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Jo, Girlfriend’s Mum Ch. 03

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The next morning Jack phoned the bank just after nine, he had already transferred one hundred thousand pounds to the account he had set up to handle his Antique dealing business. He was told that he could come to the bank along with Identification and he could collect the money. He telephoned Sal; she had her safety deposit box in the same bank. They met at the bank. Sal witnessed Jack receiving the cash. They went to a room attached to the safety deposit section; Jack gave Sal ninety-five thousand, Sal gave him the watches then they shook hands. As they left the bank, Sal said, “Jack, would you like to follow me back to my house for a coffee?”

Jack replied, “I’d love that Sal, but could you follow me first to the Antique Centre so I can leave the watches in the safe there?”

They did as Jack had suggested, the watches were insured being there, and Jack felt more comfortable. Jack also left the receipt Sal had given him for the money. Jo was there, and they talked with her for a few moments then as they left Jo said, “Jack, take your time, there’s no rush, you should bring Sal to the Bistro for lunch.”

They left in their two cars; Sal lived in an imposing villa with a long driveway, the garden was impressive. Jack thought that the upkeep of the garden must cost a fortune. As they went into the house, Sal said, “This is not my taste, I had nothing to do with any of the furnishings or fittings in this house, it’s not my cup of tea.”

Jack had no idea how to value the contents of the house; it was a weird mixture of different styles, including Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Jack said, “When you want to sell the contents of your house, then I would suggest we get expert advice on the pieces that you have, when are you thinking of selling these pieces?”

Sal replied, “In the next few months, I’m looking for an apartment at the moment. The running costs of this property are astronomical; the heating system is inefficient and costly to run. One estate agent I spoke with suggested it could make an ideal boutique Hotel which may be the way to go or split the building into apartments. You could get four excellent apartments out of the old stables. It would take a very wealthy person to keep it as a home; it’s an expensive place to live. I hope something happens soon as I’m desperate to get out of here, it’s a tremendous drain on my resources, I’m boring you now Jack, would you like a nice cup of tea?”

Jack followed Sal into the kitchen; he was admiring her delightful curves; her massive tits looked so luscious. Jack thought that Sal was a beautiful woman; she looked the same age as Jo. He decided that he keep a friendship going with Sal. As Sal was making the tea, she said, “What did you do before you got involved in Antiques Jack?”

Jack replied, “I’m a musician, I still am, I am a percussionist, and I play with the National Orchestra. I now spend my time between my music and Antiques, my music gives me a guaranteed income, and hopefully, the Antiques will do the same.”

“Jack, that sounds wonderful, you’re an interesting young man, I’m sure that you’ll do well in both your careers, are you married or are you dating anyone, I noticed that you are not wearing any rings? I took my ring off after my husband’s funeral.”

Jack smiled then said, “I was dating Jo’s daughter Beylikdüzü escort for the last couple of years, but she went to America at the beginning of July, I haven’t heard anything from her so you could say that I’m free. I enjoy working with Jo; I appreciate all the help that she’s giving me with the Antiques, she has been a great help to me in my new career.”

Sal replied, “I’ve met Jo’s daughter. I much prefer Jo, the daughter seemed quite aloof. You must be kept busy with your Orchestra and your Antiques, what will you specialise in with your Antiques?”

“I’ve jumped in at the deep end with watches; I will also deal in musical instruments. Jo doesn’t have much space at the moment, the property next door to the Centre is for sale, it’s huge and has been on the market for over four years, I put a cheeky offer in for it a couple of days ago but as yet haven’t heard anything back. My fingers are crossed as the building has a lot of potential. Jo has over one hundred dealers on her waiting list, looking for space.”

Sal said, “That’s a thought, if you get that property, it might be an idea if I took some space and tried to sell all the junk that’s in this house. It looks crazy in here but selling it as objects then I think it could sell.”

