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Big Dick

She was a naughty little flirt, working at a gas station not far from my house. The station was conveniently close, so I often stopped there to buy beer, lottery tickets, and sometimes even gas for my vehicles. Jessie was about 5’3”, maybe 150lbs, short dark hair, engagingly dark eyes, and right around 20 years old. I noticed she had nice teeth-probably the result of braces. She told me she’d been married once already, but that her marriage didn’t last long. She told me all kinds of horrible things about her first husband, and how mean he was to her. Part of me felt sorry for her, and another part of me kept thinking that she probably gullible, and not very bright.

She was very much a young party girl. I almost felt guilty that my dick kept stirring any time I’d talk to her for more than a couple of minutes. Jessie talked many times of her current boyfriend, and about how they partied and screwed all the time. Don’t know if she was trying to make me horny and jealous, but if she was, she was accomplishing at least half her plan. She DID make me horny. I envisioned several times, her plump little body riding up and down on my cock. Thinking that she’d either have a very hairy pussy, or that she was clean shaven. I’d have bet money more on the former than I would have the latter. One of her bodily features I didn’t mention was her hairy arms. They weren’t manly hairy, but certainly more hair than I’m used to seeing on most women. That isn’t a bad thing, just not what I’m used to seeing. I could only imagine that other parts of her were just as hairy. She probably shaved her legs and armpits, but I didn’t have a problem with that either. It’s not like I have a hair fetish. Well, not really. I DO like some hair on a woman, but it’s hardly a requirement.

Jessie didn’t work full time, and not every day, so I was never sure when I’d see her, but I began to notice that she always seemed happy to see me. I was always nice to her, and just a little flirty, but made sure never to push the envelope. Every time I walked into the gas station when she was working, she seemed more and more glad to see me. It finally got to the point where she was coming over to give me hello hugs. I was already looking forward to walking into the station when Jessie was working, but now even more so. I was only slightly stunned when she slipped me her cell phone number one evening. I had a pretty good idea where her phone number might lead.

I called her immediately after leaving the station the night she gave me her number. Told her I wanted to make sure it was really her number. Truth was, I got really horny when she gave me her number, and wanted to hear her voice again. In spite of all this, I still wasn’t talking dirty to her, or being too forward. If anything was going to happen, I wasn’t going to hurry it.

Turns out that I wasn’t reading Jessie wrong. She WAS horny for my dick. I knew she had caller ID on her cell phone. Hell, who’s cell phone doesn’t have caller ID these days. I have blocked my number when calling before, but didn’t bother doing it with Jessie. I just didn’t think she’d save my number. I was Sivas Escort driving around on a Saturday, running errands and such, when my phone rang. It was Jessie. She asked me what I was doing, and if I could change my plans for an hour or so. Knowing where this was going, I told her I’d be happy to change my plans. She asked me to meet her in the parking lot of a nearby mall. We met, and she abandoned her car to ride in mine. She gave me some directions, and told me to drive. I’d lived in this city longer than she’d been alive, so I recognized where we were going. We were on our way to one of the larger and less used metro parks. I’ve always been impressed with the number of metro parks in our city. There are numerous bike paths, and even more walking paths. The upside of so many parks and paths is that they can’t all be patrolled by the police. There are a lot of “pickle parks” in our city, but I don’t know all the ones that qualify. There are some that make the news sometimes, but usually only during election years. I think the police have better things to worry about than whether or not people are having sex in secluded places in the metro parks.

Often times there are multiple parking areas in the parks, and this one was no exception. We drove to the farthest lot, and made our way to one of the trails. It wasn’t long before we were well away from all signs of civilization, and quite alone. We wandered a safe distance away from the trail, making sure we were hidden from any passersby. Don’t know what was up with this girl, but she wasted no time in removing her blouse and bra. I knew she had nice tits, but seeing them instead of just imagining them was something else altogether. Her areola were not large, but her nipples were very hard, and stuck out almost as long as my pinky nail. Her pudgy torso was flushing with sexual desire. Her normally pale skin was reddened from her breasts all the way up her neck.

She instructed me to sit down on the ground, with my back resting against a pine tree. The pine needles offering us a naturally soft place for play. Since I my original plans that day involved little more than errands and a trip to the hardware store, I was wearing easily opened sweat pants. Jessie took advantage of that, telling me to lift my ass off the ground while she worked my sweats down my legs, to bunch them up around my ankles. She kissed me, then worked my own shirt up and over my head. She came in for another kiss and tight embrace, pressing her breasts into my chest, poking me with her hard nipples. She backed up a bit, then leaned down to kiss my chest, working her way lower with each kiss. She reached my cock, and with no warning, swallowed it all the way to the base. I was stunned. I don’t have a large cock, but it’s not often it gets taken all the way to the base. This girl had enthusiasm, skill, and very little gag reflex. She kept my whole cock in her mouth, breathing through her nose, and then began to fondle my captured shaft with her tongue. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to raise her head, gently sucking me till just the head remained in her mouth. Sivas Escort Bayan She loosened her lip lock just enough to let a stream of saliva work its way down my cock. She kept her lips at my head, then wrapped her right hand around my shaft. She began jacking me off, keeping her mouth on my cock, her lips next to her hand, giving me a simultaneous jerk and blow job. I was really enjoying myself, but began to feel this was all a bit one sided. I told Jessie to lie back, and let me do something for her. She let go of my cock long enough to tell me to shut up and enjoy what she was doing. She let me play with her tits while she went down on me, but kept brushing my hand away when I tried to get into her pants. Any other time I might have found this frustrating, but she was working such magic on me that I decided to just follow her wishes.

