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It’s Not an Affair If It’s Anal Ch. 03-04

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Chapter 3: His fantasy becomes reality.


“So that’s what’s been goin’ on,” I finished. My wife sat there, no discernable expression on her face. I began to fidget as she remained silent. I wanted to add more. I wanted to justify my actions; to beg for forgiveness; to demand satisfaction. But the silence built. I had said enough, now it was time to wait … whatever may come.

When I had gotten back to bed my wife was already asleep or at least pretending to be. I lay awake for a long time before drifting off myself. Did I do the right thing? Should I have sent the text? I guess I would find out soon enough. Something had to change; I couldn’t go on like this anymore.

When I woke up, I heard the shower going. It was unusual because it was the weekend, but considering how last night ended, I wasn’t surprised. I went into the bathroom to relieve myself, then sat on the counter and watched her. Our shower was recessed and open. There were no curtains or doors to get in the way of the perfect view.

She did her best to pretend I wasn’t there, certainly still upset about last night, but after awhile she started to exaggerate her washing a bit more. She knew I liked to watch her. She made a show of lathering up her breasts, slowly soaping them up, lightly brushing her nipples, making them hard. She bent over away from me as she washed her legs, giving me an unhindered view of her ass and the water dripping from her pussy lips. She stood and started rubbing her butt cheeks, jiggling them up and down and to the side. Then she rubbed her soapy hand down the middle and bent over again. I was peripherally aware of her eyes boring into mine as I watched her hand move up and down her crack. Her fingers began to linger on the rim of her ass, circling and circling, then finally her middle finger penetrating into her hole. She stroked in and out a few times, a slight moan escaping her lips, and then she abruptly stood up.

“That’s how I felt last night,” she smirked, “Unsatisfied.”

“You’re killing me,” I responded, the tip of my raging hard try to find freedom and release.

She finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower, her towel in hand. I hopped off of the counter and stepped towards her, wrapping my arms around her and rubbing my hard-on against her hip.

She squirmed away from me and held out her hand to stop me from grabbing her again, “You wanted to talk?” Her raised eyebrows bringing me back to reality.

“Um, yes. Do you want some coffee?” I needed a moment to gather my thoughts, what was I going to say?

So there we sat, our coffees growing cold. In the silence of our room, I could hear the muffled sound of our kids going through their morning routines. I had laid it all out on the line. Explaining where my head has been since her sister and I had first talked. I told her plainly that I was filled with lust. I was desperate to have anal sex. In those moments of our sexual intimacy, I wasn’t thinking clearly, roughly trying to take what I wanted. I told her what her sister had offered, committed to honesty, no matter what the consequences. I told her I had fantasized and masturbated to thoughts of her sister. I told her I was tempted to follow through with it. Right or wrong, I told her everything. And she was saying nothing.

Seconds dragged to minutes. 3 minutes. 8 minutes. I watched the clock, now the sole focus of my attention, steadfastly waiting on my wife. After a few more minutes she stood up, the movement seeming sudden and abrupt.

“Stand up,” she said.

“Wha …?” I tried to respond, confused.

“Stand up!” she cut me off sternly and I quickly did as she demanded.

She walked over to me and kneeled, pulling my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. With my eyes wide with surprise, she grabbed my now stirring penis with her hand and lowered her mouth engulfing everything, even sucking on one of my balls. Her eyes looked up and me, lustfully working her mouth around every inch of my cock. It quickly responding to her and grew, forcing her to pull back as she tried not to choke. This was so different from last night.

She reached down and spread my legs further as she pulled the clothing off my feet. She cupped my testicles with one hand and grabbed my rod with the other, continuing to suck on the head of my penis. Her mouth was now barely able to get half way down the shaft. She would hungrily alternate between sucking the head, licking my pole, and biting my sack. Her hand scratched and cupped my balls, her fingers reaching out and rubbing for my asshole. The veins on my cock bulged, proof of how much I was raging.

I gently grabbed her head, lightly encouraging her to take more, all too aware of how she responded the night before. She shoved her mouth deeper, slurping and choking on my cock. She eased back then shoved down again desperate to take as much of my rod into her mouth, but still falling inches short of the entire length. The sensations were incredible. She Demetevler Escort had never been this aggressive with a blow job before, always dainty and hesitant. Now her eyes were glazed with hunger and lust as she repeatedly tried to swallow my cock.

