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Jolene’s Adventures: Graduation Day

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Graduation Day

The day had finally arrived. After two long years all the work was done and the grades were in. It was Graduation Day. Jolene had been waiting for this day forever. Not because she was bored with school or she had a job to go to right away. No. It was because for all these many months she was waiting to be able to jump her instructor’s bones without him getting fired. School policy was students can’t be fucking their instructors and vice versa. He was sitting on the dais along with all the other instructors, beaming with pride at their former students. She new he was also thinking about finally getting in her pants and actually getting a taste of that pussy she had been flashing him. Jolene was not a tease. She would have put it out there for him at any point if he had asked but early on it was decided it would be safer to just show it to him in nightly web sessions to prevent the possibility that they might get caught. He reciprocated by producing his manhood and jacking his cream for her pleasure. But enough was enough. It was time for the real thing and she was going to get some today.

It was late at night and all the students and teachers had said their good byes and were working their way off campus. At a prearranged signal he let her know he would be waiting in his office for her. She made her way through the darkened hall to the teachers lounge. She knew the way very well, as she was a regular fixture in the lounge. The other instructors enjoyed her company and her easygoing sense of humor. A few of them actually knew what a kinky girl she was and were always interested in seeing and hearing what she was up to. Today she had prepared for her first fuck by wearing a loose, just above the knee, dress. If she bent straight over you would definitely see a little ass cheek and maybe her ass crack. The top was loose fitting and showed her ample cleavage to her advantage. Many an instructor had lingered over her in class, pretending to see if she understood the particular lesson, while ogling those lovely breasts down to the nipple.

Jolene straightened her hair and smoothed her dress nervously. This was going to be it. She was going to just jump him and get it over with. A knock on the door and a surprise came right off the bat. Mark, one of the other instructors opened the door. She was a little taken aback because it was assumed her Sly would open the door.

“Well if it isn’t Miss Jolene. Newly graduated and ready to go out in the world with her diploma.”

“Hello Mr. Williams” Is Mr. Thomas still here?”

“I think he is.” “Announcing Miss Jolene,” he said loudly. “Come on in”

Jolene smiled at her normal entrance announcement. Some time ago when she first started at the school one of the instructors, as a joke, started announcing her like a queen and it caught on with all the instructors. Mr. Williams said he was leaving and went out the door, which locked with a loud click, conveniently behind him. She breathed a sigh of relief and peeked around the corner at his desk. There he was beaming a smile from ear to ear.

“Well it’s finally over,” he said. “You’re no longer a student.”

Without a word she leaped into his lap and grabbed his head with both hands drawing his face to her. Her lips parted and she laid a four alarm smacker right on his mouth. She was so wound up right now she didn’t even feel his rough goatee scratching her soft cheeks as she bore down on his lips. Slightly surprised, though for only a second, he responded by forcing her lips apart Sivas Escort and chasing her tongue back into her mouth. They sucked on each other’s tongues and ground their faces together like it was their last kiss instead of their first. With out breaking their embrace she began to open his shirt to get at those muscled shoulders and pecs. All those months of seeing them on the computer screen and not being able to touch them had her in a frenzy. His hands were up under her dress feeling the smooth skin of her ass and back. Her skin was on fire and the coolness of his hands was the only thing keeping her from bursting into flame.

Another sensation came to her as she writhed in his lap. His hard cock was rubbing into her soaked slit. His pants had to be wet because she had not put any panties on. A usual act for her since she got wet so easily. Breaking the embrace and pulling away abruptly she reached for his belt and zipper.

“I want your cock now,” she growled.

Pulling his pants and boxers down as he lifted his ass off the seat gave her first look at his cock in real life. She was familiar with it from the video screen but in real life it was magnificent. She had judged it to be every inch of the 8 inches he had claimed but the girth was what made her pussy gush. It had to be almost two and half inches thick. She wrapped her hand around it and her fingertips didn’t touch. Oh, she thought, is this going to be good. Dropping her head into his lap and opening her mouth she could barely get it inside for a good taste. A drop of pre-cum was already oozing from the tip. A little squeeze and a taste of what would soon fill her pussy came to the slit. She licked it off sensuously turning her head so she could see his reaction. He had his eyes closed, his hand now beginning to grip her hair, pulling her head onto his cock. A few more licks down the outside of his cock and another deep suck and he would be ready.

A slight pull on her hair told her he wanted something. As he pulled her head off his soaked cock he began to get out of the chair,

“I want to taste your pussy right now. Get up,” he commanded.

Now standing and being held by her forearms, he spun her around and pushed her briskly into the chair he had just occupied. Now on his knees between her legs, he lifted them over the arms of the chair. The thought of the gynecologist chair briefly entered her mind. Only briefly because he drove his tongue into her pussy so far she thought it was in her throat. That magnificent tongue tip was now touching her spot. It must have been six inches long. The tip was teasing her G spot without any effort at all. She began to see stars and a wave of orgasm began at the nub of her clit and continued moving slowly up her stomach and into her chest. Her asshole was beginning to pucker because the feeling was so intense. Another second and she would explode. Just as the wave began to break he slipped two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass at exactly the same time. The sensation was all that she could take and the orgasm broke like a tidal wave. Hands that had been gripping the arms of the chair suddenly had two handfuls of hair and his nose was pressed deliciously into her pubic bone. Legs that were wrapped over the chair arms shot straight out over his shoulders as a spasm of delight swept over her. She couldn’t breath. The only sounds that came from her were gurgling sounds and a high pitched chirp. Not to waste any time Sly pulled her up out of the chair and leaned her over the desk.

He Sivas Escort Bayan whispered in her ear. “Now after all these months here’s what we both have been waiting for.”

