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Jock Girl’s Nerd Boy

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Author’s note : I would like to mention Jazzy Morga who helped make some grammatical corrections to the first draft of this story. Thank you for your help, mate. You’re a great editor and an even better friend.

Liam Ellis is feeling not as chipper as usual today. The eighteen years old Jewish boy is waiting in the library, wearing a sweater to stay warm. He reads a textbook, making notes silently, one hand tapping on the desk. As he sits there, the boy anxiously waits for his best friend Sarah to show up. He is feeling a bit depressed and knows that talking to her will only make things even more complicated and difficult to sort through, considering how they’ve gotten distant lately.

Finally, she arrives. Looking up from his book, Liam smiles lightly at Sarah as she approaches, sitting down opposite him. The dark haired fellow nerd places her bag on the chair beside her, looking at him with her usually brooding eyes. She then takes a sip from her water bottle, before placing it down on the table as he watches her with his warm, gentle expression.

“Hi, Liam,” she says, giving him an apprehensive smile. The two of them have known each other since they were ten and have always been close friends. Unfortunately, that friendship has been gradually strained by some of Sarah’s choices. Being part Jewish on his mother’s side, Liam has been the target of bullying by some nasty other kids, who would often call him a ‘kike’. At first it was behind his back, but once they realized he is too meek to retaliate, they’d use the label in his face.

Sarah has generally helped him to cope with it, telling the others who were after him to piss off. And he is very grateful for that. However, it all changed from a month ago when she started hanging out a lot with some of the girls who were taking part in bullying Liam, despite the boy telling her how their clique have regularly mistreated and verbally abused him. In fact, he discovered they were already secretly friends before that but Sarah never told him, with him only finding it out by himself.

Right now, the two friends find themselves at a difficult spot, not knowing what to do to ease the tension between them, unable to do much else than let it stew for a while. Liam doesn’t really like it that much, both because he hates being confused by his best friend’s presence and also prefers actively seeking solutions to just sitting and waiting for the problem to leave by itself.

“Hi Sarah! Any plans for today?” he attempts a casual greeting, still trying for a smile despite how awkward the meeting is for both of them. Sarah attempts to return the gesture with her own, her eyes looking at him a bit guiltily. She knows that hanging out with people like Mary Ann and Reese is damaging her friendship with Liam but they are part of the cool kids group.

“Not really. Probably just going to stay here for the entire lunch break and then go to classes. After that it’s just for studying at home,” she grumbles slightly, miffed at herself for having nothing more interesting to do. Turning to Liam, she asks “What about you though?”

Liam shrugs with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I’ll probably be reading like you. You know I don’t do much more than that. Maybe go for a short walk,” he replies, drumming his fingers on the desk gently. He is, for now, content to be with his best friend here and not having to worry about any harassment from someone else. “So, are you planning to go hang out with Mary Ann and Reese again?”

Sarah rubs her weary eyes. “Listen, I know you’ve got a beef with them, but they are my friends too and the two of them really aren’t that bad. They’ve only been a bit mean before…..”

“A bit mean?” Liam repeats slowly, willing himself to remain calm. “Is that what you call someone hurling racial slurs at me, your best friend, since we were kids?” He couldn’t believe how she was trying to justify their actions like that. To her credit, Sarah does look quitea ashamed at her own attempts to trivialize the emotional abuse her new friends have put her lifelong best friend through. But she still wouldn’t give up.

“Please, Liam,” the girl is now begging in her sweetest tone. This makes it difficult for him to get mad at her. “If only you would try to talk to them like I’ve suggested. All you’ve got to do is give them a chance..” And there it is. The anger has returned. Fortunately, Liam has always been good at containing his temper, although when he gets pissed, he does shout quite a lot.

“A chance! What bloody chance do I have to give them? To heap all those derogatory remarks on me all over again and again? Blimey, Sarah!” he cries out, shaking his head, visibly upset. Sarah is upset too at the outburst but can understand her best friend. After all, the two girls she is hanging out with have indeed been remarkably cruel in their words to him. Suddenly, she could feel someone standing behind her.