Saliva dripped from her lips as devoured my penis. Her finger pressed against my ass in a rhythm that matched her bobbing up and down. I couldn’t take anymore. I didn’t know what overcame her, but I was going to explode.

“Baby, I’m gonna go,” I warned.

She pressed her mouth in harder, her lips creating a perfect seal on my shaft.

“Baby …,” I tried again, but my balls tightened up and her finger penetrated my ass. I came hard, thrusting into her mouth as she choked down my cum. Her finger rubbed in and out of my anus as she continued to swallow everything she could, my cock pulsing in repeated release. I looked down at her, our eyes locking on to each other. My ass regretfully released her finger as she pulled it out, her mouth continued to milk every last drop from my shrinking penis.

She sensually stood up, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. Then she closed them and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed back hard, tasting my cum and enjoying the intimate moment. Our tongues danced with each other, exploring the others mouth. I licked down to her chin, where remnants of my seed dripped and sucked it clean. I kissed her again, the sticky substance lingering between our tongues. The moment was dying down and we gently kissed each other a few more times.

She pulled away, looking me in the eyes, her face glowed with satisfaction, “So you want to fuck my sister, huh?”

Shit. “Noooooo,” I said cautiously.

“Well, you want to fuck her ass,” she quipped back.

“No, I want to fuck your ass,” I emphasized, puzzled by what she was saying.

“If I let you fuck my ass, who will fuck hers?” she asked, matter-of-factly.

And with that, she walked out of the bedroom, leaving me half naked to clean up any mess.

Needless to say, I was confused, but was given no indication of her thoughts or meanings. I was left in wonderment by what had happened and what she had said.

The rest of the morning went on like nothing occurred, but that afternoon my heart dropped when Heather showed up. My wife’s sister had a look of concern and worry as she stole glances at me while my wife welcomed her in. They soon disappeared into the back room and I didn’t see them again until hours later. When they emerged, Heather’s eyes were red, but she was smiling, and left without even saying goodbye.

I looked to my wife, but she just smiled in return. I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of anything. I had done what I needed to and told the truth. Something was going on, but what could I do about it? Maybe my wife just wanted Heather to know that she knew and everything was OK. Or maybe there was something more. With nothing but a quick kiss before bed, my wife left me to my own curiosity as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day everything continued the same. My wife was normal, the kids were normal, the day was normal. In fact, the only thing that seemed abnormal were my own thoughts. As early evening rolled around, I had just gotten to the point of not thinking about it anymore when my wife surprised me.

“What do you think about dressing up nice for tonight?” she asked.

“Sure,” I responded hesitantly, “What about the kids on such short notice?”

“I’ve already made plans. Why don’t you get ready?”

Confused, once again, I resolved to go with the flow. I was the one that had been messing things up these past few months. I was the one who told her everything that had been going on with my infidelity, if only in my thoughts. I was the one that needed to defer to her at this time.

So I got dressed up. I showered, shaved and trimmed. I got out my nice suit and put on her favorite cologne. I felt good and looked good, but as usual, I was ready to go well before she was. She still had her frumpy clothes on.

“When are we leaving?” I asked.

“Leaving?” she grinned. And if on queue the door bell rang. “Stay here,” she said as she looked me over, “You look great.”

My wife came back to our bedroom with Heather in tow wearing a sheer black dress. With no curves to fill it out, the dress hung straight from the straps on her shoulders. She was so slender, that you could barely see the slight bump of her breasts and the little flare of her hips. She was wearing a shoulder covering and carrying a matching handbag. She was stunning.

My wife stood between us and grabbed both of our hands. “Ok. Heather already knows the ground rules. You can do whatever you want with her except anything involving her pussy.”

My heart fluttered and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Continuing on, my wife turned to me and said, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing with me yesterday. That blow job can Otele gelen escort only begin to express it. I am not ready to let you fuck my ass yet, but I can tell this is beyond a simple want for you. After talking with Heather, I knew what the right thing to do was. You guys need each other right now.”

