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It Started with a Camping Trip

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Big Butt

First foray into writing..I hope you enjoy it! See the bottom of this story about me.


I met David and Linda when I was 11, as her brother was my best friend Jon, and she was 23. I saw her get married, and grow into a beautiful woman. I become friends with her new husband, as Jon and I would go hunting with him on occasion, and I would do things with the whole family often as I got older (my parents moved away right after High School for a job). Sometimes the 4 of us (David, Linda, Jon and myself) would go camping together in Northern Arizona.

As I got older through high school, Linda would teasingly make comments about how I was filling out and getting muscles (I went from being scrawny to being in really good shape in about a year). A lot of the times she would say the things she said just to embarrass me, or make me turn red. I had seen her grow up as well, having seen her in a bikini numerous times and liked what I saw, as she went from a b cup to nice 38D’s. She was 12 years older than me (she was 34 at the time this happened) and had dark features, long brown hair, and brown eyes, with her heritage being Spanish. She had a nice, midsized ass, not fat, as she rode bikes, and worked out. She also had a very nice rack, even when she was younger. He husband David, who was 18 years older than me, was a big guy, contractor type, but nice as could be, and was 40 when this happened. David had the middle aged weight you get as you are older, and didn’t work out like Linda did.

It was on one of these camping trips that my life changed forever. I was 22, and in college, in good shape, and enjoying life. We had all planned a 3 day camping trip over Memorial Day. At the last moment, Jon cancelled. At this point I thought the trip was over, and it was going to be a boring weekend, until David called me up, and said lets still all go. I was worried about being a 3rd wheel, but he told me not to worry, we will all have fun.

We got up early and drove the 2.5 hours up to our campsite in a secluded area of Arizona, bantering all the way about life, college, dating, and everything between. The campsite was among the pines, and secluded which was nice. We set up camp, and decided to relax for a while and have lunch. They had brought their 2 ATV’s, so we would take turns going off in pairs and riding, and we did that during the afternoon. During a few stops while riding, they both asked me a number of times if I was having fun, and assured me it only gets better from here, although nothing clicked in my head.


Fast forward, we have cleaned up before dinner with a swim in the lake (with me stealing glimpses of Linda in her small bikini and large breasts). We had a few beers and cocktails, laughing, and joking around as we ate dinner. After dinner we started playing cards and games, with David and Linda occasionally asking about girls I had dated, what I liked in girls, etc. As the night got cooler, they cuddled under a blanket by the fire, touching one another. As it was getting late, I said good night, and went into my tent and they went into theirs. It wasn’t long before I started to hear giggling, and “shushing” of each other, as they were talking/playing around.

After about 10 minutes of this, I made a smart ass comment to the effects of keeping it down. David responded by saying she is very vocal when she cumms, and Linda said, “why don’t you come over and make me be quiet”. I didn’t know what to make of this (as I was getting hard), so I just said “whatever.” They whispered for a few more minutes, and then I heard the zipper to their tent open (I figured David was taking a leak). I heard footsteps approach my tent, and Linda asked if she could come in. I slid open the zipper on my sleeping bag, and opened the tent, to find her in just a t-shirt with her nipples hard against the front of the shirt. I think my cock got a little harder at that point. Before I could say anything, she came in the tent, and asked if we could talk. She lay down on the sleeping bag, and asked me to lie next to her, as she patted the spot next to her. She asked if I found her sexy, and of course I responded with a “yes” eagerly. She said she always thought I was cute, and found me attractive, even though there was a 12 year difference. I said thanks, and she asked if I ever thought her in a sexual way, and I hesitated for a moment and said yes. She leaned over toward me, and kissed me on the lips, touching my face as she opened her mouth and touched my tongue with hers. After a few moments, she pulled back, and asked if I was as turned on as she was, and I responded yes. She asked if I would like to join her and David in their tent for some fun, and didn’t wait for an answer as she grabbed my hand and led me to her tent.

