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Isabelle Over Her Head

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“What am I suppose to do when you’re gone?” her short tone spoke louder than the actual words she was saying. She was frustrated that Michael had to leave for business on such short notice. He couldn’t help but think that even when she was angry, she was still sexy as hell.

Isabelle was of Italian decent; her skin was smooth (although this probably had more to do with the fact that she was 25 than her Italian lineage), her legs were long and she had beautiful eyes. She had gained 8 or 10 pounds lately because of her new desk job but she wore it well for her height. She 5’5″ and had some curve to her now — it was glorious.

“I don’t know. Have dinner with friends? Work on some projects?” Michael retorted.

“I don’t mean to occupy my free time! I mean sexually. You’re going to be gone for 11 fucking days!” Now she started to look angrier. Speaking the words out loud made her realize even more how cock-depraved she would have to be.

Michael stopped packing for a moment and smiled at her, trying to keep the situation as light as possible. He had been offered a photography project but it was a big job it meant leaving her alone for a bit. “We have an open relationship.” He finally replied, “I’m going to be too busy to fuck probably, but you should take advantage of the fact.” He winked at her and turned to pack again.

Isabelle hesitated for a moment — he had a point. She did love HIS cock though. It was the biggest she had ever fucked and she had become addicted to it over the past year. She loved worshipping it until he came on her face, feeling it stretch the walls of her pussy; she even loved feeling it tearing her asshole up. She measured it once: just less than 8 inches long and over 5 inches around. “Sex with other guys is boring…” she pouted.

Michael turned to her once again and kissed her. “Then find some guys who aren’t boring, baby. Go wild!” He laughed a bit and zipped up his luggage. “Oh, and try to at least get some photos for me.”

She wasn’t entirely sure if he was serious but it seemed quite possible. They had, after all, gone to a sex party, had multiple threesomes, and Isabelle was subjected to a very hot gangbang only a month ago. They often spoke about all the hot things they would soon do: Visit the gloryholes, make a movie, fucking on stage in a porn theatre, outdoor bondage and more. She suspected that they may actually never do some of them but she loved to fantasize about them in the morning when Michael was at work and she was slow to get up. She would often finger fuck her asshole while she used a vibrator on her clit obsessing over the fantasies, in fact.

“Well,” she thought for a moment longer. “I guess that’s true. Now that I have an empty house I can do anything I want! Maybe I’ll have another gangbang when you’re gone. Or find a guy with a cock bigger than yours! Or fulfill some fantasies you and I talk about WITHOUT you.” She was trying to make him jealous and he knew it.

“I’d love to see that.” He chuckled to himself. He looked at her and she was tying back her long black hair. He could see in her eyes that she was not impressed with the last comment. He had to leave soon and he hated leaving when things weren’t good between them. “I mean it; I would love to see it. Take photos!”

It was a good cover attempt but she didn’t buy it. She had taken the comment far too personally — the recent weight gain had made her self-conscious. “OK. Have a good trip. I love you!”

She was better at covering up than him. Michael thought he had actually dodged a bullet. He kissed her and headed for the door. “Bye baby! I love you too! I will see you soon!!”

Isabelle couldn’t believe it. He actually thought she wasn’t sexy enough to do all that. Or maybe he thought she didn’t have the ambition or the sex drive. Or maybe he just thought she was lazy or afraid to go out and act single. Her head was spinning with ‘maybes’. “Fucker…” she mumbled to herself. She would show him. He always called her a slut or a whore or sex slave or any other number of terms. He loved reminding her how naughty she was. She decided it was time to remind HIM how naughty she was.

She sat down on the computer and created a new ad on craigslist. The title was simple enough: ‘Horny, Recently Single and Very Kinky!’ The posting followed as such:

Hey guys! I am very recently single and looking to release some tension. My boyfriend stopped paying attention to me in the end so I need to be reminded what a good fuck feels like! I’m not looking for dinner and dates — just good cock.

My stats: 5’5″, average body, long black hair, tan, 36C tits, shaved and I have no apparent gag-reflex.

