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Jenny Practices Giving Up Control

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As I signed for the package, the UPS guy looked intently down my shirt, and I wondered what he was really thinking. Was he contemplating asking me out? Was he getting hard behind those brown shorts as he thought about fucking my large breasts? Or was he wondering what had possessed me to wear such a low-cut blouse in my conservative office? Either way, I was flattered by the attention, but much more focused on getting him to leave so I could see what was in the box.

You see, I knew the package was from you, and I was very curious to see the contents. You had told me that morning to expect a surprise, and I knew as soon as I saw the package who it was from. About 2 feet long along each edge, it was wrapped in a copy of The Hill and tied with rough twine. As I cut the twine away from the box, I thought about saving it to tie you up with later, as a surprising change from our usual neckties and scarves.

It was my turn to be surprised, however, as I inspected the contents of the box. I had been expecting handcuffs, or naughty lingerie, or a whip perhaps, but instead all I found was my entire collection of sex toys, each wrapped in tissue paper, and an envelope with my name on it. What would possess you to send me my own toys as a gift, I wondered, even as I tore the envelope open.

Your letter to me read as follows:


As practice for you in completely giving up control, I have devised the following scenario. As you read it, I know you’ll be both frustrated (which you like, perversely enough) and wet with your excitement. If you follow each of my instructions completely, I promise that you will be rewarded. If not, we will both be disappointed.

: After reading this letter, we both know that you’ll want to sneak in a break to “get in touch with yourself,” but any and all touching is forbidden until I tell you otherwise. I want you to squirm all day, sit in your wet panties, and concentrate on how you can practically feel your pulse thrumming in your clit.

: Before you leave work at 5:00, close your office door and get completely naked. Put your clothes in the box, put on your coat, and ride the Metro home knowing that there is only a thin piece of material between your wet pussy and the throng of commuters. We both know that your nipples will be hard against the rough wool, and that your juices will be running down your legs…do you think the men will be able to smell your need? And be careful not to drop the box…we wouldn’t want the respectable professionals to see your wet panties and collection of sex toys!

: Lastly, and most importantly, for the next 12 hours, you are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Do you understand?

These are the rules of the game. There will be no discussion, and no negotiation. If you choose to play, there will be serious punishments if you do not follow the rules. Have a nice day…and know that I’m hard just thinking about the upcoming festivities.



As expected, I was very wet after reading the letter, and my workday dragged on interminably as I tried rather unsuccessfully to focus on my work rather than my hungry pussy and imaginative daydreaming. And also as expected, riding the Metro home was one of the sexiest experiences of my life…all I could think about was the sea of men around me…and how their cocks would be so hard if they knew what was running through my mind. A sea of cocks of all different shapes, sizes, and colors…it was almost too much for me to bear. I was literally shaking with my need by the time I reached bursa evi olan escort the apartment, and afraid that I was going to cum just from the strength of the images in my head. How would I explain that one when you asked if I had followed the rules?

As I walked into the dark apartment, I knew immediately that I was not alone, and I was so thankful that I wouldn’t have to wait too long to assuage my need. Little did I know that you had absolutely no intention of touching me anytime soon, much preferring to torment me until I was sobbing with my need. The only light in the apartment came from a few strategically placed candles, and the only sound was the driving beat of your music in the background. I waited, trembling in the doorway, until your voice finally echoed through the darkness, instructing me to remove my coat and high heels and stay where I was. I quickly complied with shaking fingers, my ears alert for the sound of you moving through the apartment, hopefully coming towards me. As I turned to hang up my coat behind me, I suddenly sensed you close behind me. I quickly turned, and even in the dark I could feel your warmth behind me, your breath hot on the back of my neck, your size and strength making me feel simultaneously safe and uneasy. Still I stood there, not wanting to anger you by reaching out to you, trying to stifle my impulse to take control of the situation, to beg you to touch me, all the while knowing that I had never been so turned on as I was at that moment. And at the same time knowing that you were incredibly turned on…I could sense it in your posture and the way you were breathing.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Please touch me,” I begged, and I could hear you chuckle in response.

“No,” you replied simply. “Go to the bedroom with your toys, and lay on the bed.”

As I walked in front of you, so great was my need for physical contact that I contemplated stopping in mid-stride so that you would bump into me. But I again stifled the impulse, not wanting to find out what sort of punishments you had devised…at least not until later.

I arranged myself on the bed, placed my toys within easy reach on the bedside table, and awaited further instructions impatiently. I was impressed with the way you had set the scene…there were small candles around the bed, so that you would be able to see the show you were going to make me put on in a few moments, but so that I couldn’t see more than a few feet around the perimeter of the bed. It was at that point that I finally understood the game…you were going to sit in the dark and call all of the shots, and I wouldn’t be able to see you at all, able only to hear your voice, and hopefully your reactions if I played my part well.

“Okay,” you said, “I want you to touch your breasts and make your nipples rock-hard.” As I complied, I moaned as I felt my pussy contract with every caress. “Ummm…you like that, don’t you?” you asked, knowing full well how sensitive my nipples are. “Now pinch them, hard,” you instructed. By this point, my hips were rocking to the familiar rhythm of my need…and you could clearly see my juices beginning to form a wet spot beneath me. “You’re already close, aren’t you,” you taunted thickly, clearly turned on by my evident desire.

“I need to see you…please…let me see you touching yourself,” I called plaintively, knowing all along that you wouldn’t comply.

“Nope…you’re the one who will be touching themselves tonight. Now, I want you to slide your fingers slowly down towards your pussy, altıparmak escort and then I want to watch you taste your own juices.” I moaned deeply as I complied, wishing that you were the one tasting me. Even as I ran my fingers gently around my slit, I knew that I was nearing the edge, and not knowing how much longer I’d be able to hold back.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I moaned, my back arching off the mattress as the sensation intensified ever so sharply.

