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John and Nola Find True Love

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Names Johnny, I’m 18 years old live with my mom. I am off to the Marines this spring. No idea who my dad is. We live in a very nice Ocean Front Condo, third one out, so we can see plenty of the action in many of the condo’s facing us.

Mom was a diehard liberal; everything was okay. She walked around the house is a shear robe and a thong. Me I would sit on the porch and read, do homework or sleep.

The ocean was so relaxing. One day I was reading and I heard a door open, I didn’t look directly but I could tell it was a tall Redhead with a micro bathing suit.

She would lie down and remove it to work on her tan. I would bet her breast cost a bundle. She was totally bald at her vagina and pubic area.

I would lay back and go to sleep wasn’t interested in her, yet I did enjoy her figure.

Day after day she would come out at 9AM, do the same thing.

I was up daily at 7am and just chilling on the deck. After a few weeks I noticed other men would come out to enjoy the spectacle of this red head nude.

A few nights later mom had a friend over, so I stayed on the deck so I wouldn’t hear them screwing.

She did this ever Thursday, then she would walk around naked. I sometime just hated her, but she made the redhead look cheap.

I’m outside and relaxing when I look over and there is the red head in panties. She was walking around as if waiting on something.

Then I saw another women walk into her room, she was naked, a blonde, big tits, that looked real. No bush. They started to hug, then kiss. I pulled our curtain closed making the deck dark.

I pulled out my cock as I watched them get on the bed and start eating each other. It was my first time seeing such a thing, Then the blonde sat up and pushed her pussy into the redhead, they started humping each other. Their door was open and I could hear their cries. Then the Redhead came. Jumped off the bed and laid on her back, her legs in the air.

The blonde sat on her face while she ate out the other. I was as hard as I ever been. After 15 minutes, they switched. This time it was a mess, they were squirting like crazy. Then they laid on the floor and ate each other again. They took a break had some wine and held each other.

Mom was looking for me and I tried to pretend I was sleeping so the girls wouldn’t think I was watching. Mom stepped out naked and looked at me. I had my cock in my hand how dumb.

“Mom, close the curtain.”

“What’s wrong.”

“You’ll see.”

The Redhead walked to her dresser and pulled out a dildo, I almost died when they shoved this thick monster into each other’s ass and once again started pumping, then they turned it on.

Mom laughed and got excited. She stood up walked over to me and sat on my lap.

She curled up and we watched. She even held my cock while they were doing circles with the toy.

Then they turned around in a doggy style I guess and started banging their asses together. Mom was now beating my cock. This was getting very weird. She stopped and leaned over the balcony, she didn’t see anyone, which was almost possible because there was no moon tonight.

When she sat back down, she reached for my penis, and mounted me. I have never had sex before and my own mother is about to take my cherry. She turned kissed me then watched the girls as they started a new position, the blonde sat on her butt while the redhead backed up to her. The blonde lifted the redheads pussy to her mouth and tongued her to orgasm Her breast were swinging like church bells. Mom was sweating as she bounced on my cock.

Then the girls switched as they laughed and kissed each other. They drank some wine and ate some strawberries. They were giggled as they sucked on each other’s nipple. Then they took fingers down into each other. I never saw people move so fast, so I pulled out of mom, and did what they were doing. Mom was on the end of the chair cumming and my fingers were drenched in her cum, I licked them and placed them back in. She came and screamed as she orgasmed. She jumped back so no one would see us. But she was breathing so hard as my fingers were still in her. The girls were laughing, they knew they had an audience. Mom moaned and she was humping my leg. She turned around and undressed me. She kissed my cock and then bant down like one of the girls.

“Johnny, place your penis inside my ass.”

“Mom, that sounds sick.”

“Johnny trust me you will enjoy it also.”

She had me enter her pussy to get wet, then guided me to her ass. I watched what the girls were doing and decided why not.

I entered mom and slid all the way in her. She was right, it was silky and tight, so I started to push in and out like the girls were. I felt her tighten up and she moaned “Yes son, hard and faster.”

She was cumming faster and longer. She fell to the floor, I picked her up and she sat on my lap. I entered her and sucked her breast and nipples. They were larger than I thought for years.

The girls both had orgasms and turned to each other and kissed for a long time, Then they just scooted back and looked at each other, istanbul travesti then they started to play with their pussy’s, I couldn’t tell what they were doing but about ten minutes later they both screamed and sprayed each other with tremendous force of water.