She stepped in close and kissed me passionately. “What kind of loving wife would I be if I didn’t satisfy your needs?” She offered a final smirk, “Besides, it’s not an affair if it’s anal …”

She kissed me again, hugged Heather, and said, “I’ll be gone with the kids for 2 hours. You might want to set an alarm.” And then she stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I looked at Heather, and we shared the same look of uncertainty, confusion and excitement.


Chapter 4: Reality is better than fantasy.


For the first few minutes we fidgeted nervously; small talk felt out of place. We were lost in our own thoughts and anticipation, thinking about what was to come. The very thing we both wanted was almost a reality.

We timidly entered the room more fully. Thoughts of uncertainty crossed my mind. Was this a test? Was this a gift? My wife was an amazing woman, but also a hard woman. The reason I decided to tell her the truth in the first place was that she was worth more than deception and secrecy. Love was more important than lust. This response was nothing I could have predicted. Was this her expression of love to me? To us?

I took off my jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. Heather put her handbag and shawl on the desk. She looked intently at me. The moment was here. Who was going to make the first move? Are we doing the right thing? Does she really want this?

She walked towards me and stopped about three feet away. She brushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders; it momentarily hung in place by her arms then dropped to the floor. She was naked.

Heather, my sister-in-law, was now standing in front of me, naked in my own bedroom.

I just stared, soaking in every inch of her nakedness. My eyes darted from her long straight hair to her nipples, which were growing erect. Her breasts were more defined now that I could see them, but so small. I admired the patch of freckles on her collar contrasted by the lightness of her skin. I was amazed at her defined rib cage. I could see her cesarean scar accentuating her narrow hips. I looked from her bony knees to the thick patch of hair around her nether region. I wondered what her pussy looked like. My cock stirred as I absorbed her beauty. I was struck by how different from my wife she was, but being here, right now with her, there was no one I desired more.

My staring must have made here uncomfortable, because she started to cover her chest and crotch, “They are too small aren’t they,” she said disappointedly.

I reached out for her and drew her close. Her protruding nipple was level with my mouth, sticking out further than any nipple I had ever seen. “They are perfect,” I said, as I wrapped my lips around it. She moaned instantly.

The sexual tension broke and all inhibitions were gone. I wrapped my arms around her, drawing her tight into me, as I buried my face into her chest. She grabbed my head, pushing it hard onto her breast. Her nipples were long and hard and rigid. I sucked and nipped and bit as her moans increased. I brought my hand up to her other nipple and started pinching and pulling. She gasped and shuddered.

“Oh god,” she cried.

My mouth switched nipples, biting and sucking as I changed hands to pinch and twist the other. She pushed my head harder into her, smothering her breast into my face. Her body sank as she straddled my leg. She started rubbing her pussy on my thigh and I could feel the wetness soaking through pant leg.

It seemed I couldn’t bite or pinch hard enough. My pent up passion and lust for her was released on her nipples. My aggression built up. The more she moaned, the harder I bit. The louder she squealed, the tighter I pinched.

“Harder,” she yelled and I obeyed. How hard was too hard, became a distant thought, because riding the wave of this moment was all that mattered.

My mouth went from one nipple to the other, then back again, and my hands were mauling her body. Her nipples and chest were bright red. Her head was tilted back as she moaned constantly. My leg pressed in time with her thrusts, pushing back into her as we frantically increased our pace. My neck ached from the constant pressure of her hands as she pulled me towards her. My face was smeared with my own saliva as I devoured her nipples; back and forth.

Then suddenly she went rigid; arching her back and letting out a sound that only be described as a guttural squeal. I stopped everything and lightly blew on her nipples as she climaxed. Her body convulsed briefly then stiffened again. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as if trying to maintain Balgat Escort some control over herself. And then it was over.

She sank into me, and embraced me, as she laid her head on my shoulder. “That was amazing,” she cooed. “My nipples hurt so much right now.”

“Are you OK?” I asked, suddenly worried.

“I’m in heaven,” she said, “I love being rough. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an intense orgasm.”

“Did we break the rules?” I asked, inferring her rubbing on my leg.

She leaned back and we both looked at the wet spot on my thigh. My slacks were soaked with her juices.

