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It was Wrong, But it Felt Good

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It was wrong but it felt good.

I was sensitive, just having my breasts cupped and squeezed pushed me over the edge several times. The endorphins flooding my brain tossed my inhibition with it.

Her lips were on my neck and sucking intensely and the feeling felt endless. The sensation rang through all of me and made my hips rock and swivel with need.

If only I could grind against her. A fully grown woman. Now the scant sexual adventures I’d had with men seemed pleasant enough to keep my attention. But the taboo factor, and the fact she toyed with my body like she owned the manual made me second guess my earlier conceptions of being completely straight.

Her lips were so much softer and giving than any kiss I’d had before. Despite the delicate nature of the kiss, her hands were demanding. Her nails were cut short and she used the tips of her fingers to twist my nipple making me cry out against her lips and spearing tongue.

She was in complete control of this situation and I was just in for the stimulating ride.

The situation was charged with so much sexual energy I ached to touch myself. To feel my wetness and rub my clitoris. One of her legs pried between mine forcing my skirt higher and I couldn’t even care. I felt her knee press against me and I grinded against her.

She went back to palming my breasts with both hands and then twisting my nipples back and forth through my thin bra.

When I reached up and cupped her smaller breast she gave Büyükesat Escort me a challenging look that I submitted to but still ran my thumb across her dark hardening nipple.

She leaned back down to suck on my neck again as I grinded and I knew I was out of my mind.

She lifted away but I grabbed a hand full of her hark curly hair and pulled her neck to my mouth and lead up to her ear. Nipping and licking I breathed in with my nose to cool her with the breeze of it before releasing slowly from my mouth to burn her with some head. She collapsed on top of me and began her own grinding.

A minute or two passed as we writhed our soft bodies against each other exchanging kisses and moans. Her hand reached between us and under the hem of my skirt.

I was already this far and decided I wanted this. But I was still nervous. I wondered why it was ok to let a woman do this when I’d never allowed a man past the hem of any of my skirts.

Passing the lace that topped my pale pink panties, the tips of two of her fingers pressed on my clitoris and rubbed. I moaned and exhaled sharply. Twisting it between her fingers, she worked me up past any comprehension of what was happening.

I felt myself clenching and wished I had any of my usual things I used to masturbate with to help being me off. I couldn’t breathe, she brought me so close but it just wasn’t enough. I needed something inside me.

She pushed me hard Beşevler Escort into the mattress as she pulled herself away from me. Her loose black dress matched her hair both in color and disarray.

Her fingers left me and it stung to be so close and then be left to bereft.

She pulled her dress off showing her bra that I had shoved over her breasts and threw that off as well. I had no idea where her panties had gone and wondered if she had ever even been wearing any.

She shuffled through her closet before pulling out from what I could tell was a black belt.

I felt uncomfortable in my clothes that were shoved and twisted away from my breasts and panties. I threw my shirt over my head and set it to the side of the bed.

My head was starting to clear a little bit and I rubbed myself through my panties. The light friction and warmth of my hand was enough to fog my head and I felt myself tingle with anticipation for her to return and finish me like no man ever had.

When she turned to me I realized she really was going to finish me in a way that indeed no man ever had. A black strap on protruded from around her hips and I stared wantonly. I groaned wanting it inside me.

“Strip. Now,” She said her voice slow and deep.

I complied ridding myself of my bra and skirt.

I left my panties on knowing how much I loved the cloth friction against my clitoris. How much I needed it to get off, or get Cebeci Escort turned on to be wet enough to allow anything inside me. And I really wanted her inside me.

She didn’t say anything to me about my panties but instead landed between my legs and stroked me through my panties like I liked.

Then she slid a finger I didn’t see or expect, into me, feeling my wetness. She wriggled it around and my hips jerked at how good the penetration and stimulation felt when I wasn’t the administrator.

It was like she knew every sensitive part of my body and exploited it.

She pulled out and tore my panties to the side trying to align her false dick to my entrance and I grabbed it forcing it there. She pushed forward and it almost hurt for a second. It was much wider than anything I’d ever tried to put in myself before and I let her slowly sink it into me. Her hand paused on my clitoris and I resumed using my practiced paces to bring me closer to orgasm.

Her hands were braced to the side of me before she put them back on my nipples and I thought I would die. I was so close.

She thrust the entire length into me then back. Slowly, then a little faster.

My fingers were like a piston, keeping me slick and close. It was unimaginable then she leaned down closer while still strumming my nipples with her thumb then thrust just the last inch in and out of me, keeping me filled with most of the length but keeping up movement inside me pressing me to come.

The sensation on my nipples ran straight down to where she was thrusting combined with my darting fingers playing with my clitoris I couldn’t take anymore as I came with a cry. I whimpered and my entire body expect for my hand went limp.

My hand continued on my clitoris until it’d wrung three more orgasms from me, before I had to return the favor.

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