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Jackie and Rod Meet

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[At the end of the first story in the Rod and Jackie series – “All She Wanted” hirsute bbw takees it up the ass, I said: “I may be able to continue this story theme with some further details about how Jackie and Rod met, how their sex life progressed as they drank heavily, what happened after their first day of buttfucking. There is more, much more; like the time she was drugged in a bar by another woman and the two of them were led into a four-way, then group sex with strangers; smoking weed, doing coke, and some other shit, such as lots of peeing, smooth-shaved cunts, skinny bitches, and fat, hairy women like Jackie. The rest of the story includes lesbian and gay sex, freeloving with others, and lots of hot times between just the two of them. Let me know if you enjoyed this story, and what do you want to hear about the further adventures of Jackie and Rod.” I have gotten no mail praising or condemning the first story, but the rating has dropped below 4.0. Seems some don’t like the Jackie and Rod story, but I will not let that deter me. I will continue. Perhaps the one(s) who did not like it were Jackie, herself, her sister who came into play, her son, daughter-in-law, one of her former (current at the time of the stories, or now)) lovers Regardless, Jackie was the best pussy, mouth, and one time ass, I ever had, a true fuck slut, always ready, always horny, always cumming copious amounts of slimy juice, almost like pee, as I have said in the stories. So on with

in the series – how Jackie and Rod met. In the meanwhile I have been studying the different names used for the vital body parts and the juices that flow. Here are those I have identified so far: cunt, pussy, honeypot, fuckhole, twat, quim, gash – box, cunny, cumhole, slit, vagina, lovenest, lovehole, manpleaser, mansqueezer, hole, slit, camel’s foot, mound, slash, womanhood, folds, flaps, lips, nether lips, tunnel, channel, mons, furrow, belly, beaver, snatch, gash, vulva, cavern; cock, tool, rod, dick, pole, lovestick, penis, shaft, prick, manhood, tumesence, unit, joint, staff, hard(on), erection, plumb; breasts, nipples, pillows, titties, globes, mounds, milk factories, teats, aureole, melons, buttons; seed, semen, relish, cum, juice, jism, jizz, cream, nectar, offering, deposit, load, wad, goo, gob, baby pudding, squirt, spunk; clit, little man in the boat, girl penis, woman cock, hooded erection, nub; pulsating, throbbing, fluttering, flapping, stroking, plunging, pistoning, driving, slamming, sliding, riding; balls, nuts, sack, scrotum, acorns; asshole, rectum, back tunnel, bowels, poop chute, hershey highway, chocolate way, pucker, rosebud, anus, anal opening, shit tube, fart canal. In the interest of variety, and well just interest, I will try to use as many of these, as appropriate in the future stories. Readers, please add any not on these lists or correct these lists.]

Jackie and Rod met through a flying club a couple of months after he divorced his wife of several years. Rod’s wife had become addicted to cocaine and other drugs, including injected drugs, sharing needles and her body with others – men, women of all shapes, sizes, races and preferences. She would do anything for drugs, and as might be expected she contracted several STDs. Rod talked with his wife when he discovered what she was doing. When she refused help he filed the papers on her.

That marriage was over. For the next two months Rod frequented bars, picking up loose women for quick fucks to satisfy his needs and the needs of the horny sluts he pronged, several of them in every hole, in every way, every place – outdoors, on the beach, in the woods; in his house; their house, cars, his or theirs. He was drinking and fucking a lot, even tried a few men to satisfy, again, his needs and theirs.

Rod’s friends, his flying buddies, realized he was sinking into an oblivion of alcohol and fucking, anybody, anywhere, anytime. The flying club took monthly trips somewhere, usually within the State of Florida, but sometimes into Georgia, Alabama, or to the Bahamas. One of Rod’s best friends asked him one day if he would like to meet a nice lady? “No,” Rod replied, “I only want to meet sex-crazed cunts who will suck and fuck with me, let me use my mouth and cock all over and in them. I want to meet bitches who crave cock, will suck me, use their mouths on me and give up their twats and assholes to me.”

“Well, you asshole, you need to straighten up,” Rod’s friend said. “You need to stop fucking around with all these bar whores, crack mommas you’ve been doing lately. You’re going to fuck yourself to death, literally. Let me invite a friend on our trip next week to Cedar Key for you. She is a nice lady, on the rebound from a former lover, divorced from a bad marriage. She needs a steady man, and you need a steady woman.”

