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It Didn’t Start Well Pt. 02

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It was close to 1:00am when Eric and Chris said goodnight to Sondra and left the club. On the way home, Chris asks Eric not to mention anything that had happened tonight at work Monday. He has always been a private person, and has never been comfortable sharing the personal aspects of his life with people he hasn’t grown to trust. It’s hard enough with people he does trust.

Eric, being a good friend, understands and lets Chris know, “What happens at The Hole In The Wall, stays at The Hole In The Wall. If anyone hears about tonight, they’ll hear it from you.”

Chris then asks Eric what he should do if Beth or Faye call him.

“When one of them calls, you should just say yes.”

“Say yes to what?”

“Anything they ask.”

“You’re a regular cornucopia of wisdom Eric.”

“That wisdom helped get your ass hooked up with two smoking hot Amazons tonight motherfucker! You’d be home sleeping right now having dreams that couldn’t touch the reality you just had!”

“I’ve got some Bengay at home if you want to stop and pick some up.”

“What the hell would I need that for?”

“As hard as you’re patting yourself on the back right now, your shoulders are probably going to be hurting like a bitch tomorrow.”

“Ok wise guy, but you know if I hadn’t kept leaning on you tonight to come out and enjoy yourself, you would never have met Beth and Faye. You can joke all you want, but you can’t deny!”

“Yeah, that is true.” Chris replies. “I guess I’ll let you know later if I’m going to thank you or curse you. Those two can be kind of scary.”

While smiling his ass off, Eric is thinking, ‘You have no idea big guy!’

“Is there something funny you’d like to share Eric?”


About nine hours later, Chris’s phone rings.


“I didn’t wake you did I?”

“Who’s this?”

“Ouch!! Not even ten hours ago you had your lips pressed to mine and now you don’t even remember me! Beth warned me you were too good to be true.”

“Good morning Faye. “

Even through the phone she can tell he’s blushing.

“You have any plans for today?”

“Nothing etched in stone.”

“Feel like joining Beth and me for a cookout this afternoon? Once you told us you just had a birthday, we decided we wanted to do something nice for you.”


“Well, our place of course sweetie!”

“You and Beth are roommates?”

Trying not to laugh, “Yeah honey, we’re roommates.” She and Beth had asked Sondra and Eric not to let the cat out of the bag last night. They thought it would be better if he found out from them.

“What should I bring?”

“We have everything we’re going to need right here. Except you that is!”

“Uh. . .that, um, that sounds fine. When should I show up?”

“Give me your address and I’ll swing by and pick you up around 12:00.”

Chris gives Faye his address, and before hanging up she says, “Oh, and bring a change of clothes. See you at 12:00, bye!”

As the line went dead, Chris replayed the last part of the call in his head, ‘a change of clothes? For a cookout?’

He didn’t have her number so he couldn’t call her back, (Caller ID is still over ten years away) and it has just occurred to him, with her driving, he won’t have an escape route if things don’t turn out well (a.k.a. if he fucks something up).

There is a knock on Chris’s door at 12:00 sharp, and Chris is amazed at how hot a pair of khaki shorts and a pale blue sleeveless top can look.

“Did you miss me sweetie?” Faye asks as she gives Chris a quick kiss.

Chris is of course caught off guard and once again speechless, and without realizing it, backs up as Faye moves forward toward him through the doorway. Once inside, she puts her arms around his waist and pulls him to her for a hug (and to subtly cop a feel) while the door closes behind them.

Chris feels himself getting aroused, and attempts to pull his hips back trying to keep his condition hidden. By touch at least.

Faye spins them both like a professional dancer and pushes Chris against the closed door while pressing her body to his. She then brings her lips to his ear.

“Put your arms around me and listen.”

“I don’t want you to be nervous around me. I don’t want you to be embarrassed about how your body responds to me,” as she subtly increases the pressure of her hips against his.

“You make me feel the same way. You just can’t see it. . .yet. I’m going to keep us here like this until you relax enough with me in your arms to tell me you are ready to go. There’s no rush, take all the time you need.” and she rests her head on his shoulder, all the while thinking, ‘God I can’t wait to get him home and see him naked! I wish I hadn’t promised Beth I would wait!’

It takes him a few minutes, but Chris eventually relaxes enough to tell her he is ready. She was surprised when he thanked her. He grabs his overnight bag and follows Faye to her car.

