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Jack and Oliver Ch. 01

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The clock ticked mercilessly on the bedside table. It had been exactly twenty-two minutes and four months since Oliver had said goodbye to his lover of one and a half years. Sometimes he still played their last argument back in his mind, in the quiet, lonely hours of the morning. It was rarely quiet in the dorm at his university in Southern California, being that the other boys often played a game of football or soccer or hockey in the corridors at all hours of the night. Three in the morning was a popular time, after the bars had closed and all the boys stumbled home, many stupid and drunk after a night of partying. It had been during one of these raucous matches that Oliver and his boyfriend Ryan had fought so long and so hard that the game stopped completely.

Oliver wasn’t overly concerned. It hadn’t sounded like a lover’s quarrel, and he had been seen with enough girls in his room that most of the guys assumed he was straight. It was an image he didn’t care to correct. Although the campus was tolerant enough in general, most of his dorm mates wouldn’t have liked the idea of someone gay using their bathrooms and their showers and so on. Oliver mostly didn’t care about anyone else’s opinion, but he didn’t want to get thrown out of the dorms. So he had been grateful of Ryan to not scream about their bedroom habits, like the way they snuck out to make love on the football field in the very early morning, before sunrise.

When the clock had reached three-thirty in the morning, Oliver rolled over and fell asleep.


Oliver was in a funk, Jack decided. Jack was Oliver’s roommate, and had been his best friend ever since the two boys had met at the university’s orientation. They liked the same music, the same style of clothes, and were in the same major, English. Usually Oliver was a pretty laidback, happy kind of guy. It had been ever since he had that major fight with Ryan that he had started acting unusual. First, he holed up on his side of the room and muttered or answered Jack with one-word answers, if he answered at all. Then, he refused to come to meals with Jack, and he wondered if Oliver ate anything at all these days. The thing that made Jack worry most of all was that Oliver stayed up very late, often until after three in the morning, and Jack was almost positive that the shuddering, shaking form on Oliver’s bed had been Oliver, crying.

The one thing that puzzled Jack about Oliver’s behavior was that it seemed to be the way a guy might deal with breaking up with his girlfriend. It was true that Oliver hadn’t had a girlfriend since moving in, and he never spoke about his exes, but Jack just thought he was a private kind of guy. But going back over the last few months in his head, Jack began to wonder if there were other conclusions he should be drawing.

“I’m going down to the meal hall to get some dinner. Are you coming along, Oliver?” Oliver merely mumbled something from his position staring at a nearly blank computer screen without turning around. “Come on, now. You haven’t come to dinner with me in three weeks! What do you eat?” Oliver jerked a shoulder, but otherwise didn’t reply.

Jack strode over to Oliver, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Oliver slammed down his laptop screen and turned around angrily. “Would you please just leave me alone? I just want some privacy, is that too much to ask?”

Raising his eyebrows and his palms, Jack turned and walked out into the hallway. His brows knit together as he walked toward the meal hall. He had been quicker than Oliver realized, and he had seen what was on the computer screen. It was an email in a window reduced down to the size of the two sentence response. ‘It’s over, Oliver. I’m sorry for what I did, but Greg and I are a couple now. –Ryan’ So it was true. Oliver hadn’t had a girlfriend because Ryan had been his boyfriend. Jack mulled this over in his mind.

He considered himself an open-minded guy. Heck, hadn’t he lived with Oliver for nearly a year now with no complaints? So, Oliver was lonely and had no one to talk to about it. It wasn’t fair, really, for the guy kocaeli escort bayan to be all alone because he couldn’t tell anyone.

Jack swung down to the local pizza parlor instead of the meal hall and picked up an extra-large pepperoni and a couple of Cokes. He hurried back to their room and found Oliver lying on his side in bed. Jack set the pizza down on the table and opened the box, letting the savory smell waft over to Oliver, who narrowed his eyes.

“You have to eat. It’s a rule. If you live in this room, you’ve got to eat.” Jack came and sat next to Oliver on the bed. “You’ve probably lost ten pounds in the last month or so, and I won’t have any more of it.” He touched Oliver’s shoulder, not put off by the automatic jerk of it, and smiled softly. “I know you’re upset. I understand you’d rather not talk about it, and I won’t make you. But I want you to know that, whatever it is, I’ll listen.”

Yeah, right, thought Oliver. You have no idea what you’re saying. I tell you I’m gay, and you’ll start wondering if I’m watching you while you change or following you to the shower, or jerking off thinking about you sleeping.

The truth was, Oliver thought Jack was incredibly sexy. Jack was on the slender side, like himself, and 6 foot tall like himself. His hair was very dark brown, nearly black, and his eyes a deep chocolate. He had long, graceful fingers with trimmed nails that Oliver couldn’t help imagining around his hard cock. Oliver often disregarded his own spun-gold hair and green eyes. He hated the few freckles that dotted his nose and his full lips, thinking they made him look feminine. But Jack had a surprising thought pop into his head at that very moment: He looks kissable.

