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Just That Time of the Month

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Morgan gasps as Adam shoves her up against the wall, a look of sudden hunger glimmering in his eyes as he crushes their bodies together… Heat begins to blossom in her cheeks and pools in her belly. Every muscle in his body is tensed, like a big cat ready to pounce on its unsuspecting prey…

“Wh-what are you doing?” She asks with an awkward chuckle, feeling a strange sense of sudden anxiety. Why is he looking at her like that? She shivers.

Adam’s hand ghosts over her body, tracing the ample curve of her belly and slipping under the waistband of her sweatpants, stroking her lower lips through the thin fabric of her panties — though the sensation is dulled somewhat by the maxi-pad that’s in the way… Even dulled as the sensation is, it causes Morgan to take a sudden sharp breath — she’s already overly sensitive, already her cunt feels hot and heavy — as it always does during this time of the month, blood rushing downwards and seemingly being trapped there until the next stage in the cycle… Her cheeks grow even hotter, though now it’s with embarrassment rather than arousal.

“Why are you embarrassed?” Adam asks, his voice a low whisper as he pushes her panties aside, slipping a single finger into Morgan’s cunt. “I already knew you were on your period — you know what I am…”

Morgan hakes her head, catching her lower lip between her teeth. “I…” Her body responds to his touch, to the sudden penetration with jolts of excitement, sending shivers down her spine. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you could smell me like that, I–“

Adam laughs softly. “Morgan, why are you apologizing? You smell amazing. ” A second finger joins the first as he speaks, both pushed even deeper inside of her.

Morgan’s cunt is already slick from her blood, her clit becoming swollen and throbbing in time with her now racing heartbeat. It feels good to have him inside of her now — it eases the uncomfortable ache between her thighs. Something between a whimper and a moan slips from her lips, the embarrassment is still heavy in her chest, but her growing arousal is quickly crowding it out.

“Adaaaaaammmmmm…” She whispers, his name drawn out into a soft moan… Already, she’s trembling as his fingers drag over her sweet spot and he pulls them nearly free of her confines before thrusting them into her asyalı escort again.

How can he want her right now? She hasn’t showered in days and she’s in ratty sweatpants and old stained panties… She feels gross but he seems almost more interested in her than usual.

“Mm… I always want you, Morgan. You know that.” He purrs, his voice thick and hoarse with his need for her. “Especially right now when I can smell the blood dripping from your swollen cunt, your scent calling to me — begging me to throw you down to the ground and devour you…” He nips at her earlobe, catching it between his teeth and causing Morgan to gasp.

Morgan squeezes her eyes shut, feeling Adam’s hard cock pressed against her soft, full belly as he grinds against her, fucking her aching cunt with his fingers. “What?”

She can hardly think — it isn’t like Adam hasn’t gone down on her before. He has, plenty of times, taking incredible pleasure in the way she tangles her fingers into his hair, holding him in place and grinding her cunt into his face as his lips and tongue bring her to a screaming climax over and over again… But he’s never talked about it like this. Never talked about how badly he wants to devour her… Of course, it is the first time she’s gotten her period since they started dating…And Adam is a vampire, after all… but none of these thoughts make her feel less flustered about the idea.

“Do you want me to, darling?” Adam asks, pulling his fingers free from inside of her, both covered in a mix of Morgan’s blood and the oil slick of lubricant inside her. “Do you want my mouth on you?”

When he slips his fingers into his mouth and groans Morgan swears she’s never been so fucking turned on. The way his eyes flutter closed, the way he loses himself in her taste, making that same sound of pleasure again as he swallows. Holy fuck. It’s too much, she can’t take it.

“Please!” She cries out suddenly. “Oh God, I want you to do it — please!”

