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JFT Tales – Ride, Ch. 04

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I drop to my knees on the cold floor of the hall. Dana turns herself and I scurry to the back of her legs, my hands daring to touch the strong muscles of her calf’s just above the tops of her boots and beginning a slow caress of each leg as I bring myself closer. I kiss the back on one knee, then the other.

Gazing up, I use little kisses to pay my passage further north, my hands leading and lifting the hem of Dana’s skirt before the march of my lips. Dana reaches down and pulls her skirt up over her ass, allowing my hands to slip up to her thong and work it down over her hips. Dana lifts one foot and I’m able to get the thong free, not bothering to take them off completely.

My hands cradle her firm butt cheeks and I slowly part them. My tongue moving wetly down her butt crack and into her dark star. She bends forward a bit and I’m able to lick and taste her.

Concentrating on my task, the tip of my tongue dips and rises up among the landscape of Dana’s puckered flesh, teasing over the tiny entrance to her depths. My tongue darts out to trace around the rosebud, painting her with my saliva and testing the resistance of her rim. Her flavor growing stronger each time my tongue returns to the well of my mouth for more saliva.

Dana steps her left leg out a couple of inches more and I’m able to get tighter into her crevice. I feel her fingers in my hair then pressure on the back of my head as she pulls me in. Knowing that she is now ready, I twirl my tongue round and round, then thrusting it forward. The tip wiggles and teases as she opens and then I’m in.

My fingers move deeper into the valley of her rear, pulling her wider as I work my tongue in and out. The smooth, hot tunnel surrounding my tongue constricts challenging its passage back and forth. I open my mouth to its widest and push my pink appendage in with as much force I can, ensuring that it fills her ass as she desires.

Minutes pass with me locked with her in this fashion. Dana eases now and then and I use the opportunity to withdraw my tongue and relax my jaw, rimming her again before resumes my exploration of her tight ass. A brush along my chin and I know that she is pleasuring herself as I work on her ass.

My tongue is again trapped and I feel the convulsions of her orgasm. I push my tongue forward and hold it there for her and listen to the sounds of her cumming. My chin warming as she releases and flows.

Dana’s fingers grip my hair and pull me from her. Without being told, I reach down and hold open the leg opening of her thong so she can step back into it. I raise it up, covering her as I had found her, first with her panties then with her skirt.

I remain kneeling and look up as Dana turns around. Our eyes meet and a small grin crosses her face. Her finger grip and squeeze my face, causing my mouth to open so she can pinch her fingers and thumb towards each other before sliding down to hold my chin and tilt it up even more.

Without moving my eyes from hers, I can still clearly see her free hand as it moves skyward. Her fingers leaving my chin and cradling the opposite cheek, opposite of the hand that is poised to strike me. That then does strike me and which would have turned my head if not for the hand bracing me.

Ripping at my hair, Dana yanks me to my feet and keeps me facing her. Her fingers poke into and open my mouth before she leans forward and kisses me, her fingers and tongue occupying my mouth.

“I think we should go out for a bit. Let’s find you something to wear.”

Dana turns with the leash over her shoulder, pulling me behind her. She stops in the doorway to your room and we both look inside.

We see Sarah straddling our Mistress on the bed, her legs sprayed over with her thighs outside of our Mistress’ hips. Sarah is sitting directly over our Mistress’ pussy and she is grinding down upon her. Our Mistress’ hands covering Sarah’s breasts, holding düzce escort her as Sarah rubs down upon her.

The look on Sarah’s face tells me that she is finding this quite pleasurable, fucking herself on the hard nub of our Mistress’ clit that extends to a wonderful and amazing length. Dana and I watch in silence for several minutes, noting that neither Sarah or our Mistress is in any hurry to bring an end to their present circumstances.

Just as Dana is again leading me away, I see one of Sarah’s hands directed over her backside and a finger search for her own asshole. A gasp from Sarah and I know she’s found it and her pace quickens slightly.

Out the door, Dana takes me down to the spare room she has made her own. Telling me to stand in the center of the room, she selects a blouse then a skirt for me to wear. Helping me into the top, she buttons it up the back.

I ask if she wants me to remove the tail and she shakes her head no, with a smile growing on her face. When she pulls the skirt up, she lifts the long tail and moves it around my hip, almost like a belt but on the inside rather than the outside of the skirt. She adds a wide black belt with a large silver buckle over the waistband of the skirt. Finally, after considerable examination of the options, she finds a set of heels that I slip my feet into that complete the outfit.