Once they are on their way, Faye hands Chris a small paper bag.

“You might want to keep this with your bursa sınırsız escort bag.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a toothbrush. Sometimes the drinks get flowing pretty good, and it’s better to stay over than trying to drive home drunk. That’s why I told you to bring a change of clothes. I wasn’t sure if you had a spare toothbrush, so I stopped and picked one up for you.”

“Stay overnight with you and Beth?”

“We have a spare bedroom. Are you worried about ruining your reputation honey?”

“I don’t think I have one to ruin.”

Under her breath Faye replies, “Not yet.”

Chris, hearing her say something, “What was that?”

Faye glances at him and says, “I was just saying that I’m so glad we met.”

“Oh, so am I.”

Faye kept the conversation light (stress free) during the forty minutes it took to arrive at their three-bedroom colonial. It’s located on just over eight acres of mostly wooded land that borders a county-owned park/reservoir. The house sits at the end of a long winding gavel driveway about one third of the way into the property. Chris is both impressed and a little intimidated. Faye notices, and can’t help teasing him a little once she parks.

“Am I going to have to help you relax again before we get out of the car?”

Without really thinking it through, Chris replies, “What if I’m like this all day?”

Faye gives him a brilliant smile and says in a seductive voice, “Sweetie, I promise you, before today is out, you will be very relaxed!” and then casually adds, “Let’s tell Beth we’re here.”

They both exit the car, and Chris follows Faye to the back of the house where there is a partially covered deck, an in-ground pool and a brick barbeque that is currently in use. Beth is sitting on a lounge chair on the deck wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When Faye announces their arrival, Beth stands up and walks toward Chris.

Chris looks at Beth and is thinking she would make wearing a refrigerator box look hot.

“Great timing Faye, the steaks are almost done!”

Chris continues looking at Beth and asks, “Who else is coming?”

Beth wraps her arms around him, gives him a lingering kiss and as she pulls back, slides her right hand down past his hip and gives his left butt cheek an almost imperceptible squeeze. She steps back and gives Chris a piercing stare.

“Are you asking for the number or the order?”


“It’s just the three of us honey,” Beth replies, as Chris watches her walk over to Faye, then observes them while they embrace and kiss each other on the lips.

He didn’t see that coming.

Beth turns back toward Chris and asks if he can give Faye a hand bringing the rest of the food out from the kitchen while she finishes up with what’s on the barbeque.

While in the kitchen, Faye asks Chris how he spent his birthday last Wednesday.

“I spent the day moving into my apartment.”

When Faye replies that moving didn’t sound like a great way to celebrate an 18th birthday, Chris tells her that moving out of his parents’ house was the best gift he could have given himself.

Between what he said and the tone of his voice, Faye perceives there is something deeper that was left unsaid, but she chooses to let it go for now. As they finish bringing the food, drinks and condiments from the kitchen out to the table on the deck, Beth is bringing the steaks and potatoes from the barbeque. Faye asks Beth to accompany her to the kitchen as an excuse to have a brief chat.

“Beth, I know we had planned to feed him and then fuck him for the rest of the day. . .or weekend, but I think there is more to him than just being a shy 18-year-old who hasn’t gotten laid yet. I’m beginning to really like the guy, and I don’t want to do anything to screw with his head.”

“Keep going?” Beth hadn’t mentioned it yet, but she had been thinking things through while Faye was gone and had come to a similar conclusion.

“It’s just a hunch based on bits and pieces of information, but I think I’m right on this. He told me he spent his birthday moving into his apartment, and it was the best gift he could have given himself. I think there’s some shit that went on at home that we should find out about before we do anything else. I mean, think about it, he’s 18, has his own place, has had his own car since he was 16, he’s been working since he was 14. He always speaks from the heart; I think his tongue would fall out if he tried to tell a lie. He’s got more going for him now than I did when I was 25. And with all that, for some reason no girl has come along and jumped his bones yet? It just doesn’t make any sense. A guy like him should be able to get laid in a fucking convent!”

“And did you feel what was under his shirt when you put your arms around him? Why does he go through so much trouble trying to hide it? I don’t want to tell you how close I was to saying fuck my promise, throwing him down on the floor of his apartment and jumping his ass when I picked him up earlier!”

“I’m quite aware of how he feels under those bursa üniversiteli escort clothes Faye! How did you come to know all this about him? Did he tell you?”