“Okay,” Rod relented, “but I’ll tell you right now, if she is so damn nice she won’t get it on with me, the first time we go out, at least by the second, you are wasting your time, Bayan Eskort hers, and mine.”

Rod’s friend just chuckled. Then he said, “That’s all up to you buddy. You just need to chill, don’t keep being all crazy, sticking your dick in a different woman every day. Jackie is a nice lady, but she fucks too.”

Rod pondered that last statement, “nice lady, but she fucks too.”

“She’ll be at the airport Saturday for our trip to Cedar Key,” Rod’s friend told him. “You can either take her with you, or she can ride with me, or another of us in our airplane.”

Jackie was at the airport Saturday, and introduced to Rod by his friend. Rod looked her over. Jackie was short, pudgy, but had a beautiful smile, a pretty face, short pixie-cut blonde hair. Her hand was warm, wet, as Rod greeted her. There was just something about her – the way she felt his hand, held her body in a certain way – dressed in a halter top and shorts revealing her hairy armpits, soft, round, belly, prominent tits, big thighs, protruding round butt.

Rod’s cock hardened in his pants at her touch, the smell of her. She exuded sex, a ‘fuck me, you big stud’ attitude’ just the kind of woman Rod wanted on his own rebound.

They went to his airplane. He settled her into the back seat, strapped her into the restraining harnesses tightly. She quivered at his touches, his drawing a shoulder harness over her soft mushy breasts, securing a lap belt around her ample abdomen, pulling leg straps tight against her thick thighs. As Jackie wriggled around, getting settled into the confining web belts, Rod heard her breathing slower, deeper, her chest, belly heaving, her legs tensed, then relaxing.

Securing the safety harnesses in the normal way, Rod noticed her white shorts, in her crotch, moisten. He tightened all the straps, even tighter, almost painfully so.

“Oh,” Jackie moaned, “I’m yours now baby; you’ve got me.”

Always the professional pilot, but now aroused by Jackie’s obvious arousal, Rod responded, “We do want to be safe don’t we? It’s for your own good.”

“Good,” Jackie breathed, “I do feel good.” Hmmnnffh, she breathed, her tits rising and falling underneath the restraints.

Fuck this shit, Rod thought, a nice lady? This cunt is ready to cum, may have already cum as wet as her shorts are, may be in a continuous state of orgasm. I like that, he thought. But other airplanes were firing up, everyone was starting to taxi out to the runway. Rod got into the front seat, restrained himself as he had Jackie, cranked the airplane, taxied to the runway with the appropriate radio calls and took off, all the while explaining everything that was happening to Jackie. All Rod heard in his headset was her heavy breathing, a sort of gasping, heaving.

Rod explained to Jackie how to use the push-to-talk button, speak into the mike sitting against her lips – such pretty, full, wet lips of her mouth.

Airborne, Rod joined the loose formation of the club flight to Cedar Key. All along the way he talked with Jackie over the noise of the airplane engine. At Cedar Key, the club members had lunch, walked around the town, visited, shopped, chatted. Rod noticed Jackie was popular with the guys, although short, overweight, he even noticed a bit hairy, and further popular with the women too.

The visit to Cedar Key over the flight club went through the same, well almost, departure procedures to return to their home base. Jackie had been drinking some on the visit to the island resort, not at all abnormal for a passenger, but the pilots did not drink – against FAA rules, and all common sense.

What was different? Why were the procedures not the same? When Rod and Jackie got to his airplane, she said, “I am hot, baby. It is warm here. Do you mind if I take off my shorts and top before you strap me in again? Ride in my underwear?”

“Not at all, sweetheart,” Rod agreed, since they had become a lot friendlier while visiting in Cedar Key. He had kissed her some, felt her body. She had kissed him back, and massaged his cock through his pants.

I’m going to fuck her tonight, after we get back from this trip, Rod thought. Thank you, my friend for introducing me to this horny bitch.

On the way back to their home base Rod asked Jackie, “Do you mind getting upside down, honey?”

“Not at all,” she answered, giggling from the drinks she’d had, “ I love all positions. Turn me upside down, baby, do me,” she exuded.

Talking to his mates on the radio, the rest of the loose flight, Rod broke away, climbed for altitude and safety, and explaining to Jackie each maneuver in advance, talking her through them, he did a series of aerobatics – a chandelle, lazy 8, loop, aileron roll, barrel roll, Cuban 8, Immelman turn, hammerhead turn, snap roll, and finally a multi-turn spin to a recovery on a precise point.