Jack replied, “Sal, that’s a good idea, the things you have are great, but you have so much of them that it doesn’t show them in their best light. I’m sure that they would sell in an Antique Centre. Would you have time to spend at the Centre if you had a stand or are you busy during the day?”

“Jack, I’m bored to tears during the day. I would love to do something like that; it’s so interesting, you’d be learning something new every day, that would give me something to do during the day.”

Jack’s phone rang, he was about to ignore the call, but he saw it was his lawyer. He answered, his heart was beating hard, his offer had been accepted, he was so happy, he had an entry for next week when the payment had been made, but he could have access if he required any tradesmen to have entry. He was so happy; he ended the call saying he would bring his cheque to the lawyer this afternoon. He told Sal, who was also delighted for him. He then phoned Jo, who was also pleased to hear the good news. Jack said to her that he and Sal would be on the Bistro for lunch in the next half hour.

Sal said, “Jack, I’d like to change into something more suitable. I don’t think a mini-skirt is suitable if I’m going to be jumping around.”

Jack smiled and said, “You’ve wonderful legs for a mini-skirt, but you must always be practical.”

As Sal left the kitchen, she said, “Flattery will get you everything, darling, thank you for the compliment.”

Sal came back five minutes later; she looked stunning in a trouser suit which showed her curves to perfection. They then drove in Jack’s car to the Centre, in the car Jack phoned his Architect, to tell him the good news, they arranged a meeting at three at the new building. They arrived at the Centre and met Jo in the Bistro; Jo said, “Jack, I’m so happy, things can start to develop, Sal I’m also happy that you are going to get involved in our little family here. I can’t join you for lunch as I have a hair appointment, but hopefully, I can meet up with you later, Sal, I’m sure Jack Beylikdüzü escort will look after you.”

They had lunch; Jack had ordered a bottle of Champagne to celebrate, Sal said, “Champagne at lunchtime, I could easily get used to this.”

Jack replied, “Sal, it’s been a great day for me; I have the building that I want. I’ve met you, we have done business, and I’m so happy to have met you, cheers, to us.”

They toasted each other, then Sal said, “Jack, is it possible that I’m with you when you meet the Architect? I’m a trained secretary; I can take notes, your complete meeting will be noted, that’s a good thing. Regarding the watches, I’m sure that you’ll make a good profit from them, I wish you the best. Jack, I needed the money. I appreciate you buying them from me. I’m not a poor woman, but at the moment I have a lot of overheads, and I’m not allowed to sell any of my assets, you did me a great favour today.”

Sal was squeezing Jack’s hand as she spoke to him; they were looking each other straight in the eye. Jack then knew that Sal liked him. Jack replied, “I’m glad that I was able to help you; I also have the feeling that you’ll sell your house soon. I will love it if you are with me when I meet Gary, the Architect.”

Over lunch, Jack couldn’t take his eyes off Sal’s big tits; sometimes when she moved, they would shake a little, this aroused Jack. Sal said, “Jo likes you a lot, you’re lucky that you have her as a friend too, I can see it in the way that she looks at you.”

Jack replied, “I know that we have to work closely together as we integrate our businesses; I love how she mothers me.”

Sal smiled and said, “I can mother you as well. I think that you like big tits. Jo has big tits too!”

Jack smiled then said, “Then I would have two mummies with big tits. I would love that.”

Sal squeezed Jack’s hand again then said, “It’s time to meet Gary; we must always be punctual.”

They met Gary. Jack introduced Sal as his secretary, they went around the new building then went into the old offices of it, there was still all the office furniture. Gary had the plans of the building; he had done work for the previous owner. Jack showed where he would like the new Auction House, Bistro, secure gold and silver purchasing room. Toilets then the partitioning he wanted for the new Antique Centre.

