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Karen’s Cotton Undies

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Big Tits

This is a story about a date I had about 6 months ago with a 36-year-old woman called Karen.

I had worked with Karen previously before she had left our place of employment for another job.

We always gotten on well in the workplace – she was a married woman at the time with 2 children and displayed quite a shy and reserved demeanour for the most part but not in a boring way. She simply wasn’t possessed of an outgoing personality but more than made up for it with a good sense of humour and a very earthy attitude to things, which had always impressed me. And of course she was very cute – not overly tall but a nice body with curves in just the right places.

I would stop short of saying we flirted with each other but I think we both sensed that if the situation were any different, it might have been nice to see each other outside of work at some stage.

My feelings towards her were enhanced when I happened to catch a glimpse of her undies one day when she bent over at a certain angle.

Her shirt lifted and her jeans pulled down just enough in the other direction to catch a brief peek of her white cotton undies at the top of her jeans and this was a moving enough experience to encourage me to masturbate over Karen quite regularly for some time to come.

I got particularly excited at work whenever I knew she was going to visit the ladies room, as I imagined, (often in graphic detail) what might have been going on in there.

At the time of her departure, I was naturally disappointed but accepting of the situation and was equally happy just to let things be.

That was until about 6 months ago when I ran into Karen for the first time in probably 5 years purely by chance.

We ended up talking for about 10 minutes and exchanged phone numbers willingly but most significantly, she let it be known that she had separated from her husband.

The signals I got that from that encounter that she was indeed quite keen to catch up, so after a few days of deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and send her a text.

It was fairly basically along the lines of “let’s catch up soon if you’re available.” I’m often not overly confident when I engage these types of encounters and am just as happy to let them go and expect little if any response once I’ve put it out there.

To my surprise on this occasion, Karen returned my text within 30 minutes with a positive response to the effect that her husband had the kids which meant that she was free over the upcoming weekend, so let’s make a date.

Now totally encouraged, I fashioned a time and place and locked in a rendezvous for Saturday evening.

Needless to say, I had been masturbating quite enthusiastically leading up to the big night.

Images of Karen and her pretty undies were at the forefront of my fantasies along with plenty of imaginings of her in the ladies room taking care of what she needed to.

Putting these lewd thoughts aside as Saturday evening arrived, I met Karen initially at a local bar and we then continued to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.

The evening was a great success and quite frankly I would have been happy to leave it at that, certainly keeping it open to meet again sometime soon.

But as the evening progressed, the topic of conversation, perhaps inevitably moved onto Karen’s separation from her husband.

Rather than developing into an emotive counselling session, Karen instead expressed how relieved she was to be out of a generally unhappy situation and moreover that even though she had been estranged from her husband now for over 2 years, she had not been in another relationship since.

It so happened that I hadn’t had a girlfriend either for an extended period and I also made this known to Karen.

There now seemed to be something of a common cause at hand and shortly thereafter, I found myself offering Karen a lift back to her apartment.

Happily for me, Karen accepted and even more happily, ended up inviting me in for a coffee.

Karen had removed her shoes from the time we arrived back at the apartment and looked particularly sexy slinking around in bare feet as she poured me another cup a coffee.

The conversation continued healthily as the clock ticked steadily beyond midnight.

“One thing I really miss about not being in a relationship for so long is the massages.” Karen admitted. “I used to get them all the time when we were first together but funny how they just faded away with everything else….”

“Well I’m sure I could oblige if you wanted,” I responded.

“That would be nice!” Karen confessed.

Karen’s sexy bare feet seemed as good a place to start as any, so this is what I offered.

She quickly accepted and for the next 10 minutes sat there massaging her feet and ankles, making a point to massage some distance up her legs inside her jeans.

Not wanting to force this issue to quickly, I then offered to plunge into her shoulders, which she also keenly agreed to.

I then checked myself as Karen Anadolu Yakası Escort now sat herself on the floor between my knees with not only her shoulders but pretty much any part of her body that I may have wanted to touch, available.

Using her shoulders as the obvious pretext, I applied as firm a massage as I thought she would enjoy – Karen was not a big boned girl and although she had ample flesh in the right places, I was careful not to fracture any part of her as I dug in firmly but sensually.

