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Just Too Much Fun

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Big Tits

Let me say this is my first attempt at writing for Literotica and after several starts I find this is a lot harder than I thought. If this were on paper rather than on a computer I am sure there would be a heap of paper in my trash can. After reading this some of you may think it belongs in a trash can any way. But so be it here goes. This story is part truth, part imagination and part wishful thinking and no I am not going to tell you what part is what so don’t ask.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This all started last summer around mid-August. The summer was passing quickly and my dear loving husband had been promising since spring to take me and the twins to the lake for a two week stay. So after putting my foot down throwing a tantrum cutting him off sexually and not cooking for three days he finely agreed to rent us a cabin for two week. That got him a blow job and a promise for more later. However as we were packing the SUV Arnold got a call that he was needed for a job out of town. I strapped the twins in the back seat shot him a bird and drove out the drive all alone.

The cabin was large, clean, fully stocked with liquor and food. Every drawer and out side door had child proof locks. Plus there was a list of three elderly ladies in the area that were recommended for baby sitting day or night. I was so pissed about being here alone I wanted some freedom of movement so I called and hired a lady in her early sixties to come and stay with us for the entire two weeks.

Her Name was Eloise Hummel and she was slim, pretty, kind of sexy for her age and I liked her right off. She took to the twins and they seemed to accept her so mommy was free to swim, stop by the water side bar, and look sexy as hell in her tiny bikini.

I was white as a sheet but as I slipped on my bikini a soft sky blue I somehow did not look so pale. My breasts had ballooned with the birth of the twins as had my stomach however the stomach went back flat after several months of physical exercise. However to my husband’s much delight the breasts stayed two sizes larger than they had been. This I hear is very uncommon and in my bikini I could see it was going to be a problem. Too much meat for too little material to hold. But boy did I have cleavage. My ass was just a little wider and that pulled the bottom up into my crack front and back.

Not a pretty sight. But it was late in the season and many of the cabins were already empty even a few of the business were closed. This side of the lake has always catered to families and not too many of the younger crowd hang out over here. So maybe I would not look too bad if I did not stand too close to a really well figured girl.

I walked down to the store and got a bottle of frozen water to sip as if melted. Finding a deck chair I dropped my terry cloth cover and towel next to it and made my way to the lake. There were few people around but I still felt a little foolish for being so skimpily dress. A married woman with children maybe should be more conservative. I was up to my knees when I heard a lady cry out Beylikdüzü escort kind of a shrill sound of excited terror. Turning I saw a lady running toward the water. She seemed to be looking at me. I turned to see a child floundering just a few yards out from where I was. Without thinking I dashed out into deeper water and grabbed the arm of a little girl as she slipped below the water. The child was fighting me and in the fiasco she ripped my top off. However I was how holding the child above water and making may way toward shore. I was within a few feet of shore when the screaming mother came rushing up to me reaching for her child. I turned her over and tried to cover my flopping breasts. My top was gone to a better place I hoped. I went to my chair and picked up my towel. Wrapping it around me I headed back to the mother who was now holding her child very close.

She said her name was Easter Turner and the child was Maggie age seven. It seemed Maggie was a good swimmer but she had taken a mouth full of water and panicked. I helped Ester pick up her belongs and walked with up to her cabin which was just down in front of my rental.

Ester and I seemed to find a friend in one another. Maggie went to bed and Ester open a bottle of wine to steady our nerves. The second bottle was even better than the first. I had not done any serious drinking since before I was married. In fact I had not been drunk since the night I lost my virginity. It seems Ester’s husband was not unlike my own a busy man good father when he was around but always too busy to pay attention to her or Maggie.

Some how we got onto the subject of men and how great it had been before we were married. Ester went for the kill and said she had more and better sex before she was married then in the last eight years. I agreed with her there had been some times when it had been really good. Ester blurted out how she had even been with two men at the same time once and how she still thinks of that night from time to time but her husband was so straight laced he would never think of getting down and dirty. This sounded so sexy to me I asked her all about it. In my drunken state I admitted I wished something like that would happen to me. We laughed and she said “Vanessa why don’t we go to that noisy club across the lake and have a ball.”

It sounded like a great idea to me so we packed up Maggie and took her to my place where my baby sitter agreed to spend the night.

I changed into white shorts a yellow top that let my middle show. High heels and a scarf in my hair pulling it back as it was really a mess after the water battle with Maggie. Bright red lip gloss and I was ready. I carried a small bag with a credit card and my ID.

Ester was a gorgeous lady taller than my five six and slimmer than my one forty. But I had her out classed in the breast department by two sizes. I think my ass was wider too but we will not go into that now.

We were still a little bombed as we laughed and walked into the den of delight and temptation. We made it to a table along the wall before we were approached Beylikdüzü escort by two men a little older than the average crowd in here. Ester said “OK boys you buy the drinks and we’ll let you play later.” The guy who sat next to me was broad shouldered and solidly built a weight lifter was my guess. The other guy was tall lean and built for speed. He had Ester laughing at dirt jokes in a minute flat. My guy was kind of a follower with a witty word as we went laughingly into the night. It was not yet ten when Ester said she was starved. So the four of us left and found a small grill open. Instead of eating in we order to go and packed into two cars and headed for Ester cabin.

