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Jimmy Has a Sexy Summertime Fetish

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Double Penetration

The accusation and realization of a summertime fetish of bra and panties stuns Jimmy.


Jimmy has a fetish that rears its ugly head in the summertime more than it does in any other season. Without doubt, the summer is when he sees more panties and bras, the two things that gets him sexually aroused. He never knew he had a fetish, until recently. He thought he was just a regular, normal, and average voyeur kind of guy, who’d look to see, whenever a woman accidentally showed or purposely flashed her panties and/or bra. With so many panties and bras to see and so little time to see them, the summertime, when women wear less clothes, is when his fetish became more time and thought consuming.

He loves panties, brief underwear, classic thong, bikini panty, G-string panty, Brazilian band panty, full Brazilian panty, frou-frou panty, boyshorts panty, control panties, low rise panty, cheekies, garter, crotchless, cotton, no lines and seams panties, hip huggers, and even granny panties in all sizes and in all colors. He loves bras, push-up bras, full coverage bras, padded bras, demi cup bras, strapless bras, wireless bras, underwire bras, t-shirt bras, maximizer pushup bras, sports bras, built-in bras, shelf bras, peephole bras, maternity bras, nursing bras, front closing bras, and minimizing bras that come in all sizes from A to double D and in all colors. When it came to panties and bras, Jimmy couldn’t see enough of them.

Whether on the train, on the bus, in the park, or walking in the street, accidentally or purposely, women flash him their panties and bras. He couldn’t count the times he’s been sitting across from a woman with her legs parted enough for him to see the color and sometimes, even the style of her panty. Unable not to look to see what he can see, whenever they crossed their legs, he enjoyed being rewarded for his stealth surveillance and sometimes his not so stealth surveillance.



Generally, those were the two comments most received, whenever Jimmy was caught looking. Sometimes, his excitement would cause him to stare too long. When women were showing and wanted him to see their bras and/or panty, once they caught him staring, they’d give him the eye. Yet, Jimmy was true to his beautiful wife, Christine. Never did he stray for the sake of seeing more and/or hoping to touch another woman’s bra and panty.

“Why go out for hamburger, when you have stake at home,” said Paul Newman about never having cheated on his wife, Joanne Woodward.

His same sentiment, Jimmy’s wife, Christine, was his Joanne Woodward and never is when he’d cheat on her. She was his sexy, lingerie model and she looked great in any panty and bra he bought her. She had the body to wear any style of lingerie.

When women weren’t showing him their panties, then they were flashing him their bras. Up skirt and down blouse views was what Jimmy lived to see. Whenever all the seats were taken on the bus to work or on the train home, he stood over a woman wearing a low cut top and, while she read her book or watched the view ahead of her, he’d watch the view down below in front of him. Maybe because he’d always look to see something he’d hope to see, he saw a lot. He always had a thing for panties and bras.

Normal in every other way, he never knew he had a fetish. Certainly, he never thought that looking at a woman’s panty and bra, whenever she was careless in how she sat or was purposeful in showing him her panty and bra, was a fetish. A pleasure that he enjoyed seeing, he thought there’d be more wrong with him, if he didn’t look.

To look at Jimmy, normal in every way, average height, average build, and with brown hair and eyes, you’d never think he was a fetish type of guy. Had his ex-wife not told him that he had a fetish, he never would have known. Equating fetish with perverts, sexual deviates, and those sick men listed on sex offender registers, he still didn’t think he had a fetish. Definitely, just as any other guy would, he’d admit to being a voyeur, but that’s it.

“Thank God, we’re divorced,” said Christine with a big exhale of stress. Having just finalized the divorce today, she was now Jimmy’s new ex-wife. “Never will I marry another man with a fetish sexual or otherwise. Finally, I can wear a nightgown to bed or go to bed naked.”

“Fetish? What are you talking about, Christine? I don’t have a fetish,” said Jimmy looking at his ex-wife with disbelief. “Why would you even say that?”

Now, she’s making stuff up about him, no doubt, to justify her divorcing him. If that’s how she truly felt about him, saying that he had a fetish and literally calling him a sexual deviate, then he was glad that he was finally rid of her. A normal guy with a healthy sex drive, he’s no pervert, that’s for sure.