“Not until I tell you…or you’ll face the consequences,” you growled. “Now, I want you to put two fingers inside your pussy and run them in a circle around your G-spot.”

I almost sobbed at this command, not knowing how I would be able to stop myself from cumming. I tried desperately to think about the most non-sexy things I could imagine: the war in the Middle East, my in-box, the most recent Senate vote…and yet I couldn’t concentrate on anything but my ever-present need for your hands, your mouth, and your hard cock. I complied with your request, slowly inserting two fingers into my needy pussy, feeling my pearly liquids running all over my hand, and ran them in a light circle over my special spot, knowing that if I used any more pressure I’d be a goner. With my head thrown back and my body arched into a tight bow, I couldn’t hold back the sounds of my pleasure. Just to spite you, I would have liked to have been as cool as ice and totally in control of my responses, but the buildup all day had been too much for me, just as you had known it would be.

“Okay, now I want you to take your favorite toy and slide it deep inside your pussy, getting it good and wet,” you called out. As I reached for one of my smaller vibrators, you laughed. “No, not that one…nice try. The big one.” Again, I did exactly as you asked, reaching for the largest toy in my collection. But this time I fully intended to torment you back…so I slowly caressed the toy in full sight exactly as I would have liked to have been caressing your cock instead, and then I slowly started licking it from top to bottom, flicking my tongue quickly over the tip in that way that drives you crazy. As you groaned in response and started breathing more heavily, I quickly slid the first half of the toy deep into my mouth, letting my saliva roll down the toy in that sloppy way that you love.

“Enough,” you called out. “Do what I told you,” you said heavily, and more than a little sternly. Not wanting to disappoint you, I did just that, spreading my legs wide open so that you would have a perfect view of my toy slowly pushing into my tight folds, stretching me in the most delicious way, making me cry out loudly so that my pleasure echoed in the dark room.

“That’s right, just like that,” you said, as I began working the toy in and out of my pussy in a slow rhythm, rubbing against my g-spot and hitting my cervix with each thrust. Again, my keening cries echoed as I began to get close to cumming again. “Stop,” you said, knowing that I was close to the precipice, and not yet willing to let me fall over. “Now, I want you to put that toy deep in your ass,” you instructed.

“No, please,” I responded, “I want you in my ass instead. Please come fuck my ass and make me cum,” I moaned, breathing like I had just run a marathon. Again, I knew that you weren’t going to comply, so I began to press my dripping toy against my sensitive asshole, which had never accepted anything quite so large. But I was so turned on by this point that my toy slipped right inside, and I moaned deeply with a combination of pleasure gemlik escort and pain as it entered me and stretched me in every direction. I could feel the pressure it exerted through the walls of my pussy, and I almost came right away, so I went immediately silent, my delicate flesh stretched ever so greatly, my entire body trembling as I tried not to give in to the sensations running through me. Thankfully, you gave me a few moments to calm myself down, as if you knew that our game would be ending if you even said so much as my name at that moment.

“Are you okay?” you finally asked me warmly, even though you knew that I was far from okay.

“You’re going to make me scream,” I replied heavily.

“I know,” you said with a smile in your voice. “I want you to scream for me. But first I want you to put another toy in your pussy,” you called out.

“Oh my god, I can’t…I’ll cum right away,” I argued, although at that point I was almost beyond caring.

“Not until I tell you, you won’t,” you said, and I reached for a small G-spot vibe and did what you wanted. As the second toy slid slowly inside me, I did indeed let out a small scream as I felt my pussy clamp down onto it, and as I felt the two toys rub against each other inside of me. Again, I had to stop moving and concentrate on not giving in, trying to block out the sound of your heavy breathing in the darkness.

“Okay, the last step,” you declared, as you began to give me my final directions in a voice thick with your own need. “I want you to sit up on the edge of the bed with both toys inside you and your feet on the floor. I want you to take your strongest vibrator and hold it tightly against your clit. And I want you to ride all three toys to the biggest, loudest, wettest orgasm of your life. Do you understand? I want you to scream, and I want you to cum harder than you’ve ever thought possible.”

As I maneuvered myself into position and did exactly as you asked, my entire world narrowed down until I was only aware of the five inches of aching, clenching flesh between my thighs. At the point, I wasn’t even aware that you were in the room with me, or that the entire room was scented with the fragrance of my desire, or that the music had stopped in the room next to us…the only thing that mattered was my impending release, which you had finally given me permission to experience. As soon as my vibrator made contact with my stiff clit, I began screaming with the most powerful whole-body orgasm of my life, convulsing in a way I had thought not even possible. And that’s not all…as my convulsions forced my hips down upon my toys over and over again, I kept cumming…screaming my pleasure until I was hoarse, sweating and shaking with the exertion, knowing that I’d pass out if this exquisite pleasure didn’t end soon. Finally, deliriously, I had to pull the vibrator away from my too-sensitive clit and try to regain both the feeling in my legs and my ability to breathe normally. It was only at that moment that I noticed you standing over me, your cock harder than I had ever seen it as you stroked your way to a momentous orgasm of your own, your head thrown back and your neck corded with tension.

“Cum in my mouth,” I requested, eager to offer you my only orifice which was currently in commission. As soon as your hard cock touched my warm, wet lips, your harsh groan signaled the end, and you spurted what seemed like gallons of your hot, sticky cum into my throat. Struggling to keep up with the flow, some of your jizz seeped down my chin and dripped onto my thighs, mingling with my own juices. Finally, we both collapsed onto the bed, knowing that we would need plenty of time to recover.

Even now, recounting this story the next day, I am so turned on that I can barely sit still. Even better, I have already started to plan my revenge…there is no telling what my gift box to you will contain!

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