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Jacuzzi Ch. 03

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From the first time that Jan bent over with her bra strap loose and showed her tit to Bryan to the time when everything went wrong, more than a year and a half of sex-play had gone on. It had become almost routine, with each step leading to the next one. That was exactly what was happening that critical evening. We all were in the Jacuzzi and things were progressing as expected. Jan was seated next to Bryan, as always, with her cunt-cover out of the way and they were engaged in their familiar erotic activities.

Bryan felt and ?ngered her cunt continually until Lois and Tim prepared to get out and I turned the lights back up so that they could see. As usual, Jan put her leg down and sat up while we waited for them to leave, enjoying that pleasure of being secretly exposed under the water. When they were out, I lowered the lights and Bryan, once again, started to feel Jan, running his hands all over her legs, cunt and even back to her asshole. This sequence was, as expected, repeated as Susan and Doug left. The four of us remaining talked while Bryan and Jan continued their surreptitious sex play. It was then that something happened which changed everything.

Jan, as usual, was the one to decide that we had been in the water long enough and, after refastening the cunt-cover, started to get out. But as she got up, she slipped and sat back down, this time on Bryan’s leg. This was no big deal for it had happened before as a result of the enervating effect of the water – everyone felt limp after a long soak. She was straddling the leg and he pulled her back and forth a few times as she tried to get up. Again, that bit of playful struggle had happened before and we laughed at her efforts to get free. However, this time something different occurred – whether she hadn’t been careful enough in rejoining the edges of the Velcro seams or if the sliding back and forth on his leg had weakened the connection, a catastrophe was about to occur.

Jan started to get out and stepped up onto the seat and put her right leg over onto the deck as always. As was often the case, as described before, she was unable to pull her left leg over, so she was stuck, legs spread over the rim, unable to go in or out. Of course, she was used to being in that situation and she expected that, shortly, Bryan would boost her over with his hand very close to the cunt that he had been feeling a few minutes before. It was at that moment, when her legs were wide-spread, that the strain on the cunt-cover connection was too much and it let go!

There was Jan, legs spread wide, the cunt-cover hanging loose, leaving her cunt bare and gaping open. In that position, the elasticity of the suit material, no longer being held at the crotch by the Velcro fastener, quickly caused the front of the suit to pull above the hair line and, in the back, to expose most of her bottom, permitting the three of us to see that her entire cunt area naked. Every hair seemed to stand out, dripping water into the Jacuzzi. The pink ?esh between the cunt lips, and even up inside, seemed almost ?orescent, giving a surprisingly pornographic or obscene impact to the exhibition. She wasn’t even aware of what had happened for at least thirty seconds as we stared at the unbelievable sight.

Suddenly the realization of what had occurred hit her and she began a frantic and futile effort to get her legs closed by dragging her leg back inside the Jacuzzi – but she was stuck there. She tried to balance herself while putting one hand over her crotch to hide her cunt, but she couldn’t do both things at once and her cunt seemed even more agape when she had to take her hand away to keep from falling. She simply was not able to get her back leg up over the edge and the leg on the deck wouldn’t come back in. She was unable to move without help and Marianne, Bryan and I were treated to a view of her cunt with the lips spread wide open and every detail completely exposed

Her efforts to conceal herself were comical, and all three of us, shockingly including Marianne, began laughing while, at the same time, we stared at her spread cunt lips. Finally, Marianne said, “Help her, Bryan!” With that encouragement, Bryan did what he wanted to do anyway – instead of boosting Jan over the rim, he reached up to her, his grabbing her right thigh and lifting her leg back over the rim. As her leg straightened and she stepped back onto the seat, his hand slipped up between her legs onto her cunt. Holding her by the crotch, he helped her step down to the ?oor of the Jacuzzi while getting a very good feel of her cunt. Marianne saw where his hand was and, still laughing, said, “Bryan’s being a real help, isn’t he Jan? He won’t let you fall!” Her reaction was almost as startling as Jan’s exposure because I would have expected her to be horrified and embarrassed and, possibly, to avert her eyes. Instead, she stared at Jan’s cunt as avidly as Bryan and I and, instead of an angry denouncing of Bryan’s feeling Jan’s cunt, she laughed!

