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It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men. P2

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It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

Nathan again woke me by slowly fucking me from behind. I really like waking up to the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of me.

Again we had to go uni via my place so that I could get changed. I put on just a lightweight, skater type skirt and a tank top. My hand had hovered in front of my underwear drawer but I decided not to bother with a bra or knickers and when I was just about ready to leave Nathan slid his hands up my bare thighs, right to my waist. The front of my skirt went up as well and Nathan leant forwards and kissed my bare pubis. He only said one word.


Then we left to go to classes.

I had another day of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’, some caused by the breezy weather and some because I sat lazily and didn’t cross my legs once. Those wardrobe malfunctions, well the ones that I know about, kept me slightly aroused all day and thinking about getting Nathan’s cock into my pussy or my mouth.

I was so happy about feeling like that all day that I swore to myself that I’d never wear a bra or knickers again.

I finished lessons before Nathan and I headed back to my room. The constant arousal and the anticipation of what Nathan would do to me when he got there proved to be too much for me and I stripped naked as soon as I got there and rubbed one out as quick as I could.

I was still on my back enjoying the afterglow of an orgasm when I heard a knock on my door.

“COME IN.” I shouted assuming that it was Nathan but I was wrong, and when the door opened I saw Theo, one of the boys in my class who lives in the same block.

“Oh hi Theo, what can I do for you?”

“I, I, you’re naked Jenna, shall I wait outside whilst you put some clothes on?”

“Don’t be silly Theo, I’m not going to put some clothes on, it’s okay for girls to be seen naked by boys, come on in, what can I do for you?”

Poor Theo, it took him ages to ask me if he could borrow my notes from the lesson that he’d missed that afternoon. What’s more his eyes never made their way up to my eyes, even when I got up and got my notes out of my bag.

“Do you want to photograph them Theo? I can hold them so that you can get a good shot of them.”

“Err, that’s a great idea” Theo replied.

So I held each sheet, in turn, in front of my belly button whilst he took the photos. He wasn’t exactly right in front of me as he was taking them and I asked him if he wanted to get closer to get a better photo.

“No, I’m okay there, I can zoom in on the photo if I can’t understand anything.”

“Okay,” I replied, his statement making some sense.

Then when he was photographing the last page I realised that his distance shots would include most, if not all of my naked body. I cursed myself for not standing with my feet well apart, but I guess that Theo wasn’t complaining.

A short while after Theo had left, Nathan arrived and he had a bit of a laugh when I told him that he had just missed Theo who had come to make copies of my notes.

Nathan and I had a long, passionate fuck, with no one watching us, and when we’d recovered sufficiently I decided that I needed a shower to wash all the sweat and cum off me. Nathan decided that he needed one as well so I lent him a towel and I was about wrap mine around my body when Nathan said,

“Don’t both wrapping it around you Jenna, just carry it over your arm.”

“But, …” I started to say but Nathan interrupted me by saying,

“It’s okay for girls to be naked in front of you men and other girls Jenna.”

“You’re right, I forgot, come on then.”

No one saw us as we walked down the corridor but when we got to the girl’s bathroom Nathan kept hold of my hand and said,

“We’ll both use the men’s bathroom, I’m sure that no one will mind.”

I doubted that as well and whilst we were showering one of the guys from down the corridor to me came in and saw us. I could see that he was confused so I asked him if it was a problem me showering in the boys bathroom.

“I guess not but you’ll have to accept that I’ll stare at you a lot Jenna.”

“That’s okay Pete, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

“Wow, I wish that more girls were like you Jenna.” Pete replied then got on and had his shower.

Meanwhile, Nathan and I continued soaping each other and I so enjoyed soaping his hard cock. Whilst I was doing that Nathan’s right hand was soaping my pussy and we made each other cum at around the same time.

We walked back to my room, me naked and Nathan with his tower round his waist. One of the girls from the same corridor came out of her room and followed us for a few metres and she said,

“Cute butt Jenna.”

“Thanks Carol.” I replied.

We stayed at my place that night managing only to get a little course work done. When it started to get dark I got off the bed and went to close the curtains but Nathan told me not to bother, telling me that it was okay for anyone in the students block opposite to see me naked. I liked that idea and made a mental note to never close them again and to leave the lights on all the time that I was there.

The follow afternoon I finished before Nathan so I went back to my place to collect a change of clothes then I went back to the uni to meet Nathan. I waited at our pre-arranged meeting place just outside the main entrance and I got a few looks from other students leaving because it was a little breezy and I’d decided to wear my shortest summer dress. The inevitable was happening and the skirt part was blowing up letting everyone know that I wasn’t wearing any knickers because I wasn’t doing anything to keep the skirt down.

When I’d been waiting for around 30 minutes I started to wonder it I’d got the time wrong but I was liking some of the looks that I was getting so I just continued waiting and letting the skirt part of my dress fly all over the place.

After another 15 minutes I decided to text Nathan to find out where he was, but I got no reply, then my phone rang and it was Nathan.

“Did I get the time wrong Nathan, where are you?” I said as soon as I swiped the accept call button.

“I’ve been to get you a present then I’ve been watching the reactions of the guys watching you as they left Jenna. You’re a wonderful sight as you let those guys see your naked butt and pussy.”