“Mom what just happened over there, they are laughing after spraying each other.”

“It’s called squirting, some women can produce water that is released when they orgasm. They both can do it.”

“You released some.”

“I was so horny; it was just lust that made me that wet.”

“Son I am so sorry I did this to you, but I was drunk, and then watching them I lost control. Seeing your handsome penis didn’t help either.”

“Mom, you made me excited also, you have a very hot body, your breast are wonderful. I would love to try the pussy eating they were doing. She laid on the floor and spread her legs.”

“I don’t know what to do, but I sure enjoy what I see.”

“I hope so you came out from there.”

We laughed as she told me what to do, for thirty minutes I licked and sucked all her pussy she came many times, while looking at the women now in a new position. The redhead was on her back and the blonde was sitting on her face, rubbing very hard. I could hear screaming as the red head came. They blew us a kiss and turned off the lights. Mom and I continued for another hour. Then I told her I was going to cum. She smiled and asked me to cum in her mouth. I lifted my cock and she opened her mouth and swallowed me, her lips touching the hair on my public bone. She did this for some time then I came again.

We fell asleep on the balcony.

The following morning, we woke, and mom was again riding me, people were watching her nude breast bouncing. She came and people clapped. She ran into the condo laughing as my cum ran down her legs. I stood and entered the house behind her. She was on the bed laughing. I mounted her and slid in and out of her slowly, she was so excited, and came right away.

“Mom people just watched us have sex, that could be trouble for us.”

“It’s ok, they probably thought it was just another conquest of mine.”

She pulled me down, and we kissed. I held her breast and played with her nipples.

“Mom, I have never thought of you as a woman, you were mom. But wow you are a wild woman.”

I told her I was going to cum again, and she spread her legs wider, “Go deep son, go deep.”

I came in her and I thought I was going to take her head off with my blast. She smiled and told me she enjoyed the warmth of my cum in her. It will be a great day at work feeling it in her.

She kissed me goodbye after she got ready, I was hard as a rock again so I took her panties and masturbated again. I decided to go for a swim at the beach. I walk down and was surprised no one said anything. I hit the water and swam for a while. Not many people were at the beach which was what I needed today.

I dove into a wave and ran into someone. I helped her up after I ran her into the water, we both cleared our eyes.

“I’m so sorry I ran into you; I just saw the wave.”

“It’s okay Johnny I kind of did it on purpose so we could meet.”

“Do I know you, if I do, I am very sorry twice, I don’t recognize you.”

“Well, maybe if I was naked and having sex with my girlfriend you would.”

She laughed at my confusion. “You weren’t watching Mary and I last night before your Mom came out and started having sex with you?”

I swam ashore and walked on the beach. She joined me.

“I’m sorry I’m not trying to make fun of you or anything. I just think you’re a handsome man and I wanted to meet you.”

“But if you have a girlfriend, why would you be interested in me?”

“I love Mary, we have been together a year now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have male friends.”

“I’m sorry, I was being rude. I am not familiar with the Lesbian lifestyle. But the two of you looked so hot last night. Until then I was a virgin, mom was drunk and she just took me because we were so caught up in you two.”

“Wow, losing your virginity to your mom, but she is so hot, it could have been worse.”

“I didn’t mind, Mom is an amazing woman. I would be a fool to not enjoy last night. Seeing three naked woman in one night doesn’t happen every day.”

“Johnny, I am Nola.”

I stopped and looked at her, “Shit, Nola I was being rude again. You’re beautiful. And I have to say I like your suit, what little there is.”

She laughed, “Why thank you Johnny, do you like being called Johnny?”

“Not really, Mom just likes the name.”

“Can I call you John?”

I stopped again, looked at her and shook her hand, Hi Nola I’m John.”

She laughed and hugged me.

“Wow, you’re hot to hold.” She smiled and hugged me again and kissed me. My cock popped right out of my suit.

She looked down, then around. She pulled open my trunks and pushed my cock back in.

“I think I can understand your mother wanting to climb on you, that’s a nice cock.”

“I saw you using the vibrator, but have you ever had a real cock in you?”

“No. istanbul travestileri but I hope to soon.”

“I’m sorry I must sound very immature to you.”

