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Just Checking the Equipment

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A couple of days after my little tea party with my wife, Marge, and her naughty friends, I received an email from Sarah, another from her circle, a very respectable schoolteacher in her late 40s. Intrigued, I opened it to find a short message with several attachments of Sarah in various stages of undress. She had been talking to Angie, she said, and she wondered if I was available for a tea party she was holding for a select group of friends from school the following Thursday. If so, perhaps I would like to call round on Sunday morning when her husband was playing his usual round of golf to discuss arrangements, and for her to check that all the equipment was to her satisfaction.

Without thinking I said yes, how about 10 o’clock, but afterwards I wondered how I was going to explain this to Marge. No point in worrying, I thought, what’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, or in this case the other way round. What I didn’t know was that she had asked Marge if this would be okay, and had only emailed me once she had got the green light.

Later that same evening in bed, when Marge and I were cuddling after a very nice fuck session, she giggled, and said to me just before we fell asleep, “Well, I expect you will be going round to see Sarah on Sunday; I don’t think you will be disappointed, my love. Oh, and while I remember, you will have to fix your own supper on Friday. Angie phoned me last night to say that Martin — you remember him, the delicious young coach from the tennis club — will be round at her house that evening, and she invited me and Pam round for some fun. He’s gorgeous, and he has such a beautiful cock, and he can keep going for hours so I expect we’ll all be well fucked before the night is over.”

I was a bit nonplussed by this, but also rather aroused, and I remembered the excitement of finding out about my wife’s secret sex life. “You have a good time, my darling, and enjoy Martin’s wonderful cock,” I said, “as long as you tell me all about it when you get home on Saturday. I’ll be waiting in bed, cock in hand, ready to hear every detail.”


That was how I find myself ringing the doorbell of Sarah’s house on the crack of ten o’clock on a bright Sunday morning, slightly nervous, but also rather excited as I imagined what might happen. Sarah answered the door dressed in a silk robe, loosely tied at the waist, which did little to hide her ample breasts, her nipples making little points in the material.

“Come on in, Alan,” she said, “and close the door behind you. Jim won’t be back for at least four hours, and I expect he will just fall asleep in a chair after his exertions on the nineteenth hole, so we can have some fun without interruption.”

She led me into the sitting room, which was at the back of the house, and sitting down on a sofa, suggested that I might like to remove my clothes.

“One of my colleagues, Vanessa, has a very special birthday this week,” she said, “and my friends and I would like to give her a very special present. I have been told, that you are very well equipped to give a lady a great time, but I do like to sample the goods before I buy, so I thought what better time than this morning to check you out for myself.”

“I don’t think you will be disappointed,” I said, as I took off my shirt, followed by my shoes and socks, before undoing my belt, and dropping my trousers, leaving me totally naked — I had gone commando in anticipation of what I hoped was going to happen. As I have told you before, one of my favourite masturbatory fantasies was to be nude in the presence of clothed or partially clothed women, and my cock was already standing to attention.

“Mmmm, very nice,” she said, undoing the belt of her robe, to reveal a pair of gorgeous breasts, and a neatly trimmed bush framing her inviting looking pussy, “the reports were no exaggeration. Come over here, and let me have a feel of that delicious looking weapon.”

She leaned forward to get a better look, and needing no further invitation, I went and stood in front of her, with my legs apart, and my cock waving just a few inches in front of her face. She put out a right hand, and ran her fingernails up the inside of my left thigh from my knee up to my groin, before cupping my balls, feeling their weight and fullness, murmuring her approval in a low voice.

She then tried to circle the base of my shaft with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand, obviously pleased at its thickness, and slowly licked me from my balls to the crown, before taking the head between her lips and sucking gently, making me grow even harder.

“You taste nice too,” she said, “I do like a man to taste nice as well as looks and feel good. But that will do for now, we Tekirdağ Escort can continue later in the comfort of my bedroom. First, I must show you the kitchen, and explain how everything works. You will find everything ready on Thursday, cucumber sandwiches, and little cream cakes, and of course, the birthday cake, but I want everything to go smoothly before we move on to the main course.”