While Dana took some pains to hide my tail, she makes no attempt to cover or hide my collar or the leash that hangs from it. Instead, she wraps the end of the leash in her hand and tugs it as we leave the room. We pause again in the doorway to your room and take stock of the continuation of the sex taking place there.

Sarah’s finger is deep up her ass. She is now leaning forward, resting her weight on our Mistress’ hands that still hold her breasts, her hips jerking in short powerful bursts that bring low moans from her lips. Intent upon their own actions and oblivious to our presence, we take leave and move unnoticed down the hall and out the house.

Dana drives us to into the old warehouse district of the city. The area slowly being revitalized but still a maze of half-vacant buildings, dark alleys and alternative clubs. Parking in an abandoned garage, Dana stretches tight the leash reminding me of her control tonight and we make our way towards the pounding bass and black light doorway that is the only sign of the club.

While the street is deserted, the club itself is overflowing. Bodies pressed together on all sides, I’m struck with waves of sounds and of odors as we enter. The sounds driven by the heavy beat emulating from the dozens of speakers, the odors from the mass of men and women. The odor of sweat, perfume and sexual need and desire.

Hands of both sexes move over my body as Dana leads me into the heart of the club. Clearly, I’m seen as fair game with the collar and leash and red blotches on my face. Then I notice that I’m not alone in this treatment, that anyone moving through the crowd, male or female, is subject to this exploration and that my being collared is not outside the norm.

Finding our way to the bar, the bartender places six shots of tequila before us. Dana has me toss two down before allowing me to suck on a piece of lemon, then two more. She finishes the others and we move back among the crowd.

Midway through the large main room, the DJ announces a two minute free-for-all and the dim club lights go dark, leaving only the few neon and black lights to keep total blackness to fill the club. Bodies press all around and the hands that had moves over me are now joined with arms, legs, fronts, backs as everyone becomes a mass of flesh.

One of my hands is taken and drawn into a pair of shorts where a very wet pussy resides. The other is pulled and I wrap my fingers around a stiff cock. My own body is beset upon and my breasts and pussy edirne escort are groped while someone’s mouth finds mine.

A whistle cuts the air and the dim lights return. Dana tugs roughly on the leash and we resume our way through the crowd.

In a far corner, a doorway opens to a short hallway. The music is muted here and the mass of bodies thins a bit. At the end of the hall is an entrance to a tattoo pallor, the closed sign is up but Dana opens the door and we go inside.

The shop is small and consists of one large room with several chairs and tables. Two corners have curtains that offer some privacy, or perhaps constitute the changing rooms, but otherwise the room is open. Seemingly out of place, a king sized bed is placed by the near wall.

Directly before us, a man is seated on a low chair. Although partially obscured, its clear he’s nude with his arms, chest and legs covered with tattoo’s. He’s obscured by a woman kneeling before him, her head bobbing up and down as she sucks his cock. Like him, she is nude, except for a pair of panties, and covered with tattoo’s.

He glances at us then returns his attention to the bed. Upon it, two women are having sex.

The women are young, perhaps 22 or so. Both are pale with short, black hair and numerous tats and piercings. Whether black is their natural color or not, I’m unable to determine as both are shaved bare everywhere outside their heads. What is easy to tell is that they are definitely into each other and that our arrival will have no effect upon their need to fuck each other.

The taller of the two has pierced nipples along with her nose, lips, eyebrow, bellybutton and tongue. I can make out tattoo’s on the back of her calf’s, small of her back, below her neck in the middle of her back, both upper arms and her belly. The tat’s, while numerous, are relatively small compared to her girlfriend’s. What catches my eye immediately is the silver barbells that horizontally run through each nipple.

Her friend has no visible piercings other than her bellybutton, and also has fewer, in number, tattoo’s. Her tattoo’s are primarily confined to her upper arms and shoulder blades, but while few, they cover large areas of flesh. One arm is also completely colored from wrist to armpit.

They squirm about the bed, licking and fingering and kissing each other, interrupted every so often for a deep kiss or by the offering of wet fingers to each other’s mouths. The one with the piercings lays back and spreads her legs for us and the light dances on the piercing above her clit. The other girl moves quickly between her legs and drives her tongue deep.