I gained permission within a few minutes to slide Karen’s cardigan off her shoulders to give me “better access” which is exactly what her tightly fitting cotton top gave me, along with the better part of a throbbing hard-on.

Still resisting the urge to advance too rapidly, I continued to work her shoulders at the back but ever so gradually moved my hands towards her collarbones and chest.

My fingers inched downwards towards her cleavage – Karen was not big-breasted but certainly had appropriately shaped boobs for a woman of her size.

Karen slowly opened her eyes, directing something of an obvious look up at me.

“Would you like to touch me there?” she queried.

“If you’d like me to,” I replied.

“I’d really like you to!!” she urged.

At this, my hands found their way fully around Karen’s breasts, gently squeezing and kneading them through her thin cotton shirt and bra.

“NICE!!!!” I cooed in Karen’s left ear.

Karen paused after a few minutes and removed both her top layers, giving me a lovely first look at her small and well-shaped breasts. My hands were able to move directly to her nipples which became quite erect immediately with the flesh-to-flesh contact.

“Do you like my boobies?” Karen enticed me. “I hope you don’t think they’re too small.”

“Not at all!!” I said in all honestly.

They were indeed on the smaller side but VERY nice to touch and feel.

Her now erect nipples became little buttons of brown putty in my hands as I continued to noodle them around to both her great delight and mine.

My hands also continued to wander in a downwards direction, gradually towards the top of her jeans.

Sensing where things were going, Karen intervened.

“Would you like to go into the bedroom?”

“I’d love to!!” I gibbered slightly.

We both gathered ourselves and headed in that direction, with Karen leading the way.

Things escalated rapidly from there as we embraced immediately and began kissing, Karen still topless and my jeans now swelling noticeably from the inside.

Karen’s hand movement acknowledged my arousal as we dropped quickly onto the bed.

I pulled off my shirt and followed my slowly beginning to undo Karen’s jeans, revealing to my delight a pair of pretty pink cotton underpants underneath.

“Pink panties hey??” I taunted.

“Do you like them?” Karen asked “It’s been a while since a man has seen me in my underwear.”

“I’m glad to be the lucky one right now!!” I gushed.

Once again, I was more than happy to advance slowly, gradually moving my face down towards her panty-clad nether region and beginning to kiss and nudge her around the area with my nose and lips.

Karen accommodated by parting her knees and now revealing the cotton covered triangle between her legs.

Immediately, I noticed two things – the shadow of brown pubic hair around the outline of her undies, some of which was just coming out the sides and also a clear patch of dark staining on the panty gusset – at this , I did not say anything out of courtesy for Karen.

She also did not resist or try to hide the source of potential embarrassment, so I gladly continued.

My face now moved down between her now open legs and with panties still on, I began rubbing my nose, mouth and face along the length of her panty-covered vagina.

Karen gently moaned as I also started licking the outside of the panties.

Unmistakable was the musky aroma wafting towards me – a sweaty, steamy vaginal tang which was not unfamiliar to smell between a woman’s legs.

Now entirely seduced by Karen’s wares, I began moves to manipulate her panties to begin revealing her private parts.

I ran my tongue ran up and down either side of her undies, feeling the coarse texture of her pubic hair on it and also catching a whiff of another unmistakable pussy odour – fish!

“WOW!!” I thought to myself. “This cute, shy, unassuming woman has a pussy that smells like fish!!”

With this, I simply couldn’t get enough and had to reveal more.

I gathered the courage to delve further as I gently peeled Karen’s panties away from her vulva to not only reveal the ample staining Karen had created inside her panties but also the full covering of brown curly pubic hair between her legs as well as the sharp fishy aroma that was escaping from her now exposed genitals.

As her vagina became visible form in amongst all the pubic hair, I noticed immediately how PINK it was.

“So Avrupa Yakası Escort VERY pretty!!” I thought to myself as I split her protruding petals apart with my fingers.

Inside, I could see her vagina glistening bright pink with some streaks of cream smeared across the rippled meatus and her little black pee hole also now splitting apart before me.