“Hey, snotty! What are you doing here?” A strong hand grasps Sarah’s hair, 1xbet yeni giriş pushing forward and pressing her face onto the table. The thin boy quickly glances up towards his best friend’s attacker, readying himself to shout at her, before groaning loudly as he realizes who the person is. He should have been able to recognize her voice.

Jenna Peryton is standing there in her sports clothes, one hand keeping Sarah’s face pressed to the desk, the other on her hip. The eighteen years old is the star of the basketball team and also plays mixed martial arts, giving her a very chiseled body. She has been bullying Sarah for many years, ever since that one time Sarah called her a dumb blonde. Jenna wasn’t supposed to hear that but she did, and took great offense to that. She has constantly been hazing Sarah constantly after that. It was kind of understandable at first, given what Sarah called her, but she took it way too far and then also targeted other geeky girls who have done nothing to her as well.

Her nickname for Sarah originated from when Sarah had a violently sneezing fit in front of everyone and covered her own face in the mucus, disgusting everyone except Liam, who handed his friend his handkerchief to wipe it away.

Right now the girl is winking at Liam, like she always does. The basketball goddess has been flirting with him a lot over the past four years, trying to get him to go out with her, but he has always refused, given how she treats his best friend. Still, he can’t deny that, her mean tendencies aside, Jenna is quite attractive. With her long blonde hair that she is always messing up to make it seem like she just came back from Basketball practice, perfect alabaster skin and athletic figure, she is gorgeous.

Her friend, Serena, is also beautiful, standing behind Jenna and smiling brightly at him. She is wearing her usual black leather jacket, looking cool as ever, grinning every second and every day. “Hey, Liam. Hi, snotty,” she says, directing the second part at Sarah, who is flailing about wildly beneath Jenna’s hand, her face still trapped on the table.

“Jenna,” Liam begins with a sigh. He is not ready for this confrontation right now. “Will you please let Sarah go? I’m begging you. What do you want from all of this?” The moment those words left her mouth, he realized what a mistake they were. She grins at him in that mischievous prankster way before turning back to look at her best friend Selena, whose presence he only notices now.

Jenna then puts on a thoughtful expression, her beautiful face wearing a fake frown. “Well, I suppose I want many things. But at the top of my list is you going on a date with me,” she says with a cunning glint in her eyes. Sarah starts visibly struggling beneath her firm grip, but fails to fight off the stronger girl who is pinning her down now, as Serena snickers behind them.

Liam sighs again, looking aside, disliking the fact that he is actually blushing a bit now. “You want me to go out with you when you’re bullying my friend and many other students like that? Really?” he finally asks, a bit exasperated at all this. A lot of other guys would kill to be in his shoes but he doesn’t like Jenna that way. Yes, she is really pretty and a sports star, but the girl is also quite arrogant and spoiled as well, always making fun of and putting down others. The number of times he has seen her and her friends giving swirlies and wedgies to young kids just makes him disgusted.

“Maybe I will stop doing this to Sarah. If you give me a little…incentive,” Jenna says with a suggestive grin, licking her lower lip. The boy rolls his eyes at this, before standing up and walking around the table, placing his hand on her wrist and trying to dislodge her grip on the back of his friend’s head. Unfortunately, she is much stronger than him, and even with both hands, he couldn’t even make her budge.

“You could just give me a little kiss here, you know,” the sporty girl now taps her cheek with her free hand, looking at him with lust-filled eyes. “Or maybe we can snog. If you really want to shut me up, you can always just stick your cock in my mouth.”

Suddenly, the bell rings, signalling the time for the start of the first class as Jenna is forced to reluctantly leave with Serena, who mutters “It’s a shame we can’t go further.” Jenna just snorts, before turning back to face Liam and blow him a kiss, making his face go scarlet. He shakes his head before checking to see that Sarah is alright. Fortunately, her nose isn’t broken.

He breathes a sigh of relief after finding out that his friend is alright, before helping prop her up and then gathering all their stuff together. The boy is still flushed with embarrassment after Jenna blew him a kiss but tries to hide it. Unfortunately, Sarah notices this. And it also infuriates her. She huffs, turning away from him in annoyance, making the confused Liam frown.

