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Jess the Giantess Pt. 02

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Warning: more scat, piss, incest (sort of), giant worship.


“Oh my God Jess!” her mother looked up at her in shock.

“What happened to me?” Jess cried. She stepped into the large main hall. Luckily the ceiling was quite high there, about 25 feet, so Jess didn’t have to hunch.

“It’s alright Jessy. We’ll figure this out.” her father assured her. He picked up his phone to call the family doctor. This must be a side effect, he thought. Their doctor had suggested the experimental drug, surely he would know what to do.

After a half an hour or so the doctor showed up. Jess was a little embarrassed as she sat completely nude before him while he examined her, but it couldn’t be helped there was nothing large enough to cover her in the house. He had to have a ladder to examine her fully. He asked her questions and took several measurements as well. Once he was through he climbed down, took a few more notes in the book he brought with him and then cleared his throat to make his assessment.

“Well I’m afraid it’s acute gigantimorphisis. As you know it’s a side effect from the drug. And if previous cases are anything to go by she’ll only get larger”

“What?” Jess’s mother practically shouted. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

“Well, you could have Jess stopped taking the drug. That would clear up any side effects”

“But with out she’ll still…”

“Yes.” the doctor finished her mother’s thought, “she’ll die. I’m very sorry. But you were aware if the complications that could arise. It’s really not as bad as you think. I’ve given Jess a complete physical and everything is normal. Her internal organs all grew at the same rate as her bones and muscles so she should no other complications. She’s perfectly healthy” the doctor tried to assure them.

“You call this perfectly healthy!” her father roared ready to wring the doctor’s neck.

“Calm down, Mr. Cunningham. I know this must be scary for you and your daughter, but a side from her abnormal height she’s doing much better.”

“So…so she’ll stay this size?” Jess’s mother managed to ask.

“As I said she’ll likely get larger.”

“By how much?” Jess asked worry in her tone.

“Well I honestly can’t be sure. gigantimorphisis is such a rare side effect. But we do have a few on file. The tallest recorded height for a patient is fifty feet.”

“Oh no!”

“Don’t get too excited, Mrs. Cunningham. Jess won’t likely get that big. Usually the first day includes the most growth. We can count today as the first. After that it should taper off. Likely a few feet in the next two or three days then she’ll only gain in inches until it stops.”

“When will it stop?” Jess asked.

“It shouldn’t go on for more than a year. Don’t look so forlorn. I know this will be a difficult adjustment but-“

“It’s not that,” Jess interrupted. The doctor had mistaken her look of pain for worry “I…” she was about to warn them but was too late as a mammoth fart roared out of her ass and filled the room with her thick stench.

The doctor had unfortunately been witness to a signature Jess stink bomb before but never at this size. He gagged, almost vomited. Even her parents who were used to their girl’s blasts konyaaltı sınırsız escort gagged as their eyes watered.

The doctor quickly grabbed his things. “Please, -cough- keep me updated on Jess’s condition. In the meantime -cough, cough- you might want to get her outside. She’s -cough- still growing.” with that he exited as quickly as he could.

“Aaaahhh!” Jess suddenly felt itchy. It was happening again. With another shocking surge Jess shot up and out few more feet. There wasn’t much room in the front hall for her now.

“Come on Jess,” said her father. “Let’s get you outside. Through the back. We can’t have the neighbors seeing you and asking questions.”

Jess nodded as she tried to get up, “Oh!” as her legs spread piss shot out of her extra large hair covered pussy splashing her parents. “S-sorry. I couldn’t hold it!”

“It’s alright Jess…We know you can’t help it.” her father said gagging as he accidentally chocked down some of his beautiful daughter’s bitter tasting pee. As Jess turned around another room shaking fart erupted from her thick booty. It practically shook her cheeks and her mother and father had a perfect view of her stretching anus.

“My bad.” Jess apologized as she tried to head down the hallway to the kitchen. She had to crawl her way there.

With no way around her gargantuan pee puddle her parents were forced to wade through the ankle deep mess before they could follow. Luckily they made it to the kitchen without incident. Jess’s mother went to open the door to the back yard. Jess had tried but her hand was to large to work the door knob.

The giant girl tried to make her way outside but halfway through got stuck. She’s managed when came to her wide shoulders and huge breast, but that enormous perfectly shaped ass of hers wasn’t budging.

“Hang on Jess!” her mother called. Her parents got soap, oil anything slippery they could find to grease up their daughter’s booty. “We’ll push, while you pull”


Her mother and father had their bodies pressed right up against Jess’s round rump as they shoved with all their might.



Her mother almost threw up when Jess broke wind directly into her face. She coughed and stepped away to catch her breath as Jess started to wiggle free. Just as her father gave one final push he made the mistake of shoving his hand into his daughter’s sensitive asshole.


The fart blew him back and he coughed eyes watering as Jess’s anus puckered again, “Ugh. I’m gonna…”, before launching a four foot long turd at him. “…poop!” Jess informed him too late. It was wet and thick clinging to his body almost from head to toe. His face had been spared. That wouldn’t last long though as Jess wasn’t through. Most of his daughter’s dumps were a feast for the toilet. This one was no exception. Jess’s intestines gurgled and another decidedly more liquid explosion covered her father. Her mother watched in horror as a fire hose of shit poured out of her daughter and buried her husband.

Jess sighed as she finally slipped free, glad to be out. She hadn’t realised konyaaltı türbanlı escort her father hadn’t gotten out of the way. That is until she heard her mother screaming. “What happened? Are you guys ok?” she pulled her legs through the door way as her father was climbing out of her shit pile. He coughed and barely held himself from vomiting.