Framed as it was by an unspoiled crop of dark brown pubic hair, Karen’s vagina truly was very pretty – and very FEMININE.

Her distinctly fishy odour revealed itself from within her pink cotton underpants, the colour of the material rather dull in comparison with the actual colour of Karen’s vaginal opening.

I felt compelled to comment at this point not, of course, wanting to cause Karen any measure of discomfort or embarrassment but more with the intention of giving her a complement, if at all possible.

“WOW, I love your fishy smell down here Karen!” I said “I hate how men joke about the smell of women’s private parts when I actually think it’s what makes women smell like real women!!”

“No one has ever said that to me before!” Karen revealed with a sense of relief in her voice, pulling her legs even wider apart as if to reward me for my complement. “I’ve always been self-conscious about my smells down there and I know it can get pretty stinky some of the time. My husband used to get totally grossed out and wouldn’t touch me down there!!”

“Damned FOOL!!” I joked, “His loss – MY GAIN!!!”

I continued to explore Karen’s hairy, fishy quim with a vengeance.

With her full covering of mousy-brown pubic hair, it was necessary to search in amongst it to locate her private women’s bits.

Using my fingers to pull apart her labia majora, I could see her moist, wrinkled labia minora folded within the larger lips.

As I kept pulling, her pretty brownish-pink flaps slowly separated and dangled loosely outward. Beyond the flaps, I could see the glistening pink folds of her vaginal interiors – her urethra became apparent as the lips opened as did her clitoris, which partially revealed itself from beneath its protective hood.

Karen’s clitoris was quite well-sized in proportion with the rest of her vagina, which was quite small and tight. Her labia were of a medium size and were long enough to take on a curtain-like effect when they were spread apart.

I had never expected to see so much of Karen’s body yet she was revealing some very private things to me. After all my imaginings of what was really in between Karen’s legs, I was now finding out!

“Wow, you REALLY do have a pretty vagina!!” I remarked , still not having made reference to the brown staining on the inside of her knickers. “Such pretty, pink flaps hanging loosely in amongst all your pubes. It’s so natural to keep yourself like this Karen – don’t ever be embarrassed or ashamed about it! And it’s so moist and clammy – would you like me to stick my tongue inside it??”

“MMMMMMM. PLEASE DO!!!” Karen gasped.

At this, I plunged my tongue in between Karen’s vaginal flaps and into the core of her pink opening. The taste and smell of fish combined with the typical tang of what I imagined to be her normal feminine secretions was completely intoxicating. The sweaty funk of her pubic hair was also permeating my senses.

“I just LOVE the taste of your fishy pussy Karen!!” I repeated after several minutes of licking away. “I don’t think there’s anything else quite like it after hearing all the jokes about what women really smell and taste like and then discovering a beautiful woman who actually does!! How does my tongue feel inside you Karen?”

“I LOVE IT!!” she replied and then after a few seconds she continued, “I’d love you to keep licking me like this – my husband never did, I only ever got used to having his thing in my vagina – her never even put his fingers in there, he thought it was disgusting!! If you enjoy my odour, I just want you to keep licking me if you’re OK with it!!”

With this as an invitation, I was compelled to continue, taking the opportunity of inspecting Karen’s pussy very closely as I went.

For a woman who had given birth to 2 children, her vagina was refreshingly tight – very pink and SO pretty, surrounded by a mousy brown triangle of pubic hair and lovely loose pink flaps and quite a large, glistening and swollen clitoris which was tucked in underneath the wrinkled pink flesh of her clitoral hood.

When I pulled her vaginal lips apart I could see the obvious opening of her urethra which sat just above the shiny pink mush of her baby hole.

Underneath all of this, I could see the darker stain of her anus which I was also very keen to inspect.

As I lifted her legs, and spreading her buttocks, I could see the wrinkled nub of her anus and it was just as pink as the interior of her vagina!!

The area around her anal opening told a different tale – the brown external staining resembled a colour which must have been very close to that of her faeces.

With all İstanbul Escort her private openings now spread wide open in front of me and emitting a wonderfully sharp, fishy and feminine odour, I took up Karen’s offer to keep licking her.

Swirling my tongue around her vagina and through the pubic hair, Karen began to moan.

