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Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 04

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“Tell you’re son how you did this to yourself.” Mum said angrily.

Jim’s Dad was lying on the couch with his foot up. He looked very sheepish and couldn’t meet Jim’s eye. His foot was swathed in plaster. He was still wearing his office shirt, but only boxer shorts on the bottom. These were unbuttoned. Tiffany was naked and crouching next to the couch, her head in his lap, wet sounds of sucking coming to their ears.

“Do you need to do that now?” Mum asked.

“It’s helping with the pain,” Dad said. “My foot is quite sore.”

“Its what you deserve,” She shot back. “Jim is heartbroken.”

Dad looked over at him.

“I’m so sorry, son. It was very stupid of me. I was so worked up today, thinking about my own trip to the ‘Torium, I couldn’t help it.”

Jim just stared into space.

“I was on my break and Tiffany was blowing me, when I slipped over. She got spit all over the tiles, you see.”

Jim glared at the back of Tiffany’s bobbing head. So it was all her fault. He couldn’t believe that sweet blonde mouth had done this to him.

“You’re lucky it wasn’t your neck.” Mum said.

“Are you okay, son?” Dad asked. Jim just kept glaring at the blonde curls bouncing in Dad’s lap. He could’ve been stuffing his own cock in a wet mouth right then, if not for this horrible turn of fate. Life was obviously out to get him, he was obviously doomed.

The doorbell rang.

“That’ll be your grandparents.” Mum said, heading for the door. Jim groaned inwardly. The last thing he needed now were Mum’s parents around. His grandparents were in their seventies. Grandma was hard of hearing, a short dumpy woman with a frizz of white hair. Grandpa was thinner, with a dried-out look and lots of wrinkles, and completely bald. As they came in, Jim felt his spirits drop further as he saw Grandpa’s girl, Cleopatra.

Cleopatra had dark olive skin and long dark brown hair to her waist. Her face was stunning, with high cheekbones and big, deep brown eyes. Her lips were blood red and pouting, thick and moist. Her body was lean and fit, like a gym instructor, with a firm round ass. Her tits, though, were as big as Tiffany’s. Gramps had once said he had to buy her GG cup bras, which sounded plenty big to Jim.

Tonight Cleopatra was dressed in a skimpy cheerleader’s outfit, with a tight red shirt and a short red pleated skirt. A wide band of her brown, hard stomach was visible between the two. She also had bright white socks and sneakers. Jim felt his cock grow even harder, amazingly.

“Hullo, Jimmy,” Grandpa ruffled his hair. “Done yerself an injury, Mark?”

Dad smiled ruefully up at Gramps, one hand on Tiffany’s head. “I feel like such a clutz, Henry. Slipped right over on my ass.”

“Hello Jim,” Grandma said to him. “How are you.”

“‘M’lright.” He mumbled.

“Jim’s just a bit upset,” Mum said. “He was going to the ‘Torium today.”

Grandpa smiled at him. “Don’t you worry Jimmy-me-boy. You’ll be balls-deep in warm pussy by this time tomorrow.”

“I guess so.”

This statement didn’t really help. Neither did Tiffany’s bobbing head, or the sounds of her lips on Dad’s cock, which was the cause of his nightmare anyway. It also didn’t help that Gramps stayed grinning at him with his brown false teeth, as he hugged his hot girl against his old body and groped her ass with one gnarled hand. As the skirt rode up Jim could see she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, the olive globes of her ass shining in the living room light. Mum and Grandma went to make everyone a cup of tea, leaving them alone.

“Say hello to Jimmy, Cleo.” Gramps said. The hot brown eyes turned to him.

“Hi-i-i, Jimmy,” She purred. She had a thick South-American accent. “Your Grandpa’s really workin’ my ass, ain’t he?”

Cleopatra was always like this. It seemed to tickle Gramps when she described what he was doing.

“And how are you, Tiffany?” Gramps asked the back of the blonde head. Dad clutched her hair to keep her from pulling away and she let out a surprised, muffled squeak.

“Please, Henry,” Dad said. “She’s busy. As you can see, she’s fine.”

Jimmy rubbed his hands together awkwardly. His eyes ticked between Tiffany’s head and Cleopatra’s ass. It was all too much. He still felt like crying.