“I asked Sondra when I called to get his number. She gave me Eric’s number so I could ask him what she couldn’t tell me. There’s no doubt the shy thing is real, but where was it when he stepped to those three jerks last night? They looked like they were going to piss themselves. I swear they breathed a sigh of relief when the bouncers stepped in. Eric also told me the crazy fuck stole a cop car and drove it into a creek three years ago because the cop kept fucking with him and some other guys in his neighborhood.”

“He did what??!”

“Yeah, the cop would go to the same 7-11 at the same time every day for coffee and leave his car running. Chris asked Eric to be his look-out. Eric said Chris had this blank look on his face while he was getting into the car, like boosting a cop car was something he does every day. Chris had told Eric where the pier was that he was going to launch the car from, and had Eric pick him up about a mile away so he wouldn’t get caught up if things went south. When Eric picked Chris up and asked if he was ok, Chris told him he was hungry and had a taste for some pizza. He told Eric he would pick up the tab to thank him for helping. Eric told me Chris had the same blank look on his face when he picked him up that he had when he took the car. The same one we saw last night when he walked back to his seat after the bouncers took out the trash, according to Eric. He saw it too.”

“Holy shit!! He’s a fucking madman! Who would have thought?” Beth exclaims while they both start to laugh.

“Right!” Faye replies, “But he can barely look us in the eye when we are all but throwing ourselves at him. I like him Beth, and from a purely physical standpoint, I want to throw him down and fuck his brains out! But I really do like him, and I don’t want to do anything to fuck his head up. I think he’s a good guy.”

“You got a plan?”

Faye always has a plan.

“He’s been straight with us all along. It had to be hard as shit to tell two women he had just met that he had never even been on a date. So, we start telling him some of the crazy shit we did when we were younger, that should loosen him up a little, get him more comfortable. Then we ask him about any crazy shit he did. There has to be something. There’s no way I’m believing stealing a cop car was his one and only.”

“Once we get him talking a little, we slowly guide the conversation to his homelife. See what happens. I really want to know about him. Sondra is a good judge of people and she likes him. Hell, she said he impressed the shit out of her. He’s friends with Eric, and he struck me as a good guy. Sondra backs that up too. I want Chris to have a great time this weekend. And I sure don’t want him to leave thinking he was just a piece of meat. He doesn’t look at us that way, and I won’t treat him that way. And neither will you!”

Beth is laughing when she says, “Ok mother hen! Let’s go see if we can give him a weekend to remember. I like him too. I was looking for a way to tell you pretty much the same things before anything got out of hand. I called Sondra myself when you left. I didn’t think to see if I could give Eric a call. Slick move Faye.”

When they walk back outside, Faye walks up to where Chris is sitting and puts a set of car keys and a piece of paper on the table in front of him.

“What’s this?” he asks.

“It’s my car keys and our phone number. If you get too uncomfortable here at any time today, you can use my car to go home if you don’t want one of us to take you. We love having you here, but we don’t want you to feel trapped in any way. If you feel you need to leave, put the keys under the mat, lock the car and Beth will bring me by to get it.

We’re hoping you won’t have reason to use the keys, and that you will have reason to use the number. Often.” Faye then smiles and says, “You hungry?”

Chris looks at the spread in front of him, “I could eat. It looks great!” while his mind is still pondering what Faye has just told him vs the kiss Beth and Faye shared earlier.

During lunch Beth and Faye start telling Chris funny/embarrassing stories about each other. It’s hard to be tense when you’re laughing. Faye nailed that one.

Chris also discovers they are both very easy to talk to when they aren’t teasing him. Even when they are, he knows it’s all good natured.

They just get off on seeing him blush.

He finds out Beth and Faye went to the same Catholic schools for twelve years, and they met Sondra in high school. He also learned how Beth and Faye had gotten thrown out of Faye’s senior prom by the nuns when they slow danced together near the end of the evening. Beth was Fay’s date. That was in 66; you know that went over like fart in church.

“About that. . .” Chris inquires, “is it safe to assume you two are a couple?”

“Picked up on that did you?” Beth bursa anal yapan escort replies with a wink.

“Yeah, I’m quick like that,” throwing in an eye roll just because.

“Does that bother you?” she says back with a grin.