I kept her pink undies pulled to the side all the while, still not mentioning anything about the staining.

Her vagina was so pink and inviting, it seemed only appropriate to insert my tongue inside, which I did.

I could almost immediately taste the tang of her vaginal moisture as well as a distinct taste of pee – I remembered Karen having gone to the toilet about 3 or 4 times during the evening, so the remnant taste was probably from this.

It was a very soft and wet feeling on my tongue as I began to slide it in and out of her tender vaginal opening.

Her brown pubic hair brushed my nose and chin as I firmed and extended my tongue inside her, building up a nice rhythm as Karen really began to moan deeply with my tongue moving in and out of her.

There was also a lovely cocktail of Karen’s fishy pussy juice and her urine building up in my mouth.

This was really what I wanted to savour, in the knowledge that this had all been produced inside Karen’s underpants within the space of an evening.

It was wonderful to experience so directly the activity between this woman’s legs during the time I had been with her.

Yet there was even more to come.

I was very motivated to eventually transfer my tongue from her vagina to her dirtier back passage and enjoy the odour and taste that was on offer from this very private part of her body.

As I got around to shifting her undies to another position in order to get better access to her rear end, Karen notice me pause and briefly inspect the fabric.

“Have I got stains on my undies down there??” she asked.

“MmmmmHmmmm…” was my cautious reply.

“What colour are they??” Karen continued to enquire.

“Pretty brown and yellow,” I answered honestly.

“Mmmmm. I ‘m sorry! Sorry, I’ve always got stains in my undies, even when I was a young girl and I’m still getting them. I can’t help it. Please don’t be turned off by it, I keep myself really clean down there most of the time.” Karen was apologetic.

“It’s OK,” I responded. “I love seeing someone’s undies in their natural condition!! It’s what it means to be a mature woman and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s your secret stories from your private lady bits and it’s like the inside of your pink cotton knickers are the canvas! I love seeing a lady’s discharge stains when she takes her undies off and sometimes I don’t even mind a few skid marks in there as well!!

“I don’t have any of those do I??!!” she asked with shock.

“Let me see,” I said as I altered the gusset to get a better look. “You’ve actually got some light ones at the back here!!”

“OH NO!! I’m SOOOO sorry…” Karen giggled apologetically.

“Please don’t worry!! I think it’s actually really sexy!!!” I admitted enthusiastically.

And at this, I applied my nose to both sets of stains and inhaled Karen’s private odour.

It was such a huge turn on to be sniffing the discharge stains on the inside of Karen’s pink underpants.

Her tiny crotch panel was entirely stained brown with intimate female fluids; the top seam of the panel was heavily wrinkled most likely from the direct contact with her moist labia for the duration of the time that we were out on our date.

I also began sniffing around the back of her knickers, where her anus had left some very light but visible brown staining. Perhaps this was as a result of her not wiping her bottom properly after going to the toilet – a suspicion that was probably confirmed moments later when I spread her anus wide apart and noticed an amount of brown faecal residue in the hairs around it.

The sweaty, fishy musk of her vaginal discharge was highly sensual, combined with the soft, stained dirtiness of the inside of her panties.

But it was the distinctive faecal tang of the rear skid marks that enhanced the smell and taste of her private openings more than anything.

Having sniffed the interior of her undies thoroughly over several minutes, I then began running my tongue across the surface of the dirty crotch panel, looking up at Karen as I did so.

Her response was almost as if I had been applying my tongue directly onto her clitoris – moaning deeply with her eyes closed as I licked and eventually began sucking the discharge soaked material.

Taking the entire inner crotch panel into my mouth, I was now fully engaged with Karen’s vaginal discharge – all the flavours and odours of her pretty private parts were now finding their way into my mouth and nose.

I was also finding it very difficult to reconcile the idea that Karen’s husband had been so averse to enjoying his wife’s intimate secrets like this.

Her unwashed vagina was so pretty and feminine – it had been so clearly active inside her soft, cotton underpants and was capable of producing such a natural fishy odour and beautiful, moist staining that I simply could not understand why a married man would not take advantage of a wife that presented him with this as a matter of course.

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