that moment. She was just a cunt I had to fuck, that’s how it felt. No love involved, just pure lust and sex. Rough. I was so wild, I ripped my cock out of her cunt and pressed the head of my cock against her ass. The head was slippery, so it slipped away from her puckered little hole.

“Pull open your ass cheeks, cunt,” I demanded. Karen obliged. Although she was never fucked in the ass as far as I could tell. I looked at her lovely ass, that lovely whole I rimmed so many times before today. I pressed the head of my cock against it, and it did slip in her ass, just an inch or so. Karen cried out of pain. I slipped out my fuck tool, but wasn’t ready to leave it at that. I re-entered my cock, this time it went even further up her ass. I felt her hole stretch out more, and I really loved the pressure ion my dick. Her cunt was tight, but her ass was (not surprisingly) even tighter. God, if it was only possible, I’d love to live in that ass of hers. My cock was halfway in, which was far enough to let it stay there by itself. I looked down and saw my prick disappear into her ass.

I left my cock there for a moment, so she could get used to this big thing filling her up from behind. “Ooooh, God. It is so fucking big. It feels like you’re tearing me apart… almost.” Karen cried. I slipped my cock out of her ass. Her stretched hole stayed open a little while. Karen turned around, her face was red with exertion. My cock was still hard. “Let’s move to the bed,” I said. Karen followed me to the bedroom. Obediently she got on her hands and knees. Her beautiful ass was pointed right at my face. I got behind her and started to lick her cheeks. I started with the left globe of her ass, then licked her right one. Then I liked her puckered hole. My tongue slipped in easily, after my dick had been there.

Karen started to hum, which meant she was heaving a good time. After rimming her ass for about five minutes, I decided it was time to cum in her ass. I moved to her face, and shove my cock into her mouth. She took it in and I fucked her mouth for a while. Karen sat on her knees and took my cock out of her mouth. She started to lick my fuck tool with her tongue, making it wet all over. “Hmmm, I never knew my ass tasted like this,” she said.

“You like it?” I asked. She nodded. “Good,” I smiled. Then I got behind her. She was lying on her stomach, as I entered her ass. It was still very tight, and it hurt her, but I pushed on until my whole cock was buried to its root into her. My balls were leaning on her ass-cheeks. Then I started to fuck her. Harder and harder. Her anus felt so hot, even hotter than her pussy.

She clutched the sheets she was lying on for support. Her right side of her face lay on the bed, her mouth open, panting for air. “God, it h-hurts like hell….” she cried.

“Want me to stop?” I asked her with a coarse voice.

“N-no, go on, fuck it!”

“Good, I wouldn’t have stopped anyway,” I smiled mischievously. I lay my head on hers and licked her lips whenever I could. She licked me back with her tongue, until I fucked her so hard, we were both moving too fast. Then we were only crashing into one another. We didn’t speak, I just fucked her. Speeding up with each stroke, until I couldn’t hold it any more. I spurted my cum into her ass.

“Ooh, man! That feels hot!” I yelled.

“Yes, it does. It feels great, your cum in my ass! I wish we had done this months izmit escort ago!” Karen cried. After my cock was ready releasing my load I pulled out. Karen broke a wind, which made us both laugh. She sat down or her ass, which was quite red. Cum started to drip out of her ass. “Oops, I guess we have to clean up the bed again,” she chuckled. I had an idea. “Hold on,” I said. I went to the living room and came back with her digital camera. “Let’s shoot a picture, for Peter,” I joked.

“Sure, she said. I took a picture of her ass dripping with my cum. Then she turned around, opened her ass in front of my lens, and I took a couple more pictures. You could she her ass was sore inside, and cum and stuff dripping out of her. I loved the sight. Karen sat down on her ass again, crossing her legs.

She looked at my cock and started to pull it towards her. “Now, let’s finish this the way we should.” She totally surprised me when he stuck my dick into her mouth and sucked on it. Then she took it out and cleaned it with her tongue. She left the head for last, slipping her tongue on my pee hole. After she was finished, she gave me a warm wet kiss. Her tongue tasted bitter, which wasn’t surprising: the combination of my sperm and her ass. “What is mine shall be yours, and what’s yours shall be mine,” she said. We hugged. God, I really loved that horny girlfriend of mine. I wondered what would be next. For now we lay against each other. She was lying on her side, I held her close to me, pressing my limp cock against her ass. We fell asleep.