You: Between 20 and 40, Fit, Kinky with some original ideas. Big Antalya Escort cocks and kinky ideas to the top of my reply list! Give me a reason to choose you and include a RECENT pic!!

She added 2 photos that Michael had taken of her in her black lingerie. The photos were the same that they had used for the gangbang ad so her face was mostly blacked out. She admitted to herself there were some exaggerations in the ad but it would help attract the kinky ones and weed out the boring guys. If she wanted a boring guy she would go to a bar.

Only 2 hours after posting she had received over 40 replies. She took the time to open each one. If it was less than 2 sentences it was deleted. If it had no picture, it was deleted. This left only about 10 replies. After deleting the unattractive guys and the 2 who were over her age boundaries she was left with a disappointing 2 acceptable replies. The first guy was tall, middle-eastern in decent and dark handsome features. He claimed he knew how to use his cock and that he would make her cum over and over again. One problem, his cock was definitely less than 6 inches. Deleted.

She opened the last remaining reply. Hs name was Derrick. He claimed that he operated a porn website for a living so ‘vanilla sex’ didn’t exist in his life. He claimed a regular round of sex involved slapping, anal sex, throat fucking, dirty talk, 69ing, and a facial. At the bottom of his lists of regular sexual practices he added, “But I can get regular sex anywhere. Let me know if you want to do something wild.” She always read into signs and she figured that HAD to be one. She scrolled down further and her jaw nearly dropped. He was 6 feet tall with dark brown hair. He was in pretty good shape with broad shoulders and trimmed cheat hair and he had a devious smile. What really caught her attention though was the massive cock hanging between his legs.

“You run a porn site? Looks like you star in porn!” she said aloud. She quickly sent him a reply with more photos. She made it clear that she was available and that he wouldn’t be bored with her. She put on her usual over-confident act. “I’ll blow you fucking mind.” Was how she ended the reply to his e-mail. She had to leave for work even though she wanted to stare at the photo and cum. It would have to wait!

As always, the used car dealership she worked for was dead and she sat at her desk wet for at least 5 hours of her 8 hours shift wet from the e-mails they exchanged. His manner of e-mail was arousing and he easily encouraged her to admit all of her fantasies. She told him past experiences and he trumped all of hers with his own stories. She felt challenged and she felt the need to impress him. Her final e-mail of the day was, “I have the next 3 days off. Which day will you make me your whore?”

His reply was simple and only two lines: “We will start tonight at 10:00 – You may want to have a couple drinks first. -Derrick”

He left his phone number for her as well. Isabelle wrote it down and pocketed it. She spent the 30 minute commute home contemplating whether or not to call him. It wasn’t until she got home and sat down that she started thinking of things other than Derrick’s monstrous cock. She remembered Michael’s doubt that she would take advantage of the open relationship. All those feelings flooded back and she knew at that moment how she would spend at least the first 3 days of her time alone.

After her first drink she called Derrick and they chatted easily. His voice and his bluntness made her wet. “I’m glad you decided to call. So you’ve decided to learn a few things?”

She sipped from her drink and tried to act as cool as possible when she spoke back to him. “I’ll give you a shot even though I think you’re all talk.”

They bantered back and forth a bit before Derrick gave her his address. “Try not to be late.”

Isabelle finished her second drink as she dressed herself. She needed to impress him — he probably fucked porn models on a regular basis so she needed to be as sexy as possible. She decided to go full out and wear her black lingerie. It consisted of thigh-high, nylon stockings, a garter belt to keep those stocking up high, and a tight, black corset that she had some trouble tying up in the back. She skipped panties altogether. Wearing this alone made her feel sexy and slutty and she knew it was the right idea. She slipped on a red skirt that clung half-way down her thighs, classy black heels, and a black top just large enough to hide what she was wearing below.

Isabelle relaxed for a moment and stared at his pictures while she finished one final glass of wine. Three drinks were always enough to get her spinning and when she was like that; she was prone to do almost anything. Antalya Escort Bayan She had drinks before she let Michael fuck her ass; she had drinks before her gangbang. The more she thought of it, she had more fun when she drank and she knew that tonight would be no exception.