He also wanted a secure passageway between Jo’s building and his which would link the two buildings. There was also lots of car parking facilities between the two buildings. Gary had no problems with the proposals and would submit the plans shortly. Gary left, Sal asked if Jack could drive her home as she wanted to have her iPad. On the drive over Jack’s phone beeped, he chose to ignore it. They arrived at Sal’s; Sal went for her iPad, Jack checked his cellphone, Jo’s message read, “I won’t be home until later, I got two house clearances at the hairdresser’s, I’ll see you at home. Sal likes you; I think that she’s got the hots for you, she’ll be good for the business. Love, Jo xxx.”

Jack replied, “Sal wants to mother me, can I have two mums? See you later. Love, Jack xx.”

Sal came into the lounge and said, “I’ve got a message on my voice mail, the house is sold to the developer, he has access in three weeks. I will have to clear Escort Beylikdüzü the house by then. My fucking nightmare is over; I got an excellent price for the house; this has been a great day.”

Jack hugged Sal, as though it was a reasonable thing to do, they tongue kissed each other for several minutes. Sal was a good kisser; they teased each other with their tongues. Jack’s cock was now rock hard; they were exploring each other’s bodies, Sal stroked Jack’s massive cock then said, “My god, that’s a big one, has mummy made her baby hard? My baby has made mummy’s pussy very wet.”

“I’m going to make mummy’s cunt so wet before I give her my big cock, is mummy going to invite her baby to her bedroom then mummy can be fucked?”

Sal led Jack to her bedroom; they were both stripping as they walked. Sal was naked; first, she had a magnificent body, her tits were massive and didn’t sag, her vulva was swollen and smooth, her stomach was flat, she had a very similar shape to Jo, they both had long sex slits. Jack laid Sal on the bed so that they could 69, as Jack went down on her, Sal said, “Let mummy suck your big cock, mummy will make you very hard before you fuck her, mummy needs fucked, it’s been so long.”

Jack started to suck Sal’s big clitoris; it was a similar size to Jo’s, she loved it, she was purring with pleasure. Sal’s cunt was wet; Jack slid two fingers inside her, she moaned with pleasure, her cunt felt tight, she was gripping his fingers with her strong cunt muscles, Jack said, “Wow, mummy knows how to suck cock, mum is sucking me so good, it feels so good.”

“Baby, mummy loves sucking your big cock, it’s so big, it is at least three times bigger than pretty-boy husband’s. As he got older giving him a blow job was all he wanted, but I never swallowed his cum, mummy wants to swallow your cum baby, but not now baby, mummy wants you to fill her cunt with your hot spunk.”

Jack was relentless in his clitoris sucking, Sal was pushing her pussy hard against Jack’s mouth, then Sal’s body trembled as she climaxed. Jack felt the warmth of her cum as it filled his mouth, he didn’t swallow her cum but held it in her mouth, Sal was still sucking Jack’s cock as she massaged his heavy balls. Jack said, “I’m glad you came. I think that you’re ready for me, how would you like it?”

“Baby, you shouldn’t be talking with your mouth full, cum kiss mummy, then mummy will go on top of you and give you the fuck of your life.”

They cum kissed for several minutes, they both swallowed Jack’s cum then Sal laid Jack on the bed and went on top of him in the cowgirl position. With a gentle push down on his massive cock she took the full length, as she started to ride him she said, “Baby, you are enormous, you’re filling mummy’s cunt, but it’s your cunt now, you can do what you want with it. My pretty boy didn’t like to pussy fuck me, he preferred to ass fuck me, to be honest, I enjoyed that, but as I said, at the end he only wanted blow jobs. Let me get a nice rhythm going for you; mummy wants you to cum inside her, you’re hitting my cervix, it feels so good.”

Sal soon had a powerful rhythm going; Jack was stroking her clit as she rode him, Sal’s massive tits were bouncing everywhere, then Sal said, “Baby, I’m nearly there, cum for mummy, let’s cum together, let me feel you squirt, cum for mummy!”

They both climaxed simultaneously; they lay kissing for several minutes, Sal was holding Jack’s cock inside her as they kissed. Jack said, “Tonight, I’ll have my two mummies. I’m so looking forward to that; today is being a great day.”

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