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It was Always You

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My first attempt at a third-person pov. So probably sucks like the rest of my stories haha.

All characters are 18+


“Achoo, Achoo, Achoo!”

“What the fuck was that? It’s so early?” The girl, who Jaxson forgot her name from last night, whines as she wakes up to the sound of sneezing.

“That’s my roommate, Ezreal. He get’s “sick” a lot. Don’t mind him.”

“Achoo, Achoooooo!”

“No, no, that’s it. I can not be here and risk getting sick. I have to go.” The girl hastily gets off of Jaxson’s bed and puts back all her clothes on.

Jaxson sit’s up dismayed by her actions, “Hey, ummm, you, aaaa, wait, wait!” Just as Jaxson thought he remembered the first letter of the girl’s name, she was right out of his bedroom door and out of his apartment building.

“Fuck me, she was hot too.” Jaxson thought to himself.

“Achoo, khh, khh, chooo!” The coughing and sneezing continue from the other room.

“Sound’s like he’s getting worse this morning. I should check up on him.” Jaxson attempts to get his athletic 6′ 1″ frame off his single-size bed and check up on his friend and roommate, Ezreal. He feels the sticky remains of last night’s sweaty fuck he had with… whatever her name was. And the lingering headache from all the mixed drinks he had did not help in the attempt either.

“khhhhh, chooooo!”

Jaxson rolls his dark eyes at the sound of Ezreal, more than likely playing up his sickness in an attempt to get that girl out of the apartment. A trick Ezreal has played maybe once, twice, eight times during their second year living together in college.

“Don’t die yet, Ez. I will be right there.” Jaxson puts on some black boxer briefs and walks across the apartment to Ezreal’s bedroom door. He quickly takes in the morning view of the downtown area from the sliding door leading out the balcony. The apartment was a lucky find as they won an actual lottery for the place. Well, Ezreal won the lottery and was gracious enough to allow Jaxson to tag along. This is a rare instance of two buds living together without any randoms disturbing the peace. Maybe a little less peaceful due to Ezreal’s persistent coughing and sneezing. Jaxson believes Ezreal is allergic to women he hooks up which causes onset symptoms that just so happen to disappear when the door slams shut in the morning.

Jaxson reaches Ezreal’s bedroom door, he opens it, leans his stout body against the door frame, and crosses his arms with a smirk on his face. “You know she’s gone, Ez. No more need for the theatrics.”

“Chooooo. I know, dummy. I couldn’t take her, chooooo, moaning anymore. I need my, khhh chooo, beauty sleep this morning.” Ezreal coughs and sneezes as he’s laying in his bed, sunk inside his three blankets and obnoxious queen-size bed.

Jaxson analyzes Ezreal’s state. Although Ezreal is paler than most boys, Jaxson realizes there’s something unusual with him. His face has sick written all over it with his red nose and cheeks and watery eyes. Jaxson fixes his stance to one of worry and says, “I think we should take you to the emergency room. You don’t look well.”

“I’m, achooo, fine. It’s just a cold.” Ezreal replies with a stuffed nose. Jaxson walks over to the side of the bed and puts his hand on Ezreals forehead. Ezreal’s expression turns into a guilty one because he knows that he’s burning up.

“Seriously we need to get you to a doctor. I’m going to carry your scrawny ass to urgent care if I have to.”

“I guess I won’t turn down being in your arms then,” Ezreal says with a cheeky smile while his coughing becomes more coarse.

Jaxson picks up Ezreal like a sack of rice and pulls him over his shoulder. Jaxson walks at a quick pace as Ezreal enjoys the ride.

For Ezreal, he’s living, as he believes, every gay boy’s dream. A big muscular guy saving them in their time of need. A crush Ezreal has been keeping secret from his roommate and best friend in college. Which was created the first night they met at a recruitment party for one of the fraternities. Ever since that night, Ezreal has been keeping his feelings tight to his chest. And just enjoy moments like these where the boy he longs for takes care of him in his time of need.

Well, that was before Jaxson shoved him into his Honda civic and drove off like a GTA vehicle during a five-star pursuit.

“Am I going to die of sickness or a car crash today, huh?” Ezreal asks worriedly as his hand clutches the armrest as Jaxson weaves through traffic like a madman.