“Ummmmm …,” she responded hesitantly, then with finality, she said, “No.”

She stood up and stepped back. “You still have your clothes on,” she lamented.

“Well, you attacked me,” I replied, “I barely had time to brace myself.” I stood and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“If I recall,” she countered, “You grabbed me.” She reached for my pants to help hurry the process.

Once down to my underwear she backed up and waited expectantly. I suddenly felt self-conscious, but it passed quickly, and I pulled them off with a flourish. My hard-on bounced free, bobbing as if the head was searching for its next victim. She stared.

I knew I was larger than average, but jokingly covered myself, “It’s too small, isn’t it?”

She looked up at me and rolled her eyes, “I’ve seen bigger.” Then she kneeled down and reverently said, “But I’ve never touched one this big.”

Her dainty hands wrapped around my shaft and gently stroked. I sat back down on the bed. She leaned in and licked the pre-cum off the tip and kissed the head. She opened her mouth to suck in more, but between my size and her tiny mouth her teeth grated against the glans of my penis.

I stopped her and gently pushed her head back. She looked at me questioningly.

“Let’s not do that,” I said delicately.

“I’ve never given a good blow job,” she said solemnly. I felt bad.

I pulled her up and looked her in the eyes, “That’s not what we want to do anyway.”

She giggled and practically skipped over to her purse. She pulled something out and came back over. She handed me and odd shaped, black rubber object and then opened a bottle of lubricant.

“Do you know what that is?” she asked as she put lubricant on her hands and began stroking my cock. I was stumped. It looked sexual in nature, but not like any dildo or vibrator I had seen. “That is an anal plug,” she said, answering herself.

“This is pretty big.” I said, slightly shocked, enjoying the sensation of her hands.

“I know. But every since we talked I have been fantasying about your cock in my ass.” She kept lubricating me, her hands twisting up and down, stopping periodically to squeeze out more lube. “And I knew you were pretty big. I wanted to be ready for you.”

She reached behind her and lubricated her hole then crawled up on the bed. “How do you want to take me?” she said, looking over her shoulder and shaking her ass slightly.

I followed her onto the bed and manhandled her onto her back, “I want to look at your face.” I leaned through her legs and kissed her, our first kiss. It was intimate and sensual, neither of us being overly aggressive. Our tongues barely involved as we kissed. Each of us was saying thank you for what we were about to experience.

I kneeled upright and she positioned a pillow under her. “You are about to take my anal virginity,” she said proudly.

“You are my first time, too,” I reminder her.

Then I reached down and lined my cock up with her ass, rubbing it around, zeroing in on her hole. I gently pushed forward, watching the look on her face. She intently stared back in return. I thrust slowly; centered on her anus, pushing harder each time. When the head of my cock finally penetrated, her face winced, and I came.

It was instantaneous. The buildup of everything so far; her stroking my cock, preparing me; this fantasy becoming reality; the penetration; the look on her face, was more than I could handle. I was embarrassed when the moment was gone. I looked at her, anxious of her reaction.

“Don’t stop,” she encouraged and pushed her bottom into me, my cock sinking deeper.

Slightly surprised, I realized I was still rock hard. Her ass was looser than I had imagined, but it was still tight and engulfing. I pushed in slowly with a long stroke. I could feel her body adjusting to me and her face reflected an odd combination of ache and discomfort, joy and pleasure. I pushed until I couldn’t push further.

“God,” she groaned, as I stopped enjoying the sensation of my cock in her ass, “You are so deep.” I pulled back slowly then pushed in again. When I bottomed out she grunted, “Yes!”

In and out I pushed, increasing speed and power each time. Grabbing the sheets, she cried out every time I pushed deep. “Fuck!” “Yes!” “Shit!” “Harder!” “Please!” “Fuck!”

I fucked harder, the building sensation was incredible. Her face was contorted with bliss and pain, my face was filled with desperate determination. Our bodies slapped together, her arousal filled the air, the froth of my cum seeping out of her ass.

Her cries dissolved into barely discernable shouts and her eyes were rolled into the back of her head.

“I’m going to cum,” I groaned, feeling on the verge of an eruption.

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