“Well, um, glad that you’re all right now,” he manages, rubbing the 1xbet giriş back of his neck awkwardly. Sarah glares at him, making him flinch. “I better get going now then. See you later, okay?” Liam quickly rushes off to his next class, not wanting tardiness to ruin his perfect record. Unbeknownst to him, Liam’s rush to leave only makes Sarah angrier.

He manages to arrive at the Physics classroom on time. Gasping for breath, the boy sits down at his seat, panting. Liam quickly fishes his stuff from inside the bag, placing them in front of him. Sorting out his stationery, the boy is alerted by the familiar sound of footsteps approaching the door. Looking up, he sees the same person as earlier walking into the room.

Jenna approaches the now blushing boy with a grin, heading towards the chair next to him and plopping her muscular derrière on it. She turns to face him, twirling her hair, messing it up on purpose again. He rolls his eyes at the gesture but couldn’t hide the little smile across his lips. Something which she immediately notices. Being more observant than most people give her credit for, Jenna has noticed how much her constant flirting has worn down his defenses. She understands that he is now beginning to like her back.

The athletic girl smirks lasciviously as she leans close to him, pressing her warm, powerful thighs against his leg. Shivers running up his spine from the contact, Liam gasps as Jenna places a strong hand in the middle of his thigh. She squeezes his flesh gently, enjoying his adorable reaction. Although Jenna finds everything Liam does adorable anyways.

“Hey, Liam,” she breathes against his ear, rubbing his leg with her palm. Noticing the tent growing in his pants, the girl now grins salaciously, continuing to lewdly touch him. “Ever gotten shagged by an athlete?” Jenna asks. He sits there, stunned as she continues to molest him with her wandering fingers. The teacher isn’t in the classroom yet, thankfully, but other people are.

Liam takes a very deep breath now, trying to calm his nerves before finally answering “Nope, Jenna. I’ve never gotten shagged by an athlete. Or anyone, in fact.” His answer seems to please the tall girl whose grin widens, probably because he admitted he has never been with anybody before. “What makes athletes special in bed anyways?” he finds himself quipping before realizing what he’s saying.

Jenna is now smirking widely. “Oh, I can show you. Perhaps if we come over to my house this evening, I can show you just exactly what it feels like. Not that I’ve ever shagged anyone before ; I’d only shag you.” At this point Liam is by now stuttering in shock, and, as much as he hates to accept this, desire. He wants nothing for her to wrap those muscular arms around him and crush his lips with hers in a fiery kiss. But the image of her pressing other students’ heads into the toilet bowls last and flushing last week is still in his mind.

They spend the rest of the class with the boy awkwardly trying to hide his constant erection, and Jenna staring at said erection and continuing to smirk victoriously at the evidence of her effect on him. Liam heads out as quickly as he can, with Jenna giggling from behind. The boy has by now given up all attempts to hide his blushing face, as he walks past Serena and other girls who all giggle, clearly having seen what happened in the class.

“So how did her hand feel on your leg?” Rielly, another of Jenna’s close friends, asks in her amused yet curious voice.

“Yeah, that looked like she was having a pretty good time feeling you up,” Serena remarks.

“Better than anyone else’s would have,” he replies hastily, slapping a hand over his mouth as he figures out what he just said. Rielly and Serena are now gaping at him in shock, before he runs the hell out of there as quickly as he can, deciding to just go hide in the library during his free period. He really needs to learn how to stop himself from saying dumb things in front of them.

The young man spends the next hour cooped up in the library, reading stuff quietly like he did before class, trying to figure out a way to handle this situation. He has always tried to dismiss Jenna as a narcissistic jerk, given how she regularly distributed wedgies to younger girls. But the way she spoke to him made and still causes him to feel the proverbial butterflies in his stomach. It’s almost enough to make him want to close his eyes and let her snog him.

Shaking his head, Liam is notified when the bell sounds, telling him it’s now morning break-time. Realizing there will be other students coming here, he decides to leave. Heading outside, the boy decides to spend the next twenty minutes taking a walk around the campus. It’s been ages since he last immersed himself in the fresh air, and he really needs some exercise now.

As soon as he gets to the front lawn though, Liam immediately spots trouble. Surrounded by a group of other girls is Sarah, her hair drenched in milkshake as Jenna 1xbet güvenilirmi and her friends laugh heartily. Grimacing, he decides to approach them cautiously, still remembering what Jenna did to him in class and slightly embarrassed at how a part of him reacted to her touch.