“Panty and bras, Jimmy, panties and bras. You have a fetish for panties and bras. Your fetish is panties and bras,” she said repeating herself, as if trying to make him understand. “You can’t get enough of seeing, touching, and feeling my panty and sivas escort my bra. I swear, if I just covered my pillow with my panty and bra, you’d be happy.”

The image of Christine’s panty and bra fastened to her pillow, admittedly, aroused him. He imagined painting the image of her face and her hair on the pillow with lipstick. Now that she’s gone, if he horny enough, he might do that. Once he sprayed a bit of perfume on her pillow, his imagination would do the rest. He could even unzip the end of the pillow to fit his cock in there, while pretending she was blowing him. Wow, good idea, Christine.

“Damn, Christine. Stop. You’re getting me all excited,” he said suddenly feeling his cock pulsating in his pants, while feeling like the pervert that he was.

“I figured as much. If I wore a pair of panty over my face with a bra on top of my head, you’d be happy, while sitting across from me at the supper table,” she said with a laugh.

The thought of her sitting across from him wearing a pair of panties over her face with her bra on her head was an erotic sight to entertain. Damn, would she really do that? If she did that, he’d never eat again. He’d be too busy staring at her to think of food.

“That’s ridiculous, Christine. How would you eat wearing panties over your face,” he said imagining her putting her spoon to her mouth through her leg hole. Wow.

“That’s exactly what I mean. You’re hopeless, Jimmy. You’d think there was nothing wrong with me doing that. You’d be excited if you saw me sitting like that wearing my underwear on my head. I’m surprised you never asked me to wear my underwear over my clothes.”

Be still my heart. Underwear over her clothes, he never thought to ask her to do that, but if only she would. Jimmy looked at his ex-wife with renewed lust and desire. She was so pretty, tall, shapely, and looking a bit like a younger version of Demi Moore, he was going to miss her.

“Tell me, I’m just curious,” he said looking at her breasts before looking down at her crotch, “which panty and bra are you wearing today?”

“Fuck you, Jimmy.”

Jimmy looked at her blankly. Panties and bras? Why would she say he had a panty and bra fetish. The idea was ridiculous. Suddenly he had an erection with the imagine of her standing before him clad only in her panty and bra washed across his mind.

With the sexy body of a lingerie model, she looked so hot in her panty and bra. He couldn’t believe they were divorced. He still loved her and he still wanted her. She had always been his dream woman. He’d be lost without her. Never would he ever find another woman like her, so accommodating in wearing her panty and bra to bed, instead of a nightgown.

He didn’t understand why she thought panties and bras were his fetish. What the Hell kind of fetish is a panty and bra anyway? That’s not a fetish. He still didn’t understand what was so wrong about that? How could that even be considered a fetish? If anything, he was a normal guy in every way. He liked panties and bras, no, correction, he loved panties and bras. So what? Guys, unless they were gay, all liked panties and bra. For that matter, cross dressers really liked panties and bras. It wasn’t as if he was wearing panties and bras or collecting panties and bras. He just loved it when women flashed him their panties and bras and loved seeing and feeling Christine’s panty and bra on her.

When she said that he had a fetish for panties and bras, he couldn’t help but wondered which panty and bra set she was wearing. Wishing he could immediately satisfy his curiosity, he had the urge to lift up her dress or peer down her top to see. Only, he couldn’t do that now that they were divorced. She was no longer his wife and the love of his life. He agreed to give her an uncontested divorce when she was so adamant about leaving him and starting her new life without him.

Knowing that she always coordinated her lingerie to match her dress, since she was wearing her navy blue dress, he figured she was wearing his favorite set, her powder blue demi cup bra and matching blue bikini panty. Only, now that she told him that he had a fetish, now that she made him feel bad about loving how she looked in just her panty and bra, it wouldn’t surprise him if she no longer wore matched sets of lingerie. Good God, instead of a colored, sexy bra with matching bikini panties or a color coordinated Brazilian thong, it wouldn’t surprise him and he wouldn’t be shocked, if she was wearing a plain full coverage white bra and white cotton granny panties,.

“Eww.” The imagined thought of her white underwear was enough for him to peruse a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Every birthday and every Christmas, he bought her matching sets of bras and panties, nothing but the best for his baby. When too many men forget birthdays and anniversaries, when too many men aren’t romantic and never compliment their wives, Jimmy doted on Christine with sexy lingerie from Victoria Secrets. That’s the gratitude he gets çorum escort for being such a thoughtful, loving, and romantic husband.