By then I had realised that he was close by and I hadn’t spotted him, I guess that I was too busy watching the doors. I turned, saw him then ran over to him.

“Is that my present, I haven’t got anything for you Nathan.” I said as I flung my arms around his neck the kissed him.

Nathan’s free arm had gone around my waist and it felt like it had accidentally pulled up the back of my dress and that my butt was uncovered but I didn’t care as I kept the kiss going for ages. When we finally broke the kiss I stepped back a little and said,

“So what have you bought me lover?”

“You’ll have to wait until we get back to the house to find out and it’s not just for you, it’s for both of us. I’m going to enjoy watching you wear it.”

“It’s clothes then?”

“Wait and see.”

It wasn’t as breezy as we walked to Nathan’s place and I decided that outside the Uni main entrance must attract the wind and that it was a good place to meet people and let them see that I no longer wear knickers.

Nathan kept unfastening the buttons on the front of my dress as we walked and by the time we got to the front door the dress was open all the way down the front. There was no one else walking along the street but a couple of cars drove by and I wondered if the occupants had seen my bare front.

Anyway, Nathan pushed the dress off me as soon as the door was open and we again made love in the entrance hall although this time no one else arrived and saw us. After our few minutes of passion we went into the living room with my dress in Nathan’s hand and he threw it towards one of the chairs as we sat on the sofa and Nathan gave me my present.

I’d sort of expected it to be clothes but in the bag was a box which puzzled me until I saw the printing on the box.

“Is this what it says on the label?” I asked.

I was excited and I quickly opened up the box revealing the remote controlled vibrator.

“Let’s read the instructions.” Nathan said.

He was right but I was very eager to experience it. Anyway, we both read the instructions and downloaded the app onto both our phones whilst we charged up the pink vibrator. Just when I thought that we were ready to insert it into me Nathan decided that it needed a little longer on charge and he asked me to go and make us both a coffee.

I was still totally naked but I’d been like that in that house so many times that I had stopped even thinking about it. The kettle had just boiled when Luke and Jacob walked in, along with another guy who Jacob introduced as Leo, another one on the photography course who Jacob told us had volunteered to organise a photography outing before the weather started getting cold.

I got 3 more mugs out of the cupboard and whilst I was making the coffees I heard Jacob and Leo talking,

“You were right Jacob, she has a great body, those cute little tits and the contrast between the huge, dark nipples against the pink skin will look amazing on a photograph.”

“I thought that as well, and did you see her clit, that’s big as well and I’ve never not seen it when she’d naked. You’ve only seen the photo’s that I took so far but once were out in the natural light the image will be so much better.”

I turned and offered the first 2 mugs of coffee and smiled at the guys although their eyes weren’t looking at my face.

I handed the third coffee over then took Nathan’s and my coffee into the lounge. When I handed Nathan his he told me to sit in the armchair and the guys sat on the sofa facing me, then the rest of us listened to Leo’s ideas for an outside shoot. As they talked about it Leo asked if he had any photos of me that were taken outside. When Jacob said not Leo asked if he could take a couple right then saying that it was still a bright day and that the only place that they’d be able to see me with the breeze blowing my hair around.

Coffees finished, we all went out to the smallish back garden, Luke mentioning that the neighbours would be able to see us, and Nathan saying that the sight of me would just make their day.

Both Jacob and Leo took some photos of me in different poses, one of which was me sitting on the grass with my legs up in the air and spread wide. In all of the photos the breeze, and the arousal, had caused my nipples and clit to be at their proudest.

Then it was back inside where Leo asked me to confirm that I was happy to pose naked out in the open with the possibility of other people watching us.

“Yes, sure, it’s okay for girls to be naked in front of men.”

Photo shoot sorted, Nathan announced that he had bought me a new toy and that him and I were about to try it when the rest of them arrived.

“Don’t let us stop you.” Luke said.

“I wasn’t,” Nathan replied, “I just wanted you to know so that you could leave if you wanted to.”

“I think that that should be up to Jenna.” Leo said.

Four pairs of male eyes turned to look at the still very naked me who wasn’t sat very lady-like on the armchair.

“Sure,” I replied, “if it’s okay for a girl to be naked in front of men then it’s got to be okay for me to try-out a new toy in front of men, is it charged enough yet Nathan?”

“It is Jenna.” Nathan replied.

As he went to get it off the charger and bring it over to me I said,

“I’ve never used one of these before, hell, I’ve never owned a dildo or a vibrator before so I have no idea what that is going to do to me, any of you know how to do CPR?”

“I doubt that you’ll need CPR Jenna,” Nathan said as I watched the onion shaped pink vibrator heading straight for my pussy.

My legs opened automatically and Nathan touched my vaginal entrance with the bulb end. I gasped then moaned as Nathan put a little pressure on it and Nathan said,

“Certainly won’t need any artificial lubrication, you’re dripping Jenna.”

“That’s your fault Nathan, aargh, oooo, that feels nice.”

I looked over to the other 3 guys sat on the sofa, all with their hands on their laps covering, I assumed, their hard-ons.

“Oooooooooooohhhh,” I said as Nathan kept pushing, “that feels so nice.”

Once there was only the flexible, pink antenna sticking out of me I took a deep breath and said,

“It feels like you’ve pushed a football inside me.”