Jenna looks over in delight, noticing the object of her desire walking towards her. “Hello, sweetheart. Enjoying the show?” she asks while yanking the waistband of Sarah’s underwear up violently, making her yell in distress. The young man scowls fiercely at this, upset with how Jenna is treating his best friend right in front of him, and at himself for still having certain emotions stirred by her earlier in Physics.

“Could you please just finally stop with this? You have no right to treat Sarah this way. Or any of the other students you and your friends mistreat. I’m sick and tired of witnessing this almost every other day,” he lets out all at once.

“Go on a date with me,” Jenna says, releasing her grip on Sarah’s panty waistband. “I’m serious, Liam. If you go out with me, I’ll leave her and the others alone. Just one date at first, and we can talk about more later.” Oohs and ahhs can be heard from the surrounding girls, especially Serena and Rielly, who are watching the scene unfold before them with great interest.

Sarah, trying to save face, cries out “I don’t need any help from a bloody kike!”

Everyone immediately goes silent at this.

Suddenly, Jenna roars out in fury “Apologize to Liam!” startling everyone. “I said apologize to him!” Serena and Rielly both join in, angrily demanding that Sarah does that, while she looks away, now realizing what she did. The insult, combined with her friendship with the others who have bullied him regularly, and her defense of them whenever he brought the topic up, has finally severed their already damaged friendship forever.

“Very well, snotty,” the boy says coolly to his old friend. “I was trying to be helpful, but I guess that’s useless now. Good times.” And he walks away, trying to hold back the tears, telling himself that this was already quite some time in coming now. With the way she has been hanging out with Mary Ann and Reese, and dismissing his concerns about them, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

The rest of the day, he spends time in class trying to bury himself in the work and forget all about what happened earlier during break. It does work, though Liam becomes focused on something else instead. Namely, the way Jenna defended him in front of everybody. Suddenly, he now sees the arrogant teenage misfit in an entirely new, much more positive light.

Gone is the girl who he considered a pest for her harassing other students. Gone is the young woman whose only good was driving him mad with her antics and delinquency. Liam now sees her for all her good, being brave and outspoken, never fearing to speak her own mind. He now sees Jenna as the girl who didn’t hesitate to stand up for him when he was labelled with such an insulting term by someone who was his very own best friend.

That afternoon, as he stays at home, thinking on the couch, Liam arrives at a conclusion that would have made him laugh weeks ago. Jenna is not as bad as he thought she was. He eats dinner silently that night, prompting questions from his parents, but manages to defuse any suspicion that something was wrong, reassuring him that he is perfectly fine and that there is nothing to worry about.

When they go to sleep, he stays up in bed, mulling over his own thoughts. A choice flashes through his mind which he never considered before. He should give Jenna a chance. She is not anywhere near as bad as he thought she was. Yes, she did some horrible things, but not because she’s a bad person. She’s just a good person who’s been misled and peer-pressured into doing bad things to look good.

That’s what he tells her the next morning. “I know you’re not that bad at all. You’re nice enough to defend me in front of everybody yesterday and…” he begins before she cuts him off with her signature smirk, hands firmly planted on her curvy hips. The boy inhales, taking in a deep, lungful of breath as she leans forward, her lips by his ear, her teeth nearly grazing his earlobes.

“That’s because I’ve been trying to get inside your pants, Liam.” she whispers. “Seriously. You might not be one of the sporty, muscular guys, but you are smart, kind and adorable, and I’m completely in love with you. I want to go out with you and fuck your brains out, and then lie down to cuddle with you afterwards. And you can bet I will never give up on that.”

Liam stammers over his words a bit, before mustering up all his courage and saying “Well, we could go out together and date. And my legs will open the moment you promise to stop with the swirlies and wedgies, so please give me that promise soon!”

For the first time ever, Jenna Peryton, the 6 feet tall basketball goddess, is rendered speechless. The girl has known that he is already beginning to fall for her but didn’t realize until then how susceptible he has become to her charms, or that he is already willing to let her do what she wants with him. Clearly, she didn’t notice as much as she thought she did.

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