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Just Out of Reach

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We’d worked together for several months, but I never realized how fond I’d grown of you, nor much your leaving would impact me. We were only co-workers who sat over the cubicle wall from one another, at least that’s how it seemed at the time. But as time grew on there seemed to be a growing attraction between the two of us. Stolen glances and innuendo became more frequent, until one day you made a comment about your husband. I emailed you, digging deeper into your personal life, fearing I was asking too much, but you replied honestly and frankly.

Eventually our email conversations turned to what we were both lacking in our marriages, and exchanged fantasies and desires, but nothing “real” ever came of it.

Another job offer came your way, too good to pass up. And just like that you were gone. We continued to email occasionally, but didn’t share any more intimate details until one day, out of the blue, you invited me to visit you at your new job, an hour away. I jumped at the chance!

When I came by to visit it was after hours. You were the only one left in the office. You gave me a quick tour of your cube, the offices of your new neighbors, and finally the Privacy Room…

We’d joked about this room in our emails, and why it was so “interestingly” named. In reality, it was just a room with a few chairs, a bench being used as a coffee table, a speaker phone, and a door that locked from the inside.

We shared some giggles and innuendo about the naming of the room, and why there was a bench rather than a table, but laughed it all off.

Then told me something that you’d only shared in email before, that it was a “naughty” day and you weren’t wearing underwear. My reaction was instantaneous and you could tell from the twitching at my groin that it had the desired effect. I asked if you were still lacking at home: yes, but you decided to fulfill your needs by other means – just not sex. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea that I asked if I could help. I’d asked before in our emails, but you’d always laughed it off and thanked me for the offer. Not so tonight.

You rushed into my arms, thankful and exhilarated Tokat Escort all at once. Our kissing became frantic as I pulled open your blouse and devoured your breasts and nipples. You pushed me to the bench, straddling me, sitting on my lap, grinding against my aching bulge.

I laid back and pulled you on top of me and slowly worked your body up mine until my fingers were buried inside your wet, wanton pussy. Your hips rocking against them as moans and an occasional gasp involuntarily escaped your mouth. I pulled your hips further up my chest until I could lap at your swollen lips with my eager tongue.

You hesitated at first, but my hands found either side of your ass and pulled you forward bringing your pussy in full contact with my mouth. Your resistance melted away as I licked and sucked on your engorged lips then found your clit and began stroking either side of it, matching the rocking motions of your hips.

Finally I began sucking on your enlarging clitoris, which brought your hands to rest on my head and pull me closer to you. Your breathing came faster and more staggered as your orgasm began to take hold of you. One of your hands shot to your breasts and held them from bouncing as you rode my face, fucking my tongue and lips. I could feel you tense as the first wave of your orgasm overwhelmed you. Your steady rhythm was, but I kept going. Lapping, licking, sucking, and driving my tongue into your wet, hot pussy. I kept time where your body could not, and kept wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursing through your body. For an eternity you swooned, lost in time and space, adrift in the sensations and emotions that washed over you.

Finally your body relaxed. I stood down from my relentless attack on your weeping pussy and throbbing clit, but continued gently probing the inside of your pulsing vagina with my tongue, gently… ever so gently. You gazed down into my eyes as I continued to slowly penetrate you with my tongue.

We spoke volumes to each other with that shared gaze. Small ripples of post-orgasmic bliss continued to ebb through your body as you came down from one of the most Tokat Escort Bayan satisfying orgasms you could remember.

You didn’t say anything aloud, but you communicated your desire to repay my kindness. You reached behind your back and found my belt, unbuckling it then unzipping my fly while still enjoying my tender kisses upon your most intimate lips.

You fished your hands under the elastic of my underwear and found the throbbing girth of my cock, uncomfortably being restrained inside its cotton prison. You slowly worked the pre-cum from the tip across my swollen head, still not breaking our shared gaze.

You were trying to decide what your next move would be, or so it seemed, but your logic was continually being interrupted by progressively smaller and smaller waves of pleasure satiating your body’s lust. After one last shiver you stood, a trail of saliva draping from one of your thick, red lips to my mouth as I savored your feminine musk and distinctive flavor, knowing it would probably be my last time to do so, trying to savor every moment. You stood to the side of the bench and kissed me on my mouth, open eyed, your eyes still speaking to me without words.

You reached to my waist, freeing my aching cock and taking it in your hands. Your gaze broke and shifted to the prize held firmly in your hands, and with one swift motion, you engulfed it with your hot mouth. You surrounded my tender, overly sensitive flesh as you sucked deeply, your tongue caressing the tip and slit, relishing in the pre-cum flowing so freely. With one had supporting my thick member, holding it at an angle more comfortable to your mouth, your other hand cupped and massaged my swollen, over-full testicles.

The sweet aroma of your arousal filled my nostrils and I could tell that your body wanted more. I raised you up and threw your leg over my chest, now straddling me your sucking began to quicken, but you hesitated and tensed up again as my lips met yours again. Kissing them tenderly at first then sucking on each one, then both together, I brought you closer to another orgasm.

Realizing you were being distracted Escort Tokat and not paying much attention to my throbbing penis, you re-doubled your efforts, bringing me closer and closer to the inevitable.

Who knows how long we were intertwined one with another. Who cared?

Eventually my orgasm came, causing stream after stream of hot, sticky semen to flood into your mouth. You swallowed again and again, taking each spurt deeper into your mouth. Your body betrayed you and began to cum as well; your convulsions were deeper and more intense.

My ejaculation over and my orgasm subsiding, you removed my spent penis from your mouth, licking it tenderly, cleaning up saliva and semen, all the while I was performing the same actions on you from the base of your vagina to the top of your clit, up and down the insides and outsides of your labia. I enjoyed every moment as return trips from your hole to your clit made you shudder and grip my penis tightly.

You dismounted and knelt next to me, still laying on the bench. We shared another kiss, a kiss we knew would be our last. Both of us wanted that one last act, for me to penetrate you with my still-hard cock, and you to be penetrated — to truly become one. But that crossed your line, you did not have that to give — and we both knew it.

You replaced my cock, purpled and hard, throbbing, back into my underwear, fastened and zipped my pants and buckled my belt, but rested your hand over it, patting it — caressing it unconsciously as we gazed at each other. I admired your breasts, still pert and blushing in the cool air of the evening, as your skirt fell, covering your naked womanhood.

We didn’t speak as you tucked your breasts back in place, nor as you took my hand and led me to the door, but we did share one last heartfelt kiss as I walked out of your building.

Our hands held on to one another as long as they could before finally falling away. Both of us knew that what we had had together could never be again. Not in the way we wanted it.

The satisfaction and relief that both of our bodies and minds felt, awash in the emotions and physical pleasure that still lingered was contrasted by the regret that we could never consummate our friendship the way we both longed for.

Though neither of us shared any regret for what we had done, we both knew that would likely be the last time either saw the other.

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