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Jane Moves On Pt. 03

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Jane rose and headed off towards the bathroom.

Jane pressed the door handle down, and as she did so, there was an urgent call from Paul, “No, not THAT one!” but it was too late. The door swung open and it was NOT the bathroom. Jane found herself looking into what was clearly a bedroom, and there on the bed facing her was a man seated in the lotus position, cross-legged. He was obviously looking at something on the wall opposite him, which later transpired to be a flat-screen monitor. Jane took in the situation at a glance: the man was small, maybe even tiny, but perfectly proportioned. His skin was a very pale shade of brown and seemed to glow. He had smooth, shiny white hair, a trim white beard and a handle-bar moustache. He must have been at least 60 if not 80. How were you to tell? The only part of him that seemed out of proportion was his phallus which extended straight out several inches over the edge of the bed, a beautiful object with a head not unlike a Dutch tulip. Jane felt the old butterflies in her stomach and realised she was mesmerised by the beautiful cock pointing in her direction and so close to hand.

Paul was at her side immediately, “The MD,” he said, “He came along to discuss you with me, and has been watching us on the CCTV,” he continued.

Jane half-turned and gripped Paul’s hand. “Not a problem, Paul. Leave this with me, I can handle Anadolu Yakası Escort it,” she said. With no more ado, Jane stepped out of her high-heels, leaving them at the door, and walked towards the little man. He looked calmly back at her with gentle, grey eyes, showing no embarrassment.

Jane sank to the floor and sat cross-legged facing the MD, and gently stroked the long smooth phallus, especially the tulip head. The little man leaned forward and placed his left hand on Jane’s head, and then his right hand on top of the left. Immediately, Jane felt tingling from her head and running down her spine. The tingling intensified and she felt her whole sexual organs to be alive. Her vulva thickened with extra blood flowing in and her clitoris started to throb. “Damn, he is directing energy straight to my sex chakra,” she murmured.

After about a minute, the MD moved his hands down from her head and onto her shoulders. He paused, and then ran his hands along her arms to her hands which he then held in a fisherman’s grip, all the while with the energy flowing from him to her. Slowly leaning backwards, the MD gently pulled Jane forward and she automatically stepped up onto the bed straddling the MD, who was now lying horizontal with eyes closed. The tulip-headed phallus was now standing erect and visibly pulsing in a slow rhythmic, throbbing Pendik Escort motion.

The MD continued to hold her hands, steadying Jane as she opened her legs and felt the throbbing tulip head entering her vagina as she sank down. Down, down, down she sank as she felt the tulip burrowing its way deeper and deeper until it touched the PC muscle. A little push and the head was through. Now it was all hers, and she stayed on her toes, letting the tulip-head slip out and then pushing it back through. Her PC muscle fell naturally into the same low pulsing rhyme as the phallus, and she was kept on a near climax with occasional starbursts crackling up into her brain.

Paul could not help himself and Jane felt him probing her anus but she was an anal virgin and she decided that she wanted to stay that way for now.

Eventually Jane started to feel exhausted and whispered loudly, “Fill me and let me go for now. I shall be back again when you need me.” She paused with the tulip deep inside, and within seconds she felt it expand and explode showering warm fluid over her cervix. “Thanks. Arriverderci,” she continued as she dismounted.

“Now I really DO need the bathroom,” exclaimed Jane, grabbing her high-heels at the door.

Paul took Jane’s arm and steered her towards the sofa. “Please, X, just one minute more. I have urgent needs.”

Jane, Kurtköy Escort looked sideways at Paul and smiled. “Of course. I understand. My pleasure indeed,” she replied, and as they quickly reached the sofa, she dropped onto it, leaning back against the sofa, facing Paul, and pulled her legs up, clasping them behind the knees. Her pussy lips were still wide apart after the long session with the tulip-head and the thick shaft behind it. Thick, creamy juice was now seeping copiously out from her vagina and trickling down onto the sofa.

Paul was as hard as a rock, and drooling pre-cum. He leaned forward, his left hand on Jane’s right shoulder and his right hand holding his rigid shaft. Quickly he guided the head into the leaking, wet, warm channel and ran straight in up to the hilt. He groaned. “Oh God. I needed this, X, it was Hell watching you back there and not being part of it,” he continued. Transferring his right hand also now to Jane’s shoulders, he commenced to fuck with long, hard, rapid strokes, his sack slapping noisily into her sopping, leaking cunt. He was not intending to spin things out, and in no time at all Paul was ejaculating and emptying his aching balls into the wet, dark, warmth. He collapsed, happy and tired, alongside her.

Jane rose. “Now I really am in dire need of the bathroom,” she said. “Paul, dear, when you are rested, please assemble all my clothing for me, including my panties which I assume will now be in your little desk drawer,” she concluded. Paul smiled and gave her a thumbs-up as she disappeared round the corner of the sofa.

“So now it will be £500 in your account by Monday,” he shouted.

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