All 4 guys laughed a little as Nathan reached for his phone. As he started to swipe his fingers across the screen my knees went from being spread wide to knocking each other and my right hand moved to cup my pussy.

“Bloody hell,” I bursa eskort said, “I didn’t know what to expect but it certainly wasn’t that, are the vibrations set to maximum?”

“No, minimum.” Nathan replied.

“Jeez,” I said as my knees relaxed and fell apart, “this is going to be interesting. You did buy a standard model, one that thousands of girls already use didn’t you, not an experimental version that’s designed to kill girls?”

“I’ve seen videos of girls with one of those inside them and the person holding the phone saying that it was set to max, and those girls were still alive. Okay, some of them were dancing around or shaking like hell, or having an orgasm,” Leo said, “but they all seemed to be enjoying the experience and not dying.”

“Okay, it’s not so bad after you get used to it, with it set like it is, it’s quite nice actually.” I said.

“What’s it like when you stand up?” Luke asked.

Nathan put his hand out and pulled me to my feet.

“Try walking around Jenna.” Jacob said.

I did, with all 4 guys staring at me. I took small steps at first but as I got used to the vibrations and the ‘fullness’, I told Nathan to turn up the vibrations.

“Oh, that’s, that’s weird, I’ve never felt anything like that before.” I said as I watched all 4 guys pull out their phones and start recording videos.

“Try this.” Nathan said and I guessed that he’s turned it right up.

“Oh fuck.” I said as my whole body started shaking. “That’s oh, aargh, oh fuck, aargh, stop, I, I, I can’t, can’t take any more.

By then I was sort of dancing around, one hand was on one of my little tits squeezing and pulling and twisting the nipple, and my other hand was on my pussy, frantically rubbing and pinching my clit.

But Nathan didn’t stop the vibrations and he let me go on suffering, no, that’s not the right word, neither is loving it quite the right expression either, it was a mixture of both. I wanted it to stop but at the same time I wanted it to never stop.

My hand left my tit and went to my mouth and I bit down on my index finger then the hand went back to the other nipple.

“Oh my gawd, oh, stop it, no, don’t you dare stop it, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum, oh fuck.”

Then I screamed and had one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had. I dropped to my knees, my body shaking and jerking more than I thought was possible. By then I was incapable of saying anything coherent and it was just moans, groans and profanities. The orgasm seemed to be going on for hours until finally I felt the vibrator stop vibrating and a minute or so later my body returned to some resemblance of normality.

I looked over to the 4 guys and saw 4 phones still pointing towards me.

“That was way beyond awesome.” I somehow managed to say then the phones lowered.

“Are you okay Jenna?” Nathan asked.

“I will be in a couple of minutes.” I replied. “That was awesome, now I know what those girls in the videos were feeling and I can understand why these things are so popular. Can you help me to my feet please Nathan?”

“Ready for another session?” Nathan asked.

“NO, yes, no, it might kill me, maybe later when I’ve got some energy back.”

Nathan helped round to the armchair but he sat on it first and then pulled me down onto his lap and put an arm around me.

“What are you going to do with those videos guys?” I asked.

“Watch them right now.” Luke replied as he picked up the remote control for the TV.

The video started just before Nathan turned the vibrations up to the maximum and I giggled a little at the expression of shock on my face. Seconds later I said,

“Bloody hell, look at my tits, they’re not wobbling, my whole tits are moving up and down my chest.”

“Nice.” Luke said.

We all watched in amazement and when the video stopped and told us that it was only 8 minutes long I said,

“I thought that it would have been at least an hour long, it certainly felt like it.”

I moved my free hand to check my nipples and clit then continued,

“And my nips and clit are still a bit sore.”

“You did that Jenna.” Nathan said, “at one point I thought that you were going to twist them right off. Same with your clit, I thought that you were going to spoil my fun for ever.”

“Just be gentle with them for a while lover.” I replied.

We watched another of the videos, but of course it was very much the same as the first. That didn’t stop me from getting aroused again, especially when I was cumming on the screen. Just as it was ending Nathan threw his phone over to the 3 guys on the sofa and said,

“Who wants to get Jenna all worked up again?”

“NO.” I shouted, but I wasn’t sure that I meant it.

I didn’t have any say in the matter as Luke slid a finger along the display of Nathan’s phone and the vibrator burst into life.

“No, I can’t take any more.” I said, which was probably true but at the same time I wanted a repeat of what had happened before.

I didn’t quite get a repeat but it was still amazing. I guessed that it helped that Nathan was the one playing with my nipples and clit. And it also helped that the other 3 guys were watching me.

When the orgasm finally subsided I just lay there on Nathan’s lap, thankful that Luke had switched the vibrations off.

“I think that Jenna’s had enough for one day guys,“ Nathan said, “we can continue this tomorrow if you like. I’m sure that Jenna would like that.”

I didn’t answer Nathan but I was hoping that Leo would be back and that Luke and Jacob were free. The next day was a Saturday so the chances were good. Then Nathan said,

“Hey guys, it’s the photo shoot on Sunday so maybe we could take the vibrator and have some fun there. I’m sure that Jenna would like to be seen giving us a performance like her first one a bit ago.”

“Yeah, sure.” I added, not really in a fit state to make a rational decision.