“Not at all we have just walked a mile, and I have enjoyed our conversation a lot.

And eyes are now all over us, so it’s kind of hot.”

“What would Mary say about you being here with me?”

“Mary works, so I’m alone all day. So, I walk the beach or sleep.”

“You walk the beach looking for young men?” I laughed as I said it.

“Just today.”

I stopped and looked at her, “I would have no idea how to please a woman with such a good drive already.”

“I guess we did look like we were having a lot of fun last night.”

“You weren’t?”

“I was but we were showing off to you and your mom.”

“Nola, would you like to come up and have a drink and talk more, you are so interesting, I bet I could learn a lot about life from you.”

“Yes, I would love to, you aren’t worried about people seeing you with a lesbian?”

“I guess not, those same people watched my mother have sex with me.”

“Point taken.”

We walked back and she put her arm in mine, we had a nice conversation. I asked a hundred questions about her and Mary. Her breast leaning against my arm was making me hard, she looked down.

“Does it hurt when it gets engorged?”

“A lot, but like you I just beat off and cum.”

“I don’t think I have ever beat off.”

I laughed after thinking what I just said.

“Nola, you’re very funny It’s refreshing. May I ask how you decided to love women over men, from my view it’s a lost to men.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Your body, it’s perfect, and you’re beautiful.”

“Damn you just made me cum.”

I looked down and smiled, “You have water running down your leg. That is hot.”

We reached the condo and rode up to my condo. Our curtains were closed.

“Why do you always have your curtains closed?”

“Mom walks around half naked.”

“Nola, would you like a drink?”

“Water would be nice.”

“I got her water and a paper towel.”

“What’s the towel for?”

“To clean up the cum on your legs?”

“Wouldn’t you like to do it yourself?”

“I would love to.”

She removed her mini and sat down naked.

“Well, did this help?”

“I have to say your naked pussy is gorgeous.”

I licked her from the bottom of her legs to her thighs, it seemed to be more as I got to her thighs.

“You’re cumming while I do this aren’t you?”

“Yes, it feels so gentle and smooth.”

I continued until I looked at her vagina.

“Is it ok to lick you here?”

“If you would like to.”

“Very much.”

She smiled, bent over, and kissed me.

I opened her lips and had a surprise, “Are you a virgin?”

She smiled, “I love sex but my vagina is saved for something very special.”

“Does Mary lick and suck you down here?”

“She does, and she doesn’t enter me. And I don’t enter her.”

“Yet you both do anal sex.”

“Well yes, it is wonderful feeling, you should try it.”

“I don’t think so.” She laughed and kissed me again.

I licked her lips, and then saw her cum, I licked it up, and it kept coming out. I was enjoying this a lot.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yes, you are dripping so much and I love the flavor of it. And you smell like flowers.”

“Well, that’s from cleaning.” She smiled as I took a deep breath. “I like what you clean with.” She sat up and looked at me, then she pushed me back and laid on me.

“I would like to kiss you passionately.”

We kissed so amazingly I thought I was going to cum. She kept kissing me and I was enjoying it, then it happened I came all over her stomach.

I’m sorry I didn’t think that would happen; I just love kissing you. Your lips are marvelous.”

“This gives you a chance to taste my cum.”

Her look made me laugh, “Is that the look I gave when you asked me to do anal?”

She laughed, “I bet it was.” She moved off me and played with my cum. “Did you really like licking my cum?”

“I would still be eating you if we didn’t start kissing, which was wonderful.”

She was still playing with my cum.

“It feels so sticky and warm.” She lifted her finger to her mouth and looked at me. “I’ll try it.

I watched her and her hesitancy, then she did it and her eyes lit up and she smiled. She did more and more. She smiled at me and licked up all that was left.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Very much, it was salty, and I love salt.”

“You’re not one of those salt monsters from Star Trek are you?”

She burst out laughing and then made the hand motions of the woman from the show.

“I am enjoying this time with you John. Can I touch your penis?”

“Sure Can.”

She sat there looking at it and asked questions about what it feels like and how does it feel in a woman.

“Would you like to try it in your mouth?”

“Can I?”

“Sure can, but I want to eat you some more.”

“Deal, I have always wanted to taste a penis.”

I travesti istanbul was licking her and she was cumming a lot. I sucked up all I could.

“John? What should I do other than just licking it?”

