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It’s Just Not Cricket – Footy Season

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Sometimes I think my mum likes my missis more than me…

They get along great, which is good, but this week they’ve taken the kids and gone on a cruise together, along with mum’s neighbour. I wasn’t too put out about not being invited, in fact I decided to take a few days off and have a little at-home holiday to myself. That got derailed though, ‘coz mum asked me to go keep an eye on dad.

“He’s 56, I’m sure he can survive on his own, but alright.” I said, but secretly I was quite happy to be giving up my week of solitude to hang out with the old man.

A bit of context for those who don’t know, I grew up next door to Andy and Noel and their dads, Glenn and Charlie, who still live either side of my parents. Now that we’re all grown men, we have a ‘boys’ day’ every Christmas to play backyard cricket, or at least that’s what we tell the wives. Truth be told, it’s the one day a year we all explore our bisexual side and make a day of sucking cocks and fucking arses. It’s a hell of an experience, but it’s strictly an annual thing. Or so I thought.

Since it was autumn, there was no backyard cricket to be had. Besides, Charlie was away and Andy and Noel couldn’t get home for a random week. So it was just me, my dad Ross and Glenn next door. The two look pretty different- Dad’s got dark hair and he’s a bit of a bodybuilder, pretty muscular, while Glenn is lean, with blonde hair that sticks out all over the place. I’m somewhere between the two, not quite as muscular as the old man, not quite as skinny as the neighbour, but I do alright in the looks department.

Anyway, since we were down half our cricket team, we decided to do a bit of male bonding that DIDN’T involve anyone sitting on a rock-hard cock. We went to watch the local rugby match.

Not to say that it wasn’t a bit sexual watching the lads in their tight shorts tackle each other. Me, the old man and Glenn all got pretty drunk watching the action and started making some commentary to each other from our quiet spot in the back of the stands.

“If number 4 doesn’t lift his game deneme bonusu veren siteler I’m gonna go on the field and fuck him in the arse in front of everyone.” said my father, slurring his words a little.

“I’ll be in there right after ya mate. Or at the same time if he’s brave.” Laughed Glenn, draining his beer.

I loved the convo, but thought it might be a little too risky to continue in public. The game was nearly over so I suggested we leave before the end of the match, it was pretty clear the Sea Lions were gonna win over the Wombats. My dad and his mate agreed and we hopped in an uber.

“Fuck me I’m horny!” said Glenn to no one in particular, sitting in the front seat of the uber.

“I hear that, I haven’t had sex in weeks!” replied our driver, a skinny bloke named John. John had the hipster look down pat- man bun, big lumberjack beard, the works. Bit different from us three, but he seemed like a normal enough lad.

“Weeks? Mate, once you’re married you go for months without a root! I’ll have to make do with these two!” Glenn exclaimed, gesturing to me and dad in the back seat. John laughed but he also shot Glenn a bit of a curious sideways look.

“Oh yeah? Who’s getting fucked then?” he asked, still in a jovial tone, but with an edge of curiosity in his voice.

“Whoever was going for the Wombats! Sea Lions had it in the bag.” Declared Glenn, looking back and winking at us. He knew I was a Wombat supporter from way back.

“Fuck! You’re kidding! I was backing the Wombats today!” said John, chuckling.

“Guess you’re up then champion.” Said Glenn, squeezing his semi-hard cock through his jeans.

“Have to take a raincheck on that one, this is your stop.” Said John, pulling up to our side-by-side houses.

Dad and I shuffled out of the back with some thanks to John and farewells to Glenn. As I headed inside, I saw Glenn talking to John for a moment before getting out and walking into his place. I didn’t think much of it, and as soon as we were in the house I decided it was time for a bit of a nap…

I woke up after dark. Feeling thirsty, I made my way to the kitchen, which is when I saw the old man standing in the dark and looking out the window. His pants were around his ankles and he was tugging hard on his knob.

“What are you doing?” I asked, turning on the light.

“Turn it off!” he hissed, spinning around quickly. I turned the light off and walked up to the window.

I could see now why he’d wanted to be hiding in the dark. The kitchen window has a perfect view of Glenn’s dining room over the fence. And there, naked, hands braced on the dining room table, giant stiff cock resting on a placemat, was John, our uber driver from that arvo. Well, not just John. Behind him, balls deep in his arse, was Glenn. They’d both looked over at the kitchen when I’d turned the light on, frozen like two deer in headlights. My old man sighed.

“You might as well turn the light back on Tim, they’ve seen us.” He said.

I flicked the light on and me and dad sheepishly waved at the pair. Glenn broke into a grin and resumed his rhythmic fucking of John, who kept looking at me with lust in his eyes. He said something to Glenn I couldn’t hear, but I got the idea.

Glenn motioned for us to go over there. Me and dad nearly broke down the door in our eagerness…

We decided to move the action to the bedroom. Glenn and I lay on the bed on our backs, holding our legs up, while John sunk his big pork sword into my backside and my old man pounded Glenn’s hole for all it was worth.

Me and Glenn were having a great time getting fucked, and I reached over and grasped his rod.

“Fuck, that’s too much Tim, I’m gonna cum!” he panted.

“So cum mate.” I grinned, diving in to suck his seed as it spurted out, my arse still full of John’s hefty wang.

“Fuck that’s hot!” John said.

“Bloody oath!” agreed my dad, pulling out of Glenn’s arse and blowing his load on the blonde man’s abs and dick. I only just got my head out of the way in time, otherwise I’d have a hair full of my own dad’s semen!

John followed suit, pulling out of my hole and wanking himself over my waiting body. His load was huge, spraying me and Glenn next to me. As the last one left in the game I was wanking hard to finish up, but it was a bit of a challenge when everyone else was done and dusted.

“Fuck, this was easier with a cock in my arse!” I laughed, trying manically to blow.

“Next best thing.” Declared John, unceremoniously driving his middle finger into my slick hole, all the way up to the knuckle.

“Better than the next best.” Said Glenn, squeezing his pinkie finger inside me as well. I moaned at the intrusion, but I loved it too, closing my eyes.

“Even better than that.” I heard my old man chuckle, and I felt a third digit push into my hole. No idea whose it was, but I didn’t care. I cried out and added my cream to John’s deposit.

When I finally opened my eyes again, John was already in the act of getting dressed, while my old man and Glenn were lying next to me, still naked, gently stroking each other’s bodies.

“Thanks guys, we’ll have to do it again some time!” said John as he hastily walked out. I rolled over to join my father in playing with Glenn’s bits…

The next arvo we were back at the footy. Glenn had season passes and he wasn’t going to let a little hangover stop him. In fact, he knocked back enough hair of the dog to get pretty drunk again, and we opted for leaving just before the end of the match again.

Our uber rocked up, and lo and behold, it was young John!

“Fancy seeing you here!” I laughed as we piled in.

“Small world.” He grinned.

I was about to say something along the lines of small world, big cock, when there was a tapping at the passenger window.

I looked up and saw a slab of beef with a face. This bloke was huge, but swaying a bit like he was as pissed as the rest of us. I wound down the window…

“Larry!” shouted Glenn.

“How are ya, ya bastard?” Larry shot back.

Long story short, this giant rock of a bloke ended up in the backseat hitching a ride with the rest of us. I had no idea what Larry’s deal was, but I figured we weren’t in for a repeat of yesterday. But then…

“So Larry, who’d you go for in yesterday’s game?” Glenn said, rubbing his crotch.

“Wombats mate!” Larry declared, watching Glenn’s growing tent in his pants.

Glenn caught my eye in the rear view mirror and winked.

“Bad news then big fella…”

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