That weekend was going to be the last weekend we would spent together for a while. I was flying out to Cairo on Sunday night, where I would spent about six weeks shooting a romantic comedy. Scenes were also planned in Morocco and Las Vegas. So I wouldn’t see my babe for more than a month. This was going to be a trial. On Saturday night, Karen, Peter and I went out to Para disco, a club in downtown Amsterdam, to see the band ‘Cave In’ play. After the concert, there was a party in Para disco, with DJ’s and stuff, so we spent the whole night over there. Drinking, dancing, and fooling around. At one point Peter was smooching with some Indian girl that had great tits. He was dancing with her on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow.

This was a good moment for Karen and I to slip away and go to the bathroom. We slipped into the men’s room and went into a booth. We started kissing each other.

“God, Rob. I am so fucking horny. Feel,” Karen said. I zipped open her tight pants and tried to pull the fucker down. It was very tight, and I pulled down her underwear with it in one move. With the trousers around her knees, she couldn’t move very well. I put my middle finger in her cunt and discovered that she wasn’t lying. I fingered her cunt for a while and slipped my wet finger in my mouth. Then I put it back in her cunny, only to move it more to her back and stroke my nail across her asshole. “Man, you know my ass still hurts from that anal fuck?” Karen asked.

“But what a fuck it was,” I said while I inserted the finger in her ass. Karen kissed me. Her tongue propping my mouth. I fingered her ass for a while.

“Attention people, it is closing time!” somebody yelled in the hallway. It must’ve been four o’clock. Karen held my hand, pulled it and my finger popped out of her ass. She took the finger and sucked on it. “We’ll do this later, okay?” I nodded. Karen pulled up her pants.

We met Peter upstairs. “Oh there you guys are.”

“Where is your little Indian princess?” Karen asked.

“She had to take the first train home. She had to go to church tomorrow,” he said sadly.

“Don’t worry,” we’ll comfort you. Come on guys, let’s get a cab,” Karen said.

We took a cab to my place, which is on the edge of the centre of town. So only moments later we were sitting on my couch. Peter had brought some pot with him and he was rolling a joint. I got a bottle of Bailey’s from the cabinet and sat down next to Peter on the couch.

Karen’s bladder was about to explode “God, I really have to take a piss. Too much fucking beer…!” She opened the buttons of her trousers, but had a hard time getting out of them.

I looked at Peter “Always a lady.” He laughed, lit up the joint, took a whiff and passed it on to me. I usually don’t smoke, just on special occasions. Karen let herself fall between us on the couch. “Jesus Christ. I can’t even get my trousers off anymore. Fuck.” She took a whiff of the joint too and gave it back to Peter.

He said “Well, I don’t mind if you don’t wear them.”

Karen smiled to both of us. “Well, I don’t think you gentlemen are strong enough to pull down these tight slacks. I’ve sweat so much on the dance floor, I think they’ll stick on me forever.” Peter and I were just the guys for this kind of challenge.

“Lay down,” I said. Karen slid down to the edge of the couch. Peter and I both took a trouser-leg and started to pull. They were stuck indeed. Pete and I looked at each other. “Let’s try again, shall we,” he said. And we pulled again. Nothing seemed to happen.

“Come on guys, hurry up, I really have got to pee!!” Karen yelled, panic in her voice.

“Turn around, on your knees,” I suggested. She turned around. Pete and I were admiring the beautiful curves of her ass. I grabbed the top of her trousers and started to pull the fabric down. Slowly it did go down. Of course I pulled her underwear down also, but she didn’t care. Slowly the top of her ass crack got revealed. I pulled down her trousers even more, slowly revealing more and more of her beautiful ass. I heard Peter sight. He must have had a big boner in his pants by now. Finally the pants were down. Karen got up, stepped out of them. We got a short glimpse of her pussy, before she ran into the bathroom.

Peter and I chased her. “Don’t pee yet!” Peter yelled back. “Pee in the bathtub. I want to see my sister take a piss!” He said with a horny voice. Yep, his boner was getting hard: I could see the outline of his growing cock in his pants. Karen was standing in the bathtub, and was already peeing when we got in. It was a great sight though: Karen, naked from the waist down, her golden shower pouring from her cunt lips in to the bathtub, soaking her own feet and her lower legs. “Ooooohh, that’s a relieve,” she sighted. “Fuck those tight trousers. From now on, I’ll only wear skirts!” she said. Pete watched fascinated at his peeing sister. He started to stroke his cock through his trousers. When Karen was finished, she wanted to wipe her pussy clean with some paper towels.

“No, let me handle that,” Peter said. He went to the bathtub and put his mouth against her pussy. He started to lick her labia. This got me hard, I can tell you. Karen held on to his head, pushing him tight against her pussy. “Hmmmm, that’s nice Pete, thanks,” she said grateful. I took off my pants. My cock was rock hard. Karen took off her top and her bra. Now she was totally naked. Peter disengaged from her pussy. I was naked now too and stepped into the bathtub. I stood close to Karen, my cock pressing against her stomach. We kissed.

