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Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 14

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Please read chapter 13 before proceeding.


“Get on the bed.”

Veronica guided the young Asian woman down to her own bed. Jane gulped as she looked the beautiful Latina up and down.

“Veronica! Your outfit! You look so sexy!”

The Latina was wearing a sexy black corset with bright red lace panties that showed off her beautiful cheeks. She was also wearing her black high heels. “I wanted to wear something sexy for you,” she said.

Jane was speechless. It was like a wild fantasy come true. Veronica pushed her onto her back and then sensually climbed on top of her.

“I want to show you how much you’re desired,” she whispered.

Jane moaned to herself. “How could someone this hot want me so badly?” she thought to herself.

“There’s so many bad things I want to do to you,” whispered Veronica. “Tonight, you’re all mine. Don’t even try to resist me.”

Jane let out a deep breath before her lips were met by Veronica’s. They kissed deep and passionately as Jane grabbed the Latina’s hot ass and held her tightly. She moaned out as Veronica shoved her tongue inside her mouth and kissed her with her heart and soul.

Veronica slid her hand inside Jane’s shirt and fondled her breasts. Jane moaned out as she felt the Latina’s fingers playing with her rock-hard nipples. She loved the way the hot Latina was taking control of her.

“Baby!” Jane moaned. “This is so hot!”

“I want to make your fantasies come true,” Veronica whispered.

“Oh God!”

“I’m going to take your clothes off,” said Veronica.

Jane moaned out, ready for Veronica to do whatever she wanted to her. The Latina grabbed her and bent her over her lap.

“Oh God! What are you doing?” asked the surprised Jane.

“I’m going to give you a spanking,” answered the hot Latina, as she pulled down Jane’s shorts and panties.

Jane moaned and squirmed over Veronica’s lap. She could not believe how turned on she was to be controlled by Veronica while she wore such a sexy outfit.

Veronica gave the smaller Asian a hard but sensual spanking as Jane moaned uncontrollably. Every smack on her little ass caused Jane to squeal and moan for more. The bigger Latina rubbed the smaller woman’s ass before landing another hard spank.

As Jane moaned in pleasure, Veronica whispered to her naughty girl. “You like it when I give you a spanking?” she asked in a sexy voice.

“Yes!” exclaimed the cute Asian.

“You’re such a good girl,” whispered Veronica. “But sometimes I know you like to be naughty.”

“Oh! Yes!” moaned Jane, as she was turned on by Veronica’s dirty talk.

Veronica gave her another spanking. “You can be my naughty little girl,” she said with a seductive voice. “I want you to call me Mami.”

Jane moaned out but was shy to say Mami.

“Say it,” Veronica encouraged, before smacking her cute little ass again.

“Ouch! Yes…mommy!”

“No!” Veronica exclaimed, as she landed another smack. “It’s not mommy, it’s Mami!”

“But I don’t have a sexy Spanish accent, like you,” the embarrassed Asian tried to explain.

“I don’t care, baby,” said Veronica. “Give Mami a try.”


“That’s a good girl!” said Veronica, turned on by Jane’s attempt. “Ask me for another spanking.”

“May I have another spanking Mami?” asked Jane, as she blushed.

Veronica continued the seductive spanking before rubbing the cute Asian’s bottom as a reward for her effort. She then pushed Jane onto the bed and put her on all fours.

“What are you going to do to me now Mami?” asked Jane.

“I’m going to eat this hot little ass of yours.”

Veronica grabbed Jane by her hips and licked her crack up and down. As the cute Asian began moaning and squirming, Veronica held her even harder as she rubbed her tongue against Jane’s pink anus.

“Oh my God! Mami that feels so good!” Jane cried, with her eyes closed.

Veronica stroked her little ass hole over and over with her warm tongue. Jane could feel the Latina’s warm saliva running down her crack as her tight hole kept being stroked the Veronica’s wet tongue. She more she squirmed, the tighter Veronica’s grip became.

Suddenly, Veronica began bouncing Jane’s ass back and forth, allowing it to run into and rub against her face. She enjoyed Jane’s cute little bottom all over her face and she shoved her face nose and tongue into Jane’s crack. Jane’s could not believe the pleasure rushing through her body as she was being tongue fucked by the hot Latina.

Jane was having a hard time breathing as the pleasure was too much for her. She grabbed her pillow and clutched it as the intense pleasure took over her body. Veronica smacked Jane’s ass before sucking licking her anus once again. As Jane felt her bottom being smacked, she let out a huge moan as she finally took a breath.