Jan’s face was crimson and she didn’t know what to say Sinop Escort or do as Bryan pulled her onto his leg, her back to him, her cunt ?rmly sitting on his thigh. She put her hands over her face as Bryan slid her back and forth, obviously rubbing her cunt against his leg. The three of us were laughing at her and making lewd comments about her exposure – actually, Bryan and I made the comments, Marianne only laughed. Finally, though, Jan started giggling, her exhibitionist nature coming through, and began to pretend to ?ght against Bryan in an effort to get up. The mock struggle went on while we all laughed at her efforts. Then, as they grappled, Bryan’s hands, which had been at her waist, slipped up over her tits. Jan ignored the fact that she was being felt in front of Marianne and me, and continued the battle, pushing downward and outwards on his hands. Needless to say, she was not strong enough to dislodge his hands, but as she pushed, Bryan gradually gave way, letting his hands be forced downwards, taking the top of the bodysuit with them. Suddenly, the left breast popped free, its nipple turgid with excitement, followed by the right one. The thin spaghetti straps slipped off her shoulders, and, as the wrestling continued, they broke loose, causing the entire top to fall to her waist. Bryan quickly returned his hands to her now-bare breasts and simply began fondling her.

Marianne unbelievably continued laughing as she watched her husband cup and squeeze Jan’s tits, seemingly not the least perturbed by the blatantly sexual activity. “You’ll never get away from him, Jan! He’s got too good a grip on you.” Then as the “struggle” became more intense, she changed, saying, “Come on, Bryan, let her go. You’ll hurt her breasts.” Still, it was obvious that she didn’t object to seeing Jan getting felt – in fact, from the avid way she watched it was apparent that she was enjoying the struggle and sex play.

Bryan ignored Marianne’s orders and, ?nally, Jan gave up and leaned back against him and just let him feel her tits. It was very sexy, Marianne and I just sitting there watching while Jan was fondled and caressed. Every now and then one of Bryan’s hands would leave her breast and drop down beneath the surface with the clear intent of feeling her cunt. This went on for some time, and, while the laughter continued, there was a different sound to it – Jan giggling as she was fondled, Marianne gleefully urging Bryan on by her lustful stare while verbally urging him to let Jan go, and me, jovially telling Jan to ?ght her way out while silently hoping something more would happen.

At long last, after she had been thoroughly explored, Jan was able to pull herself to her feet. She presented an erotic picture to Jan and me: the top of the bodysuit was down around her waist, exposing both tits completely; the bottom had risen up over her stomach, almost to her waist, revealing her triangle of cunt hair right at the water line. For all practical purposes, she was nude. She made no effort to hide herself and, in fact, almost ?aunted her nakedness as she turned to face Marianne directly. Bryan had his hands on her hip bones, running them up and down over her thighs with an occasional detour over her ass cheeks and between her legs from behind.

Jan was excited and seemed almost to relish having Marianne seeing her being fondled by Marianne’s husband. Oddly enough, Marianne seemed just as excited and aroused by the blatant display of illicit sexual activity and, physically if not verbally, she encouraged its continuance. She seemed almost entranced as she looked at Jan’s tits and cunt hair and, particularly, as she saw Bryan’s ?ngertips emerge from between Jan’s legs as he felt her cunt. She leaned forward, her face close to Jan’s tits as she said, unconvincingly, “Bryan! Jan doesn’t want your hand there! Now you quit feeling her!”

Even as she said it, though, she gave a nervous laugh and stared at the stroking ?ngers with a fascinated look on her face. Then, shockingly, she reached down and pushed Bryan’s ?ngers backwards between Jan’s legs, replacing them with her own. However, instead of pulling her ?ngers out immediately after removing his, she held them ?rmly against Jan’s cunt, saying, “There, Jan, now you can move away. Bryan’s hand is gone.” Jan shuffled forward, her legs slightly spread apart, and Marianne’s hand moved with her – it was obvious that Marianne was now doing the cunt feeling. In fact, Marianne’s ?ngers were on the cunt lips and, as Jan stopped, her middle ?nger slipped completely up into the cunt hole and actually ?nger-fucked her for a few seconds. Suddenly, Marianne became aware of what she was doing and in a ?t of embarrassment, dropped her hand and blushed furiously, blurting, “Help her out, Bryan.”