She had a drawer full of panties and another drawer full of bras of every style and of every color. He was on a first name basis with the sales help in Victoria’s Secrets. He bought so many panties and bras, that she could wear a different panty and bra for months without having to wash any of them.

Jimmy still didn’t realize that he had a fetish for panties and bras. He didn’t understand. It made no sense to him. This was his wife, albeit ex-wife now and not some hooker, who he had hired to explore some sexual fantasy or to experience some sexual peccadillo by having her walk around wearing a panty and bra while she tied him up and disciplined him.

He always thought fetishes had more to do with lusting over other women and not lusting over his own wife in her sexy underwear. It made no sense to him. Never in his fifteen years of marriage to Christine had he cheated on her. Yeah, sure, like any other voyeuristic male, he ogled women who didn’t know they were showing him their panties and/or bras or who flashed him their panties and/or bras, but he saved his lust for his wife, when he came home from work.

“What? Just because I’m a normal guy who likes panties and bras, doesn’t mean that I have a fetish, Christine.” He looked at his ex-wife, as if she had just stuck a knife in his heart. “Besides, even if I did have a panty and bra fetish, which I don’t, you make having a panty and bra fetish sound bad. You make it sound dirty. You make me sound perverted, when all I ever did was to buy you expensive matching lingerie and compliment you on how beautiful you looked wearing it.” He looked at her with sad, love sick eyes for the woman who was leaving him and would no longer be in his life as his beloved wife. “I never cheated on you, Christine and I’ll always love you.”

Jimmy viewed the word fetish as being bad and to have a fetish, he had to have sexual problems, which he believe he didn’t, even though he certainly had a sexual peccadillo for panties and bras. For someone to have a panty and bra fetish, he imagined a pervert hanging around the lingerie section in a department store. He connected a panty and bra fetish to a pervert masturbating over panties and bras and not the sight and the feel of panties and bras on his own wife, as a fetish. Never did he masturbate over Christine’s panties and bras or any panty and bra, even though perusing the Victoria Secrets catalog gave him an erection.

“Jimmy, I’m sorry. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but after fifteen years of marriage, most of it happy, I need to have a normal life. I still love you, too, Jimmy, even though we just divorced. I’ll always love you. You’re still my first love,” she said touching his arm and kissing him on his cheek.

“Oh, Christine,” said Jimmy taking the opportunity to put his arm around his ex-wife’s waist and reach down with his hand to feel the seam of her panty.

She took a step away from him

“See, that’s what I mean, Jimmy. Instead of giving me a hug, you just wanted to feel, which panty I’m wearing. Right?” She gave him the same look that his mother gave him, when she caught him going through her underwear drawer. “In honor of our final divorce, I’m wearing your favorite, the powder blue bikini panty.”

“Show me, Christine,” he said taking a step forward to reach out his hand to the hem of her dress, while lifting it mid thigh.

She swatted his hand away, fluffed down her dress, and took another step back.

“Any man who’d rather have his wife wear a panty and bra 24/7, instead of seeing her in her sexy nightgown or being intimate with her naked, has a fetish. Your fetish is panty and bras, Jimmy. You can’t get it up, unless your fingering satin, silk, and lace, while having sex with me.”

“That’s not true, Christine. That’s absurd. I love you…in your sexy underwear and I can, too, get it up, without the need for you to wear a panty and bra.”

“You love my panties and bras more than you love me. Maybe you should wear them,” she said with anger in her voice.

“That’s just gross, Christine. I’m not a pervert. Besides, you’re underwear wouldn’t fit me.”

“How do you know my underwear wouldn’t fit you? Have you tried wearing them?”


“I know you’re not a pervert, Jimmy, but you do have a fetish for lingerie,” she said lowering her voice, while looking around to make sure that no one was within hearing distance. “I’m only trying to help you. If not for me, maybe you’ll realize how your fetish makes it difficult for you to have a normal sexual relationship with a woman. How many times can I go over the same thing? You just don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand, Christine. I thought you loved me,” he said looking at her with sad eyes. “I still love you.”

“Jimmy, we never had sex, unless I was wearing my unhooked bra and panties. You never removed denizli escort my panties during sexual intercourse. Never, not once, not ever. You just moved them to the side and stuck in your penis.”