Veronica then flipped Jane around so they were facing each other. She pulled the Asian’s shirt off, leaving her completely naked. The Latina then sensually placed Jane on her back. “You’ve given me so many massages,” she whispered. Kolej Escort “I want to give YOU a massage for once.”

Jane let out a moan as she rubbed her own naked body, ready for Veronica’s hands to caress her. “Okay Mami,” she said, as she squirmed in bed.

Veronica stood at the side of the bed and rubbing Jane’s naked body up and down. “I can feel the goosebumps all over your body,” she whispered.

“You’re giving me the chills,” Jane responded.

“Let me take care of that,” Veronica whispered. She pulled out a bottle of warm massage oil that she found.

“You found my oil,” Jane said.

“Yes, I did baby,” Veronica responded. “I wanted to use it on you.” She poured the oil on her hands and rubbed them together before placing them on Jane’s bare body.

Jane let out a gasp as she felt Veronica’s warm hands rubbing up and down her cold and naked body. “That feels good!”

“Yeah baby? I’ve wanted to massage you for a long time.”

“This is a fantasy come true,” responded Jane. “Especially with you wearing that sexy outfit.”

“I wanted to wear this for you for a long time too,” said Veronica, as she continued to rub down Jane’s naked body.

Veronica could tell that Jane looked nervous as she began rubbing her chest. She figured that she was insecure about her breasts. She tried to comfort Jane. “I love playing with your breasts,” the Latina said, as she began pinching Jane’s nipples.

Jane let out a moan. “They’re small,” she said, in a shy voice.

“They’re perfect,” responded Veronica. She then rubbed Jane’s breasts, showing her how much she truly admired them.

Jane could feel the sincerity from Veronica’s words and actions. She squirmed underneath and her nipples were stimulated by her sexy coworker.

Veronica then moved Jane onto her side. She placed oil on her finger and reached around to massage Jane’s ass hole with it. As Jane let out a sudden moan, Veronica used her other hand to rub the Asian’s wet clitoris. Jane squirmed and moaned underneath the bigger Latina as her clit and anus were both being stroked at the same time.


“No baby,” Veronica teased. “It’s Mami.”

“MAMI!” Jane moaned loudly. “YES MAMI!” She didn’t have the Spanish accent that the Latina women had, but to Veronica it was perfect.

Veronica was so turned on; she began rubbing Jane’s pussy and ass even faster. Jane was left moaning uncontrollably as Veronica massaged her inside and out. Veronica could feel Jane’s lower body tensing up, getting ready for a big orgasm. She quickly stopped, leaving the Asian desperate for more.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Veronica whispered.

Jane moaned as she stared at the hot Latina. “What are you going to do to me now?!” she asked, unable to handle the anticipation.

“The oil wasn’t the only thing I found,” Veronica said, with a mischievous smirk on her face. She then walked over and pulled out Jane’s strap-on. “I found this little toy,” she whispered.

Jane became nervous as she watched Veronica dangle the strap-on in front of her.

“I think I’m going to use this on you,” said Veronica.

Jane was nervous but was surprisingly turned on by the thought of Veronica fucking her with her own strap-on. The Latina removed her red cheeky panties and strapped the sex toy on herself. She put the smaller Asian on her hands and knees and smacked her ass.

Jane was shocked at the Latina’s sudden assertiveness as she felt dominated by her for the first time. Although Jane was used to being the dominant one in her sexual relationship with Veronica, she was enjoying the change of pace and she was enjoying all the sexy things the hot Latina was doing to her.

Veronica grabbed the smaller woman by her hips and slid the strap-on inside her. As Jane moaned out, Veronica slowly worked herself inside. She wanted to start gently with Jane’s delicate pussy. She felt Jane’s moans get louder as she slid the strap-on deeper and deeper. “You’re so tight baby,” teased the Latina.

“It feels good!” moaned Jane.

Veronica grabbed her hips and thrusted harder and harder. She began rocking her body back and forth as she pumped the strap-on inside and out. Jane poked her ass out as she took all of the strap-on deep inside her pussy.

As Jane moaned out even louder, Veronica grabbed her long black hair.

“AH MAMI!” moaned Jane. “Yeah! Pull my hair!”

Veronica pulled her hair and spanked her as she continued thrusting the strap-on in and out of Jane’s tight little pussy. Jane loved being spanked and fucked by the hot Latina. She moaned uncontrollably as Veronica pumped deep inside her.