Once we had finished in the kitchen, Sarah led me upstairs to her bedroom. On the bed were a pair of very brief wet look shorts, and a collar, to which was attached a leash. She pointed to the shorts, and said, “Your uniform, go on pick them up and try them for size.”

When I picked the shorts up I discovered that they were open both front and back, with a removable thong, held in place by Velcro fasteners. As instructed, I put them on, fitting my now semi-erect cock into the thong with some difficulty, but managing in the end. I must admit that when I looked at myself in the full length mirror facing the bed, I thought that I looked rather good.

“And the collar,” Sarah instructed, “I want to see the whole effect, although you do look very sexy. I can’t wait to see my friends faces when Vanessa removes the thong. Now come over here.”

She went over to a fitted cupboard beside the bed, and opened the door to reveal one of the largest collections of sex toys I had ever seen. It was just like a sex shop. There were dildos and vibrators of all shapes, sizes and colours, all carefully arranged on padded shelves covered in purple silk. There were also a number of whips, and paddles, and wrist and ankle restraints, and several strap-on dildos, again in a variety of sizes.

“These will not be visible when we start on Thursday, but you will find them in a chest in the corner of the sitting room, where I will have put them earlier. It will be your job, once you have cleared away the tea things, to lay them out on the coffee table, along with tubes of lube, and a bowl of condoms, although most of us prefer it when our chosen piece of fuck-meat comes inside us. At this stage, I have no idea which toys we will use, but I like to give my friends a choice, and I have found in the past that things can get a little wild after the initial entertainment. That, of course, will be provided by you and Vanessa.”

“Well, you have seen everything now, Alan, the rest will be up to you. I don’t need to tell you that you should have taken a shower before you arrive, which should be about half an hour before my guests. And make sure that you are newly shaved. Oh, I would suggest that you take a Cialis or Viagra pill a couple of hours before you come round, whichever you find is best for you. You will need to maintain an erection for at least four hours. And you might find it better to refrain from masturbation or sex from tonight, as you will be expected to cum several times during the course of the afternoon.”

Sarah closed the cupboard door and beckoned me over to the bed. “Now that you are fully prepared, it is time for me to check out that your lovely equipment is in full working order. We still have plenty of time, and once you have fucked me several times and I am sure that you will be able to take Vanessa to the heights of ecstasy on Thursday while we watch, we can finish off by having a shower together. I have found that a last round of sex in the shower is such a satisfactory conclusion to a session of exquisite pleasure.”

She then removed her robe, and lay back on the bed, with her legs slightly apart to give me a wonderful view of all her mature and voluptuous charms. I had already been aroused by her full breasts and prominent nipples, but now I was able to see the beauty of her pussy. She had prominent labia, framed by her well trimmed bush of dark curly hair, and I was excited at the expectation of thrusting my cock deep into her warm cunt, and filling her with my semen.

“I am already getting wet at the thought of taking that monster, but first you must earn your reward by getting me really hot and horny. I want to see how good your oral skills are, and then when I am ready, you can fuck me until we cum together in the first of what I hope will be several orgasms this morning.”

With such a vision of loveliness laid out before my ravished eyes, I needed no further encouragement. Ripping off the thong to set free my throbbing cock, I scrambled up onto the bed beside her, and started to kiss and lick my way down her body from the hollow of her neck, over those twin peaks of lusciousness, across the plains of Elysium, through the groves of Eden, until I reached the gates of heaven between her legs.

Sarah held my head between her hands to guide me on my journey, quietly Tekirdağ Escort Bayan moaning with pleasure as I sucked her nipples, and pulling me harder against her pussy, once I had reached my goal. She spread her legs wider to give me better access, thrusting her hips up from the bed, and grinding against my mouth. I sucked each of her lips into my mouth in turn, savouring their lush softness, like slices of a ripe peach, and then licking up the wet valley between them from her sweet little rosebud to her clitoris, which was growing hard, the hood pulling back to expose its sensitive heart.