Dana moves us closer to the man, but he continues to watch the women on the bed with his hand resting on top of the head that bobs upon his cock. His cock is long and thin, surrounded by a snake tattoo that spirals around his balls and up his belly. With Dana beside her, the woman ends her blow job and rises up, leaving his wet hard cock standing up for us to see.

He looks to us, “Is she the one you called me about?”

“She is.”

The woman takes my leash from Dana and leads me over to a chair. Seated there, I watch the man casually stroke his cock as the sounds of the women on the bed become louder. My guide touches my face and I look to her as she smiles.

She takes my hand and turns the wrist up and down, then she looks at my ankles before turning to Dana. “Are you sure you just want the letters? We could do more if you like, same price.”

Dana shakes her head, “No, just what I asked for earlier.”

The women on the bed locked in a 69, I fail to notice the woman’s actions until she returns and sits next to me. Taking my left hand, she turns the wrist up and presses the point of her needle there. The shock of the unexpected pinching pain, catches me and I try to pull my hand away.

Dana elazığ escort takes two quick steps and slaps me hard, hissing for me to stay still. The sound of the slap bring both faces of the women towards me, along with a look of need, who then resume to finger and suck each other’s pussy with renewed passion.

The buzzing continues and I look to see the completion of the first letter. I watch as she works the needle smoothly and quickly with the second letter appearing as if by magic. Her actions sure and strong, my eyes move from my wrist to her breasts that shake and bobble as she works. Finally, her work done, she steps away from me.

Dana slips her right foot from the boot and sets her foot upon the arm on the adjacent chair. The artist leans over and begins a design on Dana’s ankle. During this time, I admire the JFT on my wrist then turn back to watch her finish the tattoo on Dana’s leg.

The black rose is finished quickly upon Dana’s ankle. Before she is done, the man stands and goes over to the two women. His long cock slips into one and he fucks her while she sucks the pussy of her friend. As the artist begins to put her tools away, he moves to the other and fucks her hard and fast.

Her tools cleans and boxed, she stands and turns towards the bed. The man returns to his chair with his cock swaying hard and wet. The artist goes back between his thighs and resumes sucking his cock, flavored now with the two young women.

Dana opens her purse and hands some bills to the man. Her glances at them and then looks to me. Dana smiles, “I didn’t forget.”

She grabs me by the hair and pushes me to the floor before him. The artist makes room and I am presented with his cock, still gleaming but mostly cleansed of the women. I lean in and take him, sinking down to swallow him to the balls.

My head is pulled back, then pushed back down. Back up, I lick at his pee hole before I’m thrust back down upon it. Lifted again, his cock is taken by the artist and I watch up close as her lips guide up and down his shaft.

With a practiced ease, her head bobs faster and his breathing changes. In one motion, she pulls off and pushes my mouth back to his cock. I’m there just in time for his cum and I let if fill my mouth before swallowing.

Finished, Dana twists her hand in my hair and yanks me to my feet. She drags me over to the bed but turns me back to the room once there. Wet soft hands take hold of me from behind, open and remove my blouse before pulling my arms behind me.

In this position, my breasts are thrust forward and Dana smiles as she looks at them. Slapping one then the other, she repeats this pattern until both have warmed to a soft shade of red. Then she steps aside and the artist strikes me, with two sharp intakes of air from the women holding me as they watch.

Pushing her panties down, I’m presented with a waxed and tattooed pussy. I lick and suck at her as she humps herself into my face. Moaning with lust as I feel her sizable clit rub against my lips.

She grips my head with both hands and rockets her crotch on my face before cumming. Fingers from the women behind me are pulling my nipples as I open and suck loudly on her clit as she orgasms.

Dana pulls me from the bed as the artist looks on with some disappointment.

“Sorry, but that’s all you can have for now.”

The artist, although just cumming, has a look of unfulfilled desire and she turns to the women on the bed. Their eyes sparkle as they see her attention on them. Her hand forms a fist, and she punches the heavily tattoo’s one square in the face.

This knocks her backwards, leaving the other alone upright. The artist springs forward and lands on top of her, forcing her down on the bed facing upwards with the artist straddling her chest.

Dana hands me my blouse and jerks the leash to move me towards the door. I turn one last time to see the artist’s fist held high, then punching the prone woman below her. Once, twice…then turning back to the other who has moved next to them and is rubbing her pussy openly as she watches.

In the hallway, Dana again helps me into my top before leading me back into the sea of people and groping hands.

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