I can usually feel a climax build, but this one developed so quickly I barely had time to warn her. I thought maybe she’d back off, and use only her hand, but she just picked up her pace, as if desperate to make me cum. She began moaning louder, and I could feel the vibrations on my cock. The sensations picked me up and threw me over the edge of pleasure, plunging me into sexual frenzy. My hips started bucking, and I could feel the cum bursting forth to her waiting mouth. Nothing makes me cum harder than a blow job, and this was no exception. I briefly wondered if Jessie would swallow, spit it out, or maybe some other possibility I’d never considered. I didn’t have to wait long. She swallowed every last bit, and tried to get even more. I finally had to pull her off me, telling her I was spent, and there just wasn’t any more. She looked comically disappointed. I had to remind her that I’m middle aged, and not as quick to spring back after such an intense orgasm as younger men can do. Her expression changed to one of smug satisfaction. A well earned expression, I thought. I asked her why she was so eager to get into my pants, but wouldn’t let me into hers. She laughed and told me she had a short attention span. She didn’t want her own pleasure to distract her from what she was doing to me. I guess I could understand that.

I was going to tell her that sex is better when it isn’t rushed, and the pleasure extended as long as possible, but realized I’d just sound foolish. This young woman had given me, in a matter of just a few minutes, one of the best orgasms of my life. God, it was intense. I reflected back to what she’d told me of being dominated by her ex-husband and her boyfriend,and knew right then what I had to do. I stood up, helped her stand, then reached down to undo her pants and help herstep out of them. She, like me, was now completely naked. I was right about her pussy being hairy. I was going to look forward to this. I laid our clothes out on the pine needles, making a reasonably comfortable place for her, then gently but firmly laid her on her back.

I marveled at her youthful beauty. I straddled her with my face near her pussy, and my cock near her mouth so she could suck me some more. I rested my weight on my elbows and Escort Sivas used my fingers to spread her outer lips. Her clit was already engorged, and I could smell her sex without even having put my face in it. I lowered my head and gave her a tentative lick across her clit. Then I lowered my face some more and stuck my tongue in her as far as I could go. I stiffened my tongue, and fucked her as rapidly as I could, my chin coming into contact with her love button on every “stroke.” She started moaning again, but this time much louder than when she was pleasuring me. My tongue started tiring, so I attacked her clit for all I was worth. I sucked it in, using my teeth and tongue to massage it. She started swearing in a sexual frenzy. “Oh, God! Yes! Suck my pussy!! Fuck, yeah!!! Oh, Goddammit, eat me!!” I was a little startled to hear this kind of language, but not enough to stop what I was doing. I placed all my weight on my left elbow, and used my right hand to finger fuck her while I sucked on her clit. Her obscenities turned into primal, guttural sounds. She again took my cock in ther mouth, teasing me with her tongue, licking my head, and lightly grazing me with her teeth as she worked it in and out of her mouth. Her whole body shook with her first orgasm. She took my cock out of her mouth long enough to tell me she was ready for a slow licking this time. I leaned in again to lavish oral attention on her pussy when I felt her mouth capture my penis again. Knowing already that she could take me deeply without gagging, I slowly worked my cock in and out of her mouth as deeply as I could while I ate her. This was more like it. I could keep up this kind of love play all afternoon.

I’m not sure if it was the excitement and danger of doing it in a city park, or just that I was with a real cutie, but I felt another orgasm approaching. I was able to hold back on this one, and pulled myself away from Jessie’s pussy long enough to tell her I was ready to cum again. She told me to give her all I could. As soon as the first blast left my cock, I felt Jessie start to tremble. My load must have been the trigger for her orgasm. Some couples never climax at the same time, and here we were, cumming the very first time we tried. We couldn’t have been at it more that 20 minutes, but we both agreed it was time to stop pressing our luck, and leave the park. We got dressed and walked back to my car, holding hands. As we were driving back to Jessie’s car, I asked her what made her want to have sex with me. She told me that every guy she’d ever been friends with had tried to get into her pants, or get her to blow them. She was intrigued that I never tried to talk her into anything, or talked dirty to her. She had a real weakness for guys who didn’t try to take advantage of her. I’m still not sure I understood her logic in that, but I wasn’t complaining. Playing it cool with her got me laid really hard that day, so I figured I’d keep doing what I was doing, and not make a big deal out of it. I wasn’t going to pester her for sex every time I got horny. I was patient, and could wait for her to come to me. Turns out she called me a couple more times after that, and each time the sex just got better and better. As with all good things, our sexual adventures did come to an end. Her boyfriend was transferred to another city, and Jessie went with him. I miss her, but I’m sure I’ll hear from her again some day.

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