“Hon,” I said, “I gotta pee bad too.”

“Don’t let me stop you.”

I pressed hard and a weak stream of piss came out of my pee hole. As every man will know, it’s not easy pissing with a hard-on, but I managed. The drops hit Karen’s stomach, below her bellybutton. She grabbed my dick and pushed it in her cunny as far as it could go. I pissed inside her cunt, although everything fell out immediately of course. “Hold it,” she demanded. Karen lay down in the bathtub, “Okay, let it go.” I pointed at her and pied all over her body. She moved her hands on her breasts like she was rubbing it in. “Move up, I want it in my mouth,” she said. But it was too late. I was already done.

“I’ve got some for you,” Peter said. He was standing naked and was ready to go. He stepped over Karen in the bathtub, and squatted down so his cock was close to her mouth. He started to pee. Karen opened her mouth and caught most of it. “Hmmm, yummy she said.” She swallowed some, but let most of it just drop out of her mouth again. Then Pete was done too.

We showered after that, soaping up each other. Then we were back in the living room, having some drinks. It was early dawn and the sun was showing it’s first rays of light. The sky was painted a beautiful red, announcing it would be a cold day. Karen stood against the window, looking outside. She wore her robe. I moved towards her and kissed her in her neck while I put my arms around her. I had to fly out in a couple of hours and I was going to miss this girl for a long time. I cupped her breasts under her robe, and pinched her nipples.

“MMMMM, izmit kendi evi olan escort more babe,” she said quietly. I also pressed my hard-on against her back. I wore my robe, which was open at the front. Karen turned around and we kissed for a long time. I dropped her robe to the floor, and got out of mine. Karen leaned against the window as I entered her wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and she began to moan

in the same rhythm that I plunged my cock into her. Since this wasn’t a very high building, people across the street would be able to see us fucking. Actually a parking agent and a woman stood still and watched how I pumped my cock in and out of Karen’s cunt.

Peter moaned. He was jerking himself off on the couch. Karen looked at him and smiled. She looked at his cock, and realised once more how much she longed for that cock. I said “We are neglecting our guest.” I walked Karen over to the couch, my cock still buried deep inside her. I was able to keep it in her cunt while I turned her around and she sat down on all fours.

“You know brother, I never really sucked your cock before,” Karen said matter of factly, and then took his cock into her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down his cock head at the same pace as I was fucking her.

“Yeah sis, suck it baby. Suck your brother’s cock. Suck it hard. I need you to suck me hard. I need to come inside your hot mouth. Come on, suck me!” Karen held the base of his cock in her hand and swirled her tongue around his head. She squeezed the base at regular intervals. She could have been a drummer. He really seemed to like it, because he moaned loudly. I loved the sight in front of me and I loved the feeling of her tight cunt stretched around my cock.

Now the moment had arrived everything had been building up to. I sensed it, Karen en Peter certainly sensed it. It was time for their bodies to be reunited, connected once more. Just like they were a few months ago, when this whole fuck-fest began. That moment in which Peter had grabbed his sister from behind, and put his thick cock in her nice pussy and fucked her like she didn’t have a choice. One could wonder if she did have a choice in this whole thing or that the sex-drive between brother and sister was too strong to ignore, sucking everybody in who came too close of them (including me, but also their own sister and who knows in the future.)

Karen looked at me, as if to get my approval. I simply smiled at her.

“Come in my pussy,” Karen said to her brother. I took out my tool, and Karen straddled herself on her brother’s cock. Now this was a sight I will never forget in my horny life: He buried his dick deep inside her little cunt and she started to fuck herself on his thick tool. “OOOH, aaah, yeah,” she screamed. Peter held her ass cheeks and pressed into her ass hard. He was pulling her onto his cock.

I sat down on the couch, so I could look in closely, while I was stroking my own cock. Her cunt lips fitted tightly around his shaft, as if their skin melted together. She was sucking him in as far as he could go. Her face in ultimate bliss, enjoying every stroke, every second of their union.

“God, sis, I’ve missed your tight cunt. I really did. We should do this on a regular basis.” He said.

“Yes, yes we do,” she panted. She looked over at me and moved her head up close to mine, and kissed me. My tongue swirled around in her mouth, around her tongue as if they were dancing. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear. Then she moved back to Peter, to fully concentrate on his fuck tool.

Peter started to speed up his thrusts, making her move up and down faster and faster. Her tits bounced up and down. Her cunt was so wet, it made a hell of a soaking noise. I loved it.

