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IRL – Princess

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I was remembering a brief relationship from a few years ago. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to date seriously. So I setup an AFF account. Paraphrasing the profile introduction – Emotionally mature, bisexual, open to kink but no pain. Classy, adventurous and can host. It was more detailed than that but you get the picture.

Long story short I met a woman, from AFF, over lunch, after emailing back and forth. It was a pretty casual lunch and not much talk about sex. We talked about travel, art, wine and cars. Nice lunch but uneventful without any sexual overtones. I made a couple sexual innuendoes, but they died as soon as I said them.

As we’re walking out of the restaurant I was indifferent. I thought she was a put on and just a user for lunches or dinners. I was about to say goodbye without trying to engage for another date; She says, “You are pretty quiet for someone who is so confident. Are you pouting?” “Pouting?” I questioned. “No, I don’t think you have an attraction for me”, I said. We stood next to her car for a considerable amount of time looking at each other. Silence. She broke the silence. “Are you attracted to me?” she asked. I didn’t say anything for a short time. Then said, “Princess, I’d eat your ass after a gym workout then suck the cum from your pussy after I deposited a nice load”, I said with nothing to loose. She responds, “if you piss on me you can eat me and fuck me anyway you want.” We both busted out laughing.

The ice now broken, I said, “I’m reserved when I feel like I will be offensive to someone.” Then continued, “I’m very nasty minded and I can turn anything into sexual or a fuck-nasty comment.” “Its rare to meet someone that is like minded.” I added.

We arranged a second date later in the week. We went out for a late dinner and drinking. She didn’t live far from me and we ended up at her condo. I didn’t want to fuck because we had just met(safety first).

I spent about an hour giving her pussy some wonderful attention and having her cum a couple times. We fell asleep and I woke before sunrise. I dressed and went home. She called later that day and wanted to talk. She told me that she was an escort and got her dates from an online portal. We went online and she showed me her profile. A couple hours with her was about $800. She liked men, women, couples etc. She said the lunch date was a prospecting bursa escort lunch to invite me to be a regular. When she realized I wouldn’t be customer she had to re-access. She was basically coming clean and giving me an exit. I thought it was one of the hottest fucking things ever and I told her so. I said, “I want to hear about all your adventures.”

I let her know that I wanted to suck cock with her and whatever else she liked. Over the course of a couple months, the entire length of our relationship, we did just about every nasty thing you can think of. She was a submissive. This was new to me and I learned a lot. I’m not a hitter or slapper. Not my thing. I learned that domination is much different than being a bully or cruel. But there was also the kink involved – I’d tie her up and butt fuck her for a while, leave the room, make a cocktail, come back in, and have her lick my asshole. She loved that. She loved being peed on but I only did that once. She loved for me to shave her pussy while fingering ass as a leverage point. I have to say that shaving a pussy is so sensual and beautiful. A woman’s body is stunning in every way.

She had fake breasts but not large. Her nipples were large and sensitive. I would pinch and suck on them in public and make her leave her breast partially out or showing through a sheer blouse or loose sweater. We had a favorite cocktail lounge and the main bartender was a woman. The bartender observed us a few times. I witnessed her staring at us and I motioned her over. I offered the Princess’ breast by lightly tapping on the bottom of the breast. The bartender caressed her breast and pinched her nipple, hard. Princess shook in her seat. The bartender walked away. I asked the Princess, “did I just see you cum?” She simply nodded yes. She was my counterpart sexually.

What I wanted to share with you, was she would tell me stories of her “couples” encounters. The wife dominating the husband by the two of them was typically the scene. Strap-ons and caging penis’ for ruined orgasms. It’s not my thing but it was still hot to hear her tell it. One story sticks out. Without going into the whole story; Princess and another woman took turns butt fucking her husband. As it turned out this guy was a pro golfer. They lived in Scottsdale in the winter. Talk about getting stroked – no pun intended.