“Neither, almost there. Just a few blocks.” For Jaxson, the quintessential straight college boy who has the fortune of bagging any walking vagina in sight, Ezreal was the friend he held closest to heart. Like Ezreal, that close bond was formed the night of that frat party. Unlike Ezreal, he did not have that “crush” feeling that Ezreal had. Or so he thought. It was a lingering feeling that almost haunted him since the day he met Ezreal. Because how could he have feelings for a boy? He was straight. But it was always with Ezreal when those feelings came istanbul travesti up, no one else. However, he learned that day, or maybe the day after, that Ezreal would always be in his life. It’s one thing to bag any girl for a night, it’s another to meet a friend for life. So, right now he’s doing everything in his power to keep his friend alive.

“We’re here. Get out of the car and let’s go.” Jaxson says as he brakes the car to the point Ezreals head almost hits the dashboard.

To Ezreal’s surprise, he didn’t resurrect last night’s dinner all over the car. But the headache and dizziness were annoying him right now. “Umm, sir, savior, whatever, I can’t walk right now.”

“So lazy. Come on, up you go.” Jaxson lifted Ezreal from his seat and put him on his shoulders again.

“Thank you, Superman.”

“Whatever Ez, come on, let’s get you better.”

Jaxson, in his frantic state to get his friend better, somehow ended up at the university hospital and not urgent care. So when Jaxson came running in with a small boy on his back, the nurses rushed to action.

“He’s in a bad state, we need to get him to a room and run some tests. His weight is very low and his skin color looks abnormal. Sir, please have a seat in the waiting area while we take care of your boyfriend.”

The nurses and doctors rush off with Ezreal before he could correct two things. One, Ezreal has always been underweight. He’s just a scrawny, short nineteen-year-old. He does not eat a lot and his metabolism is the envy of every forty-year-old man. And two, Ezreal is not his boyfriend. But before he could get a word out, Ezreal was in the sectioned-off area and Jaxson was left waiting.

Time went by, thirty minutes, an hour, two hours.

“How is my friend doing? His name is Ezreal, Ezreal Brooks.”

“Sir, I told you, the doctor will update you when he has a chance. Please sit down. You are worrying everyone else.” This was the common exchange between Jaxson and the receptionist every thirty minutes or so. By the second hour, Jaxson finally took his seat and waited.

And waited. And waited. What he did not expect was the rush of emotions of began to feel just sitting there in the all too small, uncomfortable waiting chair. He thought about his life. How he has not talked to his parents since he left for college. It is hard talking to two parents who are seemingly, perpetually, high. College was a new start for him. And from the very start, Ezreal was always present. The thought almost made him go up to the receptionist again if it was not for the death glare she gave him once she saw his ass lose contact with the chair. And, finally, how all the constant hookups he had, always seemed meaningless. As if he was trying to find something with those women. But he never got anything from it.

And that is when Jaxson saw it. Just across from him, a family was waiting there just like him. In somber anticipation, preparing for the worst. But, in flash, their eyes flew open and he swore he could see a light in them.

“Honey!” They shouted as they rushed over to their daughter as she came out from the patient room. The way they embraced her, loved her and cared for her. He wanted that. He wanted that with someone. Love. Which is hard to come by when your parents are absent and you are left to your own devices for most of your childhood.

“For Mr. Brooks. Is anyone here for Ezreal Brooks?” Jaxson turned around as he heard the baritone voice of one of the doctors announced in the lobby.

“Yes, that’s me.” Jaxson got up from his seat, and for once was not greeted with a death glare from the receptionist.

Jaxson and the doctor met each other halfway. Jaxson’s hands were fidgeting in front of him in anticipation of bad news.

“So your friend is doing just fine. Do not worry.” The doctor said, attempting to keep Jaxson at ease. “He just caught a little virus and we need to prescribe him some medicine. But, other than that, he is just fine to go home today. He should be out shortly.”

Jaxson let out a sigh of relief and pumped his fist at the news.

A few short minutes later Jaxson heard, “Hey! Hey Jaxson! Can you wheel me out of here but, you know, not like how you drove here? I don’t want to be admitted in here again for motion sickness.” Ezreal said as one of the nurses pushed him into the lobby in a wheelchair.

“Why are you in a wheelchair, Ez?”

“Oh, I heard that all patients have to leave in a wheelchair at hospitals. So when they told me I can just walk out, I said NO. I must leave in a wheelchair. So here I am.” Ezreal said all giddy to be pushed in a wheelchair.

“Those are just for surgeries and new mothers. God, you are a nuisance.”

“Yes, he is.” said the nurse. “Make sure you keep this one safe. This whipper snapper caused me all kinds of pain.” The nurse left Ezreal right by Jaxson’s feet and walked off back into the patient area.

“Love you too, Bethany,” Ezreal shouted back as he watched the nurse walk away. He turned his attention back to Jaxson and said, “She istanbul travestileri likes me. She doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Oh, come on, let’s go. You caused enough pain in here today. They may ban you from this hospital for all the annoyance you caused.”

