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Jamming Jodi Hoskinson

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It started as a matter of convenience and choice, my office at Broad and High, in the center of downtown Columbus. The state capital building is located at that corner, as are thousands of workers from all walks of life. Government people, bank employees, courthouse staff, they all were near Broad and High. On a nice day, those people would spread out on the statehouse lawns, eating lunch, showing off. My office was in a nice place, a stone’s throw from the corner of the center of town.

On the ground floor of the building where my office was, there was “Cappy’s” delicatessen. Cappy’s .was a lunch stand and a beer and wine carry out. They also sold produce and soft drinks, and they made fresh sandwiches and soups. People would flock to Cappy’s to buy their lunch, the prices were low and their food was very good. The Capuano family owned the shop, and several others. Fortunately, they consistently hired attractive young women to work there. The gals helped bring customers in, and Jodi and Jeannie were two of the gals. The lunch lines were always long. Myself, I would hang around the place, get a beer at 5:00, bullshit with the gals, and watch the sun’s rays cutting across the bus stop crowd as they headed home.

Jodi Hoskinson ran the cash register at Cappy’s. She was a doll; beautiful face, great skin. She had a small turned up nose and long dirty blond hair. Maybe she was 25, I didn’t check her I.D. Jodi had a fantastic butt, small and curvy, the kind of round ass that protruded inches out above the top of her thighs. Otherwise she was thin, 5’5, 110 pounds. I remember watching Jodi at the cash register, checking customers out with their take away, when I dropped down to get a beer. “How about that,” her boss Tony Capuano said to me, as we each stood staring at Jodi’s butt, “wouldn’t you like some of that ass?”

“Yeah….imagine that,” I said to Tony.

One afternoon Jodi approached me.

“Can I see you after I get off? At 5:00? I got a traffic ticket and I need your advice.”

” Sure,” I said, happy for the opportunity to get acquainted with Jodi. “Come on up then. I’ll be waiting”.

I waited for her to arrive, and when she did she brought some beers to drink. I didn’t usually represent people on traffic tickets, but Jodi’s case was serious. She’d had a DUI, and there had been an accident, which she caused. Worse, she had no liability insurance. She’d spent a night in jail waiting for her mother to bail her out.

The interview didn’t last long, at least in the retainer sense. I told Jodi that I would take her case, I put her tickets in a file, and I took the $100 she had for me. Then I marked her court date on the calendars. I sat down next to her to drink the beers she Antalya Escort brought, hoping to find out more about her.

“Elliot,” she said, “You really have charisma. I’d like to get to know you.”

Jodi leaned toward me, and we immediately started kissing. I was comfortable with her mouth, her lips were sensitive and Jodi was a very good kisser. I knew then that she wanted to fuck me, I knew it from the minute that she opened her mouth and pressed her body against me. Whether I would be so lucky, I didn’t know, but I would try. Her tongue tasted fresh and sweet, she hadn’t had a swallow of the beer. All the hints of full speed go ahead were there.

I stood Jodi up so that I could feel her body. Jodi had a very nice body. She had on a loose green top with straps, no bra, tight blue jeans and cheap flip flop sandals. I put my arms around her. Next I squeezed her ass- it was so firm – and then I brought my hands back to her tits. Jodi pressed herself against me as I held her, she pushed her crotch into mine. Our tongues danced the dance of seduction. Without my asking, she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. I followed by pulling her jeans down, and then her blue panties. I removed her sandals, and I put her jeans and panties on a chair. Jodi, who had only been in my office for 30 minutes, was now nude from the waist down.

Jodi sat back in the office chair, and she spread her legs wide. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, her pubic hair was a shade darker than the hair on her head. Still in my business suit, I knelt before Jodi and I buried my face in her pussy. She was delicious! Jodi had as sweet a vagina as I had ever tasted. I licked her clit, I slipped my hard tongue in and out of her vagina. Jodi began to moan, and her moans grew louder. I ran my fingers across her ass hole, and she seemed to enjoy that too.

Her eyes were closed as I continued to devour her sweet pussy. While she couldn’t see, I undid my suit pants and underwear and took my cock out. Moving Jodi forward on the chair, I rose up, and I slid my cock into her moist vagina. She looked up at me with an approving smile, but fucking that way, on an office chair, was not too comfortable.

“Let’s get on the floor,” I said.

Jodi moved to the floor in front of my desk. I knelt before her face, and positioned my hard cock so that she could suck me.

“Oh,” Jodi said as she looked closely at my hard penis, “a nice long one”.

Jodi took the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked me for a few minutes. Then she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. One at a time, she gently sucked each of my balls, taking each in her mouth. Then she went back up and swallowed as much of my dick as she could Antalya Escort Bayan take in her throat. I rotated myself, so that I could get back to her sweet pussy. Jodi then moved on top of me, sitting on my face. She lowered her pussy on my mouth, and I ran my tongue from her clit to her vagina. I pushed her ass up, and I looked through her crotch and watched as she deep throated my cock. We sixty-nined that way for five minutes. But I wanted to fuck her more.

