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It Started With An Email

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Several years ago I got an email at work that would change not only my life, but the lives of every person in the company I work for. The email said that Friday would be no panty day at work. I am typically of the conservative type so I decided not to give this little office game any thought. The office I work in is entirely women and we often play games that only girls could play, and I just brushed this off as one of those games.

On Friday I got to work and was seated at my desk when Mrs. White, my boss, came into the office.

“Panty check girls.” She said.

All of the other girls in the office stood up and lifted their skirts giving a quick flash to show that they were not wearing any panties. Mrs. White noticed that I had not stood up so she walked over to me.

“Mary, I’m doing a panty check so please lift your skirt.” She said.

With a worried grimace I stood up and lifted my skirt revealing my plain white, cotton panties.

“Didn’t you get the email?” Mrs. White asked.

“Yes, but…” I started to say, but she cut me off.

“If you got the email, then there is no excuse for you wearing panties today. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to be punished.” Mrs. White said.

“I’ll take them off, see.” I said, quickly yanking my panties to my ankles.

“It’s too late for that, you didn’t follow directions so you must be punished so that the rest of the girls don’t think they can get away with not doing what they’re told.” Mrs. White said.

“What are you going to do to me? Fire me?” I asked.

“Oh no, you are much to valuable to me to fire you, you just need to be taught a lesson to make bursa escort sure that you follow directions in the future. Come with me.” Mrs. White said.

I followed her into her office where she sat behind her desk and looked at me.

“Since you failed to comply with today’s no panty decree you will spend the rest of the day in the nude, now take off your clothes.” Mrs. White said.

“I have to spend the day naked?” I asked in horror.

“Do you want it to be a week? Now strip.” She commanded.

With a whimper I began unbuttoning my blouse. When I removed my bra I noticed that my breasts were flushed red with embarrassment, I can only imagine how my face must have looked. I unzipped my skirt and it fell to the floor leaving me naked, except for my high heels.

“Now, have a seat.” Mrs. White said, ushering me to where she wanted me to sit as my eyes were clenched shut and filled with tears.

She pushed me down onto a seat, but it was not a chair, it felt more like a saddle. I was just opening my eyes to look at this strange seat when I felt the shackles being closed around my legs. I looked down to find that I was being restrained to a Sybian, one of those vibrating saddle dildo things.

Mrs. White moved quickly to ensure that I did not kick out and get away and soon I was securely fastened to this thing from the waist down.

Next she grabbed my arms and latched them into shackles on the side of the saddle. I was completely immobile.

“There now, now that you are securely in place, let’s see how you like your new chair.” Mrs. White said.

She picked up a remote control and with the press bursa escort bayan of a button a long, thick, beaded dildo slowly rose from the Sybian and plunged itself into the deepest depths of my pussy. The sensation was so intense that I let out a shriek that turned the head of every girl in the office. The dildo made slow cycles thrusting in and out of my pussy.

With the press of another button a smaller object rose from the front of the Sybian and pressed against my clit. It began vibrating slowly. With the vibrations on my clit and the dildo working in and out of my pussy I was getting really turned on.

Mrs. White then pressed a third button and I let out a gasp as another dildo rose from the Sybian and forced its way into my ass. For awhile everything was going slow, but then Mrs. White increased the speed on all three devices.

“Now, it’s time for you to get to work.” Mrs. White said.

She rolled me back to my desk.

“How am I supposed to work like this?” I asked.

“Oh you won’t be doing your normal work today, you get a very special assignment.” Mrs. White said.

“What assignment can I do like this?” I asked.

“There are 25 bare pussies in this office, you are going to eat every one of them to at least one orgasm before the day is over. I suggest you get started.” Mrs. White said.

“I’m not a lesbian.” I insisted.

“You are today dear. Now unless you want us to call your husband over here to see how you behave at work you will get to work.” Mrs. White said.

With that she left and went back to her office.

“Lisa, get over here, if I’ve got to do this, I might escort bursa as well start with my friends.” I said.

Lisa just smiled as she removed her skirt, got on my desk, and pulled my still full speed chair into her so I could eat her pussy.

I had never even seen another woman’s pussy up close before so being made to have oral sex with 25 women in one day turned my stomach.

Luckily the Sybian, which had been cranked up to full speed had me so hot that I needed sex, any sex, so I dove my head between Lisa’s legs and got my first taste of pussy.

I licked for all I was worth, but damn was it hard to get her to cum with my hands restrained. I asked if I could get them released when Mrs. White came by to check on my progress, but she said no.

I found a technique that worked pretty well on most of the girls so I flew through a lot of them.

I had all of the girls done by mid afternoon so Mrs. White had me start again. When it was time to go home Mrs. White shut down the Sybian that had been giving me orgasm after orgasm all day. She released me from the restraints, helped me get dressed and put me in my car.

My husband was in a frisky mood, but I was so tired that I told him to go see if he could pick up a girl at the bars that he could fuck.

I slept all day Saturday, and on Sunday all I could think about was how humiliating it would be to walk into the office on Monday morning.

When I got there Mrs. White was strapping my friend Lisa to the Sybian.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Last Friday turned out so well that I’ve decided to make it an everyday thing, and all of the girls will take turns being our vice president in charge of morale for the day.” Mrs. White said.

That was three years ago. We now employ a total of 39 women, and every day, one of us comes to work and takes the special chair.

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