“Let your Grandfather sit down, Jim.” Dad said suddenly. Suppressing a sigh, Jim climbed out of his armchair onto the floor and let Gramps sit down. Cleopatra sat on his lap, her skirt riding up so that Jimmy could clearly see the pink lips of her hairless pussy. The side of her giant tit was smooshed against Gramps’ face.

“You Bostancı Escort know, Mark,” Gramps said to Dad. “I was thinking of getting a second girl to keep Cleo company.”

“Really? Can you afford it?”

“Reckon so. The investments are really paying off and there’s plenty in the bank. You never thought of getting another one?”

“No,” Dad said, as Jim knew he would. “Tiffany’s all I need, thankyou.”

He was rubbing the top of his girl’s head and looking down at her affectionately. She was gagging audibly on his dick. From his new vantage point on the floor Jim was also right behind Tiffany’s squatting body and he could see the firm spheres of her ass and the lips of her pussy between them, above which was the dark little hole of her anus. He knew that this morning when he left Dad had been right in that little hole, which looked so small and tight that Jim was surprised even a finger would fit in there.

“Do you know what you’d get?” Dad was saying.

“I have thought about it,” Gramps said. “I saw this guy in the shops the other day and his girl was really something. White and blonde, like Tiffany, but with long hair in a ponytail. Like she was doing a fitness class. All muscles and these tits like melons, maybe twice the size of Cleo’s.”

“Sounds so hot.” Cleopatra observed.

“The guy had her dressed up in pink shorts and a pink bikini top. I’d like to get something like that.”

Grandma and Mum had come back in and sat down, distributing cups of tea.

“Are you talking about that girl in the shop again Henry?” Grandma said. “He’s been on about her for weeks.”

“She really got me going.”

“I’ll say,” Grandma retorted. “Poor Cleo’s been working overtime since you saw her.”

“I love it,” Cleo said, running a finger over Gramp’s lips. “I like hard fucking, don’t I?”

“You should just go get her,” Grandma said. “Its not like we don’t have the money. And you never spoil yourself, Henry. He’s always spending money on what I want and nothing for himself.”

“You’re right,” Grandpa said. “I’ll go get one just like her this weekend.”

Cleopatra hugged him briefly, burying his face in tits while she did. “Oh, Henry, that’s such good news. We can suck your cock and balls at the same time.”

“Now that sounds good.” Grandpa smiled wistfully.

“Oh my goodness,” Grandma exclaimed. “I totally forgot! Happy birthday, Jimmy!”

Jim stared sullenly as everyone apologized and wished him happy returns. Grandpa went out to the car and came back with a wrapped box that turned out to be a computer game Jim really wanted. It cheered him up a bit and he hugged his grandparents, getting very close to Cleopatra’s cleavage as he did.

“Our present is on the table too, Jim.” Dad said as he held Tiffany’s head down on his dick for some deep throat. Jim got the box and opened it up. Inside was a complete kit of sex toys, lubricants, handcuffs and strange handles with suction cups. Dad explained how they were for the shower.

“You stick them to the wall,” He said, turning one over in his hand. “Then your girl can hold on while you fuck her how you want. I think I’ll have to get some myself.”

“Wow, thanks!” Jim said, looking at a bottle of lube. Then his face fell.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jim,” Dad said. “But tomorrow isn’t far away.”

“We’ll go first thing.” Mum said.

“You’ll see Jimmy, balls deep. Warm pussy. You’ll love it.” Gramps tried. He definitely wasn’t helping, especially as he was now fingering Cleopatra’s pussy, which from the sound of it was very wet. She was grinding her hips on his hand and breathing hard. Jim just stared at the sex kit, wishing he had a girl to use it all on. He’d use up the whole fucking bottle of lube on her ass, he was sure.

“Honey,” He heard Jim say. “Do you think I should…”

“Oh. I don’t know,” Mum said oddly. “Maybe. Just something… you know.”

“It couldn’t hurt, could it. Just something basic.”

“I suppose so.”

Jim looked up at them, wondering what was going on. Everyone was looking at him. Gramps’ fingers had come out of his girl’s pussy, covered in juice. Tiffany was the only one not looking as she was still gobbling Dad’s dick.

“Stop that for now, Tiff,” Dad eased her head off his crotch. He was only semi-erect, evidently worn out from the day’s activities. “Stand up honey. No, that way.”

Tiffany stood up facing Jim. Her body was so wonderful, his penis throbbed forcefully in his pants. Her tits, floating out with their firmness, were dappled and shiny with her own spit. Ümraniye Escort She smiled down at Jim, her mouth surrounded with saliva.