His purple veined cock, that was hard as a steel bar, was now at the entrance to her steaming wet pussy at last. Slowly he leaned into her pressing the head of that monster between her lips. He rubbed it up and down the slit to lube it up, purposely bumping her clit. Every time he hit it shock waves of pleasure went to her brain. Easing it in slowly he felt the walls of her pussy close in on his cock squeezing it and almost stroking it as it went in. Despite his size and her tightness he went all the way in to his balls. For a second he waited to see if she would scream in pain. Leaning over and looking at her face he could tell there would be no scream coming, at least not yet. He began to stroke. Slowly at first, from root to tip, in and out savoring the moment that had been so long in coming.

Had they not been engrossed in their love making they might have heard the door to the teacher lounge open up. Tom, the instructor that sits on the other side of the wall from Sly had returned to look for a set of lost keys. He was still holding the doorknob and was about to let the door slam when a soft noise came to his ears. He paused and listened. No, he thought, it can’t be, sounds like someone is getting laid in here. Easing the door shut so as to not make a sound, Tom closed the door and slipped around to look in the door to the other office. There he saw a sight he would have never imagined in his most pornographic dreams. There was Sly with that Jolene girl bent over his desk slamming the salami to her big time. His breath caught in his throat and he stepped back shaking his head. Did I just see what I thought I saw, he mused? Easing a look back around the doorframe he once again saw Sly plowing Jolene’s pussy. Worried for a second he’d be caught he thought about turning around and getting out of there, but then it occurred to him that if they did catch him what could they say? Instead of leaving now Tom began to rub his cock through his jeans and watched the action.

Jolene was almost unconscious from the sensation of that eight-inch cock plowing her furrow. She sensed Sly might be about to cum so she called a halt. Standing up straight and holding up her hand she pulled away from that meat torpedo. Sly was startled. Saying nothing she shoved him back into the chair and climbed in his lap, pulling her dress over her head as she went. Placing her knees on either side of his legs she reached down and back grabbing his cock slippery with her cum and fed it into her sopping pussy. As the head entered her she pounced down on it slamming it into her. Sly reacted with a groan.

“You don’t have permission to cum yet,” she said with a smile.

A slow torturous fuck began again, up so slowly and down even slower, savoring every stroke. As the head of his cock dragged over her G spot little tingles of light bounced inside her head. Her clit was humming so bad it would probably not ever be the same again. As she rose up on his delicious meat again a movement caught her eye. What the fuck was that? It looked like a shadow in the doorway along the wall. She diverted her attention but kept an eye on that spot. Sure enough she realized there was a person standing there just out of sight and it looked like it was moving its arm. At first a shock went through her that a person has been watching her and Sly fucking. Escort Sivas Then she realized that it had to be one of the other male instructors. Maybe it was that hottie Tom. More than one fantasy had been concocted over the thought of him between her thighs. Continuing to slow fuck Sly to death, her mind began to race. If it was Tom maybe he could be coerced into joining them. Would Sly go for that? To have two guys stuffing her at both ends at once it was worth a chance.

She whispered to Sly. “Someone is in here with us.”

Sly jumped. She held him down and said, “It’s OK. I think its Tom.”

Sly and Tom were good friends. They often discussed girls and other things. They had more than once discussed fucking Jolene’s ass. At one time there was a bet who would get her first. Sly let Tom in on the secret that Jolene was really hot for him finally after a few months of bantering. Tom decided to back off. Now here was Tom living a fantasy they had discussed and Jolene was cool with it.

“Ask him if he likes what he sees Jolene,” whispered Sly.

Jolene leaned around the chair and said, “Do you like what you see Tom?” “Come join us.”

Tom almost lost it. He drew in his breath and started to run. She knows it’s me, he thought. After a few seconds he calmed down and said to himself, why not.

Stepping around the doorway with his cock in his hand Tom said, “Well I never thought I’d be doing this.”

Sly turned his head and looked at Tom, then at his erect cock. Seeing it was comparable to his if not a little smaller he began to feel ok about this new turn of events. Jolene motioned for him to come over to them as she climbed off Sly’s pole. It flopped out of her with a plop. Turning around cowgirl style she got his cock back in her hand quickly before it started to melt and slipped it back into her hot hole. It went in with a squish and more cum cream oozed down onto Sly. Tom walked over to Jolene and she took his warm cock in her hand and reaching under her she gathered up some cream and slathered it on his member. Immediately she started pumping it. It was every bit of seven inches and almost as big around as Sly. Tom leaned back and closed his eyes. If she kept that up he wouldn’t last long. Jolene was in heaven, with one cock in her pussy and one about to be in her mouth. As soon as he was good and hard again, because he had softened a little in the excitement, Jolene had his cock in her mouth. The feeling was very erotic, one cock in her pussy slamming her and one going down her throat. She could feel it sliding back into her throat. Usually she would gag by now but she was so turned on by the feel of two cocks in her at the same time. Sly pushed her up and his cock slurped out of her. Now standing he leaned her over so he could get to her doggie holding on to her hair like reins of a horse, pounding into her hard now as she pushed back into his slamming cock. Tom was starting to tense up and showing signs he was going to cum.

Tom said, “Oh I’m going to cum.”

Jolene pulled his cock out of her mouth and continued jacking it towards her face.

“Cum on my face, cum on my face baby,” she said.

With a grunt Tom’s cock began to spew thick white cum. The first jet hit Jolene in the forehead the second landed on her nose. The last few spurts she directed to her tits, rubbing his cock all over them. Within seconds she felt Sly tense up and his cock began jerking in her pussy shooting jets of cum into her so hard she could feel it hitting her cervix. The feeling was intense. Having two guys climax on her was the most exciting experience to she had had to date. From here on out it was going to be an interesting life for sure. Maybe next time she could get both these guys to double-team her again only this time in her ass. Time would tell.

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