Leo decided to leave then and Luke and Jacob said that they’d get some food ready whilst I had a shower. Nathan helped me up the stairs then he pulled the vibrator out of me and helped me into the shower where he soaped and teased my nipples and pussy but stopped before making me cum again.

The shower made me feel better and when I got out of the shower I told him that I wanted to cure his blue balls and he didn’t object.

Nathan had just got dressed again when Luke shouted that the food was ready.

Nathan and I later had an early night and I was quickly asleep but I woke up in the middle of the night and woke Nathan so that we could do what we should have done before we went to sleep.


I awoke just as I started to have an orgasm and felt Nathan playing with my clit, another wonderful way to start a day. Luke and Jacob were sat in the kitchen talking when Nathan and I went down for some coffee and toast. All 3 guys were dressed but I hadn’t bothered to put anything on after Nathan after we had had our shower together.

“So,” Luke said, “it’s a nice sunny day and not too fresh so are you up for a bit of fun in the park Jenna?”

“What sort of fun?” I asked.

“I’m not sure that we agreed anything last night guys,” Nathan said, “but since it’s a nice day how about we put the vibrator into Jenna’s pussy, go for a walk and have some fun. You 2 guys can share my phone and I can use Jenna’s.”

“Please don’t have it on full blast all the time,” I replied, “if you do we won’t get passed the end of the street. I’ll need to go back to my place to get changed first, you guys can come too.”

All agreed and after breakfast I put my previous day’s dress back on, Nathan took his time putting the now fully charged vibrator back inside me and we went to my place. We saw another of the girls from my corridor as we approached my room and she said,

“Three guys at the same time Jenna?”

“You should try it Emma,” I replied, “3 times the pleasure.”

It was a little crowded in my room but I still managed to try on 4 dresses until I found one that we all liked.

“Hey,” Luke said as he looked out of my window, “there’s a couple of guys in that building opposite looking over here. The sun’s shining on us so they can probably see that you keep getting naked Jenna.”

“That’s why I’ve stopped closing the curtains, it’s okay for them to see me naked and I like them seeing me naked.”

“Yeah, we sort of gathered that Jenna,” Jacob said. ”I wish that there were more girls like you Jenna.”

I said nothing and continued with my little fashion show. The dress that everyone finally agreed on was a thin, cotton summer dress. Another one with buttons right down the front and with a quite short, floaty skirt part. It hadn’t been windy when we’d walked to my place but I wondered if a breeze would get up and show off my butt and pussy for me.

Anyway, we left my place and as we walked down the street I asked the guys if they could see the pink antenna below the hem of my dress. I was a little disappointed when they said not.

The park was quite busy with people using it as a short cut to the shopping centre and teenagers just hanging out trying to keep from getting bored.

It didn’t take long for Nathan to hand his phone to Luke and for him to open the vibrator’s app on my phone. I saw this happening but I still got a shock when the vibrator burst into life, thankfully on low vibrations.

My ability to walk normally was severely impaired and anyone who looked at me would have thought that I had some sort of disability as I kept lifting first one leg and squeezing my thighs together before doing the same with the other leg. My hands weren’t much better as I fought to not grab a nipple or my pussy. What’s more, it got worse, or better, as one of the guys, I didn’t know which one, turned the vibrations up.

“I like the way your whole, little tits move up and down without changing its shape Jenna,” Luke said, “it’s like your nipples are trying to wear a not so little slot in the fabric so that they can escape.”

“Your hand is going to accidentally unfasten some of those buttons in front of your pussy if you’re not careful.” Jacob said.

Nathan just smiled.

Me, I was incapable of commenting on either of the statements.

Although my eyes were shaking like the rest of my body I was still able to see the reactions of the few people who looked my way. I’m sure that some of the people thought that I was mentally ill.

Anyway, with whichever of the guys it was that was controlling me tuning the vibrations down a little we managed to walk about 100 metres where Nathan decided that we should sit on the grass next to the busy path for a while. I was grateful for what I hoped would be a break from the vibrations and I happily sat on the grass between Jacob and Luke, the 3 of us facing the path, presumably so that we could watch the people passing by. Nathan sat behind me and eased my shoulders back so that I was leaning on him.

Once we were settled, whoever was controlling the vibrator turned it up and I squealed then started shaking again. My left hand went to one tit and my right hand went to my pussy. My legs hadn’t been crossed and I hadn’t thought about anyone being able to see up my dress.

As the fingers on my right hand pressed on my pussy, one of the buttons came undone and my fingers found what they really wanted to press on, my bare clit and all around it. The last remaining button below my hand came undone as I spread my legs to give my hand better access.

I wasn’t really thinking about any exposure because my brain had other things to think about but, apart from my hand, my whole pussy area from the bottom part of my stomach down was exposed to anyone who cared to look.

As I lay there, semi reclined, my whole body was trembling and as the orgasms started to arrive there were a few jerks thrown in for good measure. All of which I had absolutely no control over. I was grateful that Nathan had his hands on my upper arms holding me.

The vibrations decreased for a while and I was happy to get my breath back but when I was able to concentrate on anything other than my whole body turning into jelly I saw that a couple of unknown guys had stopped and were talking to Jacob. Both were looking down at me and Nathan had eased my hands away from my body so those 2 unknown guys were looking at me effectively naked from the stomach down with my feet at least shoulder width apart.