Suddenly she couldn’t take it anymore. As Jane felt her ass being smacked on last time, her eyes rolled back, and she squirted all over the bed. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she moaned, like crazy. Her body trembled as the juices flowed out of her. The orgasm had her shaking in pleasure as Veronica continued fucking her doggy style. She felt the pleasure from her fingertips all the way Rus Escort down to her toes.

The two beauties finally slowed down their pace as the orgasm finished rocking Jane’s quivering body. It was one of the most erotic orgasms Jane ever had in her life. As Veronica laid Jane down to rest, she switched to her more sensual nature as she cared for Jane’s exhausted body. She removed the strap-on and held the smaller woman as she caressed her naked body, slowly and sensually.

As Jane caught her breath, she looked into Veronica’s eyes. “Thank you,” she exclaimed, as she rested her head against Veronica.

“You’re welcome baby,” Veronica responded, as she placed soft kisses all over Jane’s body.

Jane was surprised at Veronica’s ability to read her emotions. The Latina was not only able to provide erotic and assertive sex, but also calm and nurturing care when it was necessary. The cute intern loved the way Veronica could care for all her needs.

As she was being held by the Latina, Jane looked up and said, “Sorry for squirting all over the bed.”

“That’s okay baby,” whispered Veronica, as she pressed her body against Jane and continued to sensually caress her. “We can wash your sheets in the morning, after I wash you.”

Jane looked up and smiled at her. “How could you be so perfect,” she thought in her head. “You looked really hot tonight,” she said, still admiring Veronica’s corset.

“I like wearing sexy outfits for you,” whispered Veronica. “And I have a lot more I can show you.”

Jane moaned at the thought of Veronica wearing more sexy lingerie for her.

As Veronica slid her hand from Jane’s breasts down to her lower abdomen, she whispered into her ear, “I think YOU are so sexy.”

Jane’s eyes lit up from hearing Veronica’s compliment.

“I love your beautiful naked body.” Veronica slid her hand between the smaller woman’s legs and softly rubbed. “How does someone so HOT have such a SEXY body?” she whispered in her sexiest voice.

The cute Asian squirmed underneath the Latina’s grasp as she could feel herself getting turned on again.

“I love these tits,” Veronica whispered, as she kissed and lightly sucked her nipple. “I love your cute little pussy.” She rubbed her middle finger up and down the lips of Jane’s wet pussy.

Jane moaned out, feeling the loving care as Veronica gave her the affirmation, she always desired.

Veronica slid her finger down to Jane’s ass hole as she whispered, “I love your ass.” As she brough her finger back to the cute Asian’s wet clitoris, she whispered, “Everything about you is so, SO…SEXY!”

Jane stared into Veronica’s eyes as she moaned uncontrollably. The pleasure was intensified by the compliments given by Veronica. The Latina kept rubbing Jane’s clit as she whispered more compliments in her ear.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re so sexy!”

“You’re so smart.”

“You’re such a good kisser.”

“I love sucking on your tits.”

Jane held on to Veronica tightly as the tension released from her body and she experienced a huge orgasm. Her ass clinched as her pussy squirted all over her bed sheets. The Asian moaned out as the water gushed out, all over the place.

Veronica kissed the vulnerable woman’s trembling body and assured her that she loved it when she squirted. She held Jane close and rubbed her naked body as she began catching her breath.

When Jane finally calmed down, she looked into the beautiful Latina’s eyes. “Thank you for always making me feel beautiful.”

“You have always been beautiful,” said Veronica. “I’ll always be here to make sure you know that.”

“You really wore me out.”

“Get some rest baby,” whispered Veronica, in her sweetest voice. She brushed Jane’s hair with her fingers, comforting her as she began to fall asleep.

They kissed goodnight and Jane drifted to sleep as she thought about how special Veronica truly was to her.

Veronica removed her corset and spooned Jane as she slept. She did not fall asleep immediately. She was too busy cherishing her time with her special friend.


Ashley and Monica went out for drinks that night. It was a girl’s night at their favorite bar with some of their best friends from college. It was an opportunity for the ladies to update each other on their lives. It was also a chance for Ashley and Monica to vent about work. They were still upset that they did not get to stay late on Thursday night with Maria, Veronica and Jane.

After a night of drinking and venting, Ashley and Monica began to feel better about the situation.

“Maria gives Veronica preferable treatment, but she deserves it,” said Monica. “She works really hard.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Ashley agreed. “And I guess she was right to pick Jane to stay late with her. That’s what I would have done.”

“Yeah, I heard her presentation was super good,” said Monica.

