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Joe’s Therapy Ch. 07

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Asa Akira

Diane was pinching his nose with her asshole to wake him up. He opened his mouth as she started to pee.

“Another close call slave. Eggs, sunny side up, toast and coffee.”

She went to take a shower.

He was getting out of the bedroom.

“Slave come here.” Bridget ordered.

“On your back! I need to pee.”

She straddled his head looking toward his feet. He was looking at her gorgeous ass lowering toward his face. She liked to sit on his face smothering him. Making him squirm.

“I want scrambled eggs this morning.” She said standing up.

He used the toilet, shaved and started the coffee.

Diane was wearing a bright red mini dress with matching high heels. Bridget had a dark marine business suit with black heels.

He was trying to get an erection despite of his belt.

Diane sat on his face. He was in the dark so he concentrated on rimming her.

“Thank you for your hospitality. I am starting to feel better. I do not miss my ex boyfriend as much. Well, I still miss the best part of him but your slave with his new toy is doing a good job at replacing that.” She said smiling.

“You are welcome. You can stay for as long as you wish.” Diane said.

“I know but at some point in time I will have to go back to my routine. Mind you I will miss abusing your slave. Maybe I should get one for myself?” Bridget said.

“You can visit anytime.” Diane said.

Diane had fed him a small stool.

“Clean me.” She ordered as her eyes caught sight of his dog bowl on the floor.

She squeezed his tongue so hard in her asshole that he screamed. He was in pain his tongue was so sore. He did not know she could hurt him that way.

“Slave you disobeyed me yesterday. You have not started on your new diet. Go wait for me in the exercise room face down on the bench!” Diane ordered.

“Can I help you with the whip?” Bridget asked.

“Sure aim for his ass and do not hold back. I want his ass to be sore for a week.” Diane said.

They join him in the exercise room. He had hoped that she would have forgotten that diet. He did not want to eat dog food.

Bridget was looking forward to this. She delivered the first blow. He screamed. She took off her damp panties and stuffed them in his mouth.

He felt the pain go through him all the way up to his brain. The pain from the second blow was worse than the first. It ran through his nerves and invaded places he did not know of. It was like the sea demolishing a sand castle, relentless and powerful. The third blow had him sobbing. The fourth one gave him the impression that he was drowning in pain. After the fifth one he nearly fainted. The skin of his ass cheek had broken under the force of the last hit.

Bridget was breathing hard. She had loved hitting him. It felt so good hearing his muffled screams and then breaking his skin on the last blow was like the proverbial cherry on a sundae. Too bad she had to leave for work.

Diane ordered;

“Take the panties out of your mouth. I had thought of letting you put ketchup on your food. You can forget it. You will have it without anything else.”

She was mad at herself for forgetting to start him on his new diet yesterday. She was sure that he would remind her this afternoon. She left for work.

He doused his ass with cold water and put some disinfectant on his wound. He was sure that it would leave a scar.

He had dried up his tears. Pain was not for him and he hated crying like that. He started on his chores.

Diane walked in the kitchen. A can of dog food was on the counter. Good he wanted to be sure not to forget his meal as yesterday she thought. She called him:

“Slave. Meal time.”

He went to the kitchen and greeted his Mistress.

As he was kissing her asshole, she said:

“You are to eat it all and keep it down. If you do not it will be ten strokes delivered by Bridget. Am I clear?” Diane asked him.

He nodded his head in her ass. He had endured enough pain for one day he did not want more. He got up and opened the can and emptied it in his bowl.

“Put your bowl on the floor. You are to eat that like a dog on all four.” She ordered.

He took a bite. It tasted like raw meat. He hated the taste of raw meat. On all four bending down he took a second bite. That position was making it harder for him to keep it in. He sat on his heels and burp.

“You are to stay on all four until you have konyaaltı üniversiteli escort licked your bowl clean.” She told him.

He realized that eating it in that position would be a bigger challenge than he had anticipated. He was already nauseous after only two bites.

He tried to breathe only in between bites when his head was further away from the bowl. He gagged.

“Stop that! Remember you are forbidden to throw up. Hurry up, I need to pee.” Diane said.

She was enjoying the sight of the lines on his ass left by the whip. She had liked watching Bridget whip him. Maybe she could punished him more often.

She was letting him eat slowly after all it was his first real meal since Friday.

He concentrated on the mental images of her cunt. The pain from his cage was distracting him. He was half way through his dreaded meal.

“Come on! I will take off your cage after.” Diane urged him.

He heaved and tried to increase his concentration on the images in his mind even if he could not get an erection.

He was trying to remember the folds in her labia. How he sucked them in his mouth to moved to her vagina and then back to her clitoris. That he would slowly lick before whipping it with his tongue pushing her closer to her orgasm. How he would be drinking her delicious juices. How he enjoyed giving her pleasure.

“You did it! I knew you could do it.” He heard her say.

“Now lick the bowl clean and rollover.” Diane ordered.

He saw that she had a small key in her hand as she was lowering her ass on his face. She opened the lock on his belt and moved back on his face to pee in his mouth.