As we entered into their tent, David was laying under the sleeping bad, touching himself, with a big shit eating grin, and said, “She is hard to say no to.” She pulled off her t-shirt, revealing (I later found out) 38D breasts, slightly hanging from the weight, and flat istanbul escort stomach, and a small landing strip of hair above her pussy. She came toward me, and told me to relax, and have fun, as she kissed me, and started to rub me through my boxers. I started to get with the program at that point, putting my arms around her waist as we kissed, and feeling her ass and body as she purred. She used a free hand to pull down my boxers, and then pulled herself away from my mouth as she slid down my body.

David, who was watching action, said, “You are going to enjoy this….she has been wanted to do this to you for a while”. She started to go down on me while she was on her knees, engulfing my cock, which was leaking pre-cum moments before. She pulled back, and said ‘yummm” and then continued. While she was doing this, David pulled back the sleeping bag revealing his thick 6 inches, and started to spread out the sleeping bag as a play area. She was doing such a good job that I was already starting to get close to cumming, so I pulled off of her. She asked what I was doing and I told her I didn’t want to cum in her mouth too soon. She asked why, she loves that (unlike my ex-girlfriends). She told me to lie down, and she knelt between my legs and resumed…and as she did that I noticed David start to play with her pussy, commenting on how dripping wet she was as he fingered her, and licking his finger. He asked me if I liked to eat pussy, and I said yes. He pulled her off of me, and she lie on her back and spread her legs, as David said “My turn” and fed her is cock. I immediately went down between her legs and started licking my way up her thighs and licking around her pussy, avoiding her clit. He pussy tasted sweet, and I slid a finger in, and rubbed her g-spot as she started to moan. David urged me on, and told me to make her cum. I started to suck on her clit, and lick it softly. She started to cum, pulling David’s cock out of her mouth as she moaned loudly. David encouraged her to let it out, and to cum loudly as he started stroking his cock. After she starting cumming he said he was going to cum, and pushed his cock in her mouth as she was finishing coming, and moaned loudly too as he came and she swallowed it all. I stopped playing with her, as I knew from my little experience with women that they are usually sensitive. David rolled over on his back, and they both caught their breath, and Linda drank some beer to swallow the rest of the cumm in her mouth and throat.

After a few minutes of me staring at her sweat glistening body, David told me, “your turn to cum.” She opened her legs and told me she wanted my cock inside her. I wasted no time, and knelt between her legs, and rubbed the head on the outside of her wetness. She reached down and literally pulled me into her, and moaned. I was incredibly turned on, but knew enough at that age to play it cool, and start slow. I slowly started fucking her, using only ½ the length of my cock, as she begged me to fuck her hard. She wrapped her legs around my hips, and used her strong legs to pull me deep into her, and at that time, I started to fuck her hard, pushing against her pubic bone, she reached down and started playing with her nipples as I fucked her, and I would occasionally bend down and suck on one. I could tell she was getting close to cumming, so I kept the same rhythm until she started loudly cumming. I slowed down my pace, and decided to take charge, and told her to turn over as I pulled out of her. She knelt between David’s legs and started tasting is semi hard cock as I worked my cock back into her as arched her hips up. I started fucking her hard, as she would lift off of David’s cock to moan occasionally. After a few minutes, I picked up the pace at David’s instance, as he kept telling me to fill up her pussy with cumm and fuck her good. I started to get that feeling in my cock, and I told her (them?) I was coming, and started to shoot my cumm into her. I felt her pussy tighten up on my cock as I was shooting into her and she came, moaning loudly. She looked back after wards and told me that always turns her on feeling cum shooting into her.

After a minute or two I pulled out, and David got up and told Linda to turn over. The light from the fire still lit up the tent, and he told her that was hot seeing another man’s cum in and dripping out of her. He then knelt down and pushed his cock in her, forcing my cumm back in her, and started to fuck her hard. My cock was still hard from all the excitement, and she told me she wanted to suck it. David was now fucking her hard, watching her suck my cock. She reach down as she was sucking me, and started playing with her nipples, urging David to fill her up too, and asking him if he liked sloppy seconds, to which he just picked up his pace, as I leaned back and watched them, with Linda sucking on my still hard cock. Pretty soon he announcing he was cumming, and she reached down, and started playing with her clit, as they both started cumming. I leaned over and sucked her nipple, trying to help. After şişli escort a few moments, they both sighed, and said, “That was awesome” I readily agreed and thanked them both, although I was a bit uncomfortable not knowing what this would do to our friendship. She leaned over, and gave me a hug, and a kiss, telling me thank you, she really enjoyed it. After a few minutes, as the fire was dying down as well, I figured it was best to retreat to my tent and told them goodnight, as I sought out my underwear. They both thanked me again, and I told them I was the one who should be thanking them as I had always wanted to have sex with Linda. They both laughed, as I retreated to my tent. I could hear them talking, whispering, and laughing, so I was assuming this was a good thing for them.