“Jim,” Dad said carefully. “I really feel bad about today. Obviously you can’t have Tiffany, that would be wrong. But maybe she could do something for you, just because today is special.”

“Ok.” Jim said, equally carefully.

“Mark, are you sure?” Grandma said.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Gramps interjected. “The boy needs a boost. Nothing too much, of course, Mark.”

Everyone went quiet, unable to meet each other’s eyes. Only the two girls were still smiling. Jim found himself staring up into Tiffany’s beautiful, slutty face.

“So,” He choked out. “Um. What?”

“Do you ever masturbate, Jim?” Gramps asked.

“Yeah.” Jim blushed.

“Do you ever think of Tiffany when you masturbate, son?” Dad asked. This was pretty gross, verging on an incestuous conversation. But he had, he had jerked off over Tiffany heaps. Sometimes if his parents were out he had used the family photo album to jerk off, picking the best pictures of Tiffany.

He nodded.

“Well Jim, would you like to masturbate over her now?” Dad asked.

“I guess so.”

“We can’t leave you alone, Jim. You’ll have to do it right here, if you want to.”

“Ok. Alright.”

Jim stood up. Everyone was watching him. Tiffany was looking at his crotch, which was tented out over his boner. He glanced to the side and saw that Cleopatra was also looking at the same place with bright curiosity. Blushing, he unbuttoned his pants and slid them down along with his underpants. His cock twitched in the air, feeling good now that it was free.

“No need to be embarrassed, Jimmy,” Gramps said. “You’ve seen your father and I enough times.”

“I know.”

“Once you get your girl, you’ll be whipping it out every five minutes. Isn’t that right, Cleo?”

“Yeah,” She smiled. “You be right up in a wet pussy all day.”

Jim couldn’t believe this was happening. He was standing about two feet from Tiffany, his penis sticking straight out towards her. He felt as though it was pointing right at the perfect pink lips of her vagina. This was so perverted, aiming his cock at his Dad’s girl, unable to stop imagining it probing between those pussy lips and dumping a hot load inside her.

“You can do it, son,” Dad said. “Just jerk off like you do normally.”

Jim laughed a bit. Normal, yeah right! He took hold of his dick, which felt incredibly hot in his palm. He couldn’t remember being so stiff ever before. He started stroking, letting his eyes run all over Tiffany, from her pussy lips to her tits, to the wetness around her mouth. Her big beautiful eyes, full of heat. It was great to have her watch him back, having her look at his dick. He glanced at Cleopatra again and saw she was watching his penis with rapt attention as well.

“Talk dirty to him, Tiff.” Dad ordered.

“Yeah? You like jerking off over my body, Jim?” Tiffany asked sweetly. She grasped her left tit with her left hand, whilst her right slid across her firm belly to her pussy. Two fingers hooked up inside herself. “You want me to play with myself, Jim? Jerk that cock, Jim. Get that come all ready.”

She put a foot up on the coffee table to play with herself better. The two fingers made thick wet sounds. Jim saw moisture dripping onto the carpet.

“Wow, that’s some show!” Gramps exclaimed. His fingers were back in Cleopatra’s pussy and working hard.

“I’ve got an idea,” Mum said. “Jim, sit on the floor.”

Jim complied, almost sick with excitement. He sat down on the carpet, rough on his butt, legs spread wide.

“Now Mark, get her to spit on your son’s penis.”

“Wow,” Dad said. “That’s some idea. Spit on him, Tiff.”

Jim could only stare with amazement as Tiffany stood over him, her breasts huge as they hung above him. She bent slightly, pouting out her plump pink lips. A thick drool of spit ran out of her mouth and stretched down towards him. Her aim was perfect, so that as he jerked his dick, the spit landed right on the head. It was remarkably hot, he could feel its warmth in the eye of his penis.

“Holy shit.” He said. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t come yet. He felt really horny, but the orgasm just wasn’t happening.

Another figure appeared next to Tiffany. Cleopatra was standing over him in her cheerleader’s getup. He glanced over at Gramps to see the old man giving him a thumbs up and smiling. His grandfather’s stunning girl, who looked quite dark next to Tiffany, leant forward and Anadolu Yakası Escort drooled on him as well. Another perfect hit, the spit still so warm from her mouth. Jim couldn’t help imagining how hot and slick her mouth must be, how soft her tongue must be.