“Jodi, lay on your back,” I said.

As she did, I moved between her legs. I pushed my cock back into her sweet vagina and Jodi wrapped her legs around my body. I still had my suit and tie on. Jodi’s top was pushed up over her boobs. As I rose up on my arms, my tie dangled across her bare breasts. Wow, I thought to myself, this gal can really fuck. Jodi wiggled her ass, she pumped, she pushed, she matched me stroke for stroke. We screwed in that position for fifteen minutes, and the rug was irritating my knees. When I realized that I was getting ready to cum, I pulled out from her vagina and crawled back to her face. Then I stuck my cock in her mouth. After a few more strokes fucking her mouth, I emptied my semen in her throat with my cock pinning her head to the floor. I shot a big load in Jodi’s mouth, I hadn’t had sex all day. Laying on her back with her head on the floor, she had no choice but to swallow every bit.

I sat on the floor next to Jodi, satisfied, but not exhausted. Not yet.

“Jodi get up, I want to look at your body.”

“Ok,” she said as she stood up, “what do you think?”

“Take your top off and turn around. Model for me”

Jodi pulled her top over her head, and she stood nude in front of me. I took a sip of the beer she had brought, then I sat the bottle down. Slowly she turned a 360. Her breasts were round and firm, she had a narrow flat waist. Her legs were long and thin, and she had a wide crotch. But her ass. It was perfect – round, tight, firm – but I could see that she had red rug burns on her butt from the fucking she had given me. She ran her hands over her backside and spread her butt cheeks open.

“Jodi you have a great body” I said. “You may be able to get me hard again.”

I took my suit coat off, my shoes, pants and my underwear. Sitting back in the office chair, I told Jodi to come over. She stood in front of me while I sat, I opened my legs and pulled her closer. She put her hands on her hips as she stood nude showing off for me. I massaged her breasts, and then her pussy, I opened her vagina folds and rubbed her clitoris. I turned her around to examine her butt, which I did examine. I opened her cheeks and felt her fanny, rubbing the very point where her Escort Antalya ass began to curve out.

Jodi moved to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She had a beautiful face, and I watched my cock going into her mouth as she bobbed up and down felating me. Jodi was an expert cocksucker and within a minute she had me hard again. I wanted so much to screw her from behind.

“Jodi, get on all fours so that we can fuck doggy style.”

She did as I asked.

“Now move your butt toward me so that I can get my cock in your pussy”.

I was on my knees pumping her from behind, and I slapped her ass a couple of times as I pumped her. I tried the rapid fire speed fuck, maybe eighty strokes a minute. Her pussy was opening wide. Then I backed away and I jammed three fingers up her cunt. I would need some moisture, I thought. She was soaking wet and I cupped some of her juices in my fingers. I rubbed her juice on her ass hole. I put my cock back in her cunt and, as I fucked her, I worked my middle finger into her ass hole. Then, slowly, I worked another finger up her ass. In a quick motion, I pulled my fingers out and I substituted the head of my hard cock into her ass hole.

Jodi’s ass was extremely tight, and she cried out softly as I inched the swollen head of my penis into the opening of her anus. After a few strokes I had most of my cock in her ass. Jodi continued to wince and whimper as I took her ass. But her tight ass hole continued to grip the sides of my cock, and her anal cavity remained dry.

“Jodi”, I said, “thank you for letting me fuck you in the ass. It feels so good. Are you enjoying it?”

Jodi didn’t respond.

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?”

“No, and it hurts.”

I leaned forward and thrust my dick all the was in, working her ass hole from every possible direction. I took long, deep strokes, drawing my cock head all the way back, then pushing as far in that I could, to the place where I could feel the bottom of her canal. With my left hand, I grabbed her hair and held on to it like the mane of a horse, and I swatted her ass cheeks with my right hand.

“Are you enjoying it?” I asked again, as I continued to pump her butt.

I thought about her boss, Tony, how he had baited me about Jodi’s ass. I was sure that he had imagined this very scene many times, with his own cock where mine was, and now my cock was feeling it all.

Jodi remained silent. But her ass was so tight, I knew I was about to cum again. Then I felt myself ejaculating into her as I deposited my semen up her ass hole. This time, I was completely spent.

Jodi lay on the floor, on her stomach. I went into the bathroom and cleaned my cock up with soap, water and paper towels, and when I was through, I brought more soapy wet towels to my office. As Jodi lay on the rug, I washed her ass with the soapy towels, and she thanked me for the attention.

“There you go Jodi,” I said to her. “Good as new.

To Be Continued…

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