Rod watched her in the backseat in his mirror mounted just for that purpose above his front seat. She was Anadolu Yakası Escort in extasy, probably cumming the whole time.

They settled back into the club flight, the loose gaggle, and returned to base. Back at the home base, Rod unstrapped Jackie. She got out of the airplane and leaned against him, her sweet perfume exciting him, her soft body against his. She asked, “That was so fun, what do we do for an encore?”

Rod answered, “I haven’t had a drink all day sweetheart. Let’s go have a drink and figure it out.”

“I have an idea,” she said, “let’s go get a bottle, go to my friends’ house and play games with them.”

Games, Rod thought. Allllright, we’re going to play games. Indeed they did – Trivial Pursuit and a few other parlor games with six other members of the flying club. Rod kicked ass in all the games, as they continued drinking, Rod joining them now in the libations, since his flying was over for the day.

Finally, Jackie asked Rod if he could take her home. She said she was too drunk, too tired to drive. He agreed, and off they went.

At her apartment, Jackie invited Rod to have another drink with her from the bottle of gin he had bought, and to take a shower with her. Rod fixed them gin fizzes from the available works in the refrigerator of her apartment. When he heard the shower water running he went into the bathroom. Jackie was already in the shower, soaping her ample body, washing her hairy armpits. Rod stripped, dropping his clothes in a pile on the floor and joined her. They washed each other then. Jackie paid special attention to his cock, balls, and asshole. He returned the favor, washing her titties, her twat, and between her ample cheeks, cleaning her puckered star.

They were both getting excited. Jackies nipples stood out hard; her pussy was oozing. Rod’s cock was arched up stiff, purple in its tumescence. Jackie, however, insisted they get out of the shower and go to the living room. They toweled each other, then themselves. Wrapped the oversized towels around themselves and went into the living room.

As they drank their drinks, sitting on her sofa in the living room, they kissed, fondled each other. She Frenched his mouth, he Frenched her back. She grasped his cock underneath the towel, he massaged her puffy mound. She licked his neck, he licked her neck, massaged her massive fleshy titties, pulled down the top of her towel and kissed, licked, sucked, nursed her nipples. Her reddish-brown aerola stood up, hard nubs against his lips and tongue. He sucked them like a baby, cupping her breasts underneath, pulling them up to press against his face.

She kissed her way down over his chest, did on his nipples as he had done on hers. They were both moaning, writhing. She kept moving down, kissing, licking his abdomen, tonguing his navel, going on down following the trail of hair to his curly pubes. He twisted around into a 69, and matched her lick for lick, kiss for kiss.

She cupped his big, lowhanging, hairy balls in one hand, held his tumescent 9×5” cut cock in her other hand and brought it to her lips. She licked off a thick dollop of clear, oozing pre-cum from his flared, mushroom crown. He kissed her hairy quim, ran his tongue into her fur, and spread her engorged outer lips with his probing tongue. He licked her slit, open now, inside her inner labia, ran his tongue all around the grooves defining her vulva – a deep red on the outside, pink on the inside. He swallowed her flowing girl cum, the juices running from her twat, bathing his face in sweet juice.

She moaned and rocked her hips, sliming her wet cunny over his face, up over his nose, upper lip, mouth, lower lip, tongue. Those parts of his face rubbed on her shielded nub. It grew, the sheath drew back; her clit emerged, enraged, red, pulsing, throbbing. He closed his lips over it gently, tenderly and sucked her girl cock. She slammed her face down onto his crotch, took his cock full length to the back of her mouth, gasped, choked, gagged. Globs of spit ran out of her mouth, and she felt the head of his cock penetrate her tight throat.

He dug into her honeypot with his mouth and tongue. He rose up slightly, took her little man in the boat between his lips and started sucking it like a tiny cock, slashing his tongue over her now fluttering flaps – both inner and outer.

Jackie started cumming, her fat legs quivering, her big body shaking; bathed his mouth with her pungent flow. It ran over his lips, over his nose and chin, onto his neck. His pulsing manhood throbbed, jerked in her suctioning maw. He started squirting, shot after shot, wads of creamy white thick cum shooting into her face pussy, as she sucked him more, licked him, laved him with her tongue. She swallowed and swallowed his semen, the babymaking goo – not – [Pause for a joke: Sperm swimming hard to lodge themselves in a sweet fuckhole, reach the cervix, the womb, to make a woman with child; the first one Pendik Escort reached a woman’s tonsils, then screamed to his mates, “Go back, go back, it’s just a blow job.”]