She arrived at the address that Derrick gave her at 10:05. It was a small building and on the outside it said, ‘Cyclone Studios’. She had expected his home but it was obvious this was where he made his films and produced his site. A woman was still working at the front desk and she met Isabelle with a smile. She quickly took Isabelle to Derrick’s office and allowed her in. Derrick got up to meet Isabelle as she closed the door behind her with a smile on his face. She smiled back and took a step towards him. “Hi, Derri-“

She was interrupted when he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against a wall. He pushed his mouth against hers and for a moment she was paralyzed with shock. But he was good at kissing and she came to her senses and kissed back. She admitted to herself that she was there for just that, so why be shocked? The adrenaline and the power of it made her pussy tingle.

“You look awesome!” he said as he broke away from her for a moment. “Well, other than the shirt, of course. You won’t need that.”

Isabelle put up no fight as he removed it over her head. Despite the glasses of wine she was beginning to wonder though, if she was in over her head. His hands began running along her body and his fingers slipped into her corset where they could. Her nipples grew hard at the light attention they were getting and her doubts began to melt. “You don’t waste any time, do you, Mr. Derrick?” She asked as sexily as possible.

“Not on whores.” He looked her in the eyes when he said this and then he undid the zipper on the side of her skirt. She gasped as it fell to the floor and her natural reflex was to cover up. But Derrick grabbed her wrists and put them up next to her head as he took her body in through his eyes. “No underwear. You don’t waste any time either, do you?” He smiled at her.

His hands roughly pried her legs open wider so that he could run his hands along her smooth slit. She moaned slightly at his touch and her pussy reacted immediately. She could feel herself getting wetter as his fingers explored her soft, smooth lips. Derrick looked at her and spoke once again. “Your ex-boyfriend ignored this? What a fucking idiot!”

Isabelle had almost forgotten the pretenses she was there under and did her best not to defend her current boyfriend. “Who cares about him, Derrick? I’m here with you now.” She began sliding her hips back and forth slightly on his hands and moaning quietly. Her moaning grew increasingly louder very quickly when he slipped one of his thick fingers inside her. His thumb teased her clit while his middle finger fucked her quickly.

“You are here with me now and I have a plan for you. You’re going to get over that guy by fulfilling all of your wild fantasies.” He pushed a second finger in her as he finished the sentence. “You’ll start by sucking a 9 inch cock and begging for my cum all over your pretty little face.”

Her eyes widened at his confidence and her own excitement. “Yes. Yes, I want that. Ohhh, god I want to be so bad for you.”

He let her hands go and she fumbled to undo his belt, button and zipper as he continue fucking her with his fingers. When his pants were open he stopped her from dropping to her knees for a moment. He reached his hands inside the corset and lifted her tits free of it so they hung out on top. He slapped her tits once on each side and then looked at her. “Well, get on your fucking knees and see if you can impress me.”

She did as she was ordered. She was so wet just from doing what he said. This man was a complete stranger other than the e-mails they had shared and now she was reaching her hand in to his underwear because she wanted nothing more than to have her face fucked by his painfully large dick. She tried not to gasp when she wrapped her hand around it and freed it from its cotton prison. She could just touch her finger and thumb when her fist was wrapped around it and it looked so perfect — exactly like the photo. It had 2 big veins on it and a beautiful head. His cock was thicker in the center than it was at the tip and her first thought was that it would just make it easier to get it inside her.

Derrick put his hands into her hair and tangles his fingers through it. Isabelle kissed the side of his cock gently and it pulsed in her hands. The fucking cock was still growing! She licked the tip of his cock and looked at Derrick in the eyes as she kissed it again and again. She began licking it from Escort Antalya the bottom upwards with a slobbery tongue, following her tongue closely with her expert hand. Her other hand found its way to his big balls and she cupped them gently as she first took the cock into her mouth. She knew she couldn’t waste time — he didn’t seem like the type who enjoyed being teased. She slid the cock 4 inches into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it for a minute. She withdrew the cock and spat on it then began slapping her cheeks with it. She thought of all the porn she had watched and tried to do everything better. “Mmm, yeah… It tastes so fucking good. You want it back in my mouth?” She looked up at him with her big eyes, stuck out her tongue and slapped his dick on it repeatedly.