That didn’t bother me, after all, it’s okay for a girl to be naked in front of men but I would have liked them to see my little tits as well.

When the 2 guys moved away the vibrations went up to full power again and it wasn’t long before I was orgasming in the public park in broad daylight – again. I was sure that it helped that my totally exposed pussy was visible to the shoppers walking along the path to, and from, the bursa escort bayan shopping centre.

I lost count of the number on peaks that I hit and for how long I was up there whilst my whole body shook uncontrollably but finally the vibrations diminished, my heart rate started to slow down and my brain started to think normally.

“Jeez guys,” I finally said, “that was one hell of a high but please can you back off for a while or you’ll have to carry me back to the house.”

All 3 guys laughed the Nathan said,

“You can close your legs now Jenna, I’ve lost count of the number of people who have seen your pussy.”

As I closed my legs I thought about how wet my pussy felt and was grateful that when I’d sat down the back of my dress had risen up and my bare butt was actually on the grass. If my dress had been under my butt there would have been a huge wet patch on it.

Then I started fastening the buttons on the front of my dress but Nathan stopped me when I got to the ones below my pussy.

“Leave the rest.” he said, “There’s no reason why people shouldn’t see your slit or the pink antenna sticking out of you.”

I couldn’t think of a reason either so I left them, just straightening the lower part of my dress leaving an inverted ‘V’ that people could look up.

The guys started talking about football so I closed my eyes and relaxed. A few minutes rest would do me good.

Sometime later I screamed as the vibrator burst into life at full power then shut off. I looked at Jacob and Luke but I couldn’t tell which of them had the control. I knew that it wasn’t Nathan because both his hands were still on my arms or rib cage.

“Time to move on guys.” Nathan said as he pushed my upper body up so that he could get out from under me.

Then he helped pull me to my feet before giving me a big kiss and whispering that he loved me.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we got close to the park entrance.

“Shopping centre.” Jacob replied. “There’s a hardware store there where I can get some rope.”

“What on earth do you want some rope for?” I asked.

“You’ll find out tomorrow.” Jacob replied.

“Are you going to tie me to a tree and photograph me or dance around the tree chanting some sort of Indian war dance?” I jokingly asked.

“Maybe, wait and see. I promise that you won’t get hurt in any way and if your performances so far are anything to go by I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it Jenna.”

That comment left me a bit intrigued and I had a vision of me being tied naked to a tree and a load of guys dressed and native Indians dancing in circles around me.

Anyway, as we walked up to the entrance of the shopping centre I saw my reflection in one of the big windows. I saw that the skirt part of my dress was open in an inverted ‘V’ and I could see my bald pubes and the pink antenna sticking out of me. I wasn’t concerned about other people seeing the me, just about someone complaining to the security or the police. I just hoped that the 3 guys would look after me.

We headed straight to the hardware store and I kept looking around to see if anyone was taking any notice of my exposure. I was both happy and unhappy that no one seemed to take any notice of me. People were ignoring me, that is until Jacob asked me to bend over and pick something up from a bottom shelf. As I did so I felt the back of the dress ride up and I knew that my bare butt was on display.

It was only when I stood up and turned to Jacob that I saw an old man staring at me with a grin on his face.

“It’s okay for a girl to be seen naked by men.” I said to the old man before turning back to Jacob and asking him if what I had in my hand was what he wanted.

He said not and he asked me to put it back on the bottom shelf. I checked that the old man was still there before doing so, this time taking my time so that the old man had a good, long look at my bare butt and framed pussy. When I stood up I turned and looked at the old man who looked very happy.

All 3 guys got me to get things from the bottom shelf at various places around the store and each time I made sure that my back was turned to a ‘victim’ before I bent over. They also got me to squat down with my knees wide open a few times, again whilst there was a man further down the aisle looking towards me.

I quite enjoyed those little flashing games before Jacob finally took us to where the ropes were. They weren’t ropes like the climbing ropes that I’d seen on TV, they were more decorative ropes made of coloured cotton. Jacob made 2 circles with the end of one of the ropes and got me to put my hand through both of loops and when he pulled on both ends my wrist was firmly tied.

“Is that comfortable Jenna?” Jacob asked.

“I guess so. So is this what you are going to tie me to a tree with before you photograph me.”

Just as I’d finished saying that I saw a man stood behind me and the expression on his face told me that he’s heard what I had said. I smiled at him as he walked away. I wondered what he was thinking.

Jacob got, then paid for all the rope that he wanted then we went for a wander around the rest of the shopping centre. When we went up the escalators the guys insisted that they went up first and it was only when I was half way up the first one and I turned to look at something that I realised why they had to get on first. There was a couple of boys behind me, both obviously looking up my skirt. I spread my feet a little to make sure that they could see the pink antenna.

The guys decided that they were hungry and we headed for the food hall. After getting our food the guys positioned me and themselves so that other people sat at nearby tables could see under my table and see my bare legs right up to my stomach. Nathan arranged my dress so that my bare pubis was visible. Of course this didn’t bother me as I knew that it was okay for the men to see me naked.

When Nathan saw one young man staring at me he put a hand between my legs and as well as easing my knees further apart, Nathan then moved the pink antenna around a bit and left it pointing up to the table. He gave my clit a quick flick before removing his hand.