I thought maybe we could read about it on the internet.

We got up and she sat on my lap playing with my penis as she searched.

She found a site and we read all about giving head and giving hand jobs. I was sticking my fingers in the cum flowing from her. She had her legs spread and giggled as we read. We came to a part where it talked about deep throat and swallowing.

She turned to me, “Let’s try that.”

“Are you sure, it looks hard.”

She giggled, “You sure do look hard.”

She had me sit in a chair so she could watch a video on how to do it. She watched and tried to follow; I have never had one so I just enjoyed what she was doing.

She giggled through the video, and she tried to swallow my cock, She looked frustrated.

“They make it look so easy; I chock on it right away.”

I went online and looked for BJ’s for starters. I turned it on and told her just watch at first, so she sat on my lap with her breast on my chest. She smiled.

“Is it ok or would you like me to move them.”

“I didn’t even notice, they are ok.”

She slapped me and laughed. “you didn’t notice them; how could you miss them?”

“By looking at your lips.”

“I love that answer we started to kiss again, and sure enough I came again. I told her she is so hot. We turned on the video and she fingered my cum and ate it while I ate hers.

She watched the video and smiled at my limp cock. When it was over, she looked at me and told me she was going to head to her place. She thanked me for a great time. She turned and sat on my dick, then pressed her breast into my chest. “Do you notice them now?”

She smiled and kissed me while I held her breast.

“Nola, thank you for a fun day.”

She got up and pulled on her suit. She walked out, came back in, and kissed me.

When mom came home, I was in my room still naked, she walked in and turned around. “Sorry Johnny.”

“It’s ok mom, what did you need?”

“I wanted to talk about last night, I was really drunk and I took advantage of you. Could you put pants on or something?”

I walked to her and undressed her. Then picked her up and laid on my bed with her. I kissed her and caressed her body. Without speaking I went down on her and licked her pussy, she was not sure what to say, but her body knew.

Then I went to her breast and sucked on them and caressed them with passion. Then mom moaned out and came, I kissed her an entered her, I slowly screwed her as I looked her in the eyes.

She was looking back and there was no reaction from her, she wasn’t sure still what to do, Then I rammed her hard and came in her. She rolled me on my back.

“What was that all about?”

“My way of saying last night was ok, and you’re beautiful.”

She smiled and we held each other for an hour.

She fell asleep and I covered her. I got a drink and sat outside. All lights were off so I hoped no one would see me.

There were some lights on and people going about their business. I drank my tea and relaxed. An hour later Lights went on at Nola and Mary’s. Nola was sleeping, and Mary undressed and slid in with her. The light went out. It was quiet for some time then I heard someone place a glass down, couldn’t see anyone. Then another glass a small light was lit and I could make out two women sitting naked drinking their tea.

I couldn’t hear them but still enjoyed the little I could see. I got up and I head inside checked on mom and she looked so peaceful.

I opened by computer to do some research but went back and looked at mom. I decided to just get into bed and hold her, she pulled me close and I placed my arm around her. She was breathing so soft. Never had anyone slept with me and it was fun.

She woke about 4am and turned into me. She caressed my face and my body reacted to her touch. She held my cock and I rolled unto my back she moved close to me, caressing my chest, and kissing my shoulder. She moved on top of me and mounted me.

“Good Morning John, mind if we go back to sleep for a while?

She laid her head on my chest, her arms around me. She never moved but she was getting wet, not sure if she was dreaming or what but she came and I heard her coo. We woke again at 6am, she sat up and looked at me.

“John, thank you for last night and for not hating me.”

“Mom, I will love you forever.”

“Would you mind if we make love again now?”

“Serious Mom you’re gorgeous.”

She stayed on top of me and I enjoyed her breast while she rode my cock in and out. She kissed me and We laughed and hugged. “Mom enjoy your day today, see you tonight?”

“She got up and then laid her pussy to my face, I kissed her and she went to get ready. I made her coffee and a bagel. She came out dressed to kill. “Is something good happening today?

“Mom, you are looking so different, so vibrant.”

“I have met someone and we are having lunch today.”

I hugged her and smiled.

I went to my room showered and put on my trunks for a run and swim. I usually sit on the balcony, but now I felt I need to do something with my life. I went for a run, and then for a long swim. The ocean is just so refreshing.

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