The girls took turns drooling long strings onto him. After about ten spits from each he was really wet, so he could feel the warm saliva running through his pubes and down his balls. The girls didn’t stop there, each of them perfectly spitting even more.

Grandpa got up and came over to where Jim was sitting. He fished around in the sex kit and took out a big vibrator.

“I’ll give you something to make it really special.” Gramps said. He went around behind his girl and, as Tiffany continued spitting, Gramps helped Cleopatra out of her skirt. Jim gazed up at her exposed, damp pussy and the bulging firmness of her buttocks. Gramps made her spread her legs, then he reached around and roughly shoved the vibrator up inside her. Jim could hear the muffled buzzing of the toy, before Cleopatra started shouting and moaning.

There was a clatter as Gramps’ pants fell around his ankles. He was slapping the side of his girl’s firm ass with his wrinkled dick, very much like Mr Harvitz had done earlier in the day.

“Help me out here Doris. Get me the lube.”

Grandma got the bottle of lube from the kit and poured some on Grandpa’s dick as he continued working the toy. Cleopatra was going crazy, bucking and shrieking with pleasure, the toy almost disappearing up her snatch. Jim was jerking furiously, still getting sticky spit from Tiffany, watching the show.

He slowed down on the vibrator and Jim saw that Gramps was inserting his old cock into Cleopatra’s firm ass. The girl was rubbing her own tits, pulling the shirt up over them. They were so big and brown, with dark nipples. Gramps got himself all the way in and started rhythmically fucking his girl. He was pushing the buzzing vibrator into her pussy as he pulled his dick out of her ass, then reversing and pulling out the toy as he shoved his dick back in.

“Don’t blow yet, Jimmy,” Gramps said. “Hold on for the big finish.”

Jim looked over at the rest of the family. Mum and Grandma were watching, smiling as they took in the scene and drank their tea. Dad was jerking his semi-erect cock and grinning.

“I wish I could stand up, damn it.” He said.

“Serves you right.” Mum said without venom.

“I can feel the toy through your ass,” Gramps grunted in his girl’s ear. “I can feel it in your wet pussy, dear.”

“Yeah, fuck my holes!” She shouted.

“Tell me when you’re gonna go, dear.” He said.

“Now, now, right now!” She kept screaming.

“Aim for his cock!” Gramps ordered. He gave the toy a hard wiggle then pulled it free. Cleopatra squatted, with a pop as the dick came out of her ass, then she shrieked and thrust her hips towards Jim. A huge squirt like a jet of water hosed from her pussy and splashed all over Jim’s cock and hand. He couldn’t believe it. She kept squirting, like a giant water pistol, each squirt dousing his cock in fragrant hot fluid.

It was the last straw. He jerked down on his shaft and felt the hot sperm rush up and out of him. A long white rope sailed into the air, between the arms of the two gorgeous girls, to land with fateful accuracy on Mum’s face. They could all only stare as his sperm splashed onto his mother’s nose and lips.

“Oh my goodness.” She exclaimed, immediately leaping up for the kitchen. Jim couldn’t speak enough to say he was sorry, he was still spasming and squirting on the floor. He looked up at the girls. Tiffany was smiling, while Cleopatra was gasping and shaking, her pussy still emitting hot dribbles down her leg.

“Stay there, dear,” Grandpa said, stuffing his erection back in Cleopatra’s ass. “God, I can feel your pussy shaking in your ass.”

He gave her anus a few more solid pumps as Jim watched with a goofy smile on his face, his dick slowly sinking to the floor. Dad called Tiffany back over to the couch and put her to work sucking him again. Grandpa stiffened and gave one hoarse shout, then pulled out and sank into the armchair gratefully. His girl dutifully got down in front of him and started sucking his cock, even as the semen could be seen dripping from her twitching asshole.

“So, how was that, son?” Dad asked as his girl gagged on him.

“Great.” Jim gasped. He looked down at the mess he was sitting in and laughed. It looked like litres of pussy juices had been tipped over him.

“After tomorrow, Jim, you’ll be doing stuff like this every day.”

Mum came back in, wiping her face with a towel.

“Look at this mess,” She said. “You girls better clean this up.”

“She will,” Gramps said. “Just as soon as she cleans my cock.”

“Well, make it quick,” Mum said. “Dinner’s ready.”

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