All the time I was watching the young man who was ignoring the girl sat next to him as she continuously talked about something.

Then one of the guys turned the vibrator on and it startled me so much that my knees jumped up and banged on the underside of the table nearly spilling the 2 glasses of drinks that were there. The bang attracted the attention of another couple of young men and the rest of my food went cold as the vibrator gave my brain something more important to think about.

Nathan grabbed my right hand and Luke my left hand so that they couldn’t try to give me some relief as the vibrator took me to a very public orgasm. When I started to come down from my high I lay back on my chair, my knees being as wide apart as they could be in that limited space.

I never did finish my food there.

As we continued walking around the shopping centre and going up and down the escalators, Nathan told me that we’d go back there sometime for me to try on some new clothes. He told me that we’d go into every clothes shop there and see which changing rooms gave the best opportunity for me to let people see me getting changed. I liked that idea and couldn’t wait see how many men I could get to see me naked.

By then it was getting well into the afternoon and Nathan said that they had a football match to watch. Not being a football fan myself I got my phone from Nathan and we split up, me heading back to my place to get on with some course work and Nathan promising to come over to my place later on so that he could distract me from my course work.

As we parted Jacob told me to not wear anything tight the next morning as he didn’t want any clothes indentations on my skin.

“Have you ever seen me wearing jeans or a bra or knickers Jacob?” I replied.

“True,” Jacob replied, “I just wanted to make sure just in case you dressed ready to go hiking over the moors or something because we’re not, we’re going very close to the side of a road actually.”

“Good.” I replied then kissed Nathan before turning and walking away.

During the short walk back to my room I had a vision of me being tied to a tree right next to a busy motorway and hundreds of motorists seeing the naked and helpless me.


Nathan arrived at around 7 p.m. complete with a huge pizza and a bottle of cola. As usual, I was totally naked and the pizza was definitely cold when we got around to eating it. I’d been doing some course work when he arrived and when he saw my naked body he helped me to my feet and as we kissed he walked me over to the window, After the kiss broke he turned me so that my naked front was pressing against the glass and he fucked me from behind.

“We’ve got an audience.” Nathan said as he rammed his cock into my pussy.

I opened my eyes and saw a couple of male students in the block opposite, both staring my way but I didn’t care, it was okay for them to see me naked and Nathan’s thrusting into me soon had me cumming. However, Nathan wasn’t done with me and somehow he managed to not cum until I was having my second orgasm of the evening.

As we sat eating the pizza with the curtains wide open and all the light on, Nathan asked me if I’d enjoyed being fucked with the 2 guys watching us.

“I did, they’ve seen me playing with my pussy and cumming before but it was so much better when you were fucking me.”

“So how often do you put a show on for them Jenna?”

“It started when we started going out and you reminded me that it was okay for me to be naked in front of men so I stopped closing the curtains and you’ve made me so horny that I rub one out quite a lot when you aren’t here with me. I think that those 2 guys must be nerds who don’t go out much because I’ve seen them watching me a few times. There’s 2 more on the next floor up that watch me quite a bit as well”

“Getting quit a little audience aren’t you Jenna, perhaps we should hire a theatre and you could put on a proper show for them?”

“Would that show include you fucking me?”

“Of course.”

“Can we practise some more please?”


The lights were still on when I woke up the next morning to the feeling of Nathan’s cock slowly sliding in and out of me. After a good half hour of proper fucking Nathan told me that we had to start getting ready for my photo shoot.

We went to the men’s bathroom, showered and then back to my room without seeing anyone else, probably because it was early on a Sunday morning. I put on a summer dress and sandals and we left to meet the others but we were early enough to stop and get a coffee and pastry for our breakfasts.

The mornings were starting to get quite chilly which was evident by my pokey nipples and I was pleased that it looked like it was going to be a sunny day.

As we stood waiting and sipping our coffee I remembered that I didn’t have the vibrator inside me. When I told Nathan he said that it was probably for the best and that there would be plenty of occasions where he could make me cum using just hos phone.

One of the university’s minibus’ arrived at the meeting place with, presumably, the photography teacher driving and half a dozen students, including 2 girls, in the back. Introductions were made as the minibus drove off down the road and I noticed that most of the students were staring at me.

“Don’t worry about the staring,” Jacob said, “they’re only thinking about what angle they think will look the best.”

I didn’t really understand that so I just ignored it.

It only took about 30 minutes before we were out of the city and up on a narrow little road on the edge of the moorland.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Not far Jenna,” Jacob replied, “I used to come hiking with my parents out here and I remember a lovely deserted little barn and a huge tree by a stream. It was so peaceful except for that fact that they went and built a motorway on the other side of the valley.”

Five minutes later Jacob told the teacher to stop and I saw the derelict barn, the tree and the stream, all in a field with sheep grazing in it. “Nice.” I thought until the minibus doors opened and the peaceful scene was ruined by the noise from the motorway.

Everyone got out and started carrying their photography equipment over to near the little barn. Nathan and I just watched as mirrors and even a couple of lights were setup on tripods. I looked up at the blue sky and didn’t understand the need for lights or mirrors.