The next morning I laid in bed late, not sure of how comfortable things would be and finally hearing Linda call out to me to get up if I wanted breakfast. I came out of my tent, to see the both of them smiling at me and saying good morning. She handled me a plate of food and I ate breakfast, talking to them about the day’s plans, and avoiding what happened the night before. After a few minutes she asked if I was cool with everything that had happened last night, and I said I was, and had a lot of fun. We ate breakfast without mentioning it again, and just talking about things in general. David asked if I wanted to go down to the lake and rinse off, like we would do on our hunting trips, and I agreed. I went to get my towel and change into a swim suit, and I noticed as I came out of my tent he hadn’t changed. He asked if I was ready, and I said OK, and walked with him the 100 yards or so to the lake. He started to strip off his clothes, and asked if I minded, since we had already seen each other naked. I said no, I didn’t mind, and figured it would be rude for me to keep mine on as well, and striped down, and dove in. The water was cool, but wasn’t too bad, since it was a shallow lake. He started to talk low to me, and asked if I had fun, and if I was OK with everything. I said yes, and he explained that she had always wanted to do a 3 some ever since he told her about a 3 some he had in college with a roommate and a girlfriend. He also told me that she really enjoyed herself, and loved having two men pleasing her, and if I played things cool, we could have some more fun. I told him I was cool with that.

After cleaning up, and drying off, we relaxed for a bit, and David suggested we all go for a ride, and pack a lunch. Since the ATVs were really only for 1 person each, we would have to take it slow. David suggested that Linda and I share an ATV since I weighed less than him, and I agreed, and he took the cooler. We traveled a few miles over fire roads, with me enjoying feeling Linda’s breasts on my back, and arms around me, occasionally touching my chest, or reaching down to tease me. I was probably hard the whole time. We worked our way up and around a mountain, where David stopped at a clearing with a great view. We spread out a blanket, opened a few beers and enjoyed the view. After about 10 minutes of hanging out, all of a sudden Linda jumps up and takes her shirt off, exposing her great breasts. She announces that she is horny, and who wants to fuck her. David teasingly pushed my shoulder, so I joking said “pick me.” She told me to strip as she pulled off her shorts and boots. As I stripped, she tells me to lie back, and sucks my already hard cock for a moment, then tells me it is her turn to ride something, and straddled my cock. She lowered herself down on it, and leaned forward to offer me a nipple, as she started to ride my cock. I looked over to see if David is joining us, and he is rubbing his cock though his jeans. He sees me, and tells me that he is saving some for tonight’s action. I realize at that moment that the rest of the vacation is going to be sex filled. After a few minutes of Linda riding my cock, and me sucking her nipples, she starts to cum. She starts grinding on me really hard as she has a long orgasm, and then pulls off of me. She lies on her back, and tells me to fuck her. I slid my cock into her, and looked over at David, making sure he is cool with all this. She pulled my head down, and started kissing me passionately, as I started to fuck her and hearing her moan in my mouth. After a few minutes of this, I started to get that feeling, and picked up the pace….she tells me to pull out, and cum on her stomach, and I do, shooting a decent load (surprising since I had cum twice in the past 12 hours). She immediately started to scoop it up and eat it, saying she loved eating cum. I went down on her, wanting to make her come again, as I licked her freshly fucked pussy. She came pretty quickly as she cleaned up the remaining cum.

We laid there for a while and caught our breath, and I got dressed and started eating lunch. She said she preferred to be naked, and I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy body as she cleaned all the cumm off her stomach and played with her nipples occasionally. She explained mecidiyeköy escort that she didn’t want my load leaking out of her the whole trip back that was why she wanted me to cumm on her. David said it was because she was a cumm junkie, with a laugh.