Beer all around with ham sandwiches seemed to fill the bill. Tony my friend for the night was sitting close on the sofa with me while Ester and Mark were on the floor across the coffee table from us. I must have blinked because I did not see Ester’s top come off. But there she was naked from the waist up. Mark said “Wow Ester nice tits.”

They turned toward me and said “Ok Vanessa let us see those knockers you have been hiding all night.” It never crossed my mind not to rip off my top and let these “Knocker” out for a breath of fresh air.

Tony said “Well OK nice really nice. I love big round tits.” He reached and took a nipple between his powerful fingers and twisted it. No too hard but enough to let me feel the sensations of it.

Ester cried out “Last one naked get an ass spanking.” Tony jumped to his feet as did Mark. Ester rolled on her back jerking down panties and shorts all in one motion. I stood; missed my footing fell back on the sofa. I was still on my ass when I saw two guys with enormous hard-on’s wiggling at me. I laughed and knocked over a beer as I struggle to get to my feet.

“Shit.” I said and I finely got my shorts down around my ankles.

Ester grabbed Mark by the dick and Tony in one fell swoop picked me up and carried me to the bedroom behind Ester and Mark. Tony sat me down across his lap. My bare ass shinning white in the low light. Tony held me in place as Ester smacked me on the butt. That smarted and I cried out still laughing at this ridiculous situation. Then came a much harder whack. This got a real cry of pain out of me. “Come on guys this is not fun. Ok! Let me up.”

Tony let go with one hand still holding me tight a cross his lap he took his turn at slapping my ass. I was about to say something when I felt my cheeks being pull wide apart. Ester said “Wow, she dose have a pretty little ass hole guys who wants to be the first to fuck it?”

Tony said “My date my ass hole but first we need to loosen it up for my cock and we need some jelly. You got any Ester?”

“Sure Tony I’ll get it.” Ester said.

I was wiggling and I reached under my belly to get a hold of Tony’s cock. My fingers could hardly fit around his very erect very hard cock. “Oh, Tony you’re too big. Besides I have not have my ass fucked since I was in college.” I cried. I was feeling his cock and jerking on it wildly. God it felt so good to hold a Escort Beylikdüzü cock in my hand. I closed my eyes and really started feeling as if I wanted his cock in me. I was so hot.

Just then I felt Ester spread my cheeks again and rub K-Y jelly on my ass and force some into my ass hole. Tony pushed the jelly in deeper with a stub of a finger. He was fucking my ass with a finger and I was moaning helplessly. I was in heat; I was so in need I would have let a dog fuck me just then.

Tony lifted me up turned me around slammed me face down on the bed. At the same time he got behind me lifted my hips as if I were a rag doll. Mark got up in front and lifted my face out of the tangled sheets. Marks cock was there right in front of my face. Ester got down right next to me and kissed me on the mouth. When she pulled away she had hold of Mark’s cock pulling it toward my mouth.

I opened my mouth accepting his long thin cock into my mouth. Ester said “Suck his cock Vanessa, wow, look at her go for it. She has sucked cock before.” And they all laugh.

I was feeling the warmth build in me. Not like it was with my husband but kind of wild out of control I wanted to do everything I wanted to suck this stranger off and I wanted Tony to, to “Oh, god take it easy Tony, please take it easy. Oh, shit you’re too fucking big. Tony; Please Oh, oh, oh, oh, God; shit; damn fuck.” I cried as I felt Tony cock slide slowly into my stretched ass hole.

Mark held my head as he jerked his hips fucking my mouth wildly. Ester pushed me aside and took Marks cock in her mouth just as he let the first long juicy spray of sperm fly. Ester sucked, swallowed and milked his cock for every drop. I pushed her away so I could get the last few drops of cum. I was so hungry I was starved for a taste of that pungent male semen. I had been lusting for the smell of sex and the taste of sex and now here I was getting my ass ripped apart while I sucked a total strangers cock of the last few drops of cum. was I a fucking whore at heart? Was I fucking nuts or was I just having too much fun.

The rolls were reversed a few minutes later as Ester invoked her right to take on both guys in the same way I had. Except she sucked Tony off and Mark fucked her in the ass. After this we all showered, had a few more beers and then Tony laid me on the bed and climbed up over me coming down between my legs with his very thick cock filling my cunt with joy, delight and a pleasure I had not known in a long time. Ester took Mark on next to us as we four shook the bed and all four walls of this old cabin. I cried out as I climaxed “If my husband could see me now.”

I don’t seem to remember much after that. It was nearly light as I picked up my shorts and top. I made my way up the hill to my cabin. Everyone was a sleep as I felt my way up to my bedroom. I once more dropped my clothing and slipped into bed right next to my sleeping husband. I thought ‘Oh shit then I thought Oh, fuck it. Then I thought my ass is sore.” Then I fell asleep.

This was just too much fun to worry about my husband. If he wanted to know were I was and what I was doing last night I’ll tell him. Fuck it I had fun and I’ll have fun like that again. Maybe not right away but it will happen I will make sure of that.

Next “My husband sees the light”

Vanessa Campbell

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