However, Bryan had other plans. The reason Jan had been able to get away and stand up was that Bryan needed his hands to open his pants and take his cock out. Obviously, it was erect and almost bursting from the sex-play of the last half-hour. None Sinop Escort Bayan of us knew, of course, that it was out, so we thought nothing of it when he reached for Jan and turned her around and pulled her toward him, his hands on her hips. His knees were together, going between her legs as he drew her closer, her thighs separating, giving him access and opening her up. He slid down in the seat so the he was half-reclining under her, his head at about the level of her nipples.

She had no idea of what he planned even as he pushed her downward toward a sitting position on him. Suddenly, however, she felt a hard “something” jabbing her on her cunt and the light dawned, he wanted to enter her! She couldn’t believe what was happening, but the whole thing still seemed hilarious and, at the same time, exciting. She was in a peculiar state, knowing what was being done to her, yet disconnected somehow. She was highly aroused, partly from Bryan’s manipulation of her erogenous areas, but even more so from being seen virtually naked by her husband and by Bryan’s wife at the same time. Feeling Bryan’s cock between her cunt lips near the cunt hole was the ?nal boost she needed to go over the edge and commit adultery right in front of them.

Still, she pretended reluctance and continued the mock battle and gaiety as she pulled back laughing, saying, “Bryan, quit that! Don’t you dare!” Bryan was not to be deterred, of course, by a little symbolic reticence, and pulled her back into place while poking upwards toward her cunt. As he pushed upwards, Jan cooperated by spreading her legs further apart, making her cunt hole more accessible, while continuing her mock struggle. Her mind was in turmoil, wanted to be screwed – fucked – in front of Marianne by Marianne’s husband, and in front of her own husband. The idea of being watched while she was naked and being screwed aroused her as much as the screwing, itself. At the same time, she was afraid of the consequences, not knowing how they would react. Of course, this wasn’t conscious thinking, just fleeting thoughts as things took their inevitable course.

In any case, the hesitancy didn’t last long. Almost as if it had a mind of its own, her cunt settled down on Bryan’s probing cock, engul?ng it and welcoming it into her internal recesses. She sat on Bryan, his cock buried in her up to his balls, and squirmed around, feeling it ?lling her. As she went down, I realized, from Bryan’s almost recumbent position that he must be inside of her! Evidently Marianne saw what was happening at the same time, and she blurted out, “Bryan! What are you doing? Let Jan up, she doesn’t want you to do that to her!” She was ignored and, as Bryan began to move Jan up and down on his cock, she exclaimed, “Bryan, take it out of Jan! You’re screwing her!” With that, she moved behind Jan, put her arms around her and apparently attempted to pull her off. However, it quickly became evident that her efforts were not really serious, and, in fact, it seemed that she was actually helping Bryan fuck Jan. Her hands went from Jan’s side to her front and fastened around her breasts, pulling up and down in unison with the fucking motions as Bryan took Jan. I was fascinated to watch both the screwing and Marianne’s obvious excitement as she fondled and squeezed Jan’s tits.

Jan felt the cock deep inside her as it plunged in, ?lling her and then pulling out, only to plunge in again. Each time she came down, her clit rammed against Bryan, sending waves of pleasure shooting through her. At the same time, she was very aware of the manipulation of her breasts as Jan tweaked her nipples and continued the squeezing, harder and harder, as she became more excited herself. The laughter had stopped and the only noise was the panting and harsh breathing brought on by the vigorous fucking. Jan was as lost in the activity with Bryan and Marianne, lost in it too, gasped out, “Oh, Bryan, you shouldn’t be doing this. You’re fucking Jan! You’re fucking her! My god, you’re fucking her!” Even as she said this, she worked harder and harder on Jan’s tits, pulling and twisting them as her excitement grew. Then, almost whispering, “Fuck her harder, fuck her harder!” Jan felt her ?ngers digging into her tits, almost as if she were trying to crush them, then pinching and pulling the nipples as if she were trying to tear them off. It was very painful, but that very pain acted as a goad, pushing Jan to higher and higher peaks as she approached orgasm. The cock pistoning in and out of her cunt ?nally erupted deep inside, ?ooding her with cum, triggering that orgasm and causing her to thrash up and down before welding herself tight against Bryan. As he pumped the last of his cum into her, she fell forward against him, pulling Marianne with her, Marianne’s hands still tightly clasped around her breasts.