And then he kisses her hard on the mouth and she can taste her own blood as it mingles with the coppery cool taste of his saliva, his tongue slipping past her lips as they melt into one another. Adam’s lips move down from her mouth, over her throat and for a moment, she expects him to bite down. Morgan expects to feel his ayaş escort fangs sink into her flesh and for the bliss of his venom to come washing over her as her body sings with joy… But he doesn’t. He pulls up her tank top, freeing her large soft breasts and revealing her ample belly, making her shiver as the hem of the fabric catches on her rapidly hardening nipples. Adam takes her tits in his hands, squeezing and kneading them with eagerness as Morgan gasps and moans. His palms feel rough against her nipples and pleasure ripples through her, her hips rolling and rocking against him of their own accord… She takes her lower lip between her teeth again, trying desperately to stifle the moans that leave her lips.

“Don’t you dare.” Adam growls, grabbing her hips and pushing them back against the wall. “Don’t you dare hold back your moans. I want to hear every whimper, every gasp — I want to hear you crying my name while you cum. Do you understand? If you try to keep yourself quiet, I’m going to stop…”

Morgan nods. “Yes love — I’m sorry. Please, please don’t stop.”

“Good girl.”

He’s pulling her pants down and her panties along with them now — exposing her cunt to the air. The curling patch of her vibrant red pubic hair seems even more vibrant now, coated in her glistening red blood. Adam draws in a sharp breath and Morgan sees the hunger in his eyes become even greater, sees him tighten like a piano wire. Her breath catches in her throat.

“Fuck…” Adam whispers as he sinks down to his knees, pushing Morgan’s thighs apart with his hands, pushing her harder against the wall with her knees over his shoulders.

Her head falls back against the wall with a THUNK and she moans when he brings his mouth to her clit, lips wrapped around it, sucking hard on the tender nub of flesh. Waves of pleasure roll through Morgan’s body, moans falling from her lips like rain.

“Adam — oh! FUCK!” She didn’t expect it to happen so quickly but her period has made her so unbearably over sensitive that even a few seconds of Adam sucking on her clit has her cumming hard. “FUCK!”

He doesn’t stop but his lips move from her clit and his tongue slips into Morgan’s still spasming hole and he groans, the sound muffled with his face buried between her legs. Again and again aydınlıkevler escort his tongue slides into her cunt before pulling back and Adam continues to moan as he gets mouthfuls of her blood. She grips his hair, holding his head in place as she grinds against him. A part of her can’t believe he’s actually doing this — none of her other boyfriends had even offered… Sure, they were willing to fuck her when she was on her period but that was usually a more “practical” thing — they didn’t think she could get pregnant if she was on her period… She rides out another long, shuddering orgasm, a desperate cry tearing itself from her throat, every muscle in her body going rigid and her fingers spasming before gripping even tighter. Oh fuck that felt good.

“Oh god — d-don’t stop!” Morgan cries, already feeling another climax beginning to wash over her and getting the distinct impression that he didn’t plan to — he planned to keep going until she couldn’t take it anymore and begged him to stop…

Nearly fifteen minutes later, she finally reached that point — covered in a sheen of sweat, her legs shaking, her head spinning and her abs burning.

” — Ah! I can’t — fuck! N-no more!”Morgan wails, cumming again and feeling like she’s going to pass the fuck out — her throat is hoarse, her hair is plastered to her face by that sweat and she can’t seem to catch her breath. “Stop!”

Adam laughs softly, the vibration of the sound causing Morgan to clench her teeth. “Hm?” He pushes her back a bit, helping settle her feet back onto the ground and looking up at her. The hunger’s faded from his eyes, replaced by something surprisingly tender. “Done already?”

Morgan nods, barely able to speak. “Can’t… cum…anymore…” She pants, untangling her fingers from Adam’s hair, her knuckles aching after holding onto him like that for so long… She watches him lick the blood from his lips before getting to his feet…

And her knees give out under her, sending Morgan thumping onto the ground with a squeak of surprise. Adam reaches out and ruffles her hair.

“I’ll wash up and get the bath running for you.” He says, starting to walk down the hall towards the bathroom. “Just wait right there.”

Morgan sighs, going limp against the wall. “Don’t worry, I don’t think I can use my legs again just yet.”

She closes her eyes, focusing on catching her breath as the realization hits her that as long as she’s still human, this was probably going to happen every month. A smile works its way across her face — maybe she’ll be looking forward to her period every month from now on.

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