Princess had a big clit görükle escort and loved to have it sucked. It was like a little cock. She would ride my cock and rub her clit on my pelvis then squirt pussy juice. Eventually, we were able to find a clean guy with a decent cock and body. This guy played with us a couple times. We would lay next to each other and have him lick our asses, suck my cock, and eat her pussy. She loved watching cock sucking and she sit back and jack her clit. I loved sucking his cock and then would feed it in her mouth, ass or pussy. She would grip his cock with her ass and literally make love to his cock with her asshole. This was amazing to watch. I would watch mesmerized.

His thing was cream pie eating. He would lay underneath her pussy and I would fuck her doggy style – in her pussy mostly. Her juices would drip and drip and sometimes squirt. When I’m really horny or in a nasty, nasty scene I can cum a couple time within 10 – 15 min. She would push the cum out of her pussy and he would eat it up. I’d have him suck my cock clean and get me super hard again and she would jackoff watching us. I mentioned she loved piss-play. On a couple occasions at the end of our playtime; I held his cock as he pissed on her breasts and asshole. I’d wash it all over her. After he departed, I’d have her clean up the the bathroom. It turned her on so much. Her clit would get hard as a rock. She’d shower with the door open and stroke it for me while I sat on the toilet watching her.

Near Christmas, we went to an afternoon movie at Harkins theater in Phoenix. It was one that you choose your seat when you pay. We take our seats and before the movie starts a guy sits right next to her. The theater is sparsely seated. He chose a seat right next to her. We both just looked at each other, knowing something was up. Either he is a total perve or something is going to get interesting. She never wore underwear and this time a loose fitting sweater that had a V-neck.

The movie was a Tom Ford production and was a little violent with some sex scenes that were sub-dom. I could tell she was aroused and occasionally would rub my arm, my cock, and leg. She dipped her hand under her sweater. The guy saw her and started paying attention. I saw her rub his arm and he responded by grabbing her leg. I leaned forward to watch and he was escort bayan excited for the impromptu action. With no one around us I moved to his right side so I could watch her stroke him outside his pants. I was hard as rock. He slipped his hand inside her sweater and was feeling her nipple up. She was squirming like the seat was on fire. I was rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants. He turns to me and asks if I’m bi? With the answer yes, he suggested that we go to his house. So, we leave.

His house was older but clean and private. Very much a guy place. I want to say he was probably in his 40’s. We get to his house and he’s naked in a flash. She strips also and we are talking. I’m still clothed. We agree that he would use a condom. And he and I would do some cock sucking. He clearly wanted to fuck the shit out of her. We go in his bedroom and he has these wedge-cushions that you can position for fuck sessions. Anyway, she and I suck his cock for a while and he’s ready to cum. Neither of us want to have his cum in our mouths but she wants to see him shoot his load. She fingers his asshole as he’s lying next to her. He arches his back and cums on her stomach and tits. After wiping up the mess he wants to eat her while I’m fucking her.

Same thing as the other guy. She squirts on his face and chest and I cum in her pussy. He loved it. I pulled her on to her back and spread her beautiful thighs. The globs of my cum were seeping out. He was vibrating and scrambled to sucked the cum out. I sit back and jack off while he strokes himself to a hard-on. She puts a condom on and they fuck for about 10 min. She is such a good fuck – damn I still think about how she would fuck. Anyway, his cock was about 6 or 7 inches and he knew how to slice into the pussy. It was amazing to watch. He stopped and put on another condom before he came.

We made plans to see him again, but it never happened.

Our interest in each other started to wane. In someways I stopped showing interest in her because it felt like the stakes were high. She always insisted on condoms with clients. I simply couldn’t count on it though. I was honest with her and we parted friends. I must say though she is “the” one person that could keep up with me mentally, sexually, and with witty sarcastic humor. We could literally fuck and suck for a couple hours together. Take a break, go have a cocktail, talk nasty the whole time to keep the vibe, return and keep banging.

I’m a better man for knowing the princess. My deviant mind was expanded and she made me more comfortable in my own skin – if that was possible.

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