“No, it doesn’t bother me that you both have the same preference I do. But, it does bring some questions to mind about the tag team kissing match you both had with me last night. Care to enlighten me on what that and today was about?” he replies, looking somewhat bewildered.

Faye asks, “Are you saying you didn’t like it??” while batting her eyes with exaggerated innocence, because innocence isn’t a look she can pull off with any authenticity. And she knows it.

“The only thing I didn’t like was the 25-minute cold shower that did absolutely nothing for me when I got home!”

When they both laughed, he continued while smiling with some embarrassment, “That wasn’t a joke.”

Beth leans toward him and says seductively, “Trust me when I tell you honey, if you have to do that tonight, it won’t be because of us!” and smiles right back. “Such a cute blush you have there Chris”

“Yeah, thanks. . .You do know I don’t get any pleasure out of it right? It makes me uncomfortable?”

“Well that’s an easy fix,” Faye replies, “Just stop blushing and we’ll stop saying things that make you blush. Sounds pretty simple to me.” Grinning the whole time.

Trying to ignore that comment, Chris attempts to get the conversation back on track and says to Beth, “Anyway. . . you still haven’t answered the question about last night and today.”

“Are you ignoring me Chris?” Faye asks with false indignation.

“No more than you’re ignoring my question ‘sweetie’,” Chris replies with genuine sarcasm.

“Be careful what you ask for.”

“We’re bi-sexual Chris. We like men and women. And we decided last night, if you happen to be interested of course, that we would both like to see more of you. See where it goes. How’s that for an answer? I think that puts the ball in your court sweetie!” Faye replies with a smirk. Followed shortly by a wink.

Seeing the look of shock on Chris’s face, and wanting to get the conversation off of them and back onto him, Beth changes the subject, “Did you really try to turn a cop car into a U-boat?”

“Where the hell did you hear that? Never mind. . . that fucking Eric!”

It’s Faye’s turn to keep the conversation moving, “We told you some of the crazy shit we did in high school, how about telling us some of the stunts you pulled? With no girls around, I bet you were completely off the chain!”

“There really isn’t much to tell about high school. I mostly kept a low profile,” he replies.

“Other than grand theft auto?” Faye answers back with yet another smirk.

“That happened during the summer. It had nothing to do with school.”

Beth then goes for a long shot, “How about grade school? Any interesting tidbits from there? There must be at least a story or two from those eight years.”

They both see his face color, and he can feel it as it happens.

“Well. . . that looks quite incriminating! Come on Chris, spill” Beth teases.

“Yeah Chris, tell us what a bad boy you were!” Faye continues to smirk.

Chris is beginning to believe that is her normal expression. She does it so well.

Not seeing any options since they had been so forthcoming with their indiscretions, Chis begins filling them in on some of the disruptions he had caused during his eight-year sentence in grade school; involving Crazy glue, stink bombs, Brasso (flammable) brass cleaner and tennis balls, how he learned to make a flammable jell from household products and the fun things he could do with it, fun with (dozens of) cockroaches and the school kitchen, (he had no idea they could fly at the time; you could almost mistake them for sparrows at a distance; shit plant cockroaches are huge),mice, rats, snakes, bottle rockets, water and stink bomb balloons, open cans of cat food left in the heating ducts over the weekend, etc. etc.

While Chris is divulging accounts of his childhood indiscretions, both girls are laughing to the point of tears. He notices at one point, (during one of the flammable jell stories) that Faye suddenly has a strange look on her face. When he recounts an incident about bringing a snake into school, Faye grabs Beth’s arm, and when she turns to look at her, Faye whispers something in her ear, and then they both turn back to Chris with their mouths hanging open.


Beth asks Chris, “What grade school did you go to?”

He tells her, “Why do you ask?”

Faye looks at Beth and says, “He’s got to be the one Anna’s youngest son had told us about.”

Beth looks at Chris and says, “Did you go to school with a Mike Butler?”

Now Chris’s jaw starts to sag, “How do you know that?”

“Oh my God! That was you!!” Beth exclaims.

“Uh, what was me?”

Faye takes over, ” Beth and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Mike’s mother Anna is friends with both of our parents’ and she use to babysit us when we were young. Then as we got older, we had an open invite to her pool in the summer and we began to see her more as family then a sitter. We still get together with her every two or three weeks. For at least five years her son Mike would come home with these outlandish stories about a kid named Chris that he went to school with.”

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