In fact, Jack wanted to do just that, but the time wasn’t right. Anyway, he considered himself straight, and it wouldn’t be right to kiss Oliver right then, just to see what it felt like, and then leave him hanging, knowing he might expect more. But he began to think, that evening, about how to get Oliver to admit what the truth was, so they wouldn’t have any secrets between them.

* * * * *

Jack knew just who to talk to about his problem. Caroline, an old friend, who was entirely too obsessed, in his opinion, with gay men. She was constantly talking his ear off about men she knew were gay but were too afraid to admit it. In fact, she’d pegged him as gay when they first met. It was the second question, behind, “So, what’s your name, anyway, cutie?” The fact that he was developing a teeny tiny crush on Oliver would, he knew, amuse her so much that he almost reconsidered telling her. But she would have just what he was looking for.

“Gay porn?” Caroline, a short, slight brunette was regarding Jack critically as he cringed and stood in front of her, shifting his feet. “You wanna see a gay porno? What the hell for? I thought you were straight.”‘

Jack could feel his cheeks pinking and hated it. “Look, I just want to see what it looks like, okay? Can you just deal with that without asking anymore questions?”

She studied his face, snapping her bubblegum. “No. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Look, if you don’t want to help me, fine! It’s just that I know you get off on it, and so…”

This time, Caroline blushed deeply and stuttered, “You said you’d never bring that up again!”

“I don’t care what you get off on! I just want to see it!” When he turned toward the door, she set her hand on his arm.

“Hey, Jack, chill. Is this about your roommate?” When Jack looked sick, she thought she understood. When he was silent, she knew she did. “Fine, let me see what might be a good introduction. Are you gonna watch it here?”

“Can I? I don’t want it to be uncomfortable, but I thought…” She shushed him with an impatient wave of the hand, and clicked open a few folders on her computer, before settling on a file dubiously named ‘001.mpg.’ She motioned for him to pull up a chair, and opened the file.

Several minutes in, after the cheesy dialogue, Jack was finally confronted with two men kissing, a sight he’d never seen before, nor had he ever particularly kocaeli sınırsız escort wanted to. Sucking on his teeth, the fast and furious making out on screen wasn’t affecting him at all. He considered that he never watched much porn anyway, finding most of it too fake. But just as he was about to motion Caroline to turn it off, the two men onscreen began slowing their pace, kissing more tenderly. He quirked an eyebrow at Caroline, who shrugged innocently and turned back to the screen.

Jack was mesmerized by the time the two men were sucking on each other’s cocks. They seemed so into it that he couldn’t help feeling twinges in his groin. It wasn’t until he imagined Oliver and himself acting out the images on screen that his cock grew hard. Licking his lips and swallowing hard, he stammered, “Look, Caroline, do you think, uh.. do you think I could.. um, borrow one of these things?”

She turned to him with such surprise on his face that he burst out into a sort of choked laughter. “Really, Jack, what is up with you? Are you sure there isn’t something you want to tell me?”

“No, I just…I guess I’d rather see the rest in privacy after all.” She quirked an eyebrow at him, dying to ask more questions, but instead burned it onto a DVD and handed it to him.

“Well, you’d better have a good story for me when I talk to you next. I mean it!” she called to the closing door.

* * * * *

Jack breezed into his room, trying to calm himself down, gripping the DVD tightly in his hand. Oliver was reclining on his bed, his t-shirt creeping up over his lower stomach slightly. He sat up when Jack came in, lifted a hand in greeting.

“Hey, roomie. Where ya been?”

“I, ah, was just going to get something from a friend of mine. She said I had to watch this DVD… you think you might want to watch it with me?”

“What is it?”

“It’s a porn.” Oliver pursed his lips. Shoot. If I say no, he’ll think I’m weird. If I say yes and don’t like it, he’ll think I’m weird. “It’s, uh, gay porn.” Jack smiled sheepishly. Oliver’s eyebrows rose. Now I’m really screwed. He’ll see my reaction and he’ll know. He’ll have to know, right away. “I know most guys wouldn’t be interested, but aren’t you at least a little bit curious?” No longer nervous, Jack grinned down at Oliver and then went to put the DVD in the player. He glanced back. “Well?”

“Uh…well, okay.” Oliver didn’t know what else to say, and then got up and followed Jack over to their couch and sat down on one end. “I guess it sounds…interesting.” Jack nodded and pressed play, and then sat down on the other end of the couch. When he let his legs fall open, one knee touched Oliver’s. He didn’t move it.

Jack could tell that Oliver was nervous. He didn’t know what he wanted to happen, but he stopped thinking as the porn started. He kept half an eye on Oliver, and half an eye on the television.