“Oh thank goodness” her mother was filled with relief but suppressed the urge to huge her husband, “It’s alright Jess.” she called then turned back to him. “Go get washed up. I’ll take care of this.” she gestured to the floor.

He managed a weak nod as he shuffled away. It was all he could do to keep from breaking down and sobbing. Once Jess’s mother was finished mopping she went outside for some fresh air only to be greeted by a fat juicy turd that rivaled her in size. She held her nose as her squatting daughter let loose another hefty s shaped shit. The monster fart that signaled the completion of Jess’s morning dump blew a few large drops of shit into her mother’s face. “Ugh!” her mother held in a scream as she tasted her daughter’s waste. She knew Jess felt bad enough having to poop outside. She didn’t want her sweet girl to feel worse. “All done Jess?” she called up.

Jess nodded sheepishly. “Sorry about the deck but I still had to go.”

“It’s alright, honey. Let’s just get you cleaned up for now.” her mother directed Jess to passed the deck to the pool area where there was a huge expanse of conceit and a few lounge chairs. Beyond that was a huge lawn and garden then further was a fence on the property line to the left and the back woods on the right that was partly on their property. Her mother had Jess lie down and grabbed the hose turning it on.

“I can do it. I’m not a baby who needs to be wiped” Jess insisted. She took the hose and tried to rinse off but ended up soaking her mother instead. “Oops” she sighed and let her mother take the hose back.

Her mother took a deep breath, “I needed that anyway.” she assured her daughter. Truthfully she did. It got the spots of shit of her face. “Now it’s your turn.” she aimed the hose and cleaned her gorgeous daughter’s pussy and bum.

Jess jumped from the shock of the cold and her ass jiggled cutely in her mother’s face. Her mother chuckled to herself as she thought it should be impossible to think of Jess doing anything cutely at this size, but somehow she’d managed it.

Just as her mother was finishing up Jess’s father joined them bearing towels. After a good shower and a fresh change of clothes he was feeling better.

As her mother dried off her father used the remaining towels to dry Jess’s nether regions. Suddenly Jess began to feel funny. Unbeknownst to her and him he was accidentally rubbing her clit as he dried her unshaven cunt. Though Jess did manage to get a boyfriend for a few months she’d never had sex. Before that she’d been in and out of the hospital and never had a chance to explore her body then either, so this was new for her. Of course she learned about the ins and outs of sex in health class and on her own through text books but having never experienced it herself she wasn’t sure what was going on. When her father moved konyaaltı ucuz escort his hands Jess protested.

“No. Move back up. It’s, uh, still wet.”


“Oh! Yes there!” Jess squirmed and wiggled as she realised what she was making her father do. She knew she should stop but it felt so good. A few more seconds wouldn’t hurt.

As he continued rubbing Jess’s father noticed Jess was growing increasingly wet and that her female scent was growing stronger. As her fat pussy started to turn a dark red-purple he realised what was happening. When his wife, now dry, joined him to help he whispered what was going on and that he wanted to finish Jess off. His wife agreed noticing that their daughter’s huge nipples were plump and errect in the warm summer air. Jess asked for next to nothing and they knew she was still a virgin. They wanted to give her everything. At the least they could give their sweet Jess her this.

Her mother grabbed the last clean towel and gently probed her daughter’s extra large cunt. Her father swirled the damp towel around Jess’s glistening clit as her mother pushed deeper inside her daughter. Jess’s mother felt the pussy clench around her arm as it began to almost suck her inside. Jess’s thick pubic hairs tickled her face and she licked Jess’s sweet juices from them. As Jess started to pant her mother began to push in and out faster and faster into her precious daughter’s sopping wet cunt.

Jess looked down realising her parents were playing along. More than that. Her father was practically worshiping her clit with his tongue and hands and her mother was kneeling between her legs pumping into her with all her might. Jess smiled and lie back. They really were the best! Finally Jess felt her climax approach as she pulled her own nipples and bucked against her mother’s arm. Almost. There. Jess moaned and bucked harder as she heard her mother’s muffled shout. She felt her pussy clench and pull her mother’s arm further in but she didn’t stop. She was past the point of no return. She didn’t care if her cunt swallowed her mother whole so long as she got off. Jess bucked even harder thumbing her nipples as her father started to nip on her bulbous love button. At last in a wave of heat the damn broke. Jess came, screaming as her juices squirted all over her pocket sized parents. After a moment she relaxed while they licked and lapped at her quivering pussy. Her parents truly were something she thought happily.

However there wasn’t time to relish her first orgasm as she felt and angry grumble in her gut. “Mom? Dad? I’m gonna fart!” as soon as the word fart left her lips the rancid stink bomb left her anus. Her parents were knocked off their feet.





Four more blasts followed causing her parents to gag. Jess quickly got up and moved to the lawn. She squatted before about ten gallons of diarrhea poured out destroying her mother’s prized roses. A semi solid turd worked it’s way put to complete the job as well as ensure the rose bush was well and truly crushed. Jess sighed in relief then pissed on the grass.

“Sorry. I did try to warn you. And sorry about the rose bushes, mom.”

“It’s fine honey. I can always grow more.” little did she know how untrue that would prove to be. Jess was due to keep growing. Soon their whole back yard would be their sweet girl’s giant toilet. And they would get their first taste of just how bad it would be as…

“Oh! Oh no! It’s happening again” Jess was having another growth spurt.

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