“Okay Jenna,” James the teacher said, “time to get started, I thought that we’d start with you frolicking around in the field with your dress still on. Please tell me that you haven’t got any tight görükle escort fitting knickers on under that dress, I can see that you didn’t put a bra on.”

“No knickers.” I replied as I lifted the front of my dress so that he could see my bald pubis.

“Good, well done Jenna, the resolution of modern cameras show every indentation in the skin. Can you take those shoes off then skip around so that we can start with the difficult action shots.”

“Mind the sheep shit.” Nathan added.

“Don’t worry about that,” James replied, “you can wash your feet in the stream.”

“Great!” I thought as I took my sandals off, “must remember to look where I’m going.”

James pointed to where he wanted me to start skipping around and I watched as all the students moved to where they wanted to shoot me from.

To be honest I felt a bit of an idiot skipping around acting like I was in a stupid scene from Mary Poppins or something. After doing that for a couple of minutes I decided to add an idea of my own and did a couple of cartwheels. After the first one James said,

“Great idea Jenna, can you try and do another one a bit slower so that your dress bunches up around your waist for longer?”

That didn’t make much sense and when I tried it I confirmed that I could only do a cartwheel at one speed, so for my third attempt I did a handstand instead. That seemed to go down well although I couldn’t see anyone because my dress had inverted and was covering my face.

“Shit.” I thought, and looked down and saw that my right hand was dangerously close to a huge pile of sheep shit. I dropped down onto my feet, moved away and looked at the amateur photographers. A couple of the guys had big grins on their faces.

It was then that James decided that I should take my dress off for the serious stills shots. All the males were watching as I unfastened my dress then peeled it up and off leaving me totally naked out in that field. Apart from the motorway and the noise from the vehicles we could have been in the middle of nowhere.

I have to say that it felt good, so natural, so sexy. The air was still a bit fresh but that wasn’t the reason why my nipples were at their proudest, they, along with my clit, were tingling and I wondered if they would get me to pose with my legs open, because if they did they would see that my pussy was leaking.

I handed my dress to Nathan who was smiling at me, he looked so pleased that I was standing there totally naked with those people looking at me. I thought back to those words that my father had said all those years and I was truly happy to be seen naked by those men.

I reached up to Nathan’s head, gave him a quick kiss and whispered,

“I want you to make love to me out here.”

I knew that there was no chance of it happening but that didn’t stop me wanting it to happen. Maybe we could talk to Jacob about the hikes that he used to go on with his parents and find a way of being able to do it ourselves.

Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to think any more about it because James soon had me posing in all different ways, all with natural backgrounds. After about 30 minutes or so James called a break and I was happy about that because I was starting to feel a bit chilly. When I mentioned it to James he said that I should go for a little run to warm up. That didn’t sound so stupid so I did, I ran over to the minibus and just as I got there I saw an elderly couple, complete with hiking boots, hiking sticks and backpacks walking along the road.

“Are you all right my dear?” the old lady asked.

“Yes thanks,” I replied then decided that perhaps I should say a little more to stop them panicking for me.

“Just warming up a bit before I pose for some more nature photos.”

The couple looked into the field and saw the amateur photographers and the lady said,

“Oh, okay then.” and they started walking again.

I smiled to myself then set off running back to Nathan. One of the girls leant me her hair brush then the posing continued with each of the students suggesting poses. They started getting more adventurous and I was asked to jump up and grab a branch of the huge tree that was there and just hang there. Firstly with my legs just dangling then with them at 90 degrees to my body. Jacob suggested that I spread my legs and I quickly realised that they were going to take some spread pussy shots. I knew that my pussy was still dripping but I didn’t care, they wanted the natural me and the natural me was aroused.

Of course those students pointing their cameras at my spread pussy raised my arousal level and I started to wonder if I was going to cum whilst hanging there, and if I’d manage to hold on to the branch or fall to the ground.

Next, after some discussions that I couldn’t hear, Jacob got the rope out of his backpack and asked me to go and stand with my back to the tree. He promptly tied my wrists to a rope that went around the tree. Thankfully he didn’t tie me tightly because when I leant back against tree the bark was rough. Then he told me to spread my legs wide and he tied my ankles round the tree like he had done my wrists.

I gave the ropes a quick tug but I was going nowhere.

Next there was a short discussion as to whether or not I should be gagged. Just as Jacob approached me with a scarf in his hands I shouted,


“Very funny,” Jacob said as he gagged me.

I had to stay like that for another 10 or 15 minutes whilst they took hundreds more photos, James sometimes telling me to look distressed or to pull on one of my wrists. None of which reduced my arousal, or stopped my pussy dripping.

As Jacob was finally untying me, one of the girl students asked me if I could climb trees.

“I climbed a few when I was a kid, why, do you want me to climb this one?”

“Can you, not too high, just so that we can get some shots of you from below.” The girl asked.

I looked at the tree and decided that it did look possible, apart from getting to the first branch.

“Could someone give me a leg up to the first branch?” I asked.

Within seconds 2 of the guys were under the branch, positioned so that I could use them as steps to get to that first branch. What I didn’t think about until I was stood on one of their cupped hands was that as I went up my bare and shiny pussy would be right in front of their faces.

I was soon on the first branch and stretching a leg up to the next branch.

“Hold it there please Jenna.” One of the students said.