He gave her a quick but definite answer. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed his hips forward and began feeding her the cock. “Of course I want it in your fucking mouth! But only to start because in a minute it will be in your fucking throat, bitch!” Her eyes watered as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Her gag reflex was difficult trigger but he was doing it. She coughed and choked and gasped every time he withdrew his cock but she never quit. She kept grabbing it and putting it back in her mouth and her kept shoving it deeper. Finally, he grabbed her head hard and pushed his cock in with force. “Take it all now, bitch! Like you told me you love doing earlier today! Eat your fucking words now!” She couldn’t breathe at all and her hands grasped at his ass and back in a panic as he slipped all 9 fat inches in her. She felt his balls rest on her chin and heard him moaning in pure ecstasy. If she hadn’t been terrified of choking to death she would have been proud.

When he released her she cough and dropped to her hands and knees. She couldn’t even speak to tell him to take it easy. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face next to his. “I didn’t tell you to stop and you said you’re my whore. That means you do what I say!” He pushed his cock back in her throat, but this time it slipped in easier. He could feel her esophagus massaging his hard dick and her muffled moans and gasps as he began pushing deeper made him hornier. He was close to cumming now.

He pulled out and let Isabelle drop to the floor gasping for oxygen once again. He removed his pants entirely and sat down on the couch he had in his office. “Crawl over here and finish what you started.” This was his test. She was either his now or she would tell him to fuck off. Isabelle looked at him with watery eyes and breathed deeply. She slowly crawled towards him.

Michael raised his legs up and started stroking his cock with one hand. “Good girl.” He smiled at her. “Lick my asshole until I’m about to cum.”

Generally Isabelle hated this but when she was horny enough she would do anything. She sucked on his balls for a moment and then began licking downward. Her tongue found his hot asshole and she put her hands on either side of his hips as she began licking him quickly. She was incredibly wet from the throat fucking and now from staring at these big balls in her face as she licked his asshole like a dirty skank. She pushed her tongue with more force and his moans re-assured her she was doing a phenomenal job. She tongue-fucked his asshole as he moaned and squirmed and jerked his massive cock off right in front of her. Suddenly he stopped and grabbed her roughly by the hair. He dropped his legs on either side of her and pointed his cock at her lips.

“Beg for my cum, slut!” His request made her feel like she was in the gangbang again.

“Mmm give me your cum, Derrick! I want it in my mouth and on my face! Ohhh!” she jerked his cock off 3 inches from her face. “Yes baby! I need your hot cum! GIVE IT TO ME! Fucking cum on my face, you bastard!!” She looked him in his eyes the entire time and this was all he needed. Isabelle got exactly what she asked for. His cum exploded out of his cock and hit her on the nose. She moved her face a bit and aimed to get more in her mouth with little success. His cum covered her nose, left eye, forehead, cheek, lips and chin. He pushed his dick in her mouth gently and let her suck it clean.

When he was done with her his body relaxed. She looked at him, his cum still sliding down her face and asked, “But I wanted it in my pussy…” she looked disappointed.

He smiled as he handed her tissues. “Baby, I just filmed this. Your emails earlier clearly stated you wanted to make a movie. Whether you know it or not, that is binding. Now, I can post this online or you can do everything I tell you to for the next 3 days. Trust me, you’ll get this cock.”

Isabelle was in total shock. She wanted to act like a whore, not BE one. She was furious and terrified and above all else, soaking wet. She looked at Derrick with her beautiful eyes. “You don’t need to blackmail me. I won’t be on your site but for the next 3 days, you’ll think I was your number one porn star.”

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