I continued to pleasure her orally, alternating between thrusting my tongue as far as it would go into her cunt, and licking and sucking her clitoris. I started to hum, the vibrations adding a whole new level of sensation, which made her writhe with excitement, and after a few minutes I could sense that her orgasm was not far off, which made me redouble my efforts. Suddenly she let out a little scream, and arching her back, pulled my mouth hard against her pussy. The muscles of her legs were quivering, and she began to shake with the exquisite sensations coursing through her body.

Finally, after what seemed like an age, she collapsed back against the bed, and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction.

“That was wonderful, Alan,” she said, “and when you started humming, that really was something else. But I want to feel that amazing cock inside me. I can’t wait any longer, my body is on fire with lust. Fuck me hard, and make me cum over and over.”

I moved up her body, and when my cock was within inches of her pussy, she reached down and took hold of my shaft firmly around the base. After wiping it up and down her slit, which was wet with her juices and my saliva, she placed the head inside the entrance to her cunt, and pushed up with her hips. With one thrust I embedded the whole length of my cock deep into her warm, velvety tunnel, until my balls slapped against the cheeks of her arse. As I entered her, Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into her cunt in a desperate urge to be totally possessed,

There was no finesse to our mating, I just fucked her with a ferocity that made her gasp, driving the breath from her lungs. Sarah matched me thrust for thrust, her hips working in rhythm with mine, a rhythm that started slowly but then started to build up to a crescendo that would drive us both over the top into a world of absolute physical sensation. In no way could this be described as making love, it was just the mutual satisfaction of a basic primal urge, pleasure for the sake of pleasure, an expression of pure animal lust, almost frenzied in its savagery.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck me, oh shit, shit, that is so damn good, so fucking good,” she cried, but soon the stream of obscenities became an incoherent babble of sounds, as she started to mount up to a peak of ecstasy. My arousal reached a level that I had experience only once or twice in my life, and after only a few minutes I could feel my orgasm building in my balls, my cock throbbing and pulsing in time with my racing heart.

Sarah screamed as her climax swept through her in wave after wave of pleasure. This drove me finally over the edge, my balls contracted, and I felt a sweet piercing sensation running up through my cock and down into my legs, as I pumped rope after rope of hot sticky cum deep into her cunt, bathing her cervix with hot liquid fire.

Some time later, once the madness had receded, and our minds had returned to something like rational thought, we lay side by side, bathed in sweat, utterly limp. For the time being, we were exhausted by our exertions, drifting in the sweet languor of post orgasmic euphoria. Sarah sat up, and after kissing me on the lips, a wet open-mouthed kiss, the tip of her tongue flicking mine delightfully, she bent and took the head of my limp cock between her lips, caressing my balls with one hand, while slipping the other under my buttocks.

“Time for round two, my lover,” she murmured after several minutes of an expert blow job, which soon had my cock rising to full stature again. “On the side table, you will find a love egg, and a bottle of lube. Pass me the egg and remote control, and open the lube.”

She slipped the egg into her vagina, and set it buzzing on a low setting, making her squirm with renewed pleasure. Moving to the edge of the bed, she went down on all fours with her bottom stuck in the air, and her legs apart.

“Lube up my bum and your cock, Alan,” she said, “I love anal sex, and I want you to take me up the arse.”

I climbed off the bed, and positioned myself with my cock pointing at her neat little rosebud, Escort Tekirdağ which was already pulsating in expectation. Applying plentiful lube, I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her anus, and pushed it slowly and deliberately past the tight ring of her sphincter. Once I was fully inside her, I could feel the vibrations from the love egg in her cunt.

“Oh yes,” she cried, putting a hand between her legs to cradle my balls, “that feels so good. Now fuck me nice and slowly this time, I want this to last.”