“You have behaved yourself. I will reward you. First lick me to orgasm.” She said.

She had taken off his belt and he was rock hard.

He really was getting better in the art of cunnilingus or he liked it better she thought. She came on his face. Her juices were flowing in his mouth. She moved her asshole to his mouth.

She intended to masturbate him sitting on his face. As he was inserting his tongue in, she touched him and he ejaculated.

He felt so good even with his sore ass. She had washed down that awful raw meat taste with her piss. He had given her an orgasm with his tongue and she had let him come. He would have come even if she had not touched him. The sight and the taste of her ass had triggered his orgasm.

“Lick my hand clean.” Diane said putting it in front of his mouth.

He did not like the taste of his own sperm but it was better than dog meat.

“Get cleaned up. Then bring me iced tea outside.” Diane ordered walking toward her bedroom to change in her bathing suit.

He brought her a tall glass of tea near the pool where she was lounging.

She was observing him. She needed to find out.

“I barely touch you and you ejaculated. Why?” She asked looking at him.

“To eat the dog food, I had concentrated on how to practice cunnilingus with you. I was very excited when you freed me from my cage because of those thoughts. The sight of your beautiful ass but mostly the taste of it pushed me over the threshold and I ejaculated.” He said honestly kneeling beside her chair his head bowed.

“You do realized that you are serving me. I do not coach you in cunnilingus or use you as a toilet for your pleasure?” Diane asked.

“I do Mistress Diane. It is exciting for me when you have an orgasm on my face.” He answered looking at her beautiful body.

She stood up and ordered:

“Lie down on my chair. I want to face sit you.”

She took off her bikini bottom and straddled the chair lowering her firm ass to his face. She wiggled it to spread her cheeks and engulf his face. He was looking up her back at her long pony tail. He was rock hard again. His ass was so sore.

She had not put the cage back on him. She was heavy on his face and he loved it. An hour later she got up as Bridget was parking her car in the driveway. He went to greet her by the door as ordered by Diane.

“Ah slave you are free. Did you break your cage?” Bridget asked smiling.

She was pushing her ass in his face and squeezing his head between her and the wall. He was moving his head from left to right. It amused her; she liked to be rough with him.

This morning she had loved hitting him hard, making him cry. She went to her room to put on her bathing suit and joined Diane near kurtköy escort the pool. Bridget ordered him in a loud voice as she was getting outside:

“Slave bring us iced tea.”

He was still uneasy about the neighbors overhearing or seeing them. He brought them their tea his face a deep red. He had heard some noise from the neighbors on the left when Bridget had shouted her order.

“Are you all right slave? You have nice colors in your cheeks and on your ass.” Bridget asked him.

“Yes Mistress Bridget I am.” He said putting his tray on the table.

“Bridget he is shy. He would like to be dressed outside. Remember page 9? About keeping this secret from neighbors and friends.” Diane told Bridget.

“Did you memorize his e-mail?” Bridget asked.

“I did it as part of my routine with a new patient beginning a therapy but his scenario coincided too much with what I wanted from a slave. After the first reading. I knew that I had to enslave him.” Diane answered.

“He is not living exactly as he wished?” Bridget asked.

“No. He is only a slave. He gave up his liberties when he accepted to live here. He is here for my pleasure, to serve me.” Diane answered.

He was listening carefully. He silently agreed with her. He was here to fulfill her needs to the best of his abilities. He was her slave.

“Here put some sunscreen on me.” She ordered giving him the tube and lying down on her belly.

He got excited again. He would caress her body with his hands. He started applying the cream on her back. Massaging her shoulders going down to her lower back. Then he did her beautiful legs. He had to do the same for Bridget. To caress those two beauties was a reward in itself.

“Permission to finish preparing your dinner Mistress Diane.” He asked.

“Granted. What will it be?” She inquired.

“Beef Wellington Mistress Diane.” He answered.

He went to the kitchen. Relieved to go back inside away from the neighbor’s eyes and ears.

“Slave! Come here I need to pee.” Bridget shouted. She had waited on purpose for him to be inside.

He went to her. He was sure that the whole neighborhood had heard her. He was so ashamed that more people would know about him. He knelt before her and she peed in his mouth. They were watched. He could feel it.

“My turn. We will have dinner out here slave.” Diane said. When she was done he used the toilet and served dinner. With Diane seated on his face as they were finishing their meal, he heard the doorbell.

“I will get it.” Bridget said getting up.

She came back with a nice looking brunette. She looked young. Probably a student Diane thought. She felt him squirm under her and smiled. She had draped a towel over her tights hiding the lower part of her body.

“Lucy Bolton, here is asking about someone named Joseph.” Bridget informed Diane.

“Why are you asking for my slave?” Diane asked Lucy.

“Miss Morgan, I rented an apartment and I found very interesting reading material. Here as an example, there is this story depicting the life of a toilet slave to a sadistic nurse. She used him on a daily basis for all her toilet needs with some of her girlfriends.” Lucy said.

“Call me Diane, please.” Diane said.

“Bridget.” Bridget said waiving her hand.

“Then call me Lucy.” Lucy said.