“So? I like you in your underwear. I like how it feels, when I’m touching you. It made me excited to feel your panty against my cock, Christine, and to feel your body, while you’re wearing your panty and bra. What’s so wrong with that? It was your panty and bra and not some other woman’s panty and bra. You look sexy, when you’re wearing your panty and bra. I love how you look in your sexy lingerie.”

“It’s not so much me you love, Jimmy, as you love me more when I’m wearing my panty and bra.”

“I’m sorry Christine. I wish you had told me all of this before. Maybe I could have gotten therapy. Maybe there’s a support group for men who have a fetish for panties and bras,” if he even had that, he thought.

“I did Jimmy. I told you a thousand times, that you should get help for your fetish, but you didn’t want to hear what I had to say. You didn’t want to hear what I was saying over and again. Whenever you saw me in my panty and bra, you were incapable of hearing me. You were hypnotized and mesmerized by the sight of me in my underwear.”

“I’m sorry, Christine, but never will I understand a man being attracted to his wife, while she’s wearing her sexy lingerie, as a man with a fetish.”

“I can’t do this anymore, Jimmy. My body has permanent elastic marks from me sleeping in my bra and panty, while spooning and cuddling during the night,” she said with a little laugh.

Suddenly, he felt like the sad, but excited little boy that he was, when he used to sneak in his mother’s room to go through her underwear drawer and feel her bra and panties. Always, it gave him an erection to touch her pretty under things and always, he masturbated over the thoughts of having touched them later. Yet, he never considered any of that a fetish and he never masturbated over bras and panties in the way that he did when he was younger. He just thought of all that as a rite of passage in growing up from a horny young adult to maturing into a horny man, a man who was crazy in love with his wife, especially whenever she was wearing her sexy panty and bra.

“I don’t know what else to say to you, Christine.”

“Say goodbye, Jimmy.”

“Goodbye, Christine.”

“Good luck to you in your search in finding a woman who understands your fetish and honors it, as I have done for fifteen years of wearing my panty and bra to bed, Jimmy. Good luck in your new relationship. You’re a sweet guy and there are plenty of women, who’d cherish you, as I did for so many years. Goodbye, Jimmy,” she said taking the next elevator out of the courthouse and leaving him behind to think of all that she said.

For Christine to say what she did and for him to finally confront his fetish, to give it a name, even, was a stunning revelation for him. He never knew he had a fetish. He knew he liked the feel of panties and bras, especially when they were on a woman, but he didn’t view that as abnormal. Certainly, he never considered enjoying the sight and the feel of a panty and bra a fetish.

Then, when he thought about it, he realized that he made Christine sleep in her panty and bra every night. Because of him, she’s never worn a nightgown, pajamas, or baby dolls. He’d rather see her in her sexy bra and panty than naked. So? She was his sexy lingerie model and now she’s gone and it was all his fault.

Yet, aside from the obvious, a man wearing or carrying women’s panties around in his pocket to feel the soft silkiness of them, while at work, or a man who has a collection of woman’s panties and bras and who masturbates over handling them, what does a guy with a fetish look like? It’s usually difficult to perceive someone with a fetish just by looking at them. More subtle and more private, Jimmy’s love for panties and bras, indeed, was a fetish, his fetish, but only when Christine wore them. He wondered how on Earth, he’d find another woman who would accommodate his need to see and to feel her bra and panty in the way he did with his ex-wife. For sure, he was going to miss her.

Sad and depressed that he was divorced from the love of his life, he’d never again see her or have sex with her, while she wore her sexy panty and bra. With all the Christine said to him about him having a fetish, he wondered if he should seek help in the form of therapy. Maybe there was a support group out there. This was New York, after all. There are support groups for everything in New York. If nothing else, maybe he could resolve for once and for all that he doesn’t have a fetish, but just a healthy guy’s voyeuristic interest in panties and bras.

He scoured the Internet and found an organization, the PBFGT, panty and bra fetish group therapy. Wow. He couldn’t believe there was such a group out there. He called and made an appointment to sit in on their next group therapy session.

Nervous and feeling like a real pervert that he was sitting in on the PBFGT group therapy session, he was about to leave, when a woman walked in the room. He heard the sound of her footsteps, before he saw her. She was wearing shiny black laced boots that went nearly to her knee. His eyes went from her boots to her black tights to her black dress.

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