I did as I was told, fucking her arse with long slow strokes, enjoying the novel sensations in my cock from the tightness of her rectum, and the vibrations from the vibrator inside her cunt. As we fucked, she gradually turned up the setting on the egg, until after a few minutes it was at full throttle.

“Harder now, harder,” she cried, between her moans and whimpers of pleasure, “possess me, and ride me, harder, harder.”

We came almost simultaneously, the paroxysms of her climax triggering mine, as I pumped another load deep into her bowels, my cock pulsating with each ejaculation, and my legs shaking with the exquisite sensations radiating from my loins throughout my body. The experience was truly indescribable.

As the spasms of her orgasm slowly died away, Sarah turned off the vibrator, and collapsed forwards on the bed, as my limp penis slipped out of her anus and flopped wetly against my thighs. Overcome with delicious lassitude, I fell in the bed beside her, my hand on her buttocks, and so we stayed for many long minutes, as our heartbeats stilled. We slept, bathed by the beams of sunlight streaming through the windows onto our sated bodies.

Eventually, Sarah roused herself. “Time for our shower,” she said, “we need to clean up before Jim comes home. I have found with my lovers that it is so nice to wash each other after fucking, see it as a form of after play,” and she giggled. “Jim will fall asleep when he gets home, but tonight, when I describe our adventure to him, he will become so excited, and will probably fuck me at least a couple of times before we go to sleep.”

After we were dressed, Sarah kissed me sweetly as I turned to open the front door. “You and Marge must come round one evening soon for dinner,” she said, “and afterwards we can have a really nice post prandial foursome. Tell Marge I will ring her during the week to tell her that the equipment is all she said it would be, and to compare our diaries.”


When I arrived home, I was greeted by the sight of Marge, coming out of the kitchen into the hall. She was stark naked, and with her arm round the waist of a tall, well built young man with a shock of long blonde hair, and a most impressive boner, perhaps and inch or so longer than my cock, though not as thick. The glow in her cheeks, and the bright twinkle in her eyes, told me that she had also been having a good time that morning.

“Hello my love,” I said, “it is, hmm, nice to see you looking so radiant. I presume this is Martin.”

“Oh no,” she laughed, “this is his twin brother, Andrew. They are identical in every respect, except that Andy has a slight twist in his penis. They are both much in demand by the ladies in our little circle, and Avril, the vicar’s wife calls them the Sons of Zebedee. A session with them is definitely electrifying, and like the rains from heaven, they both come down in torrents. He has just fucked me hard, bent over the kitchen table, and we were just on our way upstairs for round two. You can come and watch me ride Andy if you like.”

“Sorry my dear,” I replied, “I think I must take a rain check on that pleasure. I am, not to put too fine a word on it, absolutely fucked, and all I want to do at this moment is to collapse on the settee in front of the tele, and fall asleep. Besides, it’s no sex of any sort for me between now and Thursday, so it will be cold showers morning, noon and night, I’m afraid.”

I was woken much later in the afternoon by a kiss. It was Marge, now dressed, Andrew presumably having gone home after their extended fuck session.

“Judging by your exhaustion,” she said, “you had a very enjoyable morning with Sarah. I trust all the arrangements are satisfactory, and she was pleased with your equipment.”

“Yes, my love,” I replied, “we spent a very interesting morning going into the possibilities, and I am sure that Thursday is going to be spectacular. By the way, I was a bit taken aback when you mentioned Avril, she is normally so respectable. Does James, the vicar, know about this?”

“Oh yes, Alan, he knows everything, and joins in when he is free. In fact, just last Monday when I went down to church to fix the flowers, he fucked me very nicely in the vestry. It is rather kinky to be fucked by someone wearing just a dog collar. We really must invite them round one evening for dinner, and for dessert we can have some fun.”

I laughed, “Yes, it does look as if life is going to be rather full of fun from now on.”

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