This time, everything affected him much more. He was expecting the two men to begin kissing, but he wasn’t expecting his cock to get hard as soon as it did. He didn’t want to draw attention to it by adjusting himself, but he couldn’t very well sit there with an erection. He saw Oliver lick his lips nervously out of the corner of his eye, and stole a glance down at his crotch. Nothing, yet.

By the time the men on screen were getting ready to fuck, Oliver started to squirm a little. Oh, damn. I’m so hard, and Jack is gonna look over here any minute, and I can’t even move without him thinking something. God, I’m so screwed!

Both guys sweated throughout the entire scene, not looking at each other. Nothing might ever have happened if the DVD had ended there, but of course like most DVDs, there were multiple scenes, and the next one began. A lone man was sitting on a couch facing them. He had his cock pulled out through the fly of his jeans, and he was stroking it slowly. He was doing the exact thing that neither Jack nor Oliver felt that they could do at that moment, and it was agonizing for the both of them. When he let out a groan with a euphoric expression on his izmit anal yapan escort face, Jack finally spoke.

“Uh…it looks like he’s really enjoying that,” he said, his voice coming raspy from his dry throat.

“Oh yeah,” agreed Oliver, letting down his guard a little bit.

“I’m not, like, usually into this kind of thing, but do you think it would be okay if I, uh…got a little more comfortable?” Jack asked, studiously not looking at Oliver. He heard Oliver swallow.

“Um…sure, man. Okay, whatever.” Oliver was trying to hard to be nonchalant, Jack knew. But he was too turned on to care. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them open at the fly, and finally let his hard cock out. Oliver tried not to look, but couldn’t help it. He licked his lips unconsciously. Jack’s cock was about seven inches long, similar to his own, with a dark reddish head already dripping with precum.

“Shit, man, it would make me feel better if I wasn’t the only one doing this,” Jack said, needing to see.

“Well, you have that guy,” Oliver said, pointing to the television and laughing a little. But he, too, took out his cock and started stroking it.

Onscreen, the man continued to jerk off, and was then joined by another guy, who sat beside him and shucked his clothes completely. The two jerked off beside each other, almost mirroring Jack and Oliver.

With a short laugh, Jack asked, “So do you ever jerk off? I never hear you or anything.”

Oliver was surprised at the question, but answered, “Well usually I do it in the shower, but I’ve been doing it a lot more lately. Usually when you’re not here.” He blushed at the honest answer, but shrugged one shoulder. “You?”

“Oh man, I’m surprised you haven’t caught me at it yet! I haven’t had a girlfriend in the whole time I’ve been here and I get really horny sometimes, so I jack off almost every day. Sometimes twice a day.”

Swallowing hard, Oliver reached under the couch and brought out a small box labeled with an ‘O.’ Forgetting all secrets, he flipped open the box and brought out a small bottle of lubricant. He poured a little into his palm and went back to stroking. As his eyelashes fluttered with pleasure, Jack finally looked over to see what he was doing. All seven and a half inches of Oliver’s cock were now shiny with lubricant and it looked like a living thing, pulsing in Oliver’s hand.

“You always use lube?” he asked, casually.

“Oh yeah. Jack, it feels so much better.” Jack felt funny hearing Oliver practically groan his name while masturbating. Although the guys were mostly ignoring the DVD now, Jack noticed that the guys had switched to stroking each other off. The very idea almost made him cum, but he held himself back with some difficulty.

“You think I could try it out?” Without thinking, and mostly out of habit, Oliver poured more lubricant into his palm and leaned over to Jack, smearing it all over his cock. When Jack moaned deeply, he pulled back and blinked rapidly, feeling his heart start to race. “Oliver, please do that again,” Jack said softly. When Oliver started to stutter, Jack interrupted him, “Man, I know you’re gay, it’s okay. Just please do that again.” To prove it was okay, Jack leaned over and swallowed once before grabbing Oliver’s cock and starting to stroke.

Oliver tossed his head back against the couch and moaned. It had been months since he’d had another man’s hand on his cock, and it felt so good to him. He placed his hand back on Jack’s cock and stroked the best way he knew how. In only a few short minutes, Oliver’s legs began to tremble and his cock spurted cum onto his chest and Jack’s hand. “Shiiiit…” he groaned.

Watching Oliver cum, and knowing that he had done it turned Jack on so much that when Oliver slid a hand over Jack’s balls, he lost it. “Oh fuck!” he nearly shouted in surprise at the sensation of cumming without touching himself. He felt his chest splattered in cum. Looking over at Oliver, his lips twitched into a smile. He dropped his hand to Oliver’s balls and was rewarded with a low moan as he cupped them and squeezed gently. When he didn’t stop, Oliver’s cock started to get hard again.

Oliver looked at him seriously. “You don’t know what you’re doing, Jack. So you’d better stop.”

“No way in hell.” Jack’s dark eyes bored into Oliver’s, as he moved his face closer to Oliver’s. Suddenly, his lips were but a breath away.

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