“I made their day. I asked them all types of questions like…”

Jaxson collapsed his hands on Ezreals mouth so he would not annoy the people in the waiting room. “No, shut it. Come on we are going home.” Jaxson picked Ezreal up from his wheelchair, put him on his shoulder, and carried him out of the hospital.

Just as they reached the sliding doors, Jaxson heard a whisper from one of the families, “Oh, they make a cute couple.” If it was not for saving these people from Ezreal’s annoyance he would have corrected them. But the hospital needed saving and he carried on taking Ezreal home. This time they drove a lot slower. Ezreal was back to dancing and being his dramatic self.

When they arrived back at the apartment, Ezreal insisted that Jaxson carry him again. “Alright down you go. No complaining. I’m not one of those nurses. I’ll let you suffer in here alone if you annoy me.” Jaxson said as he plopped Ezreal in his bed.

“No, no stay with me, Superman. I don’t want to be alone this dreary night.”

“Stop calling me that, Ez.”

“But you saved little old me.”

“Yeah from a fucking cold.”

“But you saved me,” Ezreal said with a cheeky grin with his perfect white teeth.

Jaxson rolled his eyes at Ezreals game, “Fine take your medicine and scoot your ass over.”

“Yay, sleepover.” Secretly, Ezreal loved times like these. The rare moments when Jaxson and himself shared a bed. Just like the first night they met.

“What are we watching?”

“Netflix… and… chi…” Just before Ezreal could finish, Jaxson bonked Ezreal’s head with the back of his fist.

“Stop playing. I’m here to take care of you.”

“That’s just fine with me,” Ezreal says with a smile.

And that’s what they did. They watched ‘Married at first sight’ on Netflix. Well, it was more Ezreal commentating with sprinkles of coughing and sniffling and Jaxson doing more of the watching. But, they both enjoyed each other’s company.

Jaxson was surprisingly the first one to fall asleep between the two. The stress of the day finally took a toll on him and he passed out. Ezreal caught himself commentating to himself as he heard Jaxson let out a soft snore. Ezreal laughed at himself for talking to himself. Looked at Jaxson with dreamy eyes. Leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, big guy.” Jaxson reacted as if he was trying to wiggle a fly off his face while he continued to snore. Ezreal had one last laugh for the night.

Ezreal lay there for the rest of the night. Although it may seem awkward, he enjoyed hearing Jaxson sleep. His deep breaths and soft snores were always comforting. You see, before Ezreal went to college, he came out to his parents. And being the conservative parents they were, they were not very happy to hear that their one and only boy was gay. But from the moment they met, Jaxson has been the one constant in his life. When his parents disowned him, there was always Jaxson who was there to comfort him. He could not be more grateful for him. So he just laid there, thankful for having someone like Jaxson in his life before he joined him in his slumber.

Jaxson awoke the next morning to Ezreal sleeping in his sweat. Ezreal was heating up.

Jaxson shook Ezreal awake, “Hey, hey, I think we need to go to the hospital again.”

“No, no,” Ezreal said as he awoke. “The doctor said this will happen. It’s just my body trying to get rid of whatever is inside of me. They said just keep giving me my medicine and stay by my side.”

“They did not say the last part,” Jaxson said as he titled his head at Ezreal trying to sneak one in on him.

“Mmmm but it would help,” Ezreal said while doing a terrible job of keeping back his grin.

“Fine. just for today though.”

That day turned into two. Two turned into three and Jaxson did not leave Ezreal side. And weirdly, he enjoyed it. He enjoyed taking care of his friend. Feeding him, giving him his medicine, and making sure he was okay. He wanted to do it. As if a force kept him by Ezreal side. He needed to make sure his friend was healthy. He just could not understand that force that made him want to stay.

It was now night four of Ezreal’s recovery. They both enjoyed this time more than anything. Just them two together. Especially for Ezreal where this was a four-day reprieve from having to hear Jaxson bring home another one of those, “Sluts”. The thing that bothered him the most was, “why can I not have him to myself?” Unlike Jaxson, Ezreal completely understood his feelings for Jaxson. How could he not? Ezreal felt safe and warm around Jaxson.

“Do you remember the night I met you?” Ezreal asked as he was in thought about Jaxson as they lay in bed together watching the third season of Love is Blind.

“Yeah, how could I not? Why do travesti istanbul you bring it up?”

“I don’t think I ever thanked you. For you know…”

“That guy was an asshole. He should of never put himself on you like that.”