My head was a whirlwind, as I had never encountered someone so sexual, much less done a 3 –some twice in 12 hours. As I jokingly said “Thanks…..again,” she said I better have some left for tonight, as it was going to be a long night. I responded with a huge smile. The rest of the day we rode around and when we got back I decided to go swimming. David and Linda thought that was a great idea to get all the dust off, and we all stripped and went skinny dipping. Even at this point, I am still amazed at everything that had happened. She gets out of the water, and suns herself on a rock as David and I splashed around and swim-raced for a while. She jokingly told us to save our energy.

Fast forward to after dinner. We are all sitting around, watching the fire, and talking. Linda stood up, and started walking toward their tent, and then turned around, and asks, “Are you guys going to join me?” as she started to strip her clothes off.

I looked to David, and he was already on his way to stand up, so I rose, and walked quickly toward the tent. Linda, watching, said with a smile, “While I like your enthusiasm, there is plenty for both of you.” We all slip our boots off outside, and come into the tent. She leans over, and started to kiss me, as I felt David on the other side of her, kissing the back of her neck. I realized at that moment that I better make the most of tonight and make a good impression. This was going to be the last time I got to play with her, I thought at the time, as we were leaving the next day. David pulled her arms behind her gently but dominating, as I started to unbutton her shirt, and play with her hard nipples. She was leaning against David as I sucked her hard nipples through her open shirt (she didn’t have a bra on). I started to unbutton her jeans and slid her zipper down. David reached a hand around into her jeans, and slid his hand into her cute panties, fingering her pussy. He took his hand out, and said, “look how wet she is”, and then she licked his finger clean. I kissed her, and tasted her pussy on her lips, much to my delight. I reached down, and started to slide her jeans down, from off her hips, as she stepped out of her jeans and kicked them across the tent. David pulled her shirt off from behind her, so all she had on was her g-string. I knelt down, and started to lick her though her panties, tasting her wetness, and hearing her moan. I reached up, and slid her panties down, and she stepped out of them.

Seeing that David and I had all of our clothes on, she told us she wanted us to strip, because she was ready to get this party started. David and I both took our clothes off in less than 10 seconds, and were on either side of her. We were kissing her, and fondling her body, taking turns rubbing her pussy. She pulled away from us and lay down on the floor, and told us that she wanted us to use her however we wanted. I knelt down, and started to eat her pussy, and looked up as David was driving his cock toward her mouth. After a few minutes of this, I pulled away. I figured since I had fucked Linda at lunch, David should have first shot. Seeing how he had more girth then me, I am sure he was going to loosen her up. I wasn’t worried; as I am sure she would make me cum, knowing how sexy she was. David knelt between her legs, and she reached down and guided him into her, and then reached over to me, and pulled me towards her mouth. I started to slide my cock in her mouth, as David started to fuck her, slowly at first, then harder, and harder. Pretty soon her was slamming into her, and she pulls my cock out of her mouth, moaning/screaming, “oh fuck, Oh god, I am cumming” as she squeezed my cock, and started to cum hard. She arched her back up to meet his thrusts. He drove into her for a while as came and then slowed down to let her recover. After a few minutes of slowly fucking her, he started to pump into her faster. She started to have another orgasm, and all of a sudden, he announced he was cumming too. Feeling like a third wheel, I started to back off to let them have a moment. As Linda recovered from her orgasm she reached over, and put my cock back in her mouth. AS David finished, he slowly pulled his cock from her, looked at me with a smile and said your turn.

I wasn’t sure what to think, as I saw her pussy open, oozing with his cum, when she said, hurry up, and plug that leak. I moved down between her legs as David took up my position and she cleaned off his cock, and purred. She said, “This has been the best camping trip ever”, as she spread her legs for me. I reached down, and slid the head of my cock into her wetness, feeling both of their juices, and slid all the way in. David had done a pretty good job of filling her up and working her over, and she felt hot and sticky inside. I started to work my cock in and out at a good pace, and she urged me on. David told me to fuck her good. I started fucking her slowly, feeling their juices coming out down, and making my balls wet. David has leaned back, watching, stroking his semi hard cock.

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