Rod’s cock stayed hard after his first cum in her mouth. As she licked it clean, it grew even stiffer. He moved around. She lay on her back on the sofa, spread and raised her legs. He mounted over her, his hairy chest resting against the soft pillows of her breasts. Guiding the mushroom crown of his cock to her love hole, he swiped it up and down her pulsing, fluttering lips. He spread them slowly opening her. Her clit jabbed into his peehole, and she actually fucked the head of his cock for a few strokes. Then he moved the flared head down and penetrated her slowly sliding inch after inch of his throbbing, pre-cum juicing cock into her silken tube. He kept moving forward until he was buried all the way into her cunt, his pubic hairs smashed against hers, his curly hairs tickling her erect, unhooded girl penis, his balls resting in the valley of her fat butt cheeks.

Jackie quivered more, quaked yet more, kept cumming, lost count as her vagina pulsed and took all of Rod’s lovestick. He rode his cock into her, pulling it back, pushing it in, pumping, slow, long, steady strokes. Then as she started moaning, rolling her head from side to side, humping up to meet his thrusts, he fucked her faster, pistoned his cock into her slimy slot, pounded it vigorously.

He inserted a finger into her asshole. She reached around and drove her middle finger into his tight rear channel, massaged his prostate with her long digit. He started cumming. Responding to the hot flow of his gooey wads of cum, the jerking, throbbing, swelling and lengthening of his cock in her cunt, she answered him with a cum of her own, flooded his cock and balls with so much girl juice he thought she was peeing on his cock. Still fucking her, depositing his spunk deep into her, he stayed hard yet again. Finally he fell still, his staff buried in her, still leaking a bit more of his sweet gobby stuff into her tight, well furred manhole.

They lay locked together. Their breathing slowed. They both realized they were covered with sweat. His sweat was dripping down onto her, hers was oiling his belly pressed against hers, matting the hairs under her arms. His cock twitched inside her. She moaned and arched her hips up against him.

“Aren’t you done, honey?” she asked. “You’ve already cum twice, and I’ve lost count.”

“I’m done baby,” he answered her, “but still hard. It’s so sensitive. I don’t want to move, don’t want you to move. It’ll take me a while to cum again, but I do want to fuck you some more. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock, taking it so deep inside you.”

“We need to rest though sweetheart,” she offered, “maybe take another shower. I’m so sweaty, and my pussy is overflowing with our cum. It’s running down the crack of my ass.”

“Jackie,” Rod asked seriously, raising up to look her in the face, “will you be grossed out if I eat your pussy right now. I love cream pie, baby, want to clean your honeypot, lick our cum off your thighs, swab it out of your buttcrack.”

“Oooooh,” Jackie shivered, “eat my cumfilled hole baby, lick my legs, tongue my butt. Turn around here, and I’ll gross you out too, sucking and licking our cum off your cock and balls.”

They moved into a 69 position again and went to work with their mouths on their genitals, legs and asses. Jackie was cumming continuously, little, jerking orgasms surged through her body as Rod worked his tongue and lips on the splayed open bottom of her body, she laved his cock, balls, rimmed his ass, then took his rod in her mouth and nursed it slowly as he ate her cunt and licked her ass with long swipes of his nasty tongue.

Shudddering, quivering, still cumming, Jackie said, “I want your cock in me again Rod. I want to feel you thrusting up in my pussy, cumming in me again, filling me with your juices.”

She moved off him and spun around, layed over the top of him, her big tits on his chest, her belly against his belly. She reached back and guided his cock to her cunt. She sat right down on it, spearing herself in her pussy. She settled on it and squirmed around, fitting it fully into her hot slot, spreading her hairy cuntlips right over the base of his cock, mashing down on his balls. Then she just started humping without hesitation, riding his cock like a hobby horse, driving her wet gash up and down on his taut rod. Fucking and fucking and fucking, she screamed, “Oooooh, I’m cumming more, more, oh more. Fuck.”

Rod grasped her flabby cheeks, shaking up and down, at first, used his hands to help her ride his cock. He saw her tits flopping back and forth over his mouth, and took a nipple in his mouth, between his lips, he sucked. Then the other one. He licked and sucked her nipples as she fucked him harder and faster. Then he put his hands in her hairy armpits and guided her by her tufts of fur in those again sweating cups between her upper arms and the sides of her body. Her fat belly, with its line of hair leading to her hairy bush, pounded against his taut abdomen as she humped up and down, her buttcheeks flopping again unrestrained by his hands now.

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