“Why me though? Everyone else just watched. And, and…”

“Those frat fucks were disgusting. I did not want to join them anyways. And that solidified that for me. Plus you looked scared, how could I not intervene?”

“And you stayed with me.”

“Yeah. I knew I should have run when you annoyed me about sleeping next to you instead of on the couch because you were scared.”

“What? I was scared. I thought that guy was gonna come through my window.”

“And I would’ve knocked him out again if he did.”

“Oh, my hero.”

“Shut up.”

“I love you.”

“You’re…” Jaxson paused. He realized Ezreal did not say thank you, but he said…

Then Ezreal tried to keep a straight face. But his nerves got the best of him. It slipped. He knew it slipped. “Fuck, fuck,” was all he could think at that moment.

However, for Jaxson, he thought he would be repulsed by it. He always tells himself he’s not gay. But in the past days and in general, all he could think about was Ezreal. Taking care of Ezreal, feeding Ezreal, and making sure nothing worse happens to Ezreal. Just Ezreal. And he loved it. He loved…

“I’m sorry. It slipped. I meant to say…” Ezreal tried to save face. But Jaxson put a finger to his lips to keep him from finishing. He kept it there for a second, which felt like an eternity. Jaxson just looked at Ezreal. Took all of him in. His small, dainty body. His feminine hips and perky butt. His tight waist. His short black hair which almost covers his eyes made Jaxson realize just how attractive he was to Ezreal. And most of all. Just how much he cared for him.

Jaxson moved his finger. Leaned in. And kissed the boy he now knew he loved.

Although it was just for a second, he melted at the feeling of Jaxson’s lips on his. Surprised at first but he nearly went limp as he felt Jaxson’s plump lips lick with his. Something he dreamed about constantly finally came true. And it was almost out of nowhere. But only because he let his true feelings slip.

They both turned away from each other. Shocked at what happened. Ezreal wanted more. Jaxson was confused about what he just did.

“I’m sorry we should just sleep,” Jaxson said, starting to lean his back away from Ezreal.

But Ezreal caught him with his hand. Nudged at him to turn back around. Jaxson reversed and faced Ezreal again.

This time with all the confidence he had, Ezreal said, “it’s always been you. I love you.”

Jaxson felt something inside he never felt before. He thought back to the moment at the hospital where he watched people at the hospital worry, and stress, and then lovingly embrace their loved ones. If there was anyone he wanted that with, he knew that was Ezreal. “I love you, too.”

They kissed again. This time with more passion. Both melted into each other’s arms. Ezreal felt safe in Jaxson’s big arms and Jaxson felt warm holding Ezreal tight.

Both enjoyed the skin contact with one another. Ezreal loved the hair and scruff of Jaxson’s body. And Jaxson loved how smooth Ezreal was. The only thing keeping them separated was their underwear. They stayed like that for the rest of the night. As they both went to sleep holding one another.

The next morning Ezreal awoke first. He felt, happy. And had a mile-long smile on his face. Finally, the boy he always wanted was his. But that’s when he also realized that for the first time in five days he felt healthy again.

He nudged Jaxson awake. “I’m healthy. I feel fine.” He shouted.

Jaxson awoke quickly and saw Ezreal gleaming with delight. And almost instinctively he got on top of Ezreal and kissed him with all his might. That’s when they both knew last night was not a dream. It was one’s reality coming true and one attaining the thing they neglected to realize they wanted all this time.

Ezreal’s hands went to Jaxson’s firm chest feeling how strong Jaxson was as he lay on top of him. They both locked eyes. They both could not help but look lovingly at one another.

Jaxson broke the silence with, “you stink.”

Ezreal snickered and rolled his eyes, “so romantic.”

“Go take a shower, Ez.”

“Will you join me?”

“I’ll stay out here. Go take a quick one.”

Ezreal reluctantly went to the shower alone. Jaxson just needed time to think. He got up from the bed and paced around. He thought to himself, “I kissed a boy. Oh god, I kissed a boy. Am I gay, no I can’t be, maybe, I don’t know?”

Three minutes went by. Jaxson thought he should just bolt for the door and clear his head. Think about this later. But he heard the water stop. And Ezreal walked back into the bedroom and said, “I can’t wait any longer.” Water was still dripping down Ezreal’s naked body. His small cock was at full attention and his wide hips just look ready to be handled. Jaxson was stunned. He was not looking at his best friend anymore. No. He was looking at the sexiest sight he had ever seen. The water made his body seem like it was glowing. It accentuated every part of his body. Especially his tight stomach, narrow shoulders, and his sexy hips.

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