“I’m not surprised,” said Ashley. “She is like super smart.”

“It’s kind of surprising that she is still just an intern,” Yenimahalle Escort Monica pointed out.

“Remember when we used to treat her like shit? And now she is like so awesome,” Ashley said, remembering how different things were not too long ago.

Their friends were impressed by the stories they heard about Jane. “She sounds pretty smart,” said one of them. “Yeah, she sounds like she has a bright future,” said another.

Monica was a bit perplexed. “Now that you say that, I won’t be surprised if she ends up making it big time.”

“Yeah, especially after showing such a good presentation to our company. She doesn’t even have the experience that the rest of us have and she still pulled that off,” said Ashley.

The more Ashley and Monica drank, the more they spoke positively of Jane’s capabilities as a coworker. The group of friends became interested in this mystery coworker that was so capable and so full of potential.

The ladies enjoyed many laughs and good times together that night. But as the night grew late, the girls became quite drunk and were very hungry for more than just bar food.

“I want to get something to eat,” said Ashley. “But I don’t want bar food. I want something nice.”

The other girls agreed and began thinking of what options were available to them.

“How about sushi?” Monica suggested. “There is a place right down the street that we can all walk to. And they also have more alcohol there in case any of you ladies aren’t done drinking yet.”

It wasn’t like them too choose sushi. But on a drunken night, it sounded like a good idea to continue having a good time there.

Once they arrived at the sushi restaurant, they were seated and greeted by two waitresses. Although they weren’t being annoying, the waitresses could tell that the group was a bit drunk.

“What are your names?” Ashley quickly asked.

“Well my name is Vicky,” said one of the waitresses. “And this is my friend Christine. She will be helping us out.”

All of the girls introduced themselves to the two waitresses. Because they were small Asian women, Ashley couldn’t help but compare them to Jane. She was hoping that didn’t make her racist, but she couldn’t help but at least make some comparison. Monica was struggling with the same issue. She found the two young waitresses to be cute, and she couldn’t help but think about the young intern at work.

“Maybe we should start you ladies off with some waters,” said Christine.

“Yeah, a lot of water,” Vicky joked.

The girls laughed and appreciated that they were trying to help them be responsible.

“Don’t worry,” said Monica. “We all took Ubers or Lyfts. So, you don’t have to worry about any of us driving drunk.”

They all laughed it off as they prepared to order. none of the girls at the table were sushi connoisseurs, so they had to rely heavily on Vicky and Christine’s suggestions.

After a good dinner followed by a few rounds of sake, the conversation turned towards personal relationships.

“So, do either of you have a boyfriend?” one of the girls asked.

“I dated a couple of guys but nothing too serious,” said Ashley. “None of them were able to handle me,” she joked.

“I did have a boyfriend for a while, but he was kind of a dick,” Monica added.

“That sucks,” said one of the girls.

“Have you at least been sleeping around?” one of the girls asked, jokingly.

Ashley and Monica both laughing nervously as they responded, “Not really.”

“Well, I haven’t been completely innocent,” Monica said, as she chuckled to herself.

“I guess I haven’t been either,” Ashley added, with a nervous laugh.

Those comments gained quite a response as the girls egged them on to give more details. It wasn’t normal of the group to talk about sexual experiences but after a few drinks, everyone was dying to know what Ashley and Monica had been through. Even the waitresses could overhear the conversation and were beginning to get curious.

Monica couldn’t keep her silence any longer. She wanted to give the group the juicy story they were all hoping for. “Well, you know that intern that we were telling you about?” she prompted. “She’s actually quite a hot little firecracker.”

The group was shocked. They would have never guessed that Monica was going to tell them about a lesbian experience.

“That hot little Asian intern is actually a masseuse on the side. And she has given some pretty sexy massages.”

The girls were on the edge of their seats. Even the waitresses were eavesdropping, listening in total shock.

“She stripped me down to my panties and teased me until I was begging her to touch me. She has magical hands!”

It suddenly felt hot in the room as all the girls were getting turned on from Monica’s story.

“She could feel me getting turned on and she got closer and closer to my pussy and my ass. Every time I thought she was going to pleasure me, she suddenly pulled away.”

“Did she finally do it?” one of the girls asked.

“That’s the crazy part!” said Monica. “As soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, she suddenly stopped.”

“But why?” asked one of the girls.

“She just wanted to tease me. She told me she could see how badly I wanted it. Then she demanded I let her come to my apartment if I wanted her to finish the massage. And she made me promise not to play with myself until she came over.”

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