With one foot on one branch and the other on another branch nearly a metre higher and a fair stretch from my other foot, I stood there as the students gathered underneath me, all pointing their cameras up at my spread pussy. My arousal level rose again and I felt a flood of my juices rush to my pussy. I giggled a bit to myself as I wondered if I was dripping on any of the students and if they could see inside my hole. My insides were certainly feeling the fresh air.

As I stood there for what seemed like hours listening to what seemed like hundreds of camera shutters going, I also looked over to Nathan and when our eyes met he gave me the thumbs up and I felt another wet rush. I tried to see if his jeans were bulging in the front but he was holding my dress in front of him.

Finally James told me that I could come down and he offered to help me, to catch me as I jumped down. I started to say that I could manage but as I started to talk I changed my mind and asked him if he would catch me.

I lowered myself so that I was hanging by my hands and James moved closer. My pussy was right in front of his face and it was ages before he said,

“Okay Jenna, you can let go now.”

I did and his arms went round me and pulled me to him as I went down, my bare front sliding down against his clothed front. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans as my bare stomach slid down his jeans.

With my feet on the ground, James still held me tightly for a few seconds, his hard cock still pressing on my bare stomach through his jeans. When he let me go he asked,

“Are you okay Jenna?”

Before I could answer he continued,

“You see that metal pole sticking out from the wall of the remains of that building, do you think that you could hang upside down from it?”

I looked at it then went over to the building and decided that it looked strong enough to try so I jumped up and held on to it my my hands. It took my weight okay so after a couple of seconds I let go and said,

“It’s strong enough but it’s rusty and if you want me to hang upside down on it I’d need something to protect the backs of my legs and some way of getting up there.”

There was silence for a few seconds then one of the guys started taking off his sweatshirt asking if that would do to protect the backs of my legs. When I said that it would, another of the guys said,

“We can man-handle you up there, that’s if you don’t mind having all our hands all over you?”

No sooner than I had agreed to it, I felt lots of hands lift me, turn me upside down then raise me up until someone told me to bend my legs. As I did so the backs of my legs felt the sweatshirt on the hard pole. Before I said that I was okay and that they could let go. I spread my knees and felt my pussy lips open.

As the students slowly withdrew I smiled and wondered if they’d be able to see my clit sticking up.

Again the students seemed to take hundreds of photos of me and it got to the point whereby I could feel my juices starting to creep down over my pubis and down my butt crack.

Then Jacob said,

“Do you think that you could play with yourself Jenna, and make yourself cum? Having an orgasm whilst you are upside down would make an awesome photograph.”

I heard one of the girls gasp in disbelief at what Jacob had said, and one of the guys agreed with Jacob.

After all the arousal of being naked in front of the cameras, and in lots of very explicit poses, there was no way that I was going to object to Jacob’s suggestion and my right hand rose up and went to my pussy.

I moaned as my fingers touched my clit and started rubbing, my left hand rising up and starting to finger fuck myself.

It seemed a bit strange rubbing one out whilst upside down with all my blood rushing to my head, but it didn’t take long for me to loudly announce that I was going to cum, all thoughts of the clicking cameras disappearing out of my head.

As my brain started to think rationally again I saw Nathan standing very close to me, my dress on the grass and his hands even closer to me.

“What?” I asked.

“For a minute there Jenna I thought that you were going to lose it and fall off the pole.” Nathan said.

“And you were going to catch me?” I asked. “That’s so sweet of you, thank you, I didn’t even think about the possibility of falling off.”

“Okay guys,” Janes announced, “I think that that will be enough for today, would you be prepared to do some more modelling for us Jenna, but back in the studio?”

“Yes James, I’d be happy to, could someone help me get down please?”

Lots of hands went to my body and I felt myself being lifted off the pole. When my feet landed on the grass one pair of hands was firmly holding my tits. I looked at the face and saw that it wasn’t Nathan’s or Jacob’s hands, it was James’, and he seemed reluctant to let go. I just stood there and let him absorb the feelings for a few seconds before one of the students said that they were ready to go. That brought James back to earth and he backed off saying that he was sorry.

“That’s okay, they were nice and warm, I’ve gone a bit cold hanging around like that.”

James turned and Nathan gave me my dress which I slowly put on.

During the journey back all the students were talking in photography language and I snuggled up to Nathan. He had an arm around me and was holding one of my tits which felt very nice.

As we got out of the minibus James said,

“Are you still good for a few modelling sessions Jenna?”

“Sure, why not, today was fun.”

“I’ll sort it with Jacob then.” James said.

Nathan, Jacob and myself headed off to their house with Jacob thanking me for volunteering. As we approached the house I said,

“I hope that the studio is warm because it was a bit chilly out in that field, I’m still a bit chilly.”

“Straight to the warm shower with you my girl.” Nathan said.

The heating was on in the house and I was soon warm and well fucked. When Nathan and I went downstairs, me still totally naked, we saw that Jacob was looking at all the photos that he’d taken on the big screen TV for himself and Luke to see.

“Can you start at the beginning again please?” Nathan asked as he sat on the sofa with me on his lap.

Seeing all my most intimate parts in glorious high definition on that big screen really got me all aroused again and at the end when I asked Nathan if he would fuck me again he looked at Luke and Jacob and replied,

“All 3 of us will, do you want us one at a time or all together?”

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