“Jesus sis, if I’d known that you were such a great fuck, I’d would have never bothered with any other cunts!” Pete panted. He was definitely sweating a lot, his skin glistering with his sweat.

“OOOH, God Pete. It feels soooooo gooood!. You two guys have the best dicks I’ve ever had in me. I wish we could fuck each other every f-u-c-k-i-n-g day!” Karen screamed.

“Now spurt your wad into me. Make me cum!” And so it happened. Peter yelled when he filled up his sister’s pussy. She came at the same time, her pussy pulsing and throbbing around him. Smashing her body upon him. As soon as Peter was finished coming in her, I pulled out his cock, moved Karen a little bit to the right and pounded my hard rod into her pussy.

“Oh, yeah, Rob, fuck me honey. Fuck my already filled up cunt. Make the cum splash out of me!!!” Karen yelled. Her cunt was very wet, being filled up with her brother’s cum. Every time I took my tool out, just leaving the head inside her, I could see my cock was covered with her brothers cum. A wonderful sight. It didn’t take long for me to come too and I spurted a load of cum inside her wet cunt. “Yeah, you fucking cunt, I am filling you up right now!” I said while I climaxed.

“Don’t pull your dick from her,” Peter said, while he moved back under Karen. He pushed his cock against her cunt lips and tried to enter her too. After trying for a while we both had our cocks inside her pussy. Peter’s was only halfway in, but it felt great. My cock was in my girlfriend’s cunt, while it pressed against her brother’s cock, which was also in her pussy. “God, you guys are both inside. I am stretched up to the limit. I can take no more!” We fucked her slowly, careful not to slip out of her slippery slit.

“Aaaaah, it’s too much.” Karen climaxed. Her cunt juice spurting all over the place. Her body shaking so much, both of our cocks slipped out of her cunt. She fell down on the couch, next to Peter and me.

Peter immediately grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off. He moved his face close to my cock and while he looked at me, he started to lick my head. Wow, that was a horny sight, I can tell you. Felt great too. Karen was still recovering, while her brother took my head into his mouth. He sucked just on the head. He cupped my balls and played with them. Then he took my whole cock and shoved it into his mouth. Its head reached his throat and he almost choked on me. Then he deep-throated me, like he was some expert cocksucker. Karen looked at us with big eyes. She had never seen anything like it. Nor had I.

I felt the suction increase. I moaned louder.

I felt my cum moving up. “Shit, I am cumming,” I said. Peter shoved my dick out of his mouth, except for my cock head. I spurted my cum against the back of his mouth. He sucked me dry.

“Wow, guys. That was really fucking horny.” Karen said. We both agreed. She gave Peter a kiss; they shared my cum. Karen swallowed. “Any chance you could do the same for my brother?” Karen asked with a mischievous smile on her face. I looked at Pete and then at his cock. It seemed to grow just by looking at it. To be honest, I am not sure how I felt about sucking another man’s cock. But then again, I would have done anything to make Karen happy. Before I could say anything however, the phone rang. Karen walked to it and picked it up. Cum was still leaking down her legs when she answered. I sat down next to Pete. My cock was lying lazily between my legs.

“Hello? Oh Hi dad….”

“What?” Karen said. “Okay, we’ll be there in an hour. Bye” She hung up the phone, her face turned pale.

“What is it honey?” I asked carefully.

“That was dad. He wants to have a family meeting at eleven o’ clock.”

Pete looked surprised “Why?”

“Mum and he are breaking up.” Karen said while she sat down on my lap and hugged me.

About 90 minutes later we were at their parent’s house. Apparently their mom and dad didn’t get along as well as they thought. And their mother decided to go to Paris, to live with her sister for a while. Dad would stay at the house with the kids, until things got better or until they decided what to do. It was a family crisis. Jeanine cried, and Karen comforted her.

Later that day I was sitting on Karen’s bed and we talked.

“You know I’ve got to go. I’ve got to do this gig,” I said to her.

Karen sat next to me, her head on my shoulder. “I know.”

“You want me to skip this one, and stay?” I asked her.

She kissed me. “No, go. I’ll be fine. This is a big job, a big movie, right?” I nodded. “So do it.

I will be fine, I’ve got Pete and Jeanine. We’ll help dad out. We’ll be fine.”

Three hours later we were at the airport. Karen and I said our goodbyes. We held each other tight and after a long kiss, I went into the plane. Leaving her behind with all the family trouble.

Who knew what would happen in the next six weeks. I can tell you one thing though, I could have never suspected that things would turn out that weird. I never realised that the sexy events that had started a while ago, were merely the beginning.

To be continued…..

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