“How did you find out where he lives?” Bridget asked.

“Simple, he gave this address to the landlord who gave it to me.” Lucy replied looking at Diane still on his face. She could see his body seated on the floor and her legs on each side of it.

“You were hoping to use him?” Diane asked Lucy.

” Yes I was. I hoped that he was living alone. Then I would have make him live up to some of his stories. I would have test is full toilet abilities.” Lucy said smiling.

“Did you bring some of his writing with you?” Bridget asked.

“Here. I highlighted the titles of some of my favorites.” Lucy answered as she handed a stack of sheets to Bridget.

“Would you like a coffee?” Diane asked Lucy.

“Yes please.” Lucy accepted.

Diane got up after attaching her towel around her waist.

“Slave! Go prepare the coffee.” Diane ordered. Lucy recognized Joe from an old photo she had found in one of his notebooks.

“Can you be more specific about your interest in my slave?” Diane asked. She had seen the look of recognition in her eyes.

“Well, ankara kurtuluş escort he has described what I always wanted to do with a slave. You know. Treat him like he is a thing. Getting pleasuring caress’s from him in exchange for a little or a lot of torture depending of my whim. My main interest is in toilet slavery.” Lucy told Diane.

“Have you ever used a toilet slave?” Bridget asked her looking up from the sheets marking her place with her index.

“I tried to trained my previous boyfriends but it ended in a mess and they ran away. Like the story at the beginning. The one where the Amazon lady picks up a runt in his late forties and makes his dream come true after her previous slave had ran away.” Lucy said.

“How old are you?” Diane asked as Joe was serving the coffee.

“I am 21 and studying in psychology. I want to be a therapist.” She answered looking at Joe.

“Just like you Diane.” Bridget laughed.

“Slave. Give a proper greeting to Lucy.” Diane ordered.

“You will have to stand up.” Diane informed Lucy.

“You will like this. He is a good kisser.” Bridget told her.

He knelt down behind her, lifted her skirt and pushed her tong to the side. She had a nice round bottom and he started French kissing her asshole.

“This is great. He is good.” Lucy told them.

“Told you so.” Bridget said smiling.

” That was great. Can I use the toilet please.” Lucy asked Diane.

“No. Toilets are for my slave. You can use him instead.” Diane told her laughing at Lucy’s surprised look.

“Oh! Yes.” Lucy answered enthusiastically.

“Slave put your head on Lucy’s chair.” Diane ordered.

“Relax. Let him put his tongue in your asshole then push. He will swallow everything. Once you are done simply tell him to clean you.” Diane instructed her.

She was lighter than Diane or Bridget on his face. He inserted his tongue and it was pushed out immediately.

She was delighted. At last she was using a slave’s mouth to shit. He was keeping up with her. After feeding him three stools she said:

“Slave clean me.” Lucy ordered.

He licked her clean. Lucy backed up on in face and peed in him. Then she stood up.

“Thank you very much. I never was able to feed one of my ex boyfriends. It was such a pleasurable feeling.” Lucy told Diane.

“You can stay seated on his face.” Diane told Lucy.

“I would have liked to but I have to go finish a report for tomorrow.” Lucy said.

Diane gave her a business card as she was walking her to the door.

“Call my office tomorrow and leave your coordinates in my voice mail if you do not reach me. I want to hire an intern. We have some interest in common so I would like to see your resume. Maybe you could fill the position and pursue your education at the same time.” Diane offered.

“I will for sure. I will send you my resume by e-mail. I want to write my thesis on female supremacy.” Lucy said thanking Diane again.

Diane was stepping outside and she heard:

“Slave bring your belt to me with some ice.” Bridget ordered.

When he was inside to get it.

“It is only for the night. I will take it off tomorrow morning.” Bridget informed Diane.

“No problem. Any good ideas in theses sheets?” Diane asked Bridget.

“Well not for him.” Bridget laughed.

“What do you mean?” Diane asked.

“Here a slave is tied up to a bench for the duration of a party and he is the toilet to a group of ladies, or this one where his mistress smother him until he passes out, or this one his mistress put a face dildo on him and rides him to multiple orgasms, or this one his mistress invite a friend over and they take turn whipping him.” Bridget gave as examples.

“I am not finish reading but he has a lot of imagination.” Bridget added.

“I do not like the breath play. If you are not careful you could kill him. Then you have to find a new slave and train him. It is the willing full service toilet slave that is hard to find.” Diane said.

“You are right. He is a very good cook and you do not have to lift a finger around here. You look happier too. After only a few days.” Bridget smiled.

“True. I am happier less frustrated. I enjoyed his whipping this morning and he is improving in the practice of cunnilingus.” Diane answered.

“Me to! I think we should whip him more often and in the evening when we have more time.” Bridget said.

“Because he is a willing toilet slave he does not need much training. He had visualized himself as such to a tall blonde Mistress as mentioned on page 1. He loves being a slave. In his mind he has to be the best toilet he can be. It was on page 10. We will have to think about excuses to whip him more often.” Diane said smiling.

“Maybe we should go shopping again.” Bridget suggested.

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