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Just a Cold Spell

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Under normal conditions, Mandy could weather any storm. Under normal conditions, Mandy could always find something to occupy her time. This was not a normal condition.

The freak Winter storm hit hard, dropping nearly three feet of snow on Blacksburg, Virginia. The city got exactly twenty-four hours of peace before another storm hit. Unlike the first storm, this one lingered. Four days of snow and sleet and freezing rain and ungodly winds shut the city down. Not even the juggernaut of Virginia Tech’s motor pool could keep the roads clear. Students were trapped on campus… or wherever they found crash space. No busses ran, and Downtown simply didn’t exist. So this was most definitely NOT a normal condition.

Mandy did have one thing going for her: paranoia. Always fearing the possibility of being snowed in, she stocked up on the essentials. So had her roommates. Thinking about her roommates disturbed Mandy. Why? Well…


Sammy was gay. There’s no other way to say it or describe him. He stood 5’8″ tall, and tipped the scales just under a buck and some change… HIS WORDS. He fit the stereotype so well, Mandy KNEW he was faking it. That was the case until she accidentally walked in on him ramming his slender dick inside his current lover, a rather muscular looking Asian male. Sammy saw her, and flashed her the most evil grin she’d ever seen. Two hours after her impromptu show, he walked up to her and said, “At least I had the decency to give him a reach-around.”

He was a good friend, however. He was always there when she needed to bitch about something. There were many nights when she cried on his shoulder. He was kind. Yet there was a hardness to him that he only showed during these moments. She never asked its source, a hallmark of any friendship. Friends indeed. Yet would their friendship last through the forced confinement?


Viki was easier to deal with, but only because Mandy KNEW what to expect from the Latin hardbody. At 5’4″ tall, Viki was nothing short of gorgeous. Jet black hair never failed to make her look even more seductive. The only problem, at least as far as Mandy was concerned, was that Viki KNEW she was beautiful.

A confirmed lesbian, Viki made it clear that she wanted Mandy in the sack. Not that Mandy wasn’t honored by the blatant offer. Mandy just didn’t care. And this is where the entire threesome finds themselves.

Set it Off

Mandy awoke to the smell of bacon, biscuits and weed. Lots of weed. She smiled; Viki would he obliterated by now. Sammy… the lightweight… would probably be on the edge of passing out. At least things were going good so far. Rolling out of bed, she stumbled towards the door. Food. That one word burned its way through her rumbling belly.

She was about to enter the kitchen when she heard the grunting. demetevler escort Sleep clouded her common sense, and Mandy stepped into the livingroom. Reality burst through the fog around her head as she checked to see if what she was seeing was real. Viki was fucking Sammy up the ass?!?!

She watched, too stunned to even breathe. Right in front of her was a gay male getting butt-fucked by a lesbian!!! She wanted to chuckle; it could only happen to her. She watched as they both flailed on the floor, each trying to out-fuck the other. Mandy noticed the other piece to the strapon that Viki wore. It was rammed into her cunt, which looked obscene in its wetness.

Now here is where things go… differently. Mandy would normally, upon seeing such a scene, turn around and go to her room. Even after catching Sammy, she should have simply tried to ignore it. Not this time; Mandy began thinking. And her thoughts were not pleasant. Not at first…

‘Look at that slut. She won’t be content fucking only women. Hell no!!! She’s gonna get the only available penis in the house!! Never mind that he’s gay. And your friend.

‘You ARE his friend, right? I mean… how many times did he listen to you bitch and moan without EVER getting a boner? THAT’S a friend!! Friends help each other. I’ll bet she got him high then raped him. You KNOW she’s a slut

‘Give her a taste of her own medicine. I know you don’t care about sex. So does Viki. Go into her room. Grab her other dildo; you know how this bitch is about having a backup of EVERYTHING she owns!! Strap that puppy on and ram HER asshole. Didn’t she say something about being a virgin back there? It’s only fitting punishment. And since she threatened to bang you one day…’

Normally… Mandy would never have even entertained those thoughts. And if she HAD them, she would never do what they wanted her to do. Normally. This was not a normal situation. Mandy crept back down the hall, heading for Viki’s room. It did not take long before she found Viki’s spare strapon. Mandy never bothered to remove her pajamas. She slid her end of the fake dick inside her cunt, only barely noticing the slight moisture she found there. Once properly adjusted, Mandy walked towards the livingroom. Her timing seemed perfect; Viki was beginning to get very loud. Telltale sign of impending orgasm.

Viki sensed the intruder the instant it was inside her virgin asshole. Her eyes snapped opened, anger prepared to fuel her with the strength needed to get Mandy off of her. How DARE that… The rush of pleasure choked her physically. Mandy… that asexual frost queen was raping her!! The rush of pleasure snatched up the swelling fear within her and together they formed a frothing mass inside her mind. Viki knew she was high. So high that otele gelen escort she’d let herself get caught off guard. The emotions began to overwhelm her. She couldn’t stop raping Sammy. She couldn’t stop Mandy from raping her. And she was more turned on by the entire situation than she’d ever been in her entire life. She was NOT going to survive the orgasm this gave her.