To say that, when the sexual frenzy died down, the situation was awkward would be the understatement of the year – like saying that a hurricane was a strong wind. The three of them just slumped down, Escort Sinop depleted by the explosive climax. The first to react was Marianne as she came to herself and realized that she was holding Jan’s tits in her hands and, at the same time the magnitude of what she had done hit her. She jerked back, a look of absolute panic on her face.

Jan reacted in much the same way, pulling upward off of Bryan’s cock as if it were stabbing her. She staggered over to the steps and practically leaped out of the Jacuzzi and dragged her robe over her wet and nude body. I couldn’t see her face at first because her back was to me, but, when she turned around, it had much the same expression as Marianne’s. Both were in a state of shock, not knowing what to say or what to do. They had participated in something that left them at a total loss.

Bryan just set there with a stunned expression on his face – not the panic of Marianne or Jan, but one of apprehension as would be normal when you have just fucked a man’s wife right in front of him with his own wife right beside him. He didn’t move or look up at me, seemingly just waiting for a clue as how to act. That clue came from Marianne who hit him on the shoulder as she scrambled out of the water, awaking him from his trance and urging him to follow her. I’m certain that the thoughts of consequences – from his wife if no one else – filled his brain with anxiety as he climbed out.

Now, what about me? To this day, I still do not understand my reaction – or, more accurately, my lack of reaction. Seeing Jan’s cunt so graphically displayed sent a surge of excitement coursing through me, tempered by concern over Marianne’s presumed prudery. Her total lack of shock and disapproval combined with her laughter at Jan’s exposure and predicament freed me from that worry. The whole progression of events – feeling her cunt as he helped her down, the struggle that freed her tits and the subsequent fondling of those tits – was tremendously exciting. If I hadn’t know that he had seen and felt all of Jan before and, even watched him doing so in the video, I might have been startled enough to intervene. But, of course, I was now seeing live what I had seen in fantasy and on the TV, so the only shock was that it was taking place in front of me.

Marianne’s reaction also contributed. In some ways the most unexpected reaction to everything was her laughter and the way in which she was actually urging Bryan on as he fondled Jan. It seemed natural to join in cheering Bryan on, particularly since I knew that she enjoyed it. Remember, it was only the fear of a strong negative reaction from Marianne that caused us to be so careful when she was present. Shockingly, it seemed that our evaluation of her view of sex was way off.

The result of all of this was that I just sat back and watched the show, convinced that, once she got over her genuine embarrassment at being so unexpectedly exposed, Jan was actually enjoying herself. She leaned back and let Bryan feel her tits and, when released, she just stood up virtually naked, showing herself – what more could an exhibitionist ask. Well, one thing might be to be watched while being fucked!

If I had realized what was going to happen when Bryan positioned his cock under her, I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted. Everything that had occurred up to that point really was nothing more than sex-play, all of which had happened before in private. It just didn’t occur to me that they would go any further – particularly with Marianne and me right there. Before I realized what was happening, Bryan’s cock was completely inside of Jan and they were fucking. I just sat there and watched. Obviously, I didn’t decide to stop it, but, also, I didn’t decide to let it go on – I just sat there. If Jan had made even a suggestion that she didn’t want it, I would have jumped up at once, but she was as vigorously fucking herself on Bryan’s cock as he was fucking it up into her. So, I did nothing.

Still, the biggest shock of all in a way because it was so totally out of her perceived character was Marianne’s participation. Not only did she not criticize and attempt to stop the interplay between Bryan and Jan, she joined in. Unbelievably, when seeing Bryan’s fingers between Jan’s legs, she not only pushed them out, she replaced them with her own fingers – and left them there. As Jan confirmed later, she went further and actually finger-fucked her. Later, when Bryan was in Jan, she urged Bryan to “Fuck her harder, fuck her harder!” I wouldn’t have thought that Marianne had ever even thought the word “fuck,” much less said it! Finally, of course, she actually participated in the fucking by grabbing and squeezing Jan’s tits. I really think that she had an orgasm of her own as they climaxed.

And I just sat there, watching! Even afterwards, when my mind was clearer, I still had no idea as to what I should, or could, have done. Jan wasn’t being hurt – just the opposite, in fact – and was actively cooperating with Bryan, and Marianne was shockingly involved. When I realized that, under the water, Bryan was already in Jan I had no feeling of jealousy. Truthfully, I don’t know what my feelings were at the moment, but I know that my cock was very hard and that my attention was riveted on the sex show in front of me.

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