Sammy tried to remember through the haze of pot smoke filling his brain. He never could hold his smoke well; it always knocked him senseless. But he could feel it this time. This time he knew he wasn’t dreaming. Viki. That bitch WAS raping him!! He knew it. Mandy was too fucking innocent to do it. He tried to feel guilt, but the weed… and the fact that Viki was really GOOD at fucking his asshole… conspired against him. HE could feel his cock throbbing as she let go of… Wait… Something was wrong. He turned his head. Mandy?! The cold look in her eyes told the story. Payback was a bitch.

Mandy rammed her dildo deep into Viki’s asshole. It wasn’t going in very far, so Mandy improvised. Sinking two fingers into Viki’s cunt… without removing its occupant… she swirled them around, gathering a thick coating of her nectar. Using this as anal lube, Mandy soon found herself fake-balls deep in Viki’s ass. She wondered if this meant her roomie was officially cherry-less. Not taking a chance, Mandy began fucking Viki’s asshole. Hard. Virgins scream on their first time. She did. A flash of red burned through her mind as the painful memory was reborn. A snarl tugged at her lips, but she fought it.

Viki didn’t know much at that moment. She knew the MOMENT was a good thing. She knew the MOMENT was good. She knew she was cumming. She felt her penis freeing itself from… Sammy. She knew he was going to rape her. Just as she raped him. It was justice. She accepted it for what it was. She felt him slide his penis… her first REAL MALE COCK… into her cunt. He would cum inside her, filling her with his putrid seed. She would probably get pregnant. Served her right. All because she couldn’t risk raping Mandy. She was so much more athletic. So much more powerful. Everything she wanted to be. Everything she wanted in her mistress. Now her mistress had claimed her. And her second task? Viki choked back the tears; a REAL COCK would rape her. She thanked God for letting her live to experience this moment, then promptly rocketed off into several dimensions as she experienced several thousand of the most powerful orgasms simultaneously.

Sammy felt it. Just as powerful as when he’s buggering some guy. HE felt his chest puff out. His breathing became rough and ragged. He was snarling, giving vent to the Beast Within. He was fucking this bitch with everything he had. He and his FRIEND were balgat escort gonna show this slut what the deal was. Testosterone. Primal Male Instinct. Sammy was FUCKING!!. He cut loose. No mercy was shown to the lump of flesh beneath him. He heard her pathetic whimpering and snarled in triumph. His teeth itched, and he soothed them by biting on a stiff nipple. Her scream delighted him. So did the thundering blows she rained down upon his back. She was pinned between them. Sammy knew the taste of victory over his prey. Viki was HIS!!!! All that was left was to fill her belly with the seed of a REAL MAN!!! White-hot balls exploded in his mind as he came, pumping his semen into his roommate.

Mandy came. This surprised her; she never came. That’s why she simply didn’t care about sex. She never came. She knew about orgasms only through her own personal study. Which DID include a standard amount of porno films. But nothing in her research told her about hot GOOD it felt. She wallowed in the sensations for eternity before the training kicked in. She had sinned. She had experienced pleasures of the flesh. She must repent. NOW!!! Still… she removed herself from the pile of bodies carefully, even giving Viki a small kiss on he cheek before she left. She may be a bitch, but she really did care about her. She was sure Sammy and Viki would work this out. She removed the strapon, and remembered the raw pleasure of her first orgasm as the dildo inside her cunt tasted open air. Then she headed off to her room to repent for her sins.

Fear. Never let anyone tell you it is not powerful. If it chooses, it can snap a man’s will instantly. Or give him the courage to accomplish the impossible. Like getting up after the most powerful orgasm in your life, yanking your still twitching cock out of the warmest, most comfortable place in existence today, and hauling ass to your bedroom to type your last will and testament, hoping to God, Buddha and Allah that the cunt you just fucked doesn’t recover before you have the chance to email it to your lawyer for confirmation. Which, it so happens, is exactly what happened to Sammy.

Viki cried herself to the most peaceful sleep she’d even known.

End Game

All three were watching the Weather Channel at the same time. Barely two hours had passed since the most intense sexual experience in their entire lives. Fear gripped all three. It wore different gloves, each with a different feel. Mandy’s nipples began to itch. Her mind began to echo with those thoughts again. Viki wondered if she should test her theory again. Raping Sammy would get her mistress to take her. Sammy heard his father once again. That voice so stern. The same voice that cried when he came out of the closet. “You did it once, and you can do it again.” He remembered the feel of Viki’s cunt wrapped around his dick. No asshole ever felt that sublime. No guy could ever out-suck a cunt. But with only one cunt… Could he convince his friend to… After all…

Thus it was that Mandy found out one of those annoying secrets of the universe. Sometimes it really is SNAFU: situation normal… all